It has also come to my attention that many readers didn't like the way I had ended Notes from a Killer, and to be honest, I wasn't happy about killing off Krystal either. But! To please everyone, myself included, I have decided to make an alternate ending to Notes from a Killer. No, this ending will not be 6,000 words long LOL. I will try to make it at least 1,500 though. Sorry for the unbelievably long wait…College and called me away…DAMN YOUUU! But if you feel like it go ahead and throw random sharp objects. I deserve it. It will start off where Michael had given Krystal to the nurse.

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The notes that Michael writes

Notes from a Killer (The Alternate Ending)

Michael's POV

"Absolutely. This is our little secret."

I watched the receptionist walk away, leaving me to my never-ending thoughts. I paced anxiously around the stump for what seemed like hours, thinking of nothing but Krystal.

Was she okay?

Would she hate him for letting this happen? Again.

Most importantly.

Would she survive?

Where was that damn nurse?

As if on cue, the nurse appeared, cautiously approaching me. "Mr. Myers?"

My head jerked in her direction, waiting for her response.

"After three hours of extensive surgery, Krystal suffered from many broken ribs on her chest and back, a torn hairline that wasn't fatal, but caused some damage to her brain. She had a concussion, due to her unconsciousness when you brought her in. And of course the most fatal was the gunshot to her stomach. The bullet pierced many of her major organs, before lodging itself in her spine. But, I'm happy to let you know that she survived the surgery."

My troubles immediately ceased and his heart raced, aching to see her.

Can I see her?

"Of course. Follow me." The nurse headed off in a direction, and I followed her, but also apprehensively, just in case it was a trap. We walked through numerous hallways, stopping at room 31B. The same room as last time. She opened the door and I stepped inside.

There Krystal lay, battered and beaten…again. I didn't know how much more of hurting Krystal I could take. I'm a murderous killer, but damnit! She is aware I never mean to get her into danger…doesn't she?

I took my seat next to her bed and stroked her brown locks. They were so soft…smelling of vanilla. She slowly stirred under my touch and groaned. "Ugh…what happened?" Her eyes locked with mine.

"Michael…" She smiled.

I forced a tiny smile at her. My troubled emotions obviously still stood out as she asked me what was wrong.

I've hurt you again…

"What are you talking about Michael?"

You're in the hospital…because of me…

Krystal gave me a strange look, "No you didn't Michael; that was Laurie."

Yes but if it weren't for me you wouldn't be in this place. Again. I should've told you to go somewhere else…

"Michael, it's alright…I forgive you. I'm aware that within our relationship we will spend a lot of time here. And I'm okay with that."

This time I gave her a strange look, asking for reassurance. "I promise, Michael." I sighed and I suppose that was suffice enough for her.

Normal POV

Krystal took a big gulp and swallowed, "Um…there's something I think we need to talk about again…"

What is it?

"Ah…me being pregnant?"

What about it?

"Well, when I was being put in my room, I heard the nurses saying that I was definitely pregnant…and I just want to know where we are with this…"

The last time we talked about it we said that we would put the child up for adoption.

"Uh…yeah…about that…" She took a deep breath. "I really don't want to give the baby up for adoption, Michael…It's my first child and I don't want to lose my first chance of being able to experience being a mother."

Krystal you know I may attempt to kill the child.

"Can't you at least try to not do that? For me?" She pleaded.

Michael sighed. Krystal's eyes turned into giant orbs of liquid-y begging.

Alright, alright. I will try. If I cannot deal with the child, it is going up for adoption.

This could be a disaster.

A month had passed and like before, Krystal was able to leave the hospital. The couple was told to make monthly visits, or whenever they needed to. Every time Krystal and Michael came to the hospital the baby was well and never had any problems, despite Michael's history of health issues, being a serial killer after all. Two months into the pregnancy, they were deciding baby names.

"Okay, so if the baby is a girl…I like Kaitlyn, Stephanie, and Annabelle…"

I don't like Stephanie. I like my name for a son…

Krystal laughed, "Haha, you want a Michael Jr.?"

maybe not.

"What about Joshua…or Zachary?"


"I love that name! Adrian Myers for a boy…and if it's a girl…either Kaitlyn or Annabelle Myers. I'm so excited!" The brunette giggled.

I hope you are…I also hope you know the stress this child will put me through.

"Excuse me? Stress? I don't think you understand the concept of stress, Mikey. My body gains about 50 pounds because I'm eating for two, I become an emotional wreck, I get hunger cravings for potato chips and whipped cream, my back constantly hurts, this little bugger is gonna start kicking soon, and you're telling me about stress?" Krystal yelled at him crazily. Michael cringed and stroked her hair.

You're right. I'm sorry. I've never actually known what happens with the baby process.

7 more months passed and before the couple knew it, they were in the delivery room; Krystal had been in labor for 16 hours. Michael patiently and boyfriend-ly stayed by her side, even as she gripped his hands till the point where they would've broken. After another hour of painful and agonizing pushing, Annabelle Myers was born in the evening hour of 10:41PM on July 25th. A healthy baby of 7.3 ounces, with her father's obsidian eyes and her mother's chocolate locks.

A few days later, Krystal and baby Annabelle were released from the hospital. The nurse who helped Michael, whom they later learned was named Maria, allowed Michael to cart Krystal home in a wheelchair. Michael had insisted that Maria watch Annabelle for a couple of hours. He didn't say why and Krystal didn't bother to ask until he had been pushing her around for twenty minutes.

"Michael." The Shape stopped pushing her and glanced down at her. Michael wasn't wearing his mask so Krystal could see his piercing black eyes perfectly. She could tell he was staring at her with a questioning glance, waiting for her to continue. "Where are you going, Michael? You've been pushing me for a long time!" Michael pointed to her right and when she turned to look, her eyes lit up in excitement.

The Baby Stuff Galore Store

"Michael…why are we here?"

You just gave birth to my child, did you not? We need supplies to care for Annabelle.

"Oh, Michael! You want to go baby shopping with me?" She beamed up at him.

Er…to some extent. I can't let a woman recently released from the hospital go running around by herself.

"Wait…" She quirked a brow. "Do you reaaally want to go shopping? It's going to be super boring for you."

Michael gazed deep into Krystal's eyes and without saying anything, she knew her answer.

Michael continued to push Krystal through the doors of the store. They first stopped in the baby clothes section because Krystal persistently said it would definitely take the longest. Michael wheeled Krystal to the section and she immediately grinned. "Oh! They're so cute!" She grabbed a pink top that read "Aren't I adorable?". Krystal gasped seeing another top, she showed it to Michael. "Daddy's Little Girl". Michael's mouth twitched into a smile.

They continued shopping for baby items, clothing, diapers, bottles, a crib, a booster chair were among the things purchased. When they finally reached the register, the credit card Michael used had maxed out so he trashed it. As they left the store, the cashier called out to them, "Have a nice night, Mr. and Mrs. Sanders!"

Since they had brought Annabelle home, Michael endured some stressing endeavors but amused Krystal.

On Halloween Krystal begged Michael to take Annabelle trick-or-treating with her but he refused. Krystal knew why but Michael promised he would attempt to handle the curse around this time period. He still denied going, so Krystal decided to stay inside with Annabelle. Even though Annabelle couldn't eat the candy yet, her first trick-or-treating is a milestone and both parents should be present. Krystal placed Annabelle in her crib and went to prepare dinner. Annabelle began to fuss quickly after. "Michael…!" Krystal's voice called from the kitchen. Michael frowned. He picked up Annabelle by the neck of her top, studying her. Her crying intensified and Michael flinched at the noise. He grabbed his knife, determining how he would do his duty.

Kill it, Michael. Kill it! The baby is flesh and blood. Your family. You MUST kill the baby!

End Annabelle's life? Yes…I must.

Michael drew the knife closer to Annabelle, who whimpered attempting to free herself. Closer and closer the knife got to Annabelle's delicate skin.

No. I will not kill the only other family I could ever have. If I have to live with the curse and live while trying not to destroy them, then damnit I will.

"Michael? Michael! What are you doing?" Krystal rushed over and gently took Annabelle from Michael's grip. The Shape stood silently, watching Krystal as she tended to Annabelle.

On December 2nd, Annabelle was crying again. But not crying for a few moments. Normally Krystal could make her stop sobbing after burping her or feeding Annabelle, but this had been going on for an hour. Michael had his ears covered and eyes clenched tight.

"Michael! Help me out here! Annabelle is your child too!" Krystal yelled while cradling Annabelle. Michael grimaced and tossed a note.

Well what do you want me to do?

"Something!" Krystal placed Annabelle in Michael's arms and walked to the bedroom. Annabelle's cries ceased to whines. "I'm taking a nap!"

Michael's arms faltered and almost dropped Annabelle. She began to whimper and then wailed. Michael sighed and sat in a chair. He scooped a bunch of baby food and nudged it at Annabelle. She turned her head and kept crying. Michael took out a bottle of milk from the fridge and attempted to get her to drink it, but she refused.

Suddenly, Annabelle started to reach upwards. She reached and stretched her limbs toward Michael's mask. She tugged on it as much as she could.

Could there be a bad result from this? She's only a baby…babies don't have the comprehension of adults…she couldn't possibly reject me…I am her father.

Michael slowly reached at his mask and slipped it off, placing it on the side table. Annabelle abruptly stopped wailing and stared at Michael. Her mouth turned upward and she smiled. Annabelle began to babble happily and after a few moments she was making sounds that were like words.

"D-d-da. Daad. Dad. Daddy!" She giggled.

Michael smiled and kissed Annabelle's forehead.

Yes. That's right. I'm Daddy.

Days passed and days turned into months. Michael and Krystal made it a tradition to re-read all of the notes Michael wrote to Krystal every year, beginning on the night they met, June 13th. The three of them sat in the bedroom, occasionally they would let Annabelle try to read a few. The ones appropriate for her, of course. They sat, Michael sitting on the floor, Krystal leaning into his chest, Annabelle cradled in her arms. Together they read Michael's notes.

Notes from a Killer.

Welly-well. To be honest I think this alternate ending could have been so much better but I could not get it together and I just wanted to end it already. I think I found a reason why it took so long to get out…it finally sunk in that THIS is THE last chapter. The end. Fin. Finito. No mas. Notes from a Killer is totally complete now. I will now be working on my AVP fic, for those of you who read it. Thanks for your patience (if you had any still left lol) and I hope you enjoyed. Don't be afraid to read again ;)