Okay, so, Gaara ish my sexeh beast is trying something completely different. This is a Halloween fic, you know…Michael Myers…Haddonfield…yeah, that Halloween. So, basically it's a MichaelxOC romance and horror story. On an estimate of ages, Krystal (My OC…and I love the name.) is about twenty-two, and Michael is about thirty-one, since this takes place between Halloween Two and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. I accept flames since I am new at this type of story, and help is welcome! Oh, and if you like Jason Voorhees with an OC, keep an eye out for one, with my OC as well. Both will be like what if she met him instead of whomever. Wish me luck on the new story, here's the first chapter.

Disclaimer- I do not own Halloween or any of its characters. I don't own Bud Light…I don't own anything except my OC.

Regular talking or what's happening in the story

Thinking or emphasis on word(s) and sometimes flashbacks

The notes that Michael writes her

Notes from a Killer

Blaring music and flashing lights blinded the club's partygoers as they danced the night away. Staring disgusted at numerous random hookups on the couches, Krystal Brown (A/N: I could not think of any last names to go with her, if you can, please tell me!) strode past them clutching her bottle of Bud Light. She headed to her friends as they ran their bodies up against their respective boyfriends. Her three best friends each had one. Kimi had Billy, Tina had David, and Christie had Zack. As for Krystal…well, she didn't have one. It wasn't that she wasn't good looking or anything…it's just, she wasn't really expecting one to just pop out of thin air and want her. And she wasn't expecting the event to happen after she left the dance club.

Krystal stopped before her friends tapping her foot to the beat of the music. She shook her head trying to focus. "Hey, guys, I think I'm going to head for bed. I've got a major headache already."

"Psh…boo, you whore, Krystal!" Tina moved her body to the rhythm with David.

Krystal scoffed, "…look who's talking, Tina…" Tina furrowed her brows.

"Okay seriously, guys, stop. We're at a club in public. Not here. Krystal go on ahead home, we'll meet you there later kay babe?" Christie hugged her friend goodnight, as did Kimi and Tina.

Krystal waved and walked out the doors to the building. "Ahh…I can hear again…" She sighed relieved. She continued to stroll in the dark cold night.

She walked past the old Haddonfield firehouse that had been abandoned for years. Krystal shuddered feeling a chill. Failing to see a large rock in her path, she clumsily tripped over it and fell not to the ground, but into strong arms. Krystal glanced up to see a grungy looking man around her age staring down at her.

"Are you alright? That would've been a nasty fall, sweetie." He smirked huskily at her.

Something doesn't seem right about this guy…I think I'll skedaddle…NOW!

Krystal made a mad run kicking her way out of the man's arms only to be recaptured by them seconds later. He grabbed her tightly slipping down her tank top straps, and attempted to kiss her lips. The brunette spit at him and turned her head. He growled and slapped her face, then completely tearing off her shirt. Krystal whimpered as he caressed her breasts roughly. The man loosened his grip on her while he began to unzip his pants, starting to pull them down. He reached for the buttons on her jean mini skirt, still moving his hands over her breasts. Krystal tried to scream but he quickly covered her mouth with his own, silencing her yells for help. While frantically searching for someone nearby, and to get their attention, she saw a shadow lurking close behind them.

The next thing Krystal's eyes had seen were a rush of blood and a white masked man.

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