Never did I dream again

Without fear's icy stare,

And never did I see again

Without fear of what is there.

The pain inside consumes me,

Is the only thing I feel –

And when I look around me,

Still I wonder if it's real.

Been twenty years since I have left,

Since I saw my family –

But I've been trapped here for so long,

This world's a part of me.

Or am I part of it? I can't

Remember what has passed

And every time I breathe, I'm scared

That breath will be my last.

And now you have me trapped here, in

This lonesome, icy cage

And words cannot contain my fear –

Words can't contain my rage.

And now the Fog is closing in,

Just like it's always been.

Don't leave me with this numbness – please

I can't do this again.