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Here's the first chapter of 'Celebrating the Festivites'


It was December 24th in Konoha, Christmas Eve, and Naruto was standing out the front of the Hyuga estate with his mouth wide open in shock.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" Neji called out, exiting the main house of the estate.

Naruto jumped and shut his mouth. He looked at Neji. "I'm here to pick up Hinata, we're going out on a date tonight."

"I know that, Hinata-sama told me. I want to know why you're standing out here, with your mouth open."

"Oh, I was distracted. It's Christmas, but you have no Christmas decorations up. No tree, no tinsel and no lights. Why?"

Neji looked sombre for a moment. "It's not my place to say, you'd have to ask Hinata-sama."

Naruto nodded and followed Neji back to the main house. Removing his shoes at the front door, he entered the main house of the Hyuga's…a place he'd never been before. He again noticed the lack of decorations but decided against bringing it up.

"Ooh, it's the Uzamaki boy here to pick up Hinata." Hanabi said, entering the room with her father…Hinata's father. "I'll go and get Hinata."

She left the room, now only Naruto, Hiashi and Neji were present. "Good evening Hyuga-san, I like your house." Naruto said to break the silence.

Hiashi nodded in thanks. "I expect Hinata home at no later than 1am."

"H-hai sir."

There was another silence.

"Congratulations on become a chunin Naruto." Neji said.

"Arigato Neji. That training you gave me on reflexes really did help."

Just then, both Hanabi and Hinata entered the room, and Naruto smiled. Hinata was wearing a simple white dress, topped off with a red jacket.

"Hi Hinata…you look great." He said with a genuine smile.

Hinata blushed pink but returned the smile. "A-arigato Naruto-kun."

Hinata walked over to Naruto and then looked at her father.

"I'll be back later Otou-san."

With that, she and Naruto left. As Naruto was slipping his shoes back on, Hiashi appeared in the doorway.

"Yes Otou-san?"

"Have a good time." He said curtly.

Hinata moved back over to her father. "Arigato Otou-san." And she gave him a hug.


Walking down one of the main streets in Konoha, Naruto and Hinata were marvelling the transformation in the town. There were Christmas decorations everywhere, there was a scent of cookies wafting through the air, and the town seemed as if it was painted white with the layer of snow scattered on all rooftops.

"Isn't it beautiful Naruto-kun? I love Christmas time, everyone's so happy."

"It is very nice…like the picture on a Christmas card. Thank-you for the card, it was great!"

"Th-thank-you for yours, it looked just like the town looks."

"I'm glad they were able to sweep the street. I didn't really want to trudge through the snow all night."

"Don't you like snow?"

"I do, just not walking through it soaking my shoes and pants. Plus it makes stealth on missions very difficult."

Hinata giggled. "I know what you mean. On my last mission, the battle with the enemy turned more into a snowball fight."

Naruto laughed and then smiled, noticing something that he had wanted to show Hinata. Taking her hand, he instructed her to close her eyes.

"And no peeking using Byakugan." He joked.

He led her to an area void of everything except snow on the ground, and a huge Christmas tree, covered in decorations. He placed his hands on her waist, positioning her into the best way to stand and failed to notice the blush that crossed her cheeks. He did however, notice the spark of electricity that coursed through his body from holding her that way, standing behind her with his hands on her waist, holding her close. Not removing his hands from her waist, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

"Open your eyes."

Shivering in delight at being so close to him, she opened her eyes, and then gasped at the beauty of the tree.

"It's beautiful! Look at the lights, and the sparkling ornaments." She said excitedly, absorbing the beauty of the large tree.

So awestruck by the magnificent tree, she didn't even notice as she leaned back to get a better look, that she leaned right into Naruto's chest. Her head was resting on his shoulder as she looked up at the bright star sitting on the top of the tree. Pointing at it, she gushed happily.

"Look Naruto-kun, the star's silver! It's perfect…I love this tree, I love Christmas."

The two stood just looking at the tree for a few minutes. Naruto was standing behind Hinata, holding her close with his arms now around her waist. Hinata, still leaning back on Naruto's shoulder to look at the tree, now had her arms resting on top of Naruto's. Neither noticed a flash that went off from inside the tree.

"Arigato Naruto-kun, for bringing me here." Hinata whispered, turning her head to look at Naruto.

Naruto looked at her with a small smile and Hinata blushed deeply as she finally realised their position and proximity. Noticing her reaction, Naruto removed his arms from her waist, turned her around to face him, and took one of her hands.

"I'm glad you like it. But I'm afraid we're going to have to leave, or we'll eventually freeze. Come on, let's go and have dinner."


5 minutes later they arrived at Ichiraku Ramen, where upon Ayame greeted them and took their orders. While waiting for their food, Naruto and Hinata shared a complimentary Christmas cracker. Naruto won, and he kept the hat, giving the little toy to Hinata, which was a little Santa figurine.

Admiring her little figurine, Hinata giggled happily, and Naruto smiled.

"You really love Christmas time, don't you?" He said.

"H-hai, it reminds me of some of my happiest memories."

"Then why were there no decorations at your house?"

Hinata smiled sadly at Naruto. "When I was young, Christmas was always organised by my Okaa-san. She was great with preparations, and I was always allowed to help decorate the tree…I even put the star on top." She stopped and smiled at the memory, and Naruto grinned at her obvious happiness. "But, when my Okaa-san died after giving birth to Hanabi, my father didn't allow the family to celebrate Christmas that year, or the following year…or any year following that. Christmas had always been my Mother's specialty, and when she died…so did Christmas."

Naruto reached over and held one of her hands, intertwining their fingers as he saw a tear escape her eye. She smiled at him.

"But I still love Christmas, it makes me feel closer to my Okaa-san."

"I'm sure she watches down on you, especially during Christmas."

"Arigato Naruto-kun."

Before anymore could be said, their food arrived and they began eating, discussing everything from Christmas to the old days at the Academy.


Later that evening, walking down the street, the teenage couple were holding hands. They were walking in silence as snow fell lightly from the sky, covering everything in a layer of white.

"Look Naruto-kun, the flower shop where Ino works is still open. I do hope she's not working, Christmas should be spent with family and friends."

She then gasped at her statement, but Naruto only smiled, squeezing her hand and turning her towards him.

"I'm perfectly happy spending my Christmas Eve with you. There's no-one I'd rather be with right now." He said pushing a strand of misplaced hair behind her ear.

She beamed at him, blushing bright red.

"Let's see if Ino is working, and wish her a Happy Christmas if she is." Naruto said, turning them towards the shop.

Moving inside to the warmth, Hinata and Naruto saw that, in fact, Ino was not working, but wished the cashier a Happy Christmas all the same. Before they left, Naruto bought a single red rose and gave it to an equally red Hinata.


Back out on the street, Naruto's ears perked and he smiled. Making sure he had a firm hold on Hinata's hand, he ran down the street towards the source or the noise. In the same clearing as the magnificent Christmas tree, a band had set up under a temporary gazebo.

Pulling Hinata close, placing one hand on her waist and holding her other hand, he led her into a slow dance, to which the band accompanied beautiful music. As they danced, Hinata rest her head on Naruto's shoulder, and he leant his head softly against hers and let go of her hand and placed that arm also around her waist. This caused Hinata to move both of her hands around his broad shoulders, humming softly to the tune with her eyes closed.

It got to the point that they were dancing so slowly, that they were only swaying on the spot.

"Naruto-kun, arigato. This will forever be my best Christmas memory." She whispered.

Naruto only replied by nuzzling his head against hers and tightening his grip around her waist, pulling her closer. He was so happy at the moment, he wouldn't have noticed if Sasuke had walked back into town, saying he'd changed his mind and wanted to stay in Konoha.

He was however, pulled from his thoughts when he was tapped on the shoulder. He opened his eyes and stepped away from Hinata, however, he still held one of her hands.


Indeed, there stood Kakashi, dressed as Santa Claus. His mouth, instead of being covered by his ninja outfit, was covered by his fake Santa beard, and his conveniently placed Santa hat covered his Sharingan eye.

"Good evening Naruto…Hinata-chan, Merry Christmas!"

"It's Christmas?" Naruto asked.

"Yep, 12.01am. I'll leave you two alone, but before I do, I want to give you each a copy of this."

He handed each Naruto and Hinata a photo, and they both blushed upon looking at it. It was from earlier that night, when Naruto was holding Hinata as they looked at the giant Christmas tree.

Kakashi laughed. "You two were so wrapped up in your little world, you didn't notice the flash from the camera." He laughed again and then began to walk off. He stopped and looked at the couple again. "By the way…look up."

And he was gone. Naruto and Hinata looked up and there, hanging from the rafters of the gazebo, was mistletoe. Hinata blushed harder, but Naruto only smiled and pulled her closer.

"It is tradition…" He said with a warm smile.

Hinata only had time to nod before he cupped her face upwards and kissed her on the lips. She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the heat radiating off her face, and returned the kiss, slipping her arms around his shoulders once more. He then moved his arms once again to wrap around her waist, pulling her closer.

It was a gentle kiss, a kiss that promised many more to come, and when they finally pulled apart, Naruto smiled when he saw that her eyes were still closed and she looked completely at peace. When she opened her eyes, he stepped away.

"I should be getting you home." He whispered.


Arriving outside the Hyuga estate, Naruto pulled Hinata into a hug.

"Merry Christmas Hinata," He said softly.

"Merry Christmas Naruto-kun."

"Just 'Naruto', no more honorific." He said.

Hinata smiled and a pink blush surface. "Merry Christmas Naruto. Arigato for everything tonight, I had a great time."

Naruto leaned in and kissed her chastely on the lips.

"Best." He kissed her again. "Christmas." Again. "Ever." She said.

He kissed her again, but this time he lingered, pressing his lips harder against hers, running a hand through her hair. After pulling away, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a present.

"I got you a gift."

"Naruto-kun, you didn't have to do that."

She opened her gift and tears gathered in her eyes at the sight of a Santa hat. Naruto placed it on her head, smiling.


This time, Hinata kissed him. "Thank-you Naruto."

"Hinata-sama, time to come inside!" Neji called, appearing out the front of the main house.

He didn't wait though, he went straight back inside, giving the couple privacy. Naruto placed one last kiss on her lips before stepping back.

"Goodnight…Merry Christmas." He whispered.

"Goodnight Naruto. Arigato…Merry Christmas."

She began walking back inside, before Naruto called out to her.

"Hinata, wish your Okaa-san a Merry Christmas for me."

She looked at him with a huge smile, a tear falling down her cheek. She nodded, unable to say anything due to her overwhelming emotions. She began walking back to her house again, clutching her Santa figurine, red rose, and photo to her heart.


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