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Captain Hitsugaya's hand gently swatted something away. He was fast asleep, and something was tickling his nose.

"Come on Momo," he muttered. "it's to early in the relationship for this now…" He moved his hand to find what he thought was his beloved Momo. He touched something soft and furry. The hair was far to short to be Momo's.

His gorgeous ice green eyes opened to see a small pink nose sniffing his own, a pair of red colored eyes. He let out a small shout and what ever it was hopped down from the bed and onto the floor. It was a small white bunny.

Toushiro looked down at it. "How did you get in here?" He asked.

I came to kill you…

"Did you just answer me?" Hitsugaya asked in a shocked tone.

Of course I did stupid, who else would be talking to you? The bunny looked at him with evil red eyes.

Hitsugaya smirked. "Very funny Matsumoto!" He shouted. He got up and walked out the door of his room. The little bunny followed behind.

What's funny? The bunny asked.

The captain ignored it. It was probably Matsumoto playing with the walkie talkies Kurosaki Ichigo got him for Christmas.

He walked down the hall to Matsumoto's room. He opened the door. Matsumoto was laying on her side facing the wall. Figuring that she was just faking it he went up to her. She was sound asleep.

It isn't a joke Captain Hitsugaya Toushiro. I'm your worse nightmare. The bunny sniffed at his foot and hopped back out the door to the office.

Hitsugaya scoffed. "Renji…" He mumbled.

Decided that he would find Renji and chew him out after a shower, Toushiro headed towards the bathroom. A quick shower and a few moments of hair spiking he was ready to go find the squad six lieutenant.


Renji was a very heavy sleeper. Not a lot of people knew this, they automatically assumed that he was a light sleep. But when he was out, he was out. Not even Zabimaru could wake him from his coma like slumber.

Hitsugaya marched nonchalantly into the squad six barracks. He knew where Renji's room was and he didn't even bother to knock. (He's a captain, he doesn't have to knock.)

"Yo Renji!" Toushiro yelled. He was positive that the little bunny in his office was just some joke that Renji and Kira had hatched up.

The lieutenant made not one move. He let out a huge snore. Hitsugaya rolled his eyes. He was faking it.


"What did you call me?" The captain of squad six asked as he walked by the room.

Toushiro turned to met Byakuya's cold eyes. The squad six captain registered that Toushiro wasn't talking to him. He pointed at Renji. "I bet you fifty bucks if you can't get him up."

Fifty bucks? There had to be a catch, but hell, he was a prodigy. How hard could it be to wake up one lazy lieutenant? "You're on."

Byakuya walked back down the hall and let out a short, quiet and, rare laugh. "Sucker." Byakuya had always had it in for Toushiro. Ever since the Squad six captain learned that Hitsugaya had gotten two more right on his captain exam then him. Who did that kid think he was? He's some poor kid who shows up takes the captain's exam and passes it with flying colors! He got two more right then Byakuya and that was not riding well with the Squad Six captain.

"Renji!" Toushiro shouted. The red pineapple turned over and snored. "Get up you idiot!"

Toushiro lifted his right foot and kicked Renji as hard as he could. Nothing happened.

"Hey Renji, free sake down at-"

"WHERE!" Renji jumped out of the bed and ran down the hall in his boxers. There was no way in hell he was going to miss free sake. "SAVE SOME FOR MATSUMOTO!"

Byakuya's eyes went wide as his lieutenant ran by him screaming something about free sake. Damn.

"I think you owe me fifty bucks." Toushiro walked by with a smug look on his face.

With no hint of anger or frustration Byakuya reached into his pocket and pulled out fifty bucks then placed the money in Hitsugaya's outstretched hand. But secretly: Someday you I will get you Hitsugaya Toushiro. Someday, just you wait.

Since Renji had certainly been asleep, there really was no one who could have been behind the rabbit. But Toushiro figured it was loser trying to get someone in trouble. He returned to his office, (fifty buck richer), and started to do his daily paperwork.

Did you figure out who is behind my voice? The bunny asked as it licked it's foot clean.


Because you can't. I am able to talk to you Hitsugaya Toushiro. So don't go to sleep tonight.

Toushiro decide to ignore him.

Are you listening to me Hitsugaya Toushiro? I'm threatening you. Toushiro was silent.

You are a very annoying bastard. I'll just leave you and find someone else to bother. Or someone you care about. The bunny hopped out of the office and left.

Hitsugaya sighed. Finally he was gone.

Renji ran into the office. "MATSUMOTO YOU'RE GOING TO MISS THE FREE SAKE!" Renji screamed.

Matsumoto was suddenly standing beside him. "What are we waiting for? Lets go!"

Toushiro was laughing.

"What's so funny captain?" Matsumoto asked.

"There is no free sake. It was a ruse to get Renji out of bed. But hey, it made me fifty bucks richer!"

"WHAT?" The two lieutenants said in unison.

"Captain! You do not make jokes about that kind of stuff!" Matsumoto shouted as she slammed her hands on Toshiro's desk.

Toushiro just laughed harder. This was turning out to be a good day. Fifty bucks, a good laugh, all he needed now was Momo. But she would show up on her own time.

"Well I'm going to check anyway." Renji said.

"Maybe you should put some clothes on." Toushiro said.

Renji scowled and left the room.

"I'm going to go and check on Momo-chan. You just hang around here and do your boring paper work." Matsumoto left after Renji.

Hitsugaya embraced the silence. It was so peaceful. No vein popping out of his head, no anger scowl. Just fifty bucks, a good laugh, and all the peace he could handle. Maybe if he was really lucky he would even go to bed without a headache! Maybe if the fates were smiling down on him, Matsumoto would fall in a hole and not be able to come back because she was stuck, then he would have the entire office to himself and Momo if she showed up at the right time. The captain smiled and leaned back in his chair. Today was going to be awesome.

Suddenly a scream shattered all the silence of Soul Society. Toushiro stood up and ran out the office door, he knew that scream. Matsumoto.

"CAPTAIN!" Matsumoto flash-stepped up to him. Renji and Kira showed up as well along with Rukia and Ichigo.

Clutched in the pale Matsumoto's hand was a note.

"What's wrong Matsumoto?" Rukia asked.

"Yeah, you look like you saw a ghost." Ichigo said. Everyone looked at him. "You all know what I mean."


"Mo what? More sake?" Renji suggested. Matsumoto shook her head.

"Monstrous hollow?" Ichigo said. No.

"You guys are all idiots. She's saying Momo." Everyone looked down at Toushiro. "Shit." He said, then he and the others ran to Momo's room.

Matsumoto stood in the office of Squad five. Everyone else was tearing the office apart looking for Momo. The busty lieutenant was still trying to regain her voice.

"Damn!" Toushiro shouted over and over. His plans for a great day just got throw out the window and trampled.

Matsumoto walked up to Hitsugaya and pushed the note in front of his face. Toushiro grabbed it and read it, everyone gathered around him.

Hello Hitsugaya Toushiro. I bet you are wondering where your beloved female has gone. Well, I'm not going to tell you, ha! If you wish to find her in one piece follow my instruction carefully: First you are to find a basket.

"Someone go get a basket!" Renji yelled. Kira ran off and came back with one.

Second you are to go to the female's room.

They moved into Momo's room.

Third you must find the brightly colored egg. "Why" You may ask, because I say so. Forth you are to crack said egg open and read the next note inside it. Follow the instructions carefully Hitsugaya Toushiro, don't make any false moves or you'll never see your precious female ever again.With completely evil intentions, The Bunny. A small bunny print was at the bottom of the page.

"Your kidding me right?" Toushiro closed the note and placed it into his pocket.

"I found it!" Rukia shouted. She held up a bright yellow and purple stripped egg. She opened it.

So you have found the next clue eh? Well now you must find the next egg Hitsugaya Toushiro. Why is six afraid of seven?

"Because seven eight nine! Ha! Do you know what this means!" Ichigo shouted.

"That the bunny has a bad sense of humor?" Renji said.

"No you moron! Squad Nine!" Ichigo said.

Toushiro was already out the door heading to the squad nine office. When he got there he and the others rushed in and started a rabid search for the next egg.

"Here it is!" Renji cracked open the egg and read the note.

This one was to easy, the next one will not be so simple. What is nine minus thirteen, plus the square root of thirty-six?

Everyone started to count on their fingers to find the answer. Hitsugaya slapped his forehead, two. He ran off, the others following him.

Soi Fong was sitting in her office chair when Toushiro and the others rushed in. they started to look for the next egg.

"What are you doing!" She screamed.

"No time to talk Soi Fong," Ichigo said. "we have to find the next egg before the bunnies hurt Momo."

"Bunnies? Have you all lost your minds! I can understand the rest of you but not you Hitsugaya!"

"Captain Hitsugaya! It's right here!" Kira yelled.

Hitsugaya Toushiro, you bastard. You found the egg. Now then What's pink and annoying?

"What kind of a question is that?" Ichigo shouted.

"Who cares we have to find something pink and annoying." Matsumoto said.

"A flamingo?" Renji asked.

"Thus shouldn't be that hard. Captain Soi Fong! Do you now anything pink and annoying?" Rukia asked.

"You mean besides Yachiru?" The Squad two captain said.

Toushiro ran out the door to find the most annoying resident of Soul Society.


"So then Ken-chan, this Bunny-chan came up to me and told me to take care of this egg and not let Shiro-chan have it. I don't know why but I think it has something to do with tormenting Shiro-chan so I'm in!" Yachiru said as she held up the egg for her best friend and captain to see.

Kenpachi just figured that she was telling him a story so he nodded his head but for the most part ignored her. Bunnies can't talk and she had a habit of telling him things that were far from the truth.

"Yachiru!" Toushiro shouted. "I need that egg! Hand it over!"

"NEVER!" Yachiru shouted, she ran away from the group of egg hunting soul reapers.

"Catch her! We need that egg!" Hitsugaya and his friends started to chase her as fast as they could.

"Catch me if you can shorty!"

"Look who's talking!" Toushiro took a dive for her but missed and landed on the ground.

Renji and Ichigo both jumped for the pink headed lieutenant. Yachiru jumped up and landed on Renji's head. Both Renji and Ichigo smashed into each other.

"Hah! Nice try pineapple, so close Ichi!"

Rukia and Matsumoto stopped in front of Yachiru. The little girl had to dive under them but she got away unscathed. The suddenly Yachiru lost her fitting and tripped. She and the egg landed on the ground, the egg smashed to bits but the note unharmed.

Hitsugaya picked the note up and read it.

You actually managed to get this one? I'm impressed, go to the garden in the west.

They were once again on their way.

The western garden was the one garden that was a little under cared for. Wild flowers grew in large patches. Weed and other plants sprouted everywhere. It was a mess. But the perfect bunny hide out.

As they came up to the tall hedge that walled the garden like a fence they could see hundreds of red beady eyes staring at them. When they came to an opening in the bushes someone sounded from inside the garden.

None shall enter!

"And why not?" Toushiro asked. He was rather pissed off.

Because I said so!

"That's not a very good excuse," Ichigo said. "What if we paid you twenty dollars?"

I'm not that corrupt.

"Thirty." Renji said.

I'm still loyal to my master.

"Forty!" Matsumoto shouted.

"Hey, I don't have that much money you know." Ichigo said.

"Fifty bucks!" said Rukia.

"Who's side are you on?" Ichigo asked.

"Shut up, you're just being cheap."

Hum, fifty. I could buy a lot of carrots with that. Very well. Place fifty bucks on the bush to the right of you and then you may enter.

"Hello," Ichigo whispered. "I don't have that much with me."

Hitsugaya pulled the fifty bucks he had won from Byakuya and placed it on the bush. He marched inside with an irritated look. What the hell was a bunny going to do with money?

They walked down a path covered in weeds. The small red eyes followed them everywhere they went. After much walking they finally came to a circular clearing. Then suddenly, bunnies with red eyes came out of the bushes and surrounded them.

Four large rabbits started to drag a crumpled form from inside one of the bushes. Momo sat up, a sock stuffed in her mouth and her hands behind her back. Then one specific bunny jumped up onto a log.

Hello Hitsugaya Toushiro and friends. Have you came to retrieve your female?

"Yes, now hand her over before I kill you." Toushiro wanted to walk up to the leader and skin him but the amount of bunnies was so large that he had no where to step, and no way to escape.

Kill me? I don't think my followers would like that. Now then, lets do some negotiating.

Toushiro growled at him. Everyone else was a little freaked out. I would be scared to if I was surrounded by an army of evil bunnies.

If you wish to have your female back you must pay protection services.

"Protection services?"

Exactly. For the safety of you girl, you must pay me in carrots!


Yes, carrots boy! Are you listening! I demand two hundred carrots a month!

"Make it one hundred and you have yourself a deal."

One fifty.

"Fine then. Hand her over."

The head bunny nodded his head and the other rabbits parted, making a path for Toushiro. The captain went over to Momo, he untied her hands and pulled the sock out of her mouth.

Momo hugged Hitsugaya. "Shiro-chan I was so scared, thank goodness."

"Come on Momo. Let's go home I've had enough of this." Momo stood up and they started to walk back to the path.


"Shiro-chan! I got you something for Easter!" Momo shouted as she walked into the squad ten captain's office. "Close your eyes!"

Toushiro closed his eye. He wondered what the gift could possible be. He felt Momo place something in to his hands.

"Okay, open!"

Toushiro came face to face with a chocolate bunny. He placed it on his desk, smiled, and prayed to God it didn't talk.


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