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Chapter 3

Naruto blinked at the bland room he had wandered into. It looked more like a boring waiting room than someone's office. A man behind a desk motioned him over to take a seat in front of his desk and flashed a hesitant smile, doing as he was bid.

"Your Uzumaki Naruto, correct?" At the blond's quick nod, the receptionist gave Naruto a bland smile and picked up a small stack of paper.

"As you are probably aware, I am Kisame, Itachi's secretary. I called you here to get a scope of your dancing skills and to sort out some other problems."

Naruto nodded again, wondering what type of tests he was going to be put through.

The receptionist smiled blandly at Naruto once more. "Do you have any objections to dancing for me today?"

Naruto smiled. "Not at all, I don't have any dance clothes however.." he shot Kisame a sheepish smile.

Kisame plucked a pen from behind his ear and wrote something on one of the sheets of paper on his desk before picking up the phone on his desk and quickly dialing a number Naruto couldn't catch before leaning back in his chair, holding the phone to his ear.

"He will be auditioning in 20 minutes in Studio 2."

Naruto blinked, bemused as the dark haired secretary continued chatting on the phone with whoever was on the other line. He glanced about the room, taking in the details he missed when he made his nervous entrance.

While at first glance the room seemed to be a bland waiting room, it was more of a bland small office. The most colorful things in the office were actually Kisame's desk and a collage on one of the walls. Naruto shot the secretary a quick glance to make sure he was still busy with his phone before standing and walking over to a framed collage on his wall, blinking at the many pictures.

Most of the shots were of a man that looked remarkably like Sasuke Uchiha. Where Sasuke came off looking petulant and grumpy, the man in the photos looked dangerously sexy. Even through the pictures Naruto could tell this wasn't the kind of man you took lightly.

In the pictures he seemed to always be in a flurry of movement and concentrated on what he was doing, which looked to be some kind of martial arts. In others he was glaring coolly at the camera. It was obvious he didn't want them taken. Before Naruto could continue looking at the pictures, Kisame cleared his throat and called the blond's name.

Naruto turned around and smiled at the secretary.

"I shall take you to get changed and show you where we will be headed. Are you ready?"

The blond nodded once more and followed after Kisame as he let him out of his office and down the hallway to a door labeled 'Studio 2 – Changing Room 2".

Kisame flashed him another bland smile and opened the door letting the blond walk in.

"I took the liberty of having clothes already prepared and waiting for you. When you finish there is a door that leads directly to Studio 2, please enter through that door."

The receptionist closed the door, leaving Naruto in a rather spacious changing room with a outfit folded neatly in a chair.

The blond sighed quietly and walked over and picked up the clothes, smiling when he noticed they were in his size. He quickly undressed and pulled on the black spandex shorts and the black fitted t shirt, looking himself over in the full body mirror just to the left of the chair the clothes were in.

While the outfit was tighter than anything he would have chosen he could see the reasons something like this was chosen for him. Naruto ran through his stretches and tried to calm himself down before walking to the door and opening it, looking around the new room.

On the far side of the room were three people behind a table and a man standing next to a stereo system.

Naruto walked over to the table and bowed, smiling at the three men.

"Sorry that you had to wait on me."

The three men were instantly recognizable. The man on the left was the bland receptionist, Kisame who nodded to the blond, the other two looked alike in their coloring but their personalities where completely different. The man in the middle had short dark hair with bangs that dangled into his eyes and the man next to him had the same colored hair, but longer than his brothers, pulled into a low ponytail at the nape of his neck.

Naruto instantly recognized them as Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha.

Sasuke smirked at Naruto, his eyes roaming over his body.

"Don't worry Uzumaki, we didn't wait long."

Naruto's smiled brightened and he clasped his hands behind his back nervously.

"So what do I have to do?"

Itachi Uchiha sat back and crossed his arms over his chest, his legs crossed as well.

"We will play a type of music and you will dance to it, to the best of your abilities of course. We will judge you based on how well you perform."

Naruto took a deep breath and glanced around the room before turning back to the three judges.

"That's fine with me. Can we begin?"

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