Kay, Kay. This is my first OFFICIAL story. The last one didn't go too well do I deleted it. Anyways, this is only the opening and the how-to you know? 'Cause if I just jump to the actual story, it won't make mush sense. Well, it would, but you know. On with the story!

Go Army- Prologue.


"Bye, Mom," I said, slamming the metallic door of my dad's Cadillac. "Bye, Dear," my mom smiled sweetly at me from the passenger seat. I couldn't help but smile back. That was what my mom was known for- her beautiful smile. It's like you melt like snow just seeing that curve on her lips. "Bye." I swung my heavy, but still possible to carry, backpack over my shoulder and started to make my way towards my school's front courtyard.

"Oh! Don't forget this!" My dad cried, throwing my lunch out the driver seat window. I turned around just in time to catch the paper bag in my hands. "Thanks Dad!" I said and waved for the last time. I continued towards the school grounds, and as they left, a big vroom came from my dad's engine.

The day was perfect. The sun was up; the wind was silently blowing between the brown strands of my hair, and the sounds of fall and its crunching leaves below my feet were the best things at the moment. I clutched my backpack as I entered Emerson's big, brass gates. It creaked open as I pushed it out of my way, two students right behind me.

Emerson High was the best school I've ever been to. Out of the twenty-two high schools I've been to in three years…yeah, this is definitely the best one I've been to. The last one was one of the worst. Who knew that one school could hold so many rats? Ugh…ever since then I've never used a public toilet. Ew. Anyway, Emerson had everything a highschool could ever need. From classes for typical Chemistry to classes for Pre-Law. They even had a therapy class for messed up relationships. That class was run my student though.

The school buildings were big and so future-like. Clear, glass doors and new desks were standard at the place. Lunch was fancy. Not fancy as caviar but you know, not what you can find at a regular fast food restaurant. The teachers, no wait, scratch that, professors, were all geniuses and whatnot. The majority of the kids don't hate any of the teachers, except for the lunch lady; no one really appreciated her trash-talk.

The best part of the school seemed to be the students. The students were the light of the school. They're what keep the school running. But like any other high school, we have our own cliques. The jocks, the nerds, the punks, the gangsters, even the preps, you name it. Which one do I fit in? Oh, good question. I was one of the "goody- goods". The group that never gets in trouble. The group that always gets pushed around by the others. But really it's no big deal. We get the most respect from teachers, which is really a big deal when it comes to grades. Okay, enough about that. I feel like I'm getting nowhere with this. On with the story.

"Ino!" Someone called to me from behind as I walked down the pavement to the school entrance. I turned around to see my best friend, Jake. He had jet-black hair and eyes that were so blue, that it was my favorite part of him, besides his ability to actually understand me. He was a cutesy kind of boy.

"Hey, Jake," I said smiling. He was making his way toward me, waving with that cute smile on his face. He was always happy and I mean always. It seems that the only thing that brings him down is when the teacher won't pick him to answer a question.

"How was your weekend?" he asked, looking straight into my eyes. They were dazzling. Jake always believed in eye contact because it's the only way attention is really seen or felt. Or so he says.

"Eh, it was fine I guess…" I sighed. I looked up into the sky. "Wish it was Saturday again. So I can sleep in again." He chuckled, "Oh come on Alice, school isn't that bad." I rolled my eyes.

"And he strikes again! The all famous Improviser Jake Amarelle says that school is quote 'not that bad' end quote," I said, mimicking a sports reporter holding a microphone. He smiled and elbowed me in on the shoulder.

"I can always count on you for a smile, Ino," he said. He laughed. Yeah, school isn't all that bad, but today's Monday…P.E.! Physical Education isn't really what you call…my forte. Sure, I can catch a ball, but that's like the only thing I can do without destroying school property, injuring someone or damaging equipment. Running isn't even safe for me. One step…trip. It sucks. That's why I'm not one of those Jocks who can actually do sports the right way.

Other students were hanging out on the courtyard, talking, gossiping, eating a quick breakfast, and even doing some last minute studying. The bell suddenly rang and all the students that haven't entered the building yet started to storm in.

Once inside, I headed straight for my locker, not wanting to miss the second bell. Jake's locker was right next to mine on the left, since that was the whole reason we met each other in freshman year. I turned my lock to put in the combination as quickly as I could, took my books out, put it them in my backpack, left my lunch in my locker and slammed the door shut. Jake was still in the process of taking out his Chemistry textbook.

"Holy cow, Ino," he said as he dropped it into his backpack. "Well, I don't want to be late! So I'm gonna go now, 'kay? See you in PE!" I said as I made my way to my English class. "Hey wait-!" he started to say, but I was already in the crowd of students heading to class.

As, I was passing by, Brittney, a prep brat, was talking to her friend as she glanced at me. Those girls must not know what whispering was, 'because I heard everything she had said. "Ugh, look at what she's wearing…her sweatshirt looks like dead tree bark."

I turned to her; I was wearing my mom's favorite wool turtleneck and I wasn't about to let anyone insult it. "Yeah, and your hair looks like an extra-large tumbleweed." She gasped at me and glared. "How dare you-!"

"Eh, sorry, I don't deal with low-lives like you, so bye," I waved at her like a child and turned my back on her. She screamed and frustration and went back to her friend. Hey, who knew talking smack felt so good?


"Okay class…" Mr. Portcullis said as he turned a page in his teacher textbook. He was sitting in his desk as held that monster of a book in his hands. Mr. Portcullis never stood up when he was teaching us things. Only when he was lecturing he would get up on his stubby little feet.

My seat in English was the second to the last row and it was one desk away from the window. I sat there in boredom, tapping my pencil on my desk. I blocked out Mr. Portcullis's voice and looked around the classroom. Everyone seemed as bored as me as even some of them laid their heads down, covering their face with their arms. Soon, even examining Mr. Portcullis's exotic classroom seemed to get boring. I mean, it's not like this is the first time I've see this place anyway.

So I turned my attention to the window. The sun's rays showed through and hit the desks aligned right next to the bookcases. The girl right nest to me, who occupied one of these desks, tried to shield herself with her hood. "Damn sun," I heard her curse silently.

Mr. Portcullis's classroom was on the ground floor of building 'A'. Across Building 'A' was building 'C', where the gym was. Our gymnasium was pretty big. More like two gyms put together. The gym door was closed so I couldn't see first period P.E. doing whatever we were going to do today.

That exact moment, I saw something I wouldn't have thought that I would see. Catherine Johns, a pretty exchange student from Italy, was walking under the gym building overhang. Mr. Rouse, one of the P.E. teachers, was standing there as he leaned on the wall. He was playing it cool. Catherine stopped when she saw him looking her way. Mr.Rouse approached her casually and said something. I couldn't read his lips, but what I could tell from Catherine's face it was…frightening. I knew Catherine knew enough English to even understand the cuss words, so I knew that she wasn't having that 'gasp' look on her face because she didn't understand what he was saying.

Catherine started to back up slowly, shaking her head, mouthing 'no'. Mr. Rouse stepped forward, still trying to urge the Italian girl. That's when I started to sit at the edge of my chair, craning my neck out to get a better look. I glanced at Mr. Portcullis, who was still reading out-loud from his monster textbook. Then I looked at the girl right next to me, she didn't even notice anything going on outside.

When I looked out again, Mr. Rouse had grabbed Catherine by the arm and tried to pull her closer to him. Catherine fought against him and tried smacking him with her backpack. Mr. Rouse was no doubt stronger than her and he grabbed both of her arms with one hand and cupped her mouth with the other. To my horror, he dragged her behind one of the thick posts that held up the overhang. Catherine was struggling against him, tears starting to slide down her face.

By the time they disappeared, I completely at the edge of my sit, sitting up my sit and my heart was beating. I was about to get up and run there myself or yell at Mr. Portcullis to get help when I saw Catherine run. That was the fastest I've ever seen her run. She was runny towards the office, which was in building 'B'. Mr. Rouse appeared from behind the post and was staring at the door where Catherine had burst in through.

He snapped his fingers in a 'tsktsk' way and shook his head. Then he mouthed something I could read on his lips.



I slammed my locker door extra hard this time. I had put away my stuff for second period...P.E. Today, I didn't really want to go more than usual, after what I've just seen. The worst part is, Mr. Rouse was my PE teacher. I banged my head on my locker door continuously, until someone grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back.

"Ino!" Jake said, turning me around making me face him. Eye contact. "What are you doing?" I shook my head, trying to get what happened in first period out of my head. "Nothing, nothing," I said. I took myself out of his grip and started to walk towards the front exit of building 'A'.

"Hey! Wait up!" Jake called after me. He walked beside me as we made our way to the gym. "Hey, are you okay? Your face looks flushed," he said, studying my face as we neared our destination. I nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine." He looked at me with a raised eye-brow, but nodded and opened the gym door for me. "Thanks," I said.

Inside, the gym had a long row of bleachers, but just one was pulled open. Students were sitting on the bleachers talking, one was reading, and a couple was kissing. Ugh. Get a room. Sitting at the middle corner of the bleachers alone was non-other than Catherine. She was sitting in ball, rocking back and forth with her backpack leaning against her. No one seemed to even pay attention to her.

"Come on; let's sit before Mr. Rouse get here," Jake said, taking my hand and dragged me to the bleachers. "You know how he gets when we're not obeying his rules." I gulped. We sat down just in time when the bell rang.

Then, Mr. Rouse walked into the gym from the boys' locker room door carrying a clipboard and a pencil. From the corner of my eye, I saw Catherine flinch and whimper. Rouse stopped in front of the student filled bleachers with his hands behind his back like a soldier.

"Hello, class," he said with that smug smile on his face. "Good morning Mr. Rouse," we all said, not in sync. He smiled even wider. "Today is going to be a great day." I saw Jake raise an eye-brow.

"Now, you all have been working hard in Physical Education, and it's about time you all should be rewarded," he said, looking at each of us. Catherine hid behind a fellow student's head. "So today…all we're going to play is dodge-ball," he said in a low voice as he leaned forward. His smile was so big that his face almost looked like it was going to crack.

"Boys versus Girls- now go in and change," he said, raising his hand as he turned around to set up the cones, "you have seven minutes, so hurry." We all shuffled out of our seat on the bleachers and made our way to the locker rooms. The boys' was on the other side of the gym and the girls' was on one side. So it was virtually impossible to peek. Psh.

"See you later Ino," Jake said. "Yeah, see you," I replied. I kept close to Catherine, trying to keep her away from Rouse who was inching closer. "Go faster," I whispered to her so Rouse couldn't hear. I saw her glance side-ways at me and Catherine slightly nodded. She quickened her pace.

Once we were in the locker room and I had shut the door closed, Catherine turned to me, with a frantic look on her face. "Do you know?!" she said with a heavy Italian accent. "Huh?" I said, startled. "Do.You.Know," she said again, but this time slowly, like I was the foreigner one. That was when I knew what she was talking about. "Yes, I do." I said, looking down at my feet, "I saw him trying to…uhm…this morning…out the window," I started to say in small words.

Catherine closed her eyes. "Good, at least someone knows," she said again. She turned her back on me and made her way to her locker. She paused and turned to me again, "You' Vetter hurry, we only have a few minutes left to change."


"All right!" Mr. Rouse said, taking his whistle. "Girls versus Boys! If someone on the opposing team catches your ball, you are OUT! If you have someone out, you can bring that person back in for only that condition. No face shots!" All 12 boys were lined up on one side of basketball court 1 while all 12 girls were on the other end. Twelve balls were lined up on the mid-line in between the cones. Everyone was itching to grab at least one the balls. The boys looked so concentrated that I could've sworn I heard their gears inside their heads turning.

On the other hand, half of the girls were nervous and looked like they were going to melt. One of which was Catherine. And one girl, Brittney, was too busy examining her nails to even notice Rouse had blown his whistle for us to begin.

The boys, including Jake, had rushed to get the balls. Only about two girls, Chanel and Shay, the two most athletic girls, got two balls. The boys started to throw like crazy and the girls got hit one by one. Brittney, who was hit on the leg, screamed, "Oh! What was that for you jerk??! Wait until my Daddy finds out you hit me!" Three other girls were hit, leaving me, Chanel, Shay, Catherine and five other girls. But then they too, were eventually hit after all the ridiculous dodging.

"Out! Out! Out!" the boys chanted. I saw Jake get a hold of one of the balls and throw it at me. It came so close to hitting me. He grinned at me, "Nice dodge!" I picked up one of the balls when a ball whizzed past me and hit someone behind me. "Ouch!" The person cried. I turned around and saw Catherine covering her nose. Then someone threw a ball and hit my on the butt. "Gotcha!" Jake smirked. "You didn't have to hit me there! Gosh," I sighed as I helped Catherine to the sidelines where everyone that was out sat.

"Are you okay?" I asked. "Yes, I'm fine," Catherine answered me, trying to hold back tears. "I think you might need an ice-pack," Mr. Rouse said out of nowhere. I jumped. Mr. Rouse was standing right in front of us. Catherine grimaced. "Brittney," he clicked his tongue, "Go with Miss Catherine here to get an ice-pack in the girls' locker room."

"What? Why does it have to be me?" The blonde whined. "Because I told you so," he said, "Now go." Brittney pouted but went into the locker room with Catherine anyway. I watched them go and then turned my attention back to the game. Eight guys were left, thanks to Chanel and Shay, but the Girls only had three left. Chanel, Shay, and some Nerd girl who was standing in the back handing Chanel and Shay the balls that went her way.

Everyone was so caught up in the game that no one noticed Mr. Rouse slip into the girls' locker room. 'Oh, shit,' was all I could think of.

I felt a rush of…emergency go through my body as I stood up and followed him in. "Al? Where are you going?" I heard Jake call behind me. I turned around and saw that he too was out and was sitting on the sidelines. "Uhm…I'm just going to the bathroom!" I yelled back at him through the screams of girls and guys chanting "Out! You are so out!"

He looked at me with a doubted face, but nodded. I continued in. The Girls' locker-room was pretty big. There were ten rows of lockers, all rows holding about fifteen lockers. To the right were showers; the showers were only blocked off with a wall that came up to my shoulders. To the left was the actual restroom. Toilet stalls and sinks and all that. It was a perfect place to play hide and seek.

Crash. Then a muffled scream.

My heart beat faster and faster. Whimpering soon came after and then a stifled cry. Sounds of struggling and banging on the lockers made my spine tingle. "Stop it!" Catherine's voice rang through the whole locker room. I heard Mr. Rouse grunt in reply. I grabbed a hockey stick from the pile of lone equipment in a corner and I ran towards where I heard the struggle- between the second row of lockers and the third.

Brittney was on the floor, out cold and a piece of cloth was shoved in her mouth. She was gagged. Then I saw a hockey stick like the one I was holding on the floor. Mr. Rouse was holding Catherine by the arms and was pinning her to the lockers.

"Hey, Sugar," he said with a smirk on his face. His face was inches from Catherine's face. "Plant one right here, Honey," he coaxed, "And I'll let you go." Catherine vigorously shook her head. It seems like none of them noticed me. I crept behind Rouse as silently as I could. "No!" Catherine said in her Italian accent. He stroked her face with his fingers.

"Oh, come on," he said, as she flinched. She tried to get free from his grip, but it was too tight. "Let me go!" she cried. He pushed her harder against the lockers. "Not unless you plant some sugar on my lips," he said smirking. Right then I knew what I had to do before things got ugly.

I sprang up from behind him and swung the hockey stick at his head as hard as I could. His head thrust forward and knocked Catherine's head hard against the lockers, knocking her out. 'Damn!' I mentally cursed. "Who the hell-," Rouse let go of Catherine and started to turn to me. I swung at him again, slamming the end of the hockey stick right at his temple. He thrashed against the lockers and slammed his head on the cement below. K.O.

"Ino! Ino!" I heard someone coming. Instantly my senses came back, but my hand still held onto the stick. I looked down to see what I have just done. My eyes widened to see that a small pool of blood coming from Rouse's forehead. "Oh, my god," I gasped.

"Ino! Ino!" the footsteps came closer, along with a few others. Then I saw Jake and a few other students come in through the front door. My body froze. What was I going to do? It looked like I was the one that did all this. It was too late to hide everything. Wait. What?! "Al!" Jake said to me, the other students behind me, "We heard some thrashing in here! Are you o-?"

Shay screamed, "Mr. Rouse!" She pointed past me to the floor where Rouse laid on his stomach. "Ino…?" Jake said, peering at me. His face was in total confusion. "What… happened?" I gulped. Everyone was staring at me. Jake's gaze went from my sweating face to the hockey stick in my hands. "Ino, did you…?"

I couldn't take it anymore. I fainted. This was so going on my permanent record.


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