Chapter 1: Young Tears

She opened her eyes for the first time in what seemed like forever to see nothing but darkness. With her tiny, frail hand she reached out into the darkness and almost immediatley her hand hit a rough wall. Her hands went everywhere and she came to the conclusion that she was in a box. Her breathe quickening, she started screaming uncontrollably.

Outside the box were two people, a man and woman. The man had long black hair and wore a tux with red tie. Dark shades covered the burning red that was his eyes and a smirk covered his place as he stared downward at the woman's hands signing the contract. The woman had short black hair that was wavy to a point. Her brown eyes were watery and bloodshot from crying for two days. She couldn't believe she was doing this, but it was the only way she could finish off the dept. She read the contract over and over again and heard the man's voice ringing in her ears for the longest time. "Don't worry Ms. Higurashi, you are doing the right thing. I promise you that she will be well taken care of untill she is of age." Naraku said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, but Ms. Higurashi didn't catch it.

"Just sign the contract and it will all be over..."

"Do you promise that I'll be able to see her again?"

"Yes, you'll be able to, but for now she has to be brought into the chamber with the others."

With a wave of his hand, two big men wearing the same outfits as himself carried the crate the child was in with ease away. The screaming from inside the crate increased in volume along with some banging against the crate's walls. "Mommy! Mommy! I'm sorry! I'll be good!! I won't cry as loud anymore mommy! Please mommy!", the child yelled and wailed while the mother turned her back, dabbing at the tears she couldn't keep in her eyes. When the crate was carried out of site, a suitcase was placed in front of the mother.

"Here is the money you needed. Run along before anyone gets suspisious." said Naraku and turned and walked away. Ms. Higurashi opened the suitcase and seen the bricks of money stacked neatly and did the math in her head.

After doing the math, she closed the suitcase and went to her beat up car. She started the car with the suitcase full of money right at her side and backed out and drove off.

The little four year old was being rammed into the crate walls over and over again as she felt them carry her around. After a few minutes they dropped her and the crate fell open. She crawled out and stared at the other children and young adults in the room. When she stood up the men took measurments and threw her a poorly made dress. "One of you, get her dressed into this." the taller man said and a young girl about fourteen years old picked her up and took her away.

A little while later the two men left with the crate and there was only herself and the other kids. They looked like they had the same thing happen to them and knew the pain she was going through. She cried and cried for hours and hours that night and the kids did all they could to comfort her. Sometime in the night the huge metal door opened and slammed loudly and the sound of shoes hitting the concrete floor was the only noise in the room.

"Where's the new one?" said Naraku and she was immediatly singled out. He walked up to her and stared at her. "You look alot like your mommy young lady," he trailed off as he looked her over, moving her head in different angles. Her hair that went down to her shoulders was greasy from lack of shampoo, and her face, elbows, knees and feet were filthy. Her eyes were a dark chocolate color and bloodshot from crying. Red streaks covered her face and her lower lip quivered. "Don't worry Kagome, we're going to take good care of you..." he smirked as he stood to his full height. She ran away and went into her little corner to cry and cry as the scary man left. Things were not going to be easy...