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Robin stared at the computer screen with a smile on his face. He had finally found her. After searching for two months he located Raven. She was in his hometown of Gotham. It was the last place he had figured she would run to, which is probably why she had chosen it. Raven was a waitress at a small dinner in the worst part of the city. He even had a current photo from the investigator he had hired to locate her. Raven's hair was a little longer just past her shoulders and she looked tired, but she was still beautiful. She was going as Rachael Roth, her true name. Robin also had not expected that. He stared at the photo for the hundredth time. She was wearing a black skit which revealed her wonderfully long legs and a white button up top. Her long hair was pulled into a pony tail and she was looking straight at the camera as if she knew she was being photographed.

"Got you," Robin muttered to himself before grabbing his bag and leaving his room. He had not really left since Raven ran away except to go on missions when there was trouble. Honestly he was avoiding Star. It was her fault that Raven was in Gotham.

Ever since Trigon Robin knew that he loved Raven. However, he had been afraid to hurt Star. However, he could not fight his feelings for ever. Since the day he dumped Star and confessed his love to Raven the tower had been at odds. Star hated them both and Raven fought Robin at every chance she got. He knew that she just simply could not believe that he loved her. Why would she when he had pretended to love Star for so long? Just when she was beginning to believe him Star had to ruin everything. He was going to take Raven out on a romantic picnic and Star walked up and kissed him. Raven of course saw and ran away not giving him the chance to explain. She was so quick to believe that he wanted Star.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. He loved everything about her from her soft silky purple hair to the fact that she only drank tea. The feelings of friendship had matured to love over the years. They weren't kids anymore, hell they weren't even teenagers. Robin had just celebrated his twentieth birthday. Only Beast Boy was still a teen. Robin thought of Raven and craved to hold her naked in his arms again. He loved her warmth and the way that the tower shook whenever he kissed her.

As Robin rounded the corner he caught his reflection in the mirror. He had changed over the years. A young man with a dark mask stared back at him. He had lost his old uniform for a more appropriate blue and black. He still styled his hair the same, but had been considering letting it grow out for quite some time. He shook his head before entering the main room. Three heads turned to stare at him with disbelief. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Star who were all having a quite argument over what movie to watch froze in place to stare at their leader.

"I've found Raven. I'm going to go and beg for forgiveness." Robin said in a flat tone. Star looked at him hesitantly and then hovered over to him.

"Dear friend Robin. I wish to offer you my deepest apologies. I have hurt the two people I care most of. Could you please give Raven this note explaining my apologies," Star stammered and handed a worn looking paper to Robin. Robin's gaze softened.

"I accept your apologies Star. I'll give Raven the letter," he proclaimed and tucked the note into his bag. His next comment he addressed to Cyborg. "You are in charge while I'm gone. I do not know how long it will take. I called the Titians East to let them know you'll be down one more member. Speedy is coming tomorrow to offer you and extra hand." Cyborg gave Robin a tight smile.

"Don't worry Robin Raven has never held a grudge against you. But, just out of curiously what are you going to say to her?" the half robot asked. Robin ran his fingers though his hair.

"We there is a ring in my bag that I hope will convince her of my feelings" Beast Boy and Star gasped in shock at Robin's declaration.

After a few uncomfortable moments Beast Boy spoke up, "Good luck man. Just bring her home okay. I have no one to annoy anymore, and you can tell her that." Robin nodded and waved goodbye before leaving the Tower. He prayed that Cyborg was right and that Raven could accept his explanation and let him back into her life. He drove his motorcycle out of the tower. After reaching a safe distance from Jump he reached an area between Jump and Gotham. In a dark ally he changed from his superhero clothes. He had no desire to cause a stir when he caught up to Raven. He changed into black jeans and a black tee-shirt. Lastly, he removed his beloved mask and with it shed the identity of Robin. When the mask was off he was Richard Grayson not Robin. Then Richard set out to find the women he loved and take her back home.