Upcoming Cartoon Crossovers:

Here are some cartoon crossovers that I'm planning to do. I don't know when I'll be able to put them up, but this is to let you know what I'm planning to do so far.

Dan Helsing: Based on the Universal Pictures movie, Danny aka Dan Helsing is the legendary monster hunter who must save the world from the evil vampire Vlad Plasmius. Danny x Juniper Lee

Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Jake Long is an aspiring linguist who wishes to prove that his grandfather Lao Shi, was right about Atlantis. He gets his chance when his grandpa's old friend Iroh gives him the Shepherds Journal. But he then has to save the lost city from the mercenary Commander Zhao. Jake x Rose

The Road to El Dorado: Jake Long and Ron Stoppable are two con-artists and best friends who discover the lost city of El Dorado, whose inhabitants think they're gods. With the help of the beautiful native Rose, they must save El Dorado from the evil high priest Chase Young and the ruthless conquistador Slade. Jake x Rose

The Great Toon Detective: Danger Duck and Ace Bunny must help Jade Chan find her missing father and at the same time, save Toonopolis from the evil cat Red.

Toons in Black: NYPD Officer Jake Long is recruited in a secret organisation by Agent D aka Danny Fenton/Phantom. Their mission: To protect the Earth from hostile aliens. Slight Danny x Juniper lee.

Titans of the Caribbean (cartoon x-over): Raven Roth always wanted to meet pirates, but when she's captured by Captain Slade, her childhood friend Robin must team up with the wily Captain Kaito Kurtai (my Teen Titans OC) to rescue her. But Kaito has his own agenda up his sleeve. RobxRea, KaitoxStarfire, with some slight DannyxJune, JakexRose and BB/T.

(Author Note: I was thinking of making this just for the Teen Titans category, but then I discovered the wonderful world of cartoon-xovers and thought, what the heck!)

Titans of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest: Captain Kaito's back, and this time he must get out of a blood debt with Vilgax and he's bringing Robin and Raven along for the ride. But what's in the Dead Man's Chest and why does Lord Ozai of the EITC want to gain control of it so badly?

Titans of the Carribean At World's End: The showdown between the freedom loving pirates and Vilgax and Lord Ozai is about to begin! Kaito is the last of the Pirate Lords to be summoned to Shipwreck Cove, in order to give pirates everywhere a fighting chance. But first he has to be rescued from Vilgax's Locker.

Let me know what you think!

PS, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!