Chapter 2

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Rated for Safety

Summary: What will C.C. do if she ever finds out about the picture? Who's going to be the winner? Lelouch?

Main-Pairing: LelouchXC.C. Light-Pairing: RivalXMilly

Note: Malaysian : British English

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--23rd December 2007--

- Painting Ones Feelings -

-Chapter Two-

- Their Feelings -

The date, 12 October soon came in an instant. Students holding a covered board were seen everywhere in the school of Ashford. Some were giggling happily together with their friends while some were pondering what would await them after the first prize winner is announced on this very day.

Some students painted views by the seashore, mountains and so forth, whereas the Student Council had a very special degree they had to follow. Paintings were handed in to the room where all of them would be reviewed first thing in the morning. Three-quarter of the school section was spent with students learning more about art while the judges took their time in looking through the paintings of each and every one of them.

Every student was needed to gather at the school's hall for the wait of the announcement of the winners. Time was getting short, and the anxious level of the students went up with every tick of the clock. Even some were wiping their sweats away with their handkerchiefs, stuttering as they looked at the stage. The master of the ceremony was visible to everybody present.

"The judges have made their decisions, and it is going to be said by the let down of this flag.", announced him.

Drums were rolling for the moment of the flag being let down. By just the pull of the golden rope by an elderly judge, the flag came down to the floor, revealing two hanged paintings. Students all gave their awe, both in fear and admiration. A character in one of the paintings looked familiar, while the other one was an unexpected painting which Lelouch recognize. It was,


--------------------- ----------------------- --------------------------

All the Student Council gathered at their usual meeting room. Some of them brought drinks to start a party for the winners held in their presence. Everybody cheered together, but still, Lelouch was still speechless after what just happened.

-----Flashback----- ----------------------

The judge who pulled the rope stepped up front and took the microphone handed by the master of ceremony.

"I, now announce the names of the painters."

"Second Prize Winner,"

"Lelouch Lamperouge!"

Everybody applauded with cheers from most of the girl students as Lelouch stepped out on stage. He shook the judge's hand and gave a smile. He got a certificate with a silver ribbon sealing it. It all just happened so fast that he couldn't imagine that he had won second prize. As he stood there, he saw one of his friends looking shocked among the crowd. It wasn't just an ordinary one, because his sweat could be seen from where Lelouch was standing. 'Ah, so the painting is his.', he snickered.

"The Winner for the First Prize,"

"Rival Cardemond!"

Rival was just standing still at his spot, mumbling something which sounded like,

"This is all a dream, this is all a dream…."

His daze broke as he received a hard pat from Suzaku on his back.

"Go up there, Rival!", rooted Suzaku, pointing to the stage with a wide smile. As Rival was on his way to the stage, he saw the subject of his painting, Milly. She too looked shocked as she just discovered the painter of her picture. The two just stared at each other, until

Rival just gave a, "He he" big smile and went up the stage to shake the judge's hand.

------Flashback End-------- ----------------------

Suzaku opened a bottle of sparkling juice which went with a 'pop' followed by some girls screaming, running away from the liquid which squirted out. All of them gave their congrats to both Rival and Lelouch until a sentence caught their attention,

"So, what do you two want to earn for your prize?", asked Suzaku, turning the whole room silent from any noise, except for the clock which sounded particularly louder that time. Rival then rub the back of his head and said,

"Um, actually, I thought of something already.". The eager students stepped closer to Rival, and then,

"I would want Milly to kiss me.", he blushed.

"WHAT?!", yelled all the students, but only one sounded exceptionally louder than them.


Milly went pass the crowd which surrounded Rival and asked him,

"You…..You…..", or maybe not 'asked'. -. She said as she blushed violently, while Rival just scratched his cheek with a shaky smile. The students all rooted for them saying the word, "Kiss" repeatedly, making both of them blush. Lelouch smiled and left with his hands in his pocket, not disturbing his two friends.

As Lelouch was out the building, Suzaku called out to his name.


"Lelouch, haa haa, what do you want? I am in charge for the 2nd winner's request.", he said in between breaths, supporting his body with hands on half-bent knees.

"Maybe…..Some money.", Lelouch said, turning his head towards the place where he lives.

"Money? For what?", asked Suzaku, confused.


------------------------ -------------------------- --------------------------------

It was already nighttime when C.C. returned. She went up to the room she occupied, then getting a view of a sleeping Lelouch. A scent in the air caught her attention. It was all too familiar, but it wasn't a definite answer until she finds it up herself. In a second, the answer was seen. Boxes of large sized pizzas were on Lelouch's study table, giving out a nice pizza aroma around the room. She went closer and opened the lid of the box and took a slice. Pepperoni, her favourite. It felt warm, most probably it was bought not too long ago. She sat on the bed as she ate the pizza.

C.C. tried her best to recall all the things she did today, but she couldn't remember ordering pizzas after the one she did in the morning. Her head turned to the asleep Lelouch, and thought,

'Couldn't be……'

------------------------ -------------------------- --------------------------------

Today, just today, she woke up early in the morning and got dressed in an Ashford's female uniform. Like usual, she tied her hair in two pigtails with a pair of plain white ribbons. Before she took her leave, she looked at Lelouch who slept on the bed just for that day.

She enjoyed the view before her and smiled, caressing his right cheek gently. C.C. then went to the school, searching around the hall for the only name she strived.


----------- -------------

The bell was about to ring, signaling the start of the first class. After about forty-five minutes of searching around, C.C. still couldn't find his name. She then thought of something which couldn't be true, but she still went and look at that section,

the paintings of the winners.

----------- -------------

She finally reached the hall where the students would usually gather for public student meetings. Just a coincidence, today didn't have a meet, so there weren't students gathering there. From afar, she could see two paintings hung on the wall up the stage. One was green in colour, and the other was yellow. As she stepped closer, her heart beat became faster, walking slowly for the painting to be visible. And there, she saw it, her picture painted when she was asleep. She was stunned there for a moment, placing a hand over her opened mouth. Footsteps and voices were heard from a distance. She was almost about to leave before they spotted her, until, she saw two males. One she didn't know, but the other was,


------------- --------------

C.C. stopped herself from leaving when she saw him. Lelouch then noticed touches of green by the corner of his eyes. He took an initiative to look at the person while Rival chatted, and he found out, it was her.

The bell rang.

Time seemed to have stopped for the two as they stared at each other. The moment was so blissful with an uncertain cause. Yes, time was pausing.

Just staring at each other,

Just the colour of the eyes,

Just knowing each other's existence,

Just being together,

Just spending time,

Just realizing the feelings

They had for each other,

Made both happy.


They love each other,

Without the time passing by.

C.C. then gave a smile, while Lelouch a light one.

"See you.".

She left the hall. Lelouch ran catching up from behind, but lost her later on. Never giving up, Lelouch went around looking for C.C. until he came near a window, spotting her outside.

-------- --------


She turned back and saw Lelouch running towards her, panting in the middle. Well, he is not the sportive type.

"Lelouch…", said C.C. as she looked at him, panting harder when he got closer. He was still out of breath after awhile, and he later laid on the ground with a thump. "Lelouch!", worried C.C. .

She got nearer to him and tried to bring him up, before he grabbed her hand, pulling her nearer.

"C.C., haa haa. The painting-"

"Yes, I know.", she said as she gave him a sweet smile.

"The-". Lelouch was then silenced by C.C.'s lips as she caught his, granting him a kiss. It was all so tempting, drawing them into a deeper one, staying there as they were for a few minutes.

Soon, they parted for air, contented by what their feelings were for each other and of how they showed their beloveds.

"Thank you.", C.C. said as she helped Lelouch up from the ground.

"You're welcome."

By that, the two then walked back to where they live, holding hands, smiling. It didn't matter if they were to miss a day of school, because, now, they know their feelings for each other, and the feelings of the other. That is all that matters, for

-----------------------------------------Painting Ones Feelings---------------------------------------

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