Zexion and the Mistletoe

By: Seto's Princess

It's an entire year later. Sorry for the wait, but finally, here's the second half of my Christmas two-shot! Enjoy!!

Part 2

"Damn it, Vexen, you control ice. Can't you make it a bit less cold here?" The harsh winter wind nipped at Marluxia's skin, eliciting tiny grunts of protest from the nobody. A thick wool scarf rubbed against his freshly shaven face, putting him in further pain. "And why the hell are we out here this early? Everyone's still asleep!"

As odd as it sounded, the World that Never Was did experience all four seasons. It just happened to rain more often than not, and winter did not last very long when it came. When it was winter, however, the cold was relentless.

"You insisted on saving your damn garden from the ice. I told you I could handle this by myself. Go back to bed if you're so cold," Vexen muttered in an irritated tone, using his power over ice to push away the cold blanket of snow that had fallen over Marluxia's beloved plants.

"But then I wouldn't get to cuddle with you…" the pink haired nobody trailed off suggestively, pressing his heavily bundled body against the blond. "For someone who can stand being out in the cold like this in only an Organization coat, you're surprisingly warm."

Vexen sighed, ignoring the extra weight pressed against him. It would only waste precious experiment time trying to push the other away. "It's all a matter of having enough control of my element so that I can regulate my body temperature and be able to withstand drastically freezing temperatures."

"Are you done yet?"

"Almost. You have quite the collection of roses… I'm no botanist but I do know blue roses don't exist in most worlds."

Marluxia grinned. "Well, roses are my favorite of all flowers. Now…" He pulled away slightly and nudged Vexen in the side.

"What?" Vexen sighed in exasperation, finishing up his work on Marluxia's garden.

"Look up."

Vexen felt a sudden dread. 'What in blazes is he up to now?' Vexen turned and glanced upward, catching sight of a plant hovering almost above the roses. As far as he could remember, that wasn't there the last time he had been in Marluxia's garden. Then again, he spent countless hours in his lab, experimenting or otherwise avoiding contact with the nobody he loved to hate and hated to love. Realization suddenly dawned on him as he remembered the significance of that plant.

"Not even if I had a heart, Marluxia!" the scientist snarled before hastily disappearing into a portal to escape the Graceful Assassin.

"Damn. I always have to get him the hard way." A grin split across Marluxia's features. "More fun for me."

A few days later, I was busily baking a batch of Christmas cookies when Demyx snuck into the room, probably in another one of his attempts to try to surprise me.

"Hello, Demyx." I casually threw a glance in his direction when he poked his head over the counter and pouted at me.

"Aww, hey Zexy."

"Before you ask, no, the cookies aren't ready yet."

Demyx straightened up, shaking his head. "No, I wasn't going to ask."

"Oh?" I glanced up, raising an eyebrow in concern. Everyone knew Demyx could not resist my cookies. Even when he was sick he would sprint down to the kitchen the instant he knew I was making them.

"Mmhmm." He took a seat and propped his elbows up on the table, resting his chin in his hands, watching me carefully while I worked on cutting the cookie dough and placing them on a baking sheet.

I could no longer take his silence, so I paused, lifting my gaze to him. "Demyx, is something wrong?"

Demyx once again shook his head. "Nah, I was just thinking."

"What about?"

"Nothing…" He continued watching me, not taking his gaze off mine.



"Bring on the cookies!" Xigbar exclaimed as he sauntered into the room with a wide grin plastered over his face.

Demyx jumped, spinning around wildly at the sudden entrance. "…XIGGY! I need to talk to you!" He hopped out of his chair, nearly knocking it over in the process, and grabbed Xigbar's arm, dragging him out of the room.

I heard a protesting yelp and the sound of "Dude, I wanted a cookie!" before the door slammed behind them.

I shook my head, chuckling softly. Demyx was just as spontaneous as ever. Axel was wrong. Demyx and I really were nothing more than just good friends.

"So I hear you're trying to chase down Roxas…" Marluxia pointed out, leaning against Axel's doorway with his arms crossed.

Axel glanced up at him, quirking an eyebrow. "Maybe. What's it to you?" There was only one more day left until Christmas and Axel still had not been able to track down the key-wielding nobody.

"Well, I've been trying to hunt down my own blond, but he keeps slipping out of my grasp."

"I still don't see your point." Axel glanced back down at the book in his lap, quickly losing interest in the conversation.

"I have a proposition for you."

Axel looked up, Marluxia once again piquing his interest. "I'm listening."

Marluxia grinned mischievously, closing Axel's door and walking over to state his proposal.

A few hours later, Vexen was working on another experiment down in his laboratory when a hard object whacked him in the back of the head, knocking him out. His attacker grinned and grabbed his arms, dragging him into a portal.

Roxas poked his head into the kitchen, taking a quick peek around the room to make sure it was devoid of any adoring redheads. 'Damn Axel just won't give up all ready…' Once he deemed it safe to enter, he slipped inside and peered inside the cookie jar. 'I hope Demyx didn't scarf them all down already. Aha!'

The blond eagerly pulled out his prize, an M&M cookie, and happily bit into it. He failed to notice the door opening behind him, a figure sneaking into the room and walking up behind him.

Roxas was barely halfway through his cookie when an oversized cloth bag slipped over his head, trapping him inside.

"What the hell? Let me out!! Axel, is that you?!? Damn it, Axel, let me out of here!"

His captor chuckled, flinging the bag over his shoulder and opening up a portal, leaving the kitchen.

Christmas Eve finally came and I walked into the grand room where we held our annual Christmas party. My eyes scanned the room, taking in all the decorations Xemnas forced each Organization member to set up. The tree was always up for grabs and it was usually Demyx, Axel, and Roxas who decorated it, but Xemnas specifically assigned each member some area of the party room to decorate. I easily picked out who decorated what section based on color, decoration, and detail preferences each member had. The extravagance of each section varied from extremely simple to almost blinding.

The simplest of all was Xemnas's. He had merely strung a few white lights and tacked a few silver snowflakes on the wall.

Demyx's was the exact opposite. Large bright rainbow colored bulbs cascaded down the wall of his section, surrounding various other lights shaped like stars, snowflakes, icicles, and candies. He had also specked red and silver ribbons among the lights.

The tree was almost as bright. I made sure Demyx didn't overload the tree with decorations when I helped him decorate it a few days ago.

But that was beside the point. I took another glance around the room, finding it odd that some of the Organization members still weren't there, especially Demyx.

I walked over to the buffet table and served myself some punch before taking a seat to wait for the party to officially start.

A while later, two portals opened up in the room. I glanced up, intrigued by the scene that was about to play before me.

First, Axel stepped through his portal, dragging with him a struggling Vexen, who was tied up in green ribbons, wearing the usual Organization uniform, minus the coat. Axel was grinning from ear to ear, once again donning the mistletoe with which he had been chasing Roxas all week.

"Axel, what the hell is wrong with you?! I command you to untie me right now! I am your superior, damn it!" Vexen growled, trying desperately to wiggle from his restraints. His protests were wasted on Axel, who completely ignored him, paying attention to the other portal a few feet away from him.

Marluxia stepped out of the second portal, dragging Roxas with him. He had stripped Roxas down to his boxers and tied him up in red and white ribbons, as well as taped his mouth shut and placed a big silver bow on his head. Roxas was struggling just as furiously as Vexen was, but the tape over his mouth muffled his undoubted stream of curses.

I watched the scene continue, quirking an eyebrow in interest. My thoughts wandered for a second as I realized Demyx was the only one not in the room. 'Where could he be? He's usually the first one here.'

"Merry Christmas, Marluxia," Axel said with a sly smirk, kicking Vexen toward Marluxia.

"What?!? NO! DAMN IT, AXEL, UNTIE ME RIGHT NOW YOU DISRESPECTFUL BASTARD!" Vexen continued howling angrily while a grin spread across Marluxia's features.

"A screaming, tied up Vexen, how did you know that's what I wanted, Axel? Merry Christmas!" he replied, pushing Roxas towards the redhead.

"Oh look, you got my favorite, a half-naked Roxas!"

Roxas spun on the floor, aiming a kick at Axel's legs. Axel smacked it away and picked the blond up in his arms, grinning wildly. "Well, look now, Roxy, I finally got you under the mistletoe!"

Roxas growled, glaring up at the redhead, who did nothing but grin wider and carry him off into a portal.

Vexen's screams faded into the background as Marluxia dragged him into his own portal, bearing his own crazy grin.

I chuckled to myself, highly amused at the entire situation. I doubted there was anything that could make the night any better.

Shortly after, Xigbar walked over with an odd grin on his face. "Hey buddy, Demyx is looking for you."

"Oh?" I asked, quickly picking up Demyx's scent in my room. "Why doesn't he just come here?"

"Just go. Trust me; you wouldn't want the others to see his surprise for you. Oh, and don't portal there, just walk."

I gave him a confused look but he continued urging me to go, so I stood and walked out of the room, heading for my bedroom.

I reached my bedroom and opened the door, blinking in confusion when I saw Demyx standing there with a soft blush on his cheeks.


Suddenly, his lips were on mine and took my mind a few minutes to register the fact that he was kissing me. It felt like hours had passed before he finally pulled away, blushing furiously. His gaze bore into mine for a while before sharply pulling away, the blush on his cheeks darkening.

"Wh-what was that for?" I heard myself stutter, feeling my cheeks heat up with what I'm sure was my own blush.

Demyx continued looking away, responding to my question by pointing upward. I followed his finger and looked up, spying mistletoe hanging from my doorway.

"M-Merry Christmas, Zexion…" he mumbled, still refusing to look up at me.

I couldn't explain it, but in that moment I found myself wanting to return the kiss. So I placed my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him down, pressing my lips against his. Demyx tensed up at first but quickly relaxed, eagerly returning the kiss, his tongue darting out to meet mine.

We pulled away for air and his eyes finally met mine again. His smile must have been infectious, for I felt the corners of my own lips curve upwards in a warm smile.

"Merry Christmas, Demyx."

"I love you, Zexy."

"I love you too."

"…Can I have a cookie?" I chuckled, nodding in reply, and took his hand, pulling him into a portal leading to the kitchen.

Axel was right after all. Demyx and I were more than just friends.

The End

Thank you so much for reading! Merry Christmas!