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Naruto woke up bright and early on the 8th of October in his bedroom, which was not an unusual event. Neither was the fact that he was stark naked with a young woman lying asleep beside him. He smiled as he placed a soft kiss on the back of her exposed neck. Her hair was messed and her skin was still slick with perspiration, but Naruto thought Hinata had never looked more beautiful.

Hinata was lying on her stomach on the bed with her head turned away from her lover as she slept soundly after their late night 'activities'. She hummed in her sleep as Naruto snuggled up to her, running a hand up and down her arm. He watched her sleep for another ten minutes before he placed a soft peck on her shoulder and slid off the bed.

His eyes wandered over Hinata's naked form on the bed, before flickering to the clock, 6.30am, back to Hinata, and then he shuffled over to his bathroom. He relieved himself on the toilet before taking a quick shower. He had training with Lee and Neji this morning. As he shuffled back to his bedroom clad in a towel he saw that it was 6.45am, only fifteen minutes until he had to meet up with his older friends.

He dressed quietly, smug at the fact that Hinata still slept soundly through his morning routine. She had either got used to his morning noise, or he'd really worn her out the night before. He hoped the latter. As he zipped up his jacket and strapped his kunai pouch onto his leg, Hinata turned over in her sleep and snuggled his pillow in lieu of his body heat. Naruto watched transfixed for a moment, before moving over to her and pulling the sheet over her naked form. People still had a habit of barging into his house.

In fact, the only one who knocked was Hinata, and she had a key to his house.

He brushed a strand of hair from her face and kissed her on the forehead and prepared to leave. Hinata's eyes fluttered open and she smiled sweetly up at the blue eyes of her boyfriend.


"Gomen Hinata I woke you…I have training with Lee and Neji."

"I know…have fun."

He kissed her on the lips. "Love you."

"I love you too Naruto. See you tonight?"

"Absolutely, good luck with your training. Say hello to Bug-man and Mutt-Boy for me."

He gave her one last kiss before disappearing in a cloud of smoke, leaving Hinata naked and by herself in her love's house.


"Naruto, my friend! You're just on time, Neji and I were about to start training. Would you like to spar me or Neji first?"

Naruto studied his two older friends for a moment. "I'll spar Neji next."

The look on the older Hyuga's face was one of sibling protectiveness. Neji obviously knew that Naruto had been with Hinata, and even though Hinata was 18 and her own person who was in love and in a happy, sexually active relationship, it didn't stop him from wanting to pummel Naruto into the ground. Thus, it was Naruto's reasoning that if he fought Neji second, the older man would not be at full fighting capacity, and unable to release his full Byakugan fury upon the Uzumaki man.

Naruto started off with some warm-ups to stretch his muscles and make them as flexible as possible. He'd need it to dodge the Jyuuken attacks he knew would be coming his way. Hinata had made Neji promise he wouldn't harm Naruto, but injury in training was purely 'accidental'.

Naruto had run into a lot of 'accidents' since the beginning of the year.

All too soon Lee and Neji finished their spar, calling it a draw when none could gain the upper hand. Naruto swallowed as Lee stepped aside to let Neji have at him, though the energetic, bowl-cut man had no idea he was releasing a protective cousin on an 'undeserving' man.


"Good morning Hinata, how are you?" Shino asked as the blue-haired girl joined the rest of her team.

"I'm well arigato Shino-kun. Kiba-kun, Akamaru, good morning."

Kiba sniffed the air casually. "Spent the night at Naruto's?"

Hinata blushed but said nothing. Even after nearly ten months, Kiba still felt it necessary to announce at every chance he could that he could smell the scent of sex on his female best friend. Much like Neji, he acted like a big brother towards Hinata, and went out of his way to make sure she and Naruto weren't alone together when he was near by. He could stomach the tender looks, the hand holding and occasional kiss in his presence, but he did not tolerate 'hanky-panky' and would go out of his way to prevent it. He was not jealous, he merely maintained the notion that Hinata was innocent and that prolonged connection to Naruto would somehow taint her. Like the blonde's brashness and simplicity would rub off on his intelligent Hyuuga friend. He didn't want Hinata to change who she was at heart, a good, kind, pure person that put everyone before herself.

What he couldn't wrap his head around, and what Shino had accepted months ago, was that even though Hinata was not technically 'innocent' anymore, she was still more pure and innocent at heart than anyone in his acquaintance. Naruto's love only made her happier and more worldly-wise. One who was experienced in love knew the risks of losing it through numerous channels, be it by their own volition, their career, or even things out of their control. One who knew love was willing to sacrifice themself for it, be it a love of a person, people or an entire village.

"Kiba, that was unnecessary. Hinata, we have a mission." Shino said firmly, changing the subject. "We are to give a talk on survival and scouting at the Academy in an hour."

Hinata nodded before turning to Kiba and placing a hand on his arm. "I am happy. S-So please be happy for me."

Kiba sighed and nodded, his eyes softening. Hinata had that ability over many people. Her best friend, her boyfriend, her girlfriends, her cousin, her sister and even her father. Though she never, ever abused that power by manipulating them to do as she pleased. Her voice, eyes and entire existence softened even the hardest heart, even if just for a second.

It often led to her opponent's downfall. If they let their guard down around the Hyuga heiress, they often found themselves unconscious on the ground.

As Team 8 made their casual way towards the Academy, they talked about a more suitable topic. "What are you getting Naruto for his birthday?" Kiba asked his teammates.

"I have obtained a rare book that explores and discusses poisonous plants. He is interested in plants, and plants that can cause harm may be a valuable asset for him in the future." Shino said calmly, shifting his sunglasses as the morning sunlight sparkled directly on them.

"I found some fingerless gloves that help to regulate the chakra flow that exits one's body. It may just be the extra help Naruto needs to create a Rasengan that he can throw. It…it may save his life one day…" Hinata trailed off, mind wandering to all sorts of dangerous situations that Naruto may get himself into.

"Really? I thought you'd treat him to a day of se-"




All three of Kiba's friends stopped him right there. Hinata was blushing lightly and had the smallest of frowns on her face and even Akamaru's ears were flattened back. Shino's eyebrows had knitted together and in a rare display of emotion, he lifted his glasses so he could send a warning glare at the Inuzuka male.

"Too far." He warned.

Kiba nodded and swallowed. "Gomen Hinata, I was only teasing but I went too far. I didn't really mean it." He was silent for a moment, scratching his head. "I got him a year's subscription to 'Kunai and Katana'. I know he likes looking at the new types of weaponry."

Hinata allowed the tangent the topic had gone off on. "He'll like that a lot Kiba-kun. It's the only reading material besides ninja scroll and textbooks he has."

"Ah, I know that's not true. I've seen his collection of 'Icha Icha' books!" Kiba barked in laughter.

Hinata's face turned the lightest of pinks, but she continued without stuttering. "He keeps those only in memory of Jiraiya-sama. 'The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja' is the only one actually not in storage. It's actually," She smiled fondly. "It's actually falling to bits because he's read it so many times."

"I too have read that novel, it is very good. The best of Jiraiya-sama's works I think."

Kiba's eyes widened. "Are you saying you've read the 'rest' of his books Shino? Naruto I can understand, but you!"

"Naruto hasn't read them…" Hinata muttered.

"I think it is common standard practice for teenage males to have read the works of Jiraiya-sama. I see nothing shocking in having participated in that which is almost a rite of passage for men of our age."

Kiba looked disgusted. "Only you Shino could turn reading smutty books into something so boring." He rolled his eyes and looked at Hinata, saying his next thoughts in his head. "And I guess since Naruto is actually 'getting some', means that he doesn't really need to 'read' 'Icha Icha' tales…he practically gets to live them." He shook his head. "I swear, if he's making her do things that Megumi does in the books…"


That evening Naruto stumbled into his house sweaty, messy and completely exhausted. He unzipped his jacket and threw it haphazardly towards the couch, missing by several feet. His eyes were unfocused and he was sore all over.

"Why am I such a sucker for punishment? Kami, Neji has a lot of anger!"

He followed in the direction of his jacket, though he successfully landed on the couch, groaning painfully as a muscle twinged in painful protest. He closed his eyes and tried to block out the pain, but they opened again at the sound of a voice.


Standing behind the couch dressed in nothing but a towel was Hinata. He tried to give her a seductive, appreciative grin, but it came out as a tired grimace. Her hair was dripping wet, her skin was slightly pink from what must have been a hot shower, and her eyes were aglow with concern. She leaned forward, resting against the back of the couch and using a single hand to stroke the side of his dirty face.

"Did Neji-nii-"

"Nah, it wasn't all him. Lee helped too." He flashed her a foxy grin, then winced.

Hinata pouted and a soft whimper of concern left her lips and his face softened. He hated when she beat herself up over the silly thing between Neji and himself. It was no big deal, he didn't really mind that Neji came after him with chakra flaring. At least it showed he cared for his cousin now, where once he wanted to kill her.

" 'Nata, it's fine. I'm getting better and better at avoiding those Jyuuken attacks. And then, one day, I'll be able to avoid yours. And when I can do that, nothing can stop me! Nothing!" He gave a maniacal laugh and waved his arms around theatrically, before he winced and groaned.

She threaded her fingers through his hair for a moment, looking at him forlornly. "Why isn't the Kyuubi healing you?"

He smiled wryly. "Because he's an evil, sadistic bastard." He waved a hand dismissively. "It'll kick in soon, he can't not heal me for much longer." He frowned and looked at her. "Did that make sense?"

She smiled fondly. "Hai Naruto, perfect sense."

He grinned. "I love that you can understand me. I love you."

"I love you too Naruto," She got up. "Now wait here for a minute, I'll get the first-aid kit."

She instantly disappeared from his view and he pouted at the loss of the thing he loved most in the world. He childishly counted the seconds till she returned. One minute and forty seconds.

Much to his delight, she was still clad in her towel. Could he perform a substitution jutsu with that towel? Wrap her in something else, like…him.

She knelt down beside him and he turned his head to watch her as she opened the first-aid kit. The pain in his body was dulled quickly because of her careful application of her medicinal knowledge…and because he was otherwise distracted from the pain by the near-naked form of his lover. He watched her face closely as she activated her Byakugan to inspect the tenketsu that her older cousin had closed. She swiftly and gently re-opened said tenketsu and helped him sit up when she finished.

"Feeling better?" He nodded in thanks. "How about you go and have a shower, and I'll cook you some dinner."

He got to his feet and kissed her soundly on the lips, his hands curling around her waist, drawing her towards him. She responded for a moment, then pulled away wrinkling her nose.

"Naruto…you smell."

Naruto smiled sheepishly. "I think I did step in something when I was fighting Lee…and then fell in it."

Hinata giggled as she pulled away from his, heading towards the bedroom. He followed her, heading for the bathroom.

"Care to join me in the shower?"

Hinata blushed. "Naruto-kun," He smirked at the nickname that was reserved for when she was aroused or sleepy. "I've already had my shower. I have to get changed so I can make you dinner."

He kissed her tenderly on the neck. "You don't really have to get changed to do that…"

Her blush intensified and looked at him with wide eyes. "N-Naruto-kun!"

"Ah, bless that stutter." He thought as he watched her disappear into the bedroom. "Ah, bless the bathroom!" He said aloud, looking forward to a hot shower to knead his sore muscles.


An hour later Naruto lay in bed completely exhausted. Now showered and fed, all he wanted to do was sleep and when Hinata entered the room, he lifted his head tiredly and smiled. Crawling onto the bed, she snuggled up to his side.

"Sleep time I think Naruto."

He hummed. "You're a genius Hinata."

With that, he rolled to his side slightly and kissed her on the cheek, before shifting around lethargically until he was resting comfortably under the doona. Hinata followed suit and delicately rested a hand on his chest, hoping that she wouldn't hurt him.

"I'm hardly sore at all 'Nata, just tired, you don't have to be careful around me."

"Okay Naruto-kun…" She whispered sleepily, trailing off with a yawn.

"You know Hinata," He yawned. "I think it's worth being beaten up by Neji if I get to come home to you."

She kissed his neck lightly. "Arigato Naruto-kun, now get some sleep, you deserve it."


A surge of chakra woke the sleeping couple the next morning, and the first thing they saw as they opened their eyes was Neji and Kiba standing at the end of their bed. Naruto, out of fear of repercussions, fell out of bed with a surprised yelp, and Hinata sat up slowly, judging the expressions of her cousin and best friend.

Naruto jumped to his feet. "I swear, one of these days I'm going to put one of those restriction seals on my walls so no one can 'poof' in here whenever they please! What do you two want?"

He wasn't the happiest people in the morning.

"Emergency mission," Neji said calmly, obviously comforted in the fact that the couple was clothed. "Bandits are attacking a caravan south of Konoha. Naruto, you have to come with us, and Hinata-sama, you are to stand by at the hospital."

The couple moved into action immediately, and Naruto was dressed in under ten seconds. He sent a small salute to Hinata before disappearing with Neji and Kiba in clouds of smoke. Hinata paused in her morning ritual when she looked at the bed.

Blood. She mentally scolded herself. Only she could have such bad timing. Looks like Sakura, Ino, and Tenten's teasing, and Kiba's worries were going to be wrong. Naruto would be 'getting some' on his birthday.

She went to the bathroom, then came out and quickly changed the sheets before she too left the house in a cloud of smoke, though she headed for the hospital, awaiting the possible fluctuation in incoming patients.


Hours later the bandits had been arrested and those injured had been transported and treated at Konoha Hospital. As such, Naruto and his male friends that had accompanied him on the emergency mission went to lunch at Ichiraku to celebrate their success. They'd arrived at the scene of the distress before anyone had been killed, and as their skills far outranked those of the bandits, the situation had been quickly brought under control.

As Naruto sat slurping his ramen, Kiba felt it necessary to bring up his 'favourite' topic. "Looking forward to tomorrow Naruto?"

"Sure am, its not every day I turn 19. Besides," He slunk down into his chair. "Next year's going to be a bit of trouble. It'll be two decades since the Kyuubi attacked; they'll be having a memorial service. I always seem to be abused more when they have them. I was away for the one on the 15th anniversary. Them one when I was ten was a shocker."

"You don't mind that we're not throwing you a party this year?" Shikamaru asked.

"Nah, 18 is the important birthday. 19 is one of those awkward birthdays that doesn't mean anything incredibly special. I became a man," He pulled a hero pose. "On my birthday last year."

"Really? Didn't you technically become a man on New Year's Eve?" Kiba teased.

Naruto didn't verbally reply, only slapped Kiba on the back of the head. Kiba found himself with his head in his bowl, and could hear the laughter of his friends and other surrounding customers. He lifted his head from his bowl but wouldn't back down.

"Bet you were looking forward to tomorrow night…" He grinned pervertedly. "But sorry to bust your bubble, but Hinata…" He whispered in Naruto's ear. "Has her period, I could smell it this morning."

Naruto's reaction was not one Kiba was expecting. He had expected a pout, or at least another smack across the head, but Naruto only took another mouthful of ramen. Kiba repeated his sentence, but Naruto only swallowed his ramen and looked at Kiba like he was speaking to a small child.

"Kiba, what me and Hinata do really should be our business," He hurried along slightly, seeing the glare he got from Neji. "But however it may appear to you and your nose, there is more to our relationship than sex. So I don't get to be with her 'that way' on my birthday, big deal. Just as long as I get to be near her. Her company is enough of a gift-"

"Dude, that sounds so lame."

"When you get a girlfriend…or boyfriend," He slipped in casually but continued before Kiba could reply. "That you love as much as I love Hinata, you'll understand. Until then, back off. I'm getting sick of you bringing up the fact that you know when Hinata and I have been 'together'. And Neji, I really don't know what I can do to appease you. But Hinata's happy, shouldn't that be enough?"

"You'd think so, and the thing is I don't reject your relationship with Hinata-sama. You are all she's ever wanted, but still…"

"I promise I'll never hurt her, and I will protect her with everything I am…though she's fully capable of looking after herself."

Neji nodded and as he did, he was hugged from behind by a small woman. After she finished hugging him, she was revealed to be Hinata. She thanked him softly before flushing, having realised she'd acted over-emotionally in public. She moved over to Naruto and buried her head in his chest, melting into his awaiting caress. He kissed her hair.

"How much did you hear?" He asked.

"J-Just the end but…arigato. I love you Naruto-kun."

He pouted, she was in 'the mood'. "Hey, do you wanna see if we can catch a movie? You and me, popcorn and chocolate."

"Hmm…I have been craving chocolate."

He nodded. He knew that. She always did crave chocolate at this time of the month.

"Alright then, see you guys tomorrow." He tossed some coins onto the counter, waving shortly at Teuchi and Ayame. "C'mon 'Nata, let's blow this joint!"


The next morning Naruto woke to soft kisses on his neck. He opened his eyes with a grin as he looked at Hinata. He pulled her into his embrace and laughed happily.

"Best birthday beginning I've ever had. Last year you told me that you didn't care about the Kyuubi, and this year I get woken up with kisses!" He kissed her on the forehead. "Ohayo Hinata, did you sleep well?"

She nodded and hummed in his embrace. "I did Naruto-kun. Happy 19th birthday. Ano…would you like your present first, or breakfast?"

"Let's do breakfast first. Pancakes?" She nodded and tried to get up. "Nah, lets stay here for a little longer." He was silent for a moment. "Who woulda thunk it? Demon child Naruto Uzumaki waking up on his birthday with Hinata Hyuga, Konoha's princess, in his arms!"

"N-Naruto!" She stuttered in surprise. "You're not a demon! You are his jailer, and my saviour! Everyone's saviour!"

"Ah, you flatter me too much." He kissed her. "Hey, you know what I just thought of? You are the only one, out of our group of friends that was born after the Kyuubi attacked. You were born into a world that hated me, so by all reasoning, you should have grown up hating me because it was basically taught to you. But you never did, you are the only one, ever, to not hate me right off the bat! It's like the keys thing, you are the only other person in the world with a key to my apartment, but you are the only one who knocks. You're so…what's the word? Contemporary?"


"Yes, you're contrary! And boy, am I lucky you are! And did you know, of all the princesses and rich girls I've met, you are the only one who doesn't have some superiority complex. You are so opposite to everything! You're a ninja, but you're uncommonly kind. Your name means 'towards the sun', but you're like the moon. And you love me, the Kyuubi container!"

"N-Naruto-kun!" She blushed and stuttered at all the compliments. "This…this is supposed to be your day, lets talk about you!"

He thought about it for a moment. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I'm in love with Hinata Hyuga. It's my birthday and I'm holding her in my arms. I love ramen and she makes the best in the world! I like to talk and for some reason she likes to listen to me. I'm a ninja and I'll use all my skills to look after her for the rest of my life. I have blue eyes, and she loves them despite the fact that she has the most beautiful eyes in the world-"

"N-Naruto, that still sounds like it's about me."

"Naruto Uzumaki doesn't exist without Hinata Hyuga now. He somehow survived 18 years without her, but now that he has her, he's never letting her go."

Hinata hummed blithely. "And she likes that." She wriggled around in his grip. "But now she's going to make the birthday boy breakfast."


The scene Naruto's friends walked into was a humorous one. Naruto and Hinata were in the kitchen covered in flour and pancake batter. The two were laughing happily, attempting to clean the kitchen, but only succeeding in making it messier by flinging ingredients at each other. When a spoonful of batter landed in Neji's hair, the atmosphere suddenly changed. Under he's already flour-whitened face, Naruto paled.

"Ah, g-gomen Neji!" He stuttered.

No one messed with Neji Hyuga's hair.

"I'll let it go only because it's your birthday." He said, and then smiled, shocking the rest of the group.

"Happy birthday Naruto!" Sakura grinned. "Now, you and Hinata go and get cleaned up, and we'll clean the kitchen for you. And no getting distracted!"

Naruto and Hinata left without a fuss, somewhat eager to get out of reach of Neji, despite the fact that the older Hyuga had smiled. In fact, the fact that he'd smiled made it scarier. Like the world was ending.

"At least I made it to 19…" Naruto whispered to Hinata as they got dressed.

Once the 12 were back in the lounge room and everyone and everything was clean, Naruto received his presents. Ramen coupons, rare Hyuga scrolls (curtesy of Neji), green-spandex suit, books, subscriptions and Hinata's gloves (which he promised he'd try out on Kiba the next day).

"Come on, we're taking you to see Tsunade-sama. She wanted to see the birthday boy." Sakura grinned.


Naruto threw himself on his bed much later that day. It was dark outside and the stars were out, though his grin outshone them all.

"That was a great day, I have great friends and a great girlfriend!"

Hinata sat beside him on the bed. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. It was a bit different to last year though, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, but who needs music and alcohol when I've got such great people around me? And Hinata, arigato for the gloves, I'm going to flatten Kiba tomorrow."

She bent over and kissed him. "I'm glad you liked them."

There was a somewhat awkward silence for a minute, before Naruto sat up and kicked off his shoes. "Well, I guess it's time for bed."

Hinata shifted slightly in her spot, blushing lightly. "Ahh, well…w-we could…" She trailed off, not meeting his gaze.

He flushed too. "H-Hinata, I'd like to, but aren't you…you know…"

In a throwback move to the old Hinata, she poked her index fingers together, blushing a deep red. "H-Hai b-but…I could…c-can…if you w-want…I c-could…p-pleasure you."

He blushed deeper. "Ah, no, you don't have to do that!"

She looked slightly hurt. "Y-You don't w-want me to?"

"I-I do, but…Hinata, I'd never ask you to do 'that' unless I could do something for you in return. It's…it's not fair on you. I'd feel like I was using you."

"But…" She shifted closer to him. "I…I w-want to. A-And, it is your b-birthday…"

When he didn't respond, she took the initiative, pushing him back onto the bed, crawling over him and kissing him firmly. "I…I guess," He said as she pulled away. "I guess I'm going to have to step up for your birthday." He scratched the side of his face distractedly. "And being in town would probably be a good start." His chuckle died in his throat as she shifted down and started undoing his pants.

He thought for a moment about what he could do for her birthday in the coming months, but when Hinata began her ministrations over his body, all thoughts flew from his head.

He didn't think coherently at all for the next hour.


Happy birthday Naruto, may all your dreams come true. And to all those that have a birthday on the 10th of the 10th (I have a friend out there who has a birthday today…though it'd be a miracle if she found this page), HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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