Chapter two

They all enter a huge white room and nothing was in it. Score spoke up "this is it? This is what you've been hiding? I'm bored lets go back," Score started walking towards the portal that led back to the castle.

" Yes…lets go back" answered Helaine nervously walking to the portal her hand turning in to fist.

"Hold on, I think there is something wrong, Helaine what are you hiding?"

Helaine raised an eyebrow and cross her arms across her chest then said "I can never keep a secret away from you, can I?"

Pixel shook his head then answered "nope"

Helaine sigh "I really can't show you anything"

"Why not" asked pixel

"Well because," Helaine was having trouble telling pixel

"Well" pixel questioned

"Well this is my secret place", she said quietly then added "well at least it used to be" she glare at him.

Pixel had never seen her so angry not even when score enter her a couple of years ago when they first started living together the incident was never repeated. Pixel felt sweat pouring down his back, he gulped seen Helaine red with fury made him back off an step, pixel thought she might of explode with fury if she wasn't human. "Helaine are you okay?"

"No I'm not" answered Helaine then added looking down with a firm but quiet voice "get out both of you"

"Helaine are you sure your going to be okay?" asked pixel while he and score were walking out the door. Before she could answer everything went black.


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