Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Everything was dark, her whole skin burned. She thrashed and screamed, anything to get the burning to stop. On the outside, Inuyasha, Miroku, Izayoi, and Taisho all were looking at Inuyasha's bed where she lay, screaming and thrashing. Sweat was pouring down her face and Inuyasha wanted so much to help her in any way.

"Why don't we try hold her down and get a priest in here?" Miroku asked thinking about it. He too was worried about Kagome and was thinking of anything like everyone else.

"Gee Miroku, we could hire a priest but if we did that then we would get exercised and not be on this Earth again." Inuyasha said while punching him in the arm. Miroku winced a little bit and sighed. "Forgive me for giving my ideas a shot!" He exclaimed. Taisho put a hand on Miroku's shoulder and shushed them both.

"Look…" Tai whispered and everyone but Izayoi were freaking out. Kagome stopped moving, her face was still tight, like she's upset, but her entire body was relaxed. A purple aura became very noticeable around the girl's body and engulfed her. Blue hues were pulsing from the purple and the air seemed to purify the air around her.

"GET BACK!" Before anyone can blink Izayoi threw Inuyasha and InuTaisho into the hallway and slammed the door in front of them, so the only ones in the room, were Izayoi, Miroku, Sango, and the purple hued woman on the bed. "Hey let me in!!" Inuyasha exclaimed as he slammed into the door, but it was locked. "Inuyasha, allow me.." his father said deeply and calmly. Inuyasha stepped aside and with a quickness faster than a blink of an eye, molded his fist, and blasted it into the door. The sound from the blast echoed through the entire mansion and shook a few glasses hanging above the island in the center of the kitchen.

Back upstairs, the shock from the contact of the door and fist sent shock through out InuTaisho's body and past over to Inuyasha's core himself…..But the door did not move.

"That's strange…" InuTaisho said, bewildered. Inuyasha chuckled behind him.

"Maybe mom put the dresser in front of the door." That got Inuyasha a punch in the arm and he could feel the welt that was beginning to swell on the bone.

"Well, how about we attack it together on three!" InuTaisho supposed.

"Can I say 3?" Inuyasha asked like a two year old wanting candy at the supermarket.

"…..But I wanted to say it…" InuTaisho protested.

"That's not fair dad! You would get to say two numbers with or without 3!"

"But three is important!"

"How about rock paper scissors?" Inuyasha offered. InuTaisho nodded. "Ok, best two out of 3"


Meanwhile, in the bedroom.

"Miroku, I need you to start praying one of the oldest prayers you know okay?" Izayoi told him calmly, and Miroku stared at her.

"Just do it!" she said with fire in her eyes. Miroku sat down on the floor with his legs crossed and started mumbling words of prayer. The whole room was purple and blue as Izayoi walked over to the edge of the bed. She reached down and prepared for the shock she knew was going to come when she would touch Kagome's forehead.

Pain shot through her entire body. Electricity flooded her blood and bones, causing her to scream in utter agony, but no sound escaped her lips. Opening her eyes, the only things she could see was Kagome's wincing eyes, but everything was red.

"KAGOME STOP!" she screamed and suddenly everything stopped. The purple hues that surrounded the entire room deceased to only a small glow from her body and all pain stopped coursing through her body.

Kagome's eyes seemed to stop wincing and her body relaxed. Izayoi sighed with relief and ran her fingers through Kagome's hair. "Everything will be alright." Kagome opened her eyes, but they weren't Kagome's eyes. These eyes were not the light brown hues that they all grew to love. These were golden, with a slight red tint to it.

Suddenly golden bursts of light burn threw her eyes and threw Izayoi away and towards the door. Miroku being in a sitting position, just got thrown against the wall with such force that knocks him out cold as soon as the impact hits his skull.

"Fine! Best 35 out of 41!" InuTaisho exclaimed.

"Your on!" Inuyasha yelled just as loud. Right before they get to put their hands down, Izayoi bursts through the wall and against the other. Smoke clouds through the hallway and InuTaisho and his beloved son could only stare in shock. Izayoi just walked through the smoke and back into that room holding her left arm close to her.

Silence except for the rubble from the wall falling down. "So you think we can go in now?" InuTaisho asked.

Inuyasha nodded.

When they were in the room and could see clearly, Inuyasha saw Kagome laying on the bed, completely lifeless, except for her eyes being open.

Izayoi was leaning against the wall before she too, fell lifeless against the floor right beside Miroku.

"KAGOME! IZAYOI!!" both Inuyasha and InuTaisho exclaimed loudly. While InuTaisho grabbed Miroku and Izayoi, Inuyasha went and stood at the edge of the bed. Kagome's body was completely relaxed, but the scar on her side was burning immensely.

Inuyasha touched her cheek and everything stopped.

The warmth he felt from her cheek was not feverish, but gentle and cleaned his heart of any hatred that laid there. When she opened her eyes, they were filled with such sadness, that he too wanted to cry himself. He reached around her and scooped her up in his arms, holding her tightly.

"I'm sorry master…" she quietly whispered. So quietly Inuyasha had to strain himself to hear her.

"Sorry for what?" he asked.

"Naraku has never been really true about who or what his slaves actually are." She said, and for the first time, actually smiled at him. He smiled back and felt his heart sore! But then fall to the ground as her eyes closed and she fell limp in his arms.