The Hunt

(Emmett's POV)

Many thanks to Stephenie Meyer for letting me play with her toys for a little while. I, of course, own nothing. They are all hers.
Bella stood at our kitchen counter, pouring herself a drink of juice, her back to the door. I slowly crept closer to the doorway and carefully peeked around at her.

Her heartbeat was relaxed and normal. Hmmm. She hadn't heard me.

Carefully I pressed my foot harder on the hardwood floor, forcing a creak from the floorboards.

She stiffened slightly and her heartbeat picked up. Excellent. This was going to be good!

From his position on the couch, Edward turned slightly towards me, "listening" to be sure I was in control. Smiling slightly, he turned back to the video game he and Jasper were playing.

I crept around the doorframe and prepared to pounce.

Without turning, Bella called up to the second floor. "Esme", dragging the name out into a prolonged whine.

"Yes Bella?" clearly confused, Esme called back down.

"Emmett's stalking me again", she whined, managing to sound a lot like a six-year-old.

Behind me, my brothers burst into laughter.

"EMMETT McCARTY CULLEN! Stop teasing your little sister!"

"Yes Mom." I made my voice sound contrite while shooting Bella a look of mock outrage. "I'll get you back for squealing" I told her silently with my eyes.

Bella stuck her tongue out at me and, grabbing her drink, ran back towards the living room. As she passed me, I growled and pretended to grab for her and miss. She ran giggling back to the couch and snuggled next to Edward for safety.

"Phew" she breathed, speaking to Edward. "Getting a drink around here is as dangerous as the watering hole is for antelope on the Serengeti"

Edward chuckled and pulled her close. "Don't worry. I'll keep you safe from the lion."

"That's ok, Bella." I told her as I walked back into the living room. "Drink up. You'll need the washroom eventually. And Edward can't follow you there." And I flashed her my evilest grin.