Fairy Tale


-Purple Mystic-

Summary: AU. He never believed in fairy tales, and he never will. DxS

Purple Mystic: THIS is a story I am going to be committed to. Why? It has to deal with magic and paranormal. I LOVE any subject on witches, wizards, mystics, ghost, pixies, and any other fantasies and fairy tales. Except Harry Potter, I dun read it. Weird, huh?

This chapter is all about Danny and is sort of creepy, too. Danny get his powers when he's 13.

Centered around Sam and Danny, if you didn't know already.


New house, new neighborhood, new town, new city, new state. I would go as far as to say planet, but that would be a half truth, or is that a half lie...?

Does it matter anyway?

I am Danny Fenton. AKA the "new loser kid". Great...

Currently, I am bringing boxes of newly fresh junk to our wonderful new abode. Where did that word up in my limited vocabulary? Must of heard it from Jazz or somewhere... I sighed and kicked open the door, ignoring protests from my mom.

Looking inside, it isn't nothing great. Just a simple middle-class suburban home (nothing like our old place). Normal. That is, until my mom and dad "fix up" the place...

And by "fix up" I mean equipped it to fire ghost hunting projectiles at any ghost related energy it finds. Sadly to say, that includes me. Well, until they fix that...

I, Danny Fenton, am half-ghost. How you may ask, I assume? If you don't really care why bother telling... I'm kidding. I was thirteen when it had happened...

My parents are ghost hunters, two of the best in the country. At first, people wanted to put them in the loony bin for assuming such a thing. Ghost? Really. That was insane! It was just about insane to think another world coexisted with ours... Oops, I mean 'realm'.

My parents didn't give up. They worked hard to prove their theory of the paranormal, and so they made this.. "ghost zone".. Where they thought ghost lived...

To Jazz and I, it looked like a big metal hole in the wall.

I growled, back in the now. I sighed and picked up my carry-on. I opened it to find a picture of when things were... semi-normal. When I wasn't... a freak. I closed my eyes, remembering the rest.

They put in the plug and a few sparks... then nothing. Jazz said, being the know-it-all that she is, that of course it wouldn't work. Heartbroken, my parents went upstairs to check their designs to see what went wrong. Being the curious cat that I am, I went in to see if I could help.

And, I saw what went wrong. The hard way. They say curiosity killed the cat... well, I was sort of HALF killed... If that makes sense.

I accidentally tripped and pressed the on button. My screams pierced my parents ears and they rush downstairs.

A green light was all I saw.

A few hours later (I think) I awoke. Three pairs of eyes were staring intently at me. And the rest is well... weird.

My parents quickly took me for testing in the lab. I also saw that the portal was working, eh. A half hour later, the results came back. It seems I had ghost ectoplasm fused into my DNA. Which is a good reason why my hair was white and my eyes were glowing green...

Suddenly scared, I panicked and things got weirder... everything started to shake.

Beakers fell, ectoplasm samples bubbled, and my eyes were glowing- I could feel the intensity on my face. My parents were screaming trying to figure out what had cause the sudden earthquake, until their eyes were on me.

They must of realized I was causing this chaos and quickly calmed me down. Soon after I passed out from exhaustion.

When I woke up, I was in my room, normal and soon felt a coldness rising in my body and a green light of ring, splitting in two, going up and down. I checked in the mirror, I was ghost again, a gasp, and another green light and rings, and I felt warm, human again.

I didn't understand until my parents came back upstairs. They explained to me that I was a half ghost hybrid AKA a halfa. Was that even possible? I guess it is. They told me I had these powers.

That was three years ago.

So, these "ghost powers" effect , my moods and emotions. Which I why now I hardly show any emotion.

I was never the same, in fact, I became... numb.

Also, with the portal working, many ghosts came through to the human plane. I soon practiced my powers and I saw I could fight them off.

My friends at my old school thought my new attitude was creepy, until I had no friends left. By that time, I didn't care.

I had no problem until. . .


The most ignorant, conceited, self-adsorbed (how is this in my vocabulary?) jerk in my old school. Why girls found him hot, I'll never know... He was a hard-headed jock and ruled the school. The girls threw themselves at him. Ugh...

And so, I innocently walked towards my locker. Simple, right? Then Jordan came. I ignored him and continued putting my books in my locker. He was talking trash to hurt me, but I didn't really care. For once, he actually noticed and stepped it up. How?

By talking about my sister.

I know, for one, Jazz is a hard worker and isn't... "involved" like that, for one, she plans to be a therapist, and spends her time reading, she doesn't even have a boyfriend!

Then why would Jordan claim he's... "sleeping" with her?

One, that PISSED ME OFF.

I grabbed him by the collar and forced him against the lockers. He looked scared for a split second before his cocky attitude was back. He taunted a said that Jazz was probably pregnant and the kid might not be his!

He, in which, a threw me into the lockers, punched my face (which a crowd grew around us) and kicked me. Then he screamed out "Jazz is a slut!" loud enough for the whole school building to hear.

He smirked at my shocked face. That jerk! I growled and punched him in the stomach. He fell and got up and snarled throwing me to the ground.

Then he kicked me in my face again, and I felt blood drip from my nose. I tried to kept calm, but. . .

I lost it. The hall became a war zone. I screamed before punching the Jack arse in the face, causing a few teeth to be let loose. I changed into my ghost form and continued my release.

The floor (if not the entire school) began to vibrate and shake. I continued to punch and kick Jordan into a bloody pulp. For three years, this jerk torture me to want to kill myself.

All I had in mind was revenge.. revenge.. Hurt the one who caused you pain... pain.. destroy... Destroy the little punk! It doesn't matter... you're just gettin' even! I grinned like a mad man, believing whoever had said that.

The floor started to crack and glow red as my eyes. Then I felt high... a wonderful feeling of greatness.. But then like all highs, once you reach the top... You come crashing back to earth...

And feel the pain. A stab in the back.

I screamed when I saw the pandemonium. And I looked and saw Jordan... dead, to what I believed. I looked around and saw students screaming, some burnt, some bleeding, and running about in complete disarray. I held my face and backed up, falling to my knees, what have I done?

I was staring at my hands... Covered in blood. I heard a voice at the back of my head laughing like an insane maniac. No... I dropped to my knees as the laughter became higher and higher to the point I felt my head cracking.

Soon, paramedics came and I saw Jazz running towards me, shrieking my name. I was overwhelmed and called for her, but I saw the Guys in White who used their Ghost Sleeper on me. I felt so calm... Relaxed... Sigh... I fell unconscious

Later, I was in a lab, my parents and agents "V" and "X" were watching me. I was drowsy and caught a few of the words being said. "Almost death"... "dangerous"... "Relocation"... Wait, relocation?

I groaned and they noticed my presence.

The GIW smirked and told me the "Great" news. And by great, I mean something horrible happened.

"Great news, Phantom" I noticed I was still in ghost form, "Your moving, being relocated to a small quiet town, we WANTED to test on you..."

My parents were crying. Trying to reason with the agents. They said, I almost killed the "poor" boy, and Many others were hurt in this "accident". My parents said they probably could get rid of my ghost half.

I, for one, did NOT want to get rid of my powers.I had them for three years, to just to get rid them would getting rid a part of me... Losing me... I was getting angry and the room started to rumble. My mom quickly put her hand on my head, but then pulled back at the sight of my eyes and the heat of my head.


I closed my eyes and composed myself. I groaned, slightly calmed down. The room was back to normal, but the things fallen remained broken. The GIW agents leered.

"You all will be moving soon."

"To where?" I muttered tired and feeling broken.

"Amity Park."

And here we are.

It seems that my parents been told the GIW of this, and were waiting for me to crack. I was hurt to know this and for a few days, I felt cold. Jazz is preparing to go to college at Yale, which is why she isn't here right now.

She told me to relax and take it easy, she was smiling sadly and left, she should be home in a few weeks for holiday. Ugh...

Why did all of this sound so surreal? Like... a fairy tale? You know, with princes and princesses, curses and happily ever afters! I frowned, we all know that doesn't exist. I used to believe... But for now, my life has been a living hell. I shall never believe in those again. As far as I know, I never did. Almost tortued by insanity, knowing my parents are afraid I would crack again.. Besides, I don't have a soul mate, who would love a freak like me... I sighed feeling the air around me get colder. I need to learn how to control that... After bringing in the last of the boxes, I sat on our new stoop.

I looked around this neighborhood. Some kids playing, other teens laughing and talking, and adults walking on the street talking on phones, and some cars driving by, a few.

All the houses looked the same... it was kinda... eerie... Except one house... Well, mansion...

Painted black and gray with vines growing on the sides, nice front lawn with flowers, but it seemed kind of creepy... Like a strange aura around it... he could almost sense it.

He looked up at the big mansion, Who lives there...?

He shrugged it off and decided to finish bringing their belongings into the house. He started Casper High in a few days, and that was the least of his problems. The mansion was a mystery for another day.


What do you think? I think Danny is about 16, turning 17 in a few months. Sam is going to be in the next chapter. That's pretty much it. Until next time!
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