Summary: Something changed in Naruto after the fight with Mizuki. The exposure to Kyuubi's altered his dormant genes, making them more dominant and unlocking his bloodline. After, when Naruto's hair starts losing its color and wierd things happen during his genin test , the Third knows what he has to do. He sends a message to the last remaining member of Naruto's clan, the only one that can help him control his new abilities. But how will Kimimaro react when he finds out that he has living family?

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White Hair
By: alterego94
Chapter One:
Blood Of The Kaguya

Naruto stumbled into the crappy hotel building that he lived in. He was tired and full. He had just come back from ramen with Iruka, celebrating Naruto's victory over Mizuki. Iruka was still injured, but had insisted on eating ramen with Naruto. The hospital staff wasn't happy about it, especially since he was going out with the "Demon brat", but they eventually caved.

Now though Naruto was starting to regret eating so much ramen, a first for the blonde ninja. His stomach felt like it was going to explode and it was burning like hell, too.

He made it up the stairs and fumbled with his keys, ignoring the profanities written all over the door, he turned the knob and walked in. He was able to make it to the bed but not much further. He barely tugged off his orange jumpsuit before he climbed into bed.

Naruto pulled up the covers and shivered under his blanket. Why am I so cold? he thought, making sure that he was completely covered by the blanket. He finally gave up and just tried to get to sleep.

It took several hours of shivering before Naruto was able to fall asleep, the gnawing pain of his stomach was the last thing that he felt as he drifted into unconsciousness.

The Kyuubi growled. Something was happening to the boy. The sewer that had once held the nine tails had turned a pale white, and seemed to be more solid than before. The Fox snarled and swiped at the cages. The prison rattled but didn't budge.

Suddenly a wall of white came crashing down, covering the whole front of the Kyuubi's cage. The Fox's eye's widened, he had seen this before, but this was much more advanced. This was self-defensive...

The nine tails grinned.

This could be to his advantage.

Naruto woke up in the morning with the biggest headache of his life. He groaned and held his forehead with one hand as he stood up. He barely registered that his stomach wasn't hurting anymore.

The blond pulled his jumpsuit on and stepped into his small living room. He sat down on a chair and slowly started to gain his bearings. He blinked when he remembered the fight with Mizuki. He hadn't had anytime to think about it last night, he had been too happy about finally becoming a genin. But now...

He tentatively rested a hand on his naval.

Could there really be a demon inside of him?

He frowned at that thought. It would make sense. The way the villagers treated him, the way everyone always either avoided him or did anything in their power to hurt him. He sighed and stood up. He needed some ramen.

Naruto pulled out a package from the cupboard and set on some water the boil before returning to his seat.

The blond sunk back into depression as his thoughts drifted back to Iruka. It's my fault he's hurt. If I had only killed that bastard Mizuki before he had a chance to hurt him,He gripped the chair. It was his fault. He could've used Kage Bunshin at the very beginning of the fight, but he had froze. The killer intent the Chuunin teacher had used had glued him to the spot, and almost cost Iruka a life. Just a few more inches either way, the doctors had said, and it would have pierced a vital organ and there would be nothing we could do.

It's my fault,Naruto frowned, he knew that he had been completely drained of chakra by the time Mizuki had showed up, and he couldn't have used Kage Bunshin. He was just fooling himself. Then why could I do it later?

The whole time he had been practicing the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu he had never been able to make more than thirty clones. But after Iruka had gotten hit by the shuriken, he had been able to make a thousand, after he had already been drained of chakra.


This had the boy stumped, until he happened to glance down at his belly. He put a hand on it again. Could the demon had given him power? Now that he thought about it, he hadfelt different when he had used Kage Bunshin against Mizuki. He had felt... well, powerful. He scowled, why would the demon give him power?

Unless... had he drawn it out himself?

The whistling of the tea kettle brought him out of his thoughts. The blonde walked back into the kitchen and poured the water into his ramen bowl. He cursed as he tried to take a bite and burnt his tongue. He set the bowl on the counter as he went into the bathroom to take a shower as it cooled.

He walked into the bathroom and slipped off his orange jumpsuit once again, setting it on the toilet as he prepared to turn the water on. As he reached into the shower however, he managed to catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror stationed above his bathtub.

"Ack!" He let out as he touched his forehead. There were two red dots on his forehead! Naruto frantically got the soap bar out of the shower and tried futilely to scrub the red things off.

What the hell? The blond squinted at the mirror. The dots were placed right above his eyebrows, perfectly symmetrical and a fiery red. He reached up and pinched the dot that was resting above his right eyebrow. "Ouch!" he yelped as pain shot through his head. He now knew what was causing his headache. He scowled at his reflection for a few more moments before he made a decision.

He jumped into the shower and turned the water on, nearly hitting the roof as a cold blast hit him. Naruto almost leaped out off the bathtub until he remembered that the water had to heat up before he got in. He felt like smacking himself, how did he forget that?

He let out a sigh of relief as the water warmed up to a comfortable temperature. He quickly grabbed the shampoo and started to rub it in his hair. He had to take quick showers, if he used too much water the landlord would cut him off.

As Naruto ran his hands through his hair, he felt something off. His hair felt different, a little less thick than it usually was, and a less knotted than his usual, unruly blond locks were. He passed it off as his imagination and started to rub the spots above his eyebrows. But as he looked back at the mirror he groaned when he saw that all he had accomplished was to irritate the skin around the dots making two big red sores on his forehead.

Naruto shut the water off and tried himself with a towel. Making sure that he was totally dry, he put on his jumpsuit and walked back into the kitchen where his cold ramen sat on the counter. All of his fussing in the bathroom must have taken longer than he thought. He glanced at the clock and his eyes widened.

Nine o'clock!

Quickly he stuffed as much ramen into his mouth as he could before he ran to the window. He almost leaped out when he remembered his headband. Racing into his room, he swiped the Hitai-ate off the night stand and tied it on, making sure it covered all of his forehead, including the mysterious red dots.

Checking himself over in the mirror once, he ran to the window and leaped out onto the neighboring building. He quickly leaped off of this one also, landing on the next. As he continued jumping from rooftop to rooftop he noticed something. He could barely feel any presure on his legs when he hit the next building! It was like he was just hopping up and down instead of leaping ten feet into the air.

He was so preoccupied with this discovery, that he nearly ran into the Academy before he noticed it. He grinned, jumping off the rooftop. He ran through the open doorway and down the hall until he got to Iruka's classroom.

Naruto hoped he hadn't missed hearing the team arrangements! He gripped the knob and swung the door open, just as Iruka was starting to anounce the first team. The Chuunin stopped midsentence when Naruto walked in and shot him a dirty look.

Naruto gave him a grin and walked up to his seat. He was mildly suprised to see Iruka here, he didn't think those old harpies would ever let him leave the hospital. He sat down and tried to listened as Iruka anounced the teams.

As hard as he tried, Naruto couldn't keep his mind off of the two crimson dots that now decorated his brow. He had no idea where they came from and he had no idea how he was going to get rid of them. He could henge over them, but any chuunin could see through his weak jutsu.

He scowled. He would have to ask Sarutobi about it.

Naruto rubbed his forearm. It had started to feel sore on the way to the academy and was starting to become an annoyance. The blonde was starting to worry about all the pains he had been getting lately. He had a headache and had found out he had dots on his forehead, did that mean that he would grow little round crimson dots on his arms?

He very quickly shoved that particular thought away.

Shuddering he just barely caught the mention of Sakura's name. Like the admirer that he was, the blond quickly glanced up at Iruka, willing him to call his name. Iruka cleared his throat before he called the next name.

"...Uzumaki Naruto..."

Yes! He almost jumped up and down. He was with Sakura! He would finally get her to go out to dinner with him. The boy's estatic moment didn't last long however, as Iruka called the second name.

"...Uchiha Sasuke..."

Naruto grin instantly was gone off of his face. Why did that teme have to be on Sakura and his team? He sighed. If that stupid Uchiha wasn't on the team he would...what? The blond admitted that he didn't know what he would do.

Sakura had to like him didn't she? Then again, she never had accepted any of his offers. She had never been overly nice to him. Come to think of it, she had never even said hello to him unless prompted to do so by himself.

The more he thought of it, the more he realised that he had never had a chance with Sakura anyway, she wouldn't give him the time of day.

Naruto half grinned, he had been thinking about things a lot. Then again, the incident with Mizuki had taught him that he should think things over beforehand. He had just waltzed into the Hokage office and stole a scroll that had been locked in the back, not even thinking about what his teacher had told him. He should have known that they wouldn't have another test for those that failed. If they did, it certainly wouldn't involve breaking into the Hokage office.

It was now drilled into his head that he would think things through from now on. That meant that he wouldn't pursue hopeless things anymore, like Sakura. Or being Hokage... This thought was shoved away. Of course he could be Hokage, it was his dream...

"Oi, dobe! Your awful quiet today, shouldn't you be at home anyway? You failed the test don't you remember?" The Uchiha prodigy decided to harass the blond.

Naruto opened his mouth to respond, but noticed that, besides himself, Sasuke and Sakura were the only ones in the room. "Hey, teme, where's everyone else?" he asked.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the boy, "They all left with their sensei, we're the only ones left."

Naruto blinked. "Where's our sensei?"

The Uchiha shrugged and turned back to stare at the door. Sakura sighed and muttered something about late people and castration, but Naruto ignored her and grinned mischeviously. He wanted to be late did he?

Naruto bounded to the door and slid a chair over to it. He grabbed the eraser off the chalkboard and stood up on the chair. He was about to set the eraser up on the door when, Sakura asked,

"What are you doing, Naruto?"

Naruto opened his mouth to speak, but after thinking it over, he stepped off the chair and let the eraser drop to the floor. If he truly wanted to become Hokage he wouldn't be as stupid to piss off his sensei on the first day. "Nothing..."

He walked back to his seat and sat down.

He hadn't sat down for five seconds when the door opened and a silver haired jounin walked in. Naruto rose an eyebrow at his appearance. The man had a black mask covering the lower half of his face and his Hitai-ate was worn crooked to cover his left eye. He glanced up at them lazily and gave a short, "Yo!" he looked over them for a second and Naruto suspected that he was sizing them up, seeing what his genin would be like this year.

"Meet me on the roof." he said simply and poofed out of the room.

Sasuke 'hn'ed and headed up the stairs, Sakura following him like a lost puppy. Naruto snorted and walked out the door. Once he got on the roof he saw the others waiting for him.

"Hurry up, Naruto!"

Naruto shook his head at Sakura's scolding. He was finally seeing how she really treated him.

Like shit.

Naruto crouched in the bushes. His sensei was currently standing in the clearing ahead of him, reading that damnable book again. Despite the jounin's helpless look the man was really quite capable. Sasuke was in front of the man, buried up to his neck by an earth jutsu and the jounin had also decapitated Sakura with a minor Genjutsu.

The blond rubbed his arm again. The damn thing was driving him borderline insane. It was burning like crazy and every now and then he'd have sharp pains in the palm of his hand, like someone in there was trying to hack their way out with a knife.

Returning to the situation at hand, he had come to a realisation.

Naruto had no clue how he was going to do this.

The test was to get the bells away from the jounin -- whose name was now revealed as Kakashi -- but Sasuke had barely touched them, and as much as Naruto hated to admit it, but the Uchiha really was a better ninja than him.

Naruto sighed.

Kakashi throughout the whole fight with Sasuke had never taken his nose out of his book and had displayed speed that Naruto knew he couldn't match. He glanced at the pond that was settled right behind the silver haired ninja.

A grin spread across his face as a plan formed in his head.

After he had made his preparations, Naruto stepped out of the brush and into the clearing. The jounin glanced lazily up from his book, but otherwise showed no signs of moving. Naruto sighed and steeled himself, before he charged.

He lashed out with a fist that Kakashi caught with his free hand. Kakashi then drove his knee into Naruto's gut, making the genin gasp for air. "You're really slow" he commented as he took a step back.

Naruto grinned, "And you're really stupid."

Just then ten Kage Bunshin came flying out of the pond behind Kakashi, letting loose a hail of kunai. Kakashi was able to dodge, but barely. By the time he had regained his bearings, Naruto was upon him and reaching a hand out to grab the bells.

The silver haired jounin leapt back, creating some distance.

Naruto growled.

He still had that damn book.

Kakashi glanced at him. "Is that all that you have?"

The blond glared and made a few seals. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" There was a poof of smoke and where Naruto had once stood there was now twenty clones, all of them charging Kakashi.

The jounin dodged a punch, but then had to instantly duck below a kick. One Naruto threw a kunai that connected with his back, before he turned into a log. The clones stopped attacking and looked around. He wasn't anywhere in the clearing as far as they could see.

One of the clones pointed in the middle of the crowd. "Hey, look at that," he pointed again at the small white piece of paper on the ground, "That looks like a..."

The explosive tag chose just then to ignite, destroying all but five of the Naruto's. After the smoke from the blast cleared, there was Kakashi, leaning against a stump, staring at Naruto boredly. The silver haired jounin yawned into his hand.

Naruto scowled and ran forward, sweeping out with his legs, Kakashi easily dodged and caught Naruto's wild follow up punch at the wrist. The silver haired man quickly had to let go, however, as a left hook came searching for his face.

The blonde tried to roundhouse kick the jounin, but it was easily blocked with the man's spare forearm.

This seemed only served to infuriate the blonde even more. Nothing was working! He had thought that his Kage Bunshin trick would have at least gotten him a bell, but it hadn't even fazed the lazy ninja in front of him.

Naruto lashed out with his fist, but this time he over extended and Kakashi kicked his feet out from under him. He slammed into the hard ground and it took him a few minutes to get up again. When he was finally standing straight up he sent his sensei a fierce glare.

This test was impossible!

Naruto almost charged again, but thought better of it. He would just waste time and energy. If only there was someone else... His eyes widened, but he quickly covered it up. Sasuke was just on the edge of the clearing , if he could distract Kakashi long enough, he might be able to get over there and bury him out.

Naruto grinned at his sensei, before running towards the treeline.

Kakashi was internally frowning.

So far his new team had been pretty unimpressive. Sasuke was a loner, and wouldn't ask anyone for help. Sakura was a fangirl and was more concerned about her make up then about being a shinobi. And Naruto...

Well, he didn't know what to think of Naruto. The boy had determination. And he had constructed a nice pincer maneuver by hiding his clones in the pond behind him and coming in from the front. But from what Kakashi could see, he had next to no taijutsu skills, knew no other jutsu besides Kage Bunshin, and heavily favored headlong rushes, something that will get you killed in Anbu, or even jounin missions.

But the blond had actually taken a hit in order to get his plan done. Sure, it had been a weak hit, not even using a fraction of Kakashi's real strength, but still, the boy had what it took to be a ninja.

If only he could figure out the purpose of the test...

Then he saw the blonde's eyes flicker over to Sasuke for a minute, before he ran off to the trees.. Kakashi grinned. He might finally be able to pass a team...

Ten Narutos suddenly leaped out of the trees surrounding the clearing, bearing down on Kakashi from above. The copy nin ducked and weaved and managed to avoid all the clones, that is, until one of the clones substituted himself with a log that was sitting behind Kakashi, getting him directly behind the jounin.

Kakashi suddenly felt arms close around him from behind, making him unable to dodge the mob of clones that were charging at him. The first Bunshin landed a kick to the man's chin, snapping his head back, only for the jounin to burst into smoke.

All the Kage Bunshins were suddenly dispelled as the real Naruto took a hit to the face.

"What the hell, teme! What was that for?"

Sasuke glared, "I could've gotten out myself."

Naruto snorted, "Yeah, sure. You were only sitting there for twenty minutes!"

"Dobe, I could've..."

the Uchiha was cut off as him and Naruto were suddenly swept up in a net. It pulled them up off the ground and they dangled there, helpless. Kakashi jumped down from the tree above the net, smiling at them as he pulled out his book.

"You two get along quite well." He drawled.

Naruto grinned and Kakashi stiffened, that was the same look he'd had before...

Naruto and Sasuke suddenly burst into smoke.

Kage Bunshin!

"Katon:Gokakyu no Jutsu!" Kakashi barely rolled out of the way before the fireball flew past, singing his hair. Unfortunately for him, he rolled right towards a hail of kunai thrown by five Naruto's up in a tree. The jounin leaped out of the way, having to knock one of the projectiles away with his hand.

The jounin was still in the air when Sasuke attacked with a flurry of punches. Kakashi blocked all of them, having to put his book away to do so. When the copy nin finally landed, he was assaulted by Sasuke and Naruto, the Uchiha using taijutsu and the blond throwing kunai.

Despite the onslaught of attacks, Kakashi showed no signs of slowing down, and he could tell that they were tiring. If only they had one more person helping, he thought. The copy nin leaned backwards to avoid a spinning kick from Sasuke and grabbed the kunai that would have impaled his chest with his right hand, sending it flying back at Naruto, who -- to Kakashi's suprise -- burst into smoke.

Another Kage Bunshin? But then where's the real...The jounin's eyes widened when he took a step backwards and felt a thin wire snap against the back of his heel. The nin rolled instinctively to the right and avoided the rain of kunai that came down from above. He stood up and had to avoid another fireball from Sasuke by leaping to the right.

The real Naruto's been setting traps while his clone has been tricking me. I've been so absorbed into dodging their attacks that I failed to notice the switch, they could pretty much do anything now, I have no idea where Naruto is... But then again, he looked at Sasuke, who was bent over trying to recover some energy. Sasuke's almost completely drained of chakra, and seeing all those Kage Bunshin Naruto has made, he has to be nearing his limit as well...

Naruto jumped down from the trees and landed in front of Kakashi. The copy nin shook his head and sighed, "Naruto," he started, "You do know that you just ruined a perfect opportunity to catch me by suprise?"

The boy smiled, "Yep," he threw a kunai off to his right, cutting a rope that had been concealed in the brush.

Kakashi's eyes widened and he tried to dodge, but this time the infamous copy ninja was a little too slow. The loop that he had been standing in caught his ankles and tightened, lifting him off the ground.

"Yeah!" Naruto cheered. "We finally got you!"

Sasuke grunted at the other boy's enthusiasm, but inside he was smirking. If he was able to catch this jounin off guard, then his skills were improving, and that meant he was that much closer to Itachi.

Kakashi smiled at them, "I must say I'm impressed, you two work really well together, however," he paused, looking them over, "You still haven't gotten the bells, and while you've been patting yourselves on the back, you've given me time to escape." The jounin suddenly disappeared in smoke, leaving only the dangling rope where he had been.

Naruto's jaw dropped. They'd had him! His fists clenched as his anger grew. Damn that Kakashi, nothing fucking works against him!

There was a sudden thump next to Naruto, and he groaned when he saw Sasuke unconscious on the ground, his chakra exhaustion finally getting the best of him. Damn teme, some Uchiha prodigy, he can't even handle a little fight.

Kakashi appeared in front of Naruto with a swirl of leaves. He glanced at Sasuke and smiled, "Well, Naruto, it looks like your out of luck, you guys have failed the test, looks like you won't ever be a real ninja."

Naruto scowled, "Whaddaya mean we failed, I'm still standing and I can still get those damn bells!"

Kakashi glanced at him skeptically, or at least, it looked like skepticism, it was hard to tell with his face. "Naruto, you have just graduated the Academy, and were the dead-last of your group. I am one of the strongest jounin in Konoha. If I was another Academy student like Sasuke, then you might have a chance. You and Sasuke together couldn't do it, and I was only using a fraction of my real abilities. You have failed the test, because without your teammates, you can't beat me. I guess you won't be Hokage after all."

Naruto put his head down, his bangs covering his eyes. Blood dripped down his clenched fists as his fingernails bit into the skin of his palm. "Dead-last, huh? Well I show you who's dead-last, YOU BASTARD!!"

Kakashi's eyes widened as Naruto charged, much faster than ever before. The boy swung a fist, Kakashi blocked it with the palm of his hand, but marveled at the force behind it. The boy was fighting like he was still fresh, nothing showed of the drained and tired boy that had been standing before him, now there was just a raging storm of flying punches and vicious kicks.

Naruto didn't know what it was that pissed him off, if it was his sensei's smug attitude, his denial that Naruto's dream would ever come true, or just failing the test in general. But something had clicked, and now he was pressing the attack, forcing his sensei to block his punches, and not giving him time to counter-attack. He would wipe that smug look off of his face.

But no matter how hard he tried, or how hard he pushed, he could never break through the jounin's guard. The blond gritted his teeth as another solid kick was knocked away and then a left hook.

"GODDAMNIT!" Naruto threw a punch with his right hand, the hardest so far. Kakashi blankly caught the arm by it's wrist. Naruto suddenly fell to his knees as a stabbing pain resounded through his arm.

His Hand! Oh, Kami his hand. He could feel it. Something was pushing it's way out, no forcing it's way out, and it felt like some one had stabbed a katana down the length of his arm and then poured salt water down the wound.

Deep inside his naval, Kyuubi grinned.

Kakashi gained a concerned look when Naruto suddenly collapsed to the ground in pain. The copy nin was still holding his arm, and he could feel the muscles tightening and contracting.

When the boy screamed out in pain, Kakashi froze. He had never heard the boy make a peep when hurt. When Kakashi was in the Anbu, he was the one that had always found the boy being beaten by the villagers, one time he had been impaled by one of the local farmers pinchforks, he was only six years old at the time and had never made a peep as the hospital staff had removed it.

He had been beaten mercilessly and had never made a sound, taking it all with a defiant look on his face.

But now...

Naruto screamed again as another surge of pain racked his body. He had never felt anything like this before. He had been attacked and hurt in every way imaginable by the villagers, they had even placed a bucket of sulfuric acid above the door in his apartment so that when he walked in it dumped on him. He was in the hospital for a whole week after, the longest he'd ever been in one.

But that had felt like nothing compared to this.

He felt the muscles in his arm convulse, and something almost as thick as his wrist came shooting out of his arm. The thing was razor sharp and it had shot out before Kakashi could react.

There was a thump.

Blood was spilt.

A/N: Well this is the first chapter in White Hair. Pretty much a teaser chapter, I probably won't post another chapter for a while, unless I have recently updated my stories and I have lots of extra time. Obviously, this story is going to be AU, very much so, I might add. This doesn't mean that I will skip major arcs however, but I probably will skip most of the fillers, since I haven't read or watched hardly any of those.

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