Chapter Eight:

Watching from Afar

Minerva watched from the staff table as Remus and the other boys entered the Great Hall for dinner, laughing and carrying on.

He winced as Black slapped him on the shoulder, but acted as if nothing had happened. The four boys sat down at Gryffindor table and set upon their food, talking animatedly all the while.

Minerva found it interesting that he had made friends so quickly, and with such loud and outgoing boys, especially when he himself was so quiet and withdrawn. Yet they had accepted them as one of their own.

His attention wandered from his companions, distracted by some thought crossing his mind and causing his brow to furrow and a frown to form. It was gone with a quick toss of his head a second later, and he refocused his attention on Potter, but it's shadow remained.

Minerva wondered idly if he had told his friends about his…condition. Probably not, she decided. She frowned herself as she pondered how they might react to such knowledge.

Would they be terrified of him? Would they accept him anyway? Would they be furious with him for not telling them?

She was surprised to find herself hoping that whatever happened, it would be good for young Remus.