Papa's Letter

It all started with a letter…

My Dear Courtney,

My darling granddaughter: you will never know the joy I've felt in these past few years of having you stay here on the farm with me. I realize that at age seven you weren't really planning out your future, but know this; as I lay dying, I leave it all to you. My house, my land and everything located on and in both.

I thank the Goddess everyday for sending you to me and changing me from a cantankerous old coot into a man who has been reborn. Your innocence and wonder at the world around you has done my old heart so much good. As you're reading this, I've been gone for quite a few years. You're 18, and I'm sure you've blossomed into the beauty I knew you would be, but still, I pray you'll return to the farm and try your hand at it for a year. That's all I ask, a year. If you love it, then it's all yours to keep. If you don't, put the land up for sale. Either way, this is my gift to you.

Much luck for the rest of your years,


And that letter changed my life.