Fairy Tale

-Purple Mystic-

Summary: AU. He never believed in fairy tales and he never will. DxS

Purple Mystic: Yeah, spare me, a little(okay ALOT) late, but stuff, life, and blah, blah, blah... Here's the next chapter!


"Aaaand he actually fell into the pool!" snorted Demetra, then started to drinking her Pepsi.

"Man, Trevor can be SUCH an idiot..." I said, eating popcorn.

"And a cutie too..." Demetra muttered. We were currently watching one of the movies she bought to my room. We couldn't go to the basement theater because of a punishment involving paintball guns and seven gallons of paint...

"So, do you like him?" I asked while poking her for info. She blushed and watched the part where the man got chopped in half. "Maybe...YES I DO!! STOP POKING ME!!"

She squealed falling off the bed. I laughed, and jumped up and down on my bed to where Demetra fell.

"And thus returns Miss Accident Prone! Would you like your prize?" I said extending my hand to pull her up.

She glared, and pulled me off the bed, too. Surprise and shocked, I screamed, "YOU MOTHERFU-" And then I fell on my head off the bed...

Ow, ow, my head!! Don't try that at home kiddies...

"Groan..." Demetra grinned and sat back onto the bed. "Okay, we're even. Hey, you're missing the part when the mutant chops off the preppy slut's head! Yay!" And then, she grabbed MY popcorn. Evil...

I sighed, crawling back onto my bed. "So you DO like him?"

She rolled her eyes. "YES I DO!! Send a feckin' newsletter about it! What if I do?! Haven't YOU ever liked someone?" She growled and fumbled, randomly trying to throw popcorn into her mouth.

I felt embarrassed. Yeah, I did. A guy named Elliot. He was cute, nice, and suave. I thought he was great and was "head over heels" about him. Bleh, I hate him now. Actually, he was a jerk and cheated on me with this girl, had the nerve to lie about the affair, and broke up with ME! Jack arse...

"Nope, nope, neeevvvveeerrr..." I nodded my head like I was mental, then picked up my soda, sipped, and stared at the screen, pretending to watch the gore.

She looked at me determined, obviously knowing that wasn't true. "What about Danny?"

Great time to be drinking. I spat out my soda, staring at her incredulously. "What?!"

"Yep! You do!" She pointed her index finger, accusingly.

"No I don't, you, sick, sick, little moo cow!" I growled.

"Uh-huh! Every time you look at him you get a spark in you eyes!"

"-Pffffft! Those are flames of hatred. I hope he dies by a rusty spork that I'm holding"

"... You like him."

"MAYBE I DO, OKAY?!" I blushed and slapped my hands around my mouth as soon as those words left my mouth.

Demetra grinned, satisfied, "Knew it. Time to plan the wedding..."


She stuck out her tongue. "Nothing... So you do really like him?"

"Well…" And that's when the shaking began. I mentally sighed, but got back to the problem.

"WHAT THE HELL??" The room was hot. WAY too hot. Demetra was sweating, about to pass out.

I ran out the room, Demetra dragging behind me. I sensed the trouble was coming from upstairs. Well, curiosity killed the cat.

"Let's go upstairs."

Demetra was shock. "Are you CRAZY, WOMAN?!" She tried to slap some sense into me, and having failed, crashed into me. I growled, grabbing her hand while pulling her towards the stairs. The heat intensified.

"You're goin' regret this..."

"Come on, Demy! Up the stairs!"

We reached the top. The banging was coming from the forbidden door. I gulped while Demetra glared, "You see? A sign that clearly reads: FECK! DON'T OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!"

Amused, I said, "There's no sign..." She glared. "One, two, three!" I opened the door.

And a scream was heard.

"PHANTOM?!" Demetra and I both screeched. He was half passed out, bleeding with scratches and cuts all over his body, which was noticeable since his jumpsuit was ripped, staring blanking into space. "Oh Gawd..." I muttered, stunned.

Another figure, a woman clad in a half white half black gown with a devil wing and angel wing, turned to us. We both saw her blood red eyes. She grinned, revealing her razor sharp teeth, her eyes glaring at us.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO??" Of all the times Demetra had to talk...

"YOU!" She pointed at me.

"Me?" What did she want with me?

"Ungrateful little..." She took a step and she was right next to us. Demetra screamed, trying to open the door. It was locked.

"So? Enjoying your little powers? They're nothing compared to mine..." Using both her hands, she shocked both Demetra and I. I felt a horrible pain coursing through my body. I heard Demetra screaming, I didn't know if I was, but I was feeling... numb.

"Feeling... faint..." Was that me talking? I couldn't tell. But I knew I was falling.

The woman giggled, waving bye bye. "Remember! No one but me lives happily ever after!" I knew she didn't say it out loud since her lips didn't move, but then how did I hear her?


Darkness... too strong... My final thoughts as I finally passed out.


(Sam's POV)

"Ugh..." Where am I? What happened? AND WHY AM I IN A PREPPY PRINCESS OUTFIT?!"

Okay, not how I imagined spending the night...Looking around I saw a... ballroom? You know, the old ones that would always be described in...fairy tales...

"No one but me lives happily ever after..." What did she mean by that? I heard two loud groans that echoed in the mysterious ballroom. Noticing other people, I gasped.

"DEMETRA!!... Phantom?"


Yeah... Kill me if you must, but I have the power of... Um, yeah you can kill me. -runs away to Canada- A Princess outfit? Poor Sam...

Purple Mystic