Rigging up the lights.

Author's note: My first Bleach fan fic! The idea of this fan fic is roughly based on the Twelve Days of Horror, a knock off of the famous Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas! Well anyway…Please enjoy!

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Captain Hitsugaya Toushiro trudged through the winter snow with an irritated scowl on his face. Another Captain meeting, it seemed like they were having one every other day now. And on top of meetings he had mountains of paperwork! Matsumoto wasn't even doing her share, like she ever did.

He opened the door to the squad ten barrack. He stared to walk down the hall when he heard it. The sound of carols rung in his ear.

"On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me!" Matsumoto's voice.

"Seven swans a swimming!" Momo.

Hitsugaya gulped. Not again…Please not again. Every year Momo and Matsumoto took it upon themselves to decorate his office for Christmas…And every year, they made him string the lights up on the Christmas tree.

He took a step back. He didn't want to face another battle with the evil Christmas light of doom. He would just quietly slip out of the office and hide in the library… Yeah, the library. He could hide there till the forced someone else to put up the lights and then he could come back and get some paperwork done.

The silver haired captain turned around and smacked right into someone's chest. He looked up into they eyes of Renji.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! He shouted over and over in his head.

"Oh, hey there Captain Hitsugaya. Momo! Matsumoto! I found him!" Renji yelled as loud as he could.

The sliding door to his office slid open Matsumoto flew out of the room and grabbed Hitsugaya into a bear hug.

Momo walked over to him and smiled. "Shiro-chan we were so worried that we sent Renji and Kira out to find you, but you showed up on your own it looks like."

"That's Captain Hitsugaya." And if I had it my way, I wouldn't be here right now. He thought.

"Oh Captain! I was so scared! I thought that the snow storm had gotten you!" Matsumoto hugged him tighter.

"Idiot. I don't get cold. And let go of me!" Matsumoto let him go.

Toushiro sighed and walked in to his office. It was covered in garland, lights, ornaments, and other Christmassy items. The Captain looked over at his desk. Cookies, cakes and other treats covered it's surface. The paperwork was no were to be seen.

He looked to the left. No paperwork. He looked to the right. Still no paperwork. What happened? Had someone done it. He scoffed. Yeah, because that was likely. The only reasonable explanation was that it had been hidden.


"Yes Captain?"

"Where is the paperwork?"


"Gone? Gone where?"

"Just gone."

He turned around and glared at her. "Where is it?!" If he wasn't so short he would have grabbed he shoulder and shook her till she told him.

"Well how the hell should I know? I just gave it to some random guy from the squad."

At that very moment…

The so called random person from the tenth squad is really a random guy from the fourth squad. And not just any random guy, but Hanatarou. And as a matter of fact Matsumoto does know what's happening to Hitsugaya's paperwork. She told Hanatarou to burn it…All of it.

And not just anywhere. She wanted him to burn it in a place that Hitsugaya would never find. A place we would never even think of looking. A place so out of the box that Hitsugaya would question wither or not Matsumoto really thought the idea up. So the seventh seat of squad four was using the done and not done paper work as a source of heat for the boiler room.

In other words…Hitsugaya's own paperwork is heating his office.

Back with Hitsugaya…

By the time Toushiro was done staring out into space wondering what had happened to his work, Kira had showed up and Matsumoto had pushed him into his office in front of the Christmas tree.

"You get to string up the lights Shiro-chan!" Momo shouted with joy.

"N-no! Not this year! Make Renji or Kira do it!" The captain yelled.

"What? Don't push your burden…I mean wouldn't you rather have Captain Hitsugaya do it Momo?" Renji threw his arms into the air before looking at Momo with questionable innocence.

Bastard. He just saved his ass. Toushiro thought bitterly.

"Please Shiro-chan. Please." Momo gave him the eyes.

He loved Momo. There was no way he could say no… He was about to break when Matsumoto pushed Momo out of the way and said;

"Please Captain."

He was gaining back control. He always said no to Matsumoto. It was very easy to say no to her.

"N-" Momo came into his mind.

He wanted to say no. He wanted so badly. But he was being over powered by his own love for her. His own feelings were working against him.

"N-n-n-Yes." He whispered. He lost control.

In a moment Toushiro would have to face the enemy he had been humiliated by year after year after year. He was about to enter the den of the beast as he walked over to the Christmas lights.

He picked them up and examined the dull lights that had not yet been turned on.

Matsumoto picked the lights up at the end and plugged them in. (If they had those in Soul Society, if they don't then oh well. This is a fan fic. I can do what ever I want.)

The lights turned on. The captain looked at them once more. They all seemed to be working…For now. (Foreshadowing is fun! Sorry I wont interrupt again.)

"Wait!" Renji yelled. "I have to get popcorn!" The red head ran off.

The lights had never been the most annoying thing this time of year.

Matsumoto grabbed a step ladder for her short Captain. She placed it next to the tree and smiled. She was mocking him.

As Toshiro waked over to the ladder a timer went off. Matsumoto moved over a few trays of cookies and grabbed a small clock off the table. She looked over at Momo.

"That's the timer for the cookies. Lets go get it and then start another batch." The two women left leaving Toshiro alone with Kira and the lights.

Renji walked into the room with a bowl full of popcorn. He walked over to Kira who took a hand full.

Hitsugaya glared at them. The two lieutenants looked at each other.

"Oh! Don't mind us Captain, you just do your thing. You wont even notice us." Renji said.

The short Captain walked over to the step ladder and started to wind the lights around the tree. After two minutes he was half way down the green pine tree.

At the end of five he got off the ladder and backed up. All the lights were on the tree. All of them.

Toshiro looked at the tree. Maybe the lights had finally excepted him? Maybe the decided that he was worthy of stringing them up onto the tree? Or maybe they're just messing with him?

Captain Hitsugaya turned around and looked at Kira and Renji. He had a pleased look on his face. Kira and Renji were holding back laughter.

"What's so funny?" Toshiro asked.

"N-Nothing." Renji snorted.

Hitsugaya turned around the lights were okay. Nothing was happening. He looked back over to the two lieutenants.

The bowl of popcorn was on the ground as was Renji. The red head was rolling on the ground laughing hard.

Kira was clutching his stomach and leaning heavily on the wall.

Toshiro looked at the ground. What the hell was so funny? Then he noticed it. On the hard wood floor things, mostly lights reflected. At his feet he could tell that the Christmas lights were blinking.

He turned around in panic. "They're blinking! Why the hell are they blinking?!" Hitsugaya realized that the lights were making fun of him.

Kira and Renji's laughter grew louder.

Renji wiped tears from his eyes and tried to calm down. "You better…Take 'em…down Captain! You have to…Check 'em to see what's wrong!" He took huge gulps of air.

"Idiot! I knew that! Stupid lights!" Toshiro began to remove the lights from the bottom of the tree.

It took him five minutes to unravel them. He placed the blinking lights on the ground.

He placed them into a line and started to check each light. He got about half way down the line when he came to a small red light. It was lose. The white haired Captain screwed the light back on so that it was tighter.

He sighed with relief. The lights stopped blinking.

Suddenly the lights went out all together.

"One goes out and they all go out!" Toshiro grabbed the little red light and un screwed it a little.

The colored lights went back to blinking.

Kira and Renji couldn't stop laughing.

Toshiro backed away. "Your making fun of me aren't you?!" He shouted at the lights.

They gave no response. They just kept on blinking.

"Damn lights! Think your so smart!" Toshiro shouted.

Through his laughter Renji said; "Hey Captain, you might want to yell louder! I don't think they can hear you!"

"Shut up! If your so smart then why don't you hang up the lights?!" The silver haired captain roared.

"No thanks Captain! This is a lot funnier!" Renji and Kira continued to laugh.

Toshiro walked over to the plug-in and pulled the lights out. The captain looked around the room. In the corner of the room was a box labeled spare bulbs.

He walked over to it and opened the lid. It was filled with spar lights. He dug around and found a red colored bulb.

He brought the box with him just in case. He unscrewed the little red bulb from the string of lights and placed the other red bulb onto the string.

The captain walked over to the plug-in and plugged the lights in. He had no idea what happened but his body started to hurt a lot. A hell of a lot. Some how his hand let go of the light string.

The poor captain fell to the ground. He opened his eyes and looked up. Looking down at him was Yachiru. She poked his forehead.

"Awww. Poor Shiro-chan. He got electrocuted. Mean old lights!" The pink haired vice-captain shouted.

Shiro-chan didn't want to get up. His head hurt. His whole body ached with pain.

Electrocuted eh? Last year it was tangled around his feet causing him to fall into the Christmas tree head first.

With what pride and strength the Captain had left he stood up. As he did Yachiru grabbed the end of the lights, which were still blinking, and started to run around Toshiro. She tied the lights around him so that he couldn't walk.

Suddenly the same red bulb that he had changed popped and all the lights in the Squad Ten barracks went out.

Yachiru started to scream and Kira and Renji started laughing again.

Toshiro shrugged the lights off of him and shouted. "Kira! Renji! Get me a flash light! I blew a fuse."

Momo came into the room. "Shiro-chan? Matsumoto is getting the lights as we speak! Are you okay?"

"Arg." Was all the captain could manage. He started to walk towards the door. He had his office memorized.

As he did something tugged at his leg. He hit the ground really hard. Momo ran over to the source of the crash. She too tripped over the lights and crashed to the ground.

Still in pitch black darkness Hitsugaya stood up and tried to walk for the door he tripped over Hinamori. This caused him to go head first into a roll.

Momo screamed as the lights entangled them. Toshiro hit the wall near the door and Momo smashed into him. Something soft and warm hit his lips. Hers?

The lights flickered on. Sure enough Momo's lips were gently press against his.

Matsumoto walked in and smiled. The kiss broke.

"Yay! Momo-chan and Shiro-chan kissed!" Yachiru danced around happily. "There wasn't even any mistletoe!"

"Captain. I would have turned the lights on faster had I know you were going to be so forward with Momo-chan. If I hadn't come any sooner, the next thing you know clothes would be flying. And right in front of little Yachiru-chan."

"MATSUMOTO!!! I WOULD NEVER!" Toshiro tried to stand up but the lights kept him down.

Renji and Kira came in. They of course laughed.

"Matsumoto-chan, Renji-kun, Kira-kun. Could you please untangle us." Momo asked softly.


It took a few minutes of rigorous untangling but the lights were finally removed.

Renji, Kira, and Matsumoto rigged the lights up onto the tree. Some how they managed to do it without any problems.

Momo sat with a bottle of rubbing alcohol and was cleaning his cuts. She smiled and placed a bandage on a cut on his forehead.

Toshiro was embarrassed. He had fought the lights, and the lights won. He had embarrassed himself in front of Hinamori and everyone else.

But one good thing came out of all the Christmas light based pain: He got his first kiss from his best friend.

When Momo finished Toshiro stood up and ran his hand through his silver-white hair. He sighed.

"I'm sorry bed-wetter Momo." Hitsugaya whispered so that the others wouldn't be able to hear him.

"Shiro-chan, you know I don't wet the bed anymore. And, it's okay. You just have to close your eyes and keep them tight shut till I say you can open them." He heard Momo walked away.

She came back a few seconds later. "Okay, open your eyes."

Toshiro opened his eyes Momo was very close to him.

"What is it?" The captain asked.

"Look up."

Shiro-chan did as he was told and looked up. His eyes widened. Momo was holding a piece of mistletoe over his head.

He looked back into Momo's eyes. Then he kissed her very softly. The Christmas light started to blink again.


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