Zexion and the Mistletoe

By: Seto's Princess

Disclaimer – I do not own Kingdom Hearts. There would be WAY too much fluff and yaoi in it if I did.

How it all began – I was quietly eating lunch, feeling like absolute crap for various reasons when I suddenly out of nowhere got the image in my head of Roxas running into the library and interrupting Zexion's reading time because he was running away from Axel for some Christmas-related reason, which is great because I've been dying to write SOMETHING for Christmas. Oh, and I love role playing Zexion but I sadly haven't done so in the longest time, so this gives me a reason to be Zexion again!

Summary – Zexion's quiet reading time is interrupted when Roxas bursts into the library, avoiding Axel. Said redhead is scouring the castle for his favorite blond with mistletoe hanging from his head. With Christmas only a week away, Axel's not the only one with mistletoe related ideas in his head.

The points of view may get a bit confusing, but I'll give you some help. If Zexion's in the scene, it's in his point of view. If he's not in the scene, it's in third person point of view.

Pairings – AkuRoku, Zemyx, MarVex, and XemSai.

Warnings – Randomness, fluff, boyxboy love, suggested yaoi moments and lots of mistletoe-related incidents.

The faint smell of sea-salt ice cream, youth and just a small hint of charcoal invaded my nostrils. I sighed, glancing up from the book I was reading to spot a familiar blond barrel into the room looking angered beyond belief and possibly a bit shocked.

"Thirteen, wha-"

"Axel's not here, right?" the boy asked, his voice slightly frantic.

"No, I haven-"

"Where is he?" he cut me off again.

Taking a moment to concentrate, I lightly sniffed the air to catch the scent of burning wood and coal approaching. "He's on his way here."

"Shit, he saw me. Argh!" Roxas opened a portal, practically throwing himself into it just as the redhead he was apparently trying to avoid sprinted into my line of vision.

"…Eight, what do you have on your head?"

The pyro flashed me a mischievous grin, gloved hand pointing at the object dangling from a piece of wire that seemed to sprout from his head.

"Mistletoe. Got it memorized? Snatched it from Marly's garden. Flower boy must have been growing some to use on Vexen."

I barely had to chance to open my mouth to ask when he went on to explain why said plant dangled over his head.

"I'm trying to catch Roxas. I'm pretty sure I saw him run in here."

"He left shortly before you arrived. It was under my impression that the traditional kiss under mistletoe was a Christmas tradition," I commented, raising an eyebrow in mild curiosity. Christmas was not for another week.

"I'm getting a head start. Blondie's a fast runner and I won't stop until I catch him."

"…If only you used that determination for something more productive."

Axel either ignored my comment or completely missed it. "Tell me where Roxas went."

"What's in it for me if I tell you?" I asked, lowering my gaze back down onto my large tome, scanning the page to see where I left off before I had been interrupted.

"Well, flower boy had more than one mistletoe plant in his garden… and if I have to go look for Roxas myself, I wouldn't mind taking a little detour to Demyx's room to tell him where Marly's secret stash is…" he trailed off suggestively, his lips curling into a wild smirk.

My eyes snapped up to meet his. "Don't you dare put any ideas into his head. Demyx and I are merely good friends."

The glare I was giving him seemed to bounce off him, because he continued, "Ha, keep denying it, Zexion. I don't know. He's been pining for the longest time over what to get you for Christmas. You can't fool me with that 'we're just friends' crap."

"Axel," I warned.

"Look at the time; I have to go find Roxy… I'll go get Demyx to help me." The sound of retreating footsteps reverberated in my ears. I sighed and put my book down, losing all interest in what I had been reading.

"He's in the hallway by Xigbar's room." What did I care whether or not the redhead succeeded in his mission? I could have easily put Axel on a wild goose chase, but right then I did not want to take the chance of having a certain musician running around the castle with the same purpose in mind.

"And that's why you're the smart one," Axel quipped before disappearing into a dark portal.

"…He just doesn't know when to quit," Roxas muttered angrily to himself, slipping into another random room of the castle.

"Saix…" a smooth silky voice drawled.

"Ah, Superior!" a second voice gasped out in pleasure.

The blonde blinked and took a moment to glance around the room: plain white walls specked with black nobody symbols and silver trimming, a king sized bed with black silk sheets, and Organization coats scattered about the floor. Taking a minute to pick up the sounds of drawn out moans and quick gasps for breath, realization dawned on him.

Roxas's face contorted into an expression of utter disgust and he managed a quick loud "YOU SICK BASTARDS" before bursting out of the room, not bothering to slam the door behind him in fear of further scarring his mind with the mental image of Xemnas straddling the Luna Diviner, doing questionable things under the berserker's French maid outfit.

"Let's see now, I wonder if I can change the viscosity by adding just a small droplet of…" Organization XIII's resident chemist hovered over his latest experiment, a small beaker clutched in his hand. Pulling his goggles on over his eyes, he tilted the beaker slowly; careful not to mix both concoctions so quickly in case he was wrong.

Then, everything happened far too quickly. Vexen's mind barely had time to register it before it was too late.

"What are you working on, hmm?" a sultry voice whispered in his ear. A pair of moist uncovered arms slid around the Chilly Academic's thin frame.

The beaker in Vexen's hand slipped, most of its contents spilling over into the mixture below. His experiment bubbled and turned a nasty shade of vomit yellow-green before quickly solidifying, becoming a gooey mess of what appeared to be yellow slime.

"Marluxia! You bastard, look what you've done!" Vexen howled. He didn't need to turn to see who had interrupted him; the lust ridden voice and a flash of pink hair were enough.

Marluxia waved a blue rose in Vexen's face. "You act as if this is the first time I've interrupted you."

The blond growled lightly in his throat, prying Marluxia's arms off his waist. "You've smeared your damn sweat all over my coat!"

"Perhaps you should take it off then," Marluxia suggested with a sly grin, pressing his half-naked body against his superior's.

"Get off me now unless you'd like one nice painful concussion."

"But we've both been working so hard today, you've been experimenting and I've been doing a little extra training. We could both use a little relaxation time." One of the assassin's hands traveled upward, his fingers closing around the zipper of Vexen's coat.

The lab door opened and shut. The two nobodies barely had time to notice the head of spiky blond hair before a shout of "What the hell is wrong with everybody today?!? Lock your damn doors!" assaulted their ears and said blond burst out of the room as quickly as he had burst in.

Vexen, being the more aware of the two, quickly took this moment of confusion to slip out of Marluxia's hold and escape into a portal.

"Damn it, Roxas!" Marluxia growled in frustration and stormed off into his own portal.

The salty wet scent of the ocean and the infectious feeling of optimism hung about the air. One name filtered through my head. Demyx. The memory of Axel chasing Roxas down came to mind and I wondered if I should be worried now that my favorite blond had entered the room. We may only be friends, but Demyx had the tendency to be more affectionate with me than he was with the others.


Quickly scanning the top of his head for any signs of that dreaded mistletoe plant, I concluded that it was safe and gave Demyx a nod in greeting.

"Hey Zexy?" he asked in that painfully sweet tone he used when he was up to something.

"What is it?" I questioned warily, my suspicions of "mistletoe mischief" back again.

"Wanna help me decorate the tree this year? Axel's busy running around and I can't find Roxas." Numbers VIII and XIII were usually the only ones who bothered helping Demyx decorate the huge Christmas tree Marluxia sets up every year for our annual Christmas party. Why we even had a party each year was beyond me. For all Xemnas's talk of us being different from those who had hearts, he still managed to ring us all together for one of the most celebrated holidays around.

"Please Zexy? Pleeeaaase?" He gave me those dreaded puppy eyes. I would normally refuse, but knowing how much this meant to him, I could not deny him my assistance.

I sighed mildly in defeat, standing up. "Let's go."

"Yay! Thank you, Zexy!" Demyx wildly threw his arms around me in a fierce hug, nearly knocking me backwards.

"…Demyx…" I shook my head and pulled away, opening up a portal to the party room. Demyx immediately grabbed my wrist and yanked me into a portal, laughing happily.

"Miracles do happen! Zexy's gonna help me decorate the tree!"

I felt the corners of my lips twitch upwards into a smile as he dragged me into the darkness, his smile never leaving his face.

To be continued…

This was supposed to be a one-shot, but with finals and some serious house-cleaning, I haven't had the time to finish this. I doubt I'll have the rest up before tomorrow so I'm posting the first half now and I'll post the other half as soon as I finish. I hope you like it so far. The last scene was a little rushed so I'm sorry if it's bad. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great Christmas!