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Lucius lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Narcissa had left him three months ago as soon as Harry won the war. She had apparently found love in someone else and ditched him and Draco for the other man.

Lucius had renounced Voldemort six months before the war ended, giving information to the order and even fighting against other death eaters the day Harry won. He was spared Azkaban due to his turning, but his loyalty had ended with Voldemort around a year ago when he threatened to kill Draco for not joining.

The blood hatred had disappeared when he was given blood from a muggle born witch the night the war ended. He had been slashed deeply and lost most of his blood, he had to have three blood replenishing potions along with a transfusion.

He didn't know who the witch was that ultimately saved his life as at the time he was concerned about Draco and Narcissa, but later as he thought of it, he couldn't be considered a pure blood any longer, his life blood came from a muggle born and strangely, it didn't bother him, He assumed the years of pressure stemming from all the pure blooded bullshit had taken it toll, leaving him unconcerned about blood.

Finally closing his eye's, he fell into a deep sleep. He entered the four stages of sleep in a gently cycle, not moving the slightest. As his body fell into the stage where the body becomes paralyzed, he heard the soft voice of a woman.

"Lucius" the voice called to him, "open your eyes."

His eyes opened, but he wasn't sure if he was awake or his eyes opened in a dream, The one thing he was sure of was The face that came along with the voice, it was Hermione Granger.

She looked pale, almost glowing, her dark brown eyes locked with his gray ones and her hair fell in delicate curls around her face.

"I came to see how you were, If my blood had done its job to save you." her voice whispered

"You, you were the one to give me your blood?"

She giggled "Yes it was mine. Did it do you well?"

"Yes, it saved my life and I'm forever grateful."

Her head bent down and touched her lips to his, the soft lips left a burning feeling on his as she pulled away.

"I'm glad it did well for you, now close your eyes and go back to sleep Lucius." she said in a soft sweet voice.

Lucius called out to her, but she faded without another word to him and he eventually fell back asleep.

The next morning, Lucius woke with the dream still fresh in his mind. He couldn't stop thinking of her concern for him and the kiss that she placed so gently on his lips.

Hermione was the first to be kind to him when he stepped away from Voldemort, while others still shunned him and didn't take his words seriously, Hermione would be the one to step in and defend him, reminding the offender of the information he had shared to help beat Voldemort.

Their conversations were limited, but when they did occur – no malice was present in her voice, only kindness and understanding. He wondered what happened to her after the war, it had been three months and couldn't remember hearing anything about her, he didn't even know if she was injured in the war.

The day passed quickly for him, Hermione's voice hung in his ears the entire day and the image of her face seemed to float through his mind. He wondered if the vision was real or just a dream, he had no way of telling.

That night, Lucius drifted off to sleep once again, thoughts of Hermione still running through his mind.

"Lucius" her voice called out for the second night in a row, "Lucius, I need you."

Again his eyes opened to the ghostly face of the woman that haunted his thoughts for the entire day.

"Lucius, I need your help." her voice whispered, it sounded like it had traces of fear in it this time, not like last night when her voice was soft and caring

"What can I do Hermione, just tell me and I'll do it." he whispered back

"Just don't let them end it, please don't let them end it, I'm fighting as hard as I can."

His blood felt like it had ice in it, her voice was scared and pleading for his help.

"What are you fighting Hermione, tell me so I can help."

"You'll know when you see it." she said as her image and voice faded away.

The next morning, Lucius woke up feeling like he had been hit with a ton of bricks. Her pleading sent shivers down his spine and he had an urgency flowing through him that he never knew existed. He needed to find her, make sure he was only dreaming, but something inside told him otherwise.

He sat at the dining room table, drinking a cup of coffee, unable to concentrate on the daily prophet that lay in front of him. He stood to throw the paper away, when a face he knew only to well caught his attention.

"Hermione" he said quietly, rushing back to the table to read the article.

His eyes focusing hard on what he was reading, not believing the text in black and white right in front of him.

Hermione Granger to be removed from life support tonight at seven pm

Hermione Granger, best friend of Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley, was injured during the final battle between the dark and the light. She was found lifeless on the ground of the bloody battle field and has yet to regain a conscious state. Friends and Family believe her life to be lost and have requested to have her removed from support to allow her to die in piece. Final visitation will be held through out the day at St, Mungos and end exactly at 6:30 to allow time for only family and close friends. To share her final moments. I speak for everyone when I say she will be missed.

Lucius felt chest constrict as he read the final line of the article. "This is what she talking about, this is what she's fighting" he said to himself.

He ran back upstairs to dress, he had to get there and stop them, the earlier the better.