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Go Army- Chapter 3.

Sasuke POV.

I woke up with a start. 'Ugh, my head hurts,' I thought, rubbing my forehead. I felt something warm right next to me and above my head. Someone was sleeping on me. "What the-." I started to say, but stayed still. I didn't want to wake her up, embarrassing both of us. I slowly maneuvered myself out from under her, gently pushing her to the wall of the plane. Her head slightly banged on the window. "Owww," she mumbled. She was still asleep, thank Goodness.

I looked around the plane, looks like everyone was asleep. The lights were turned off except for on seat, which was Sai's. He was probably drawing or reading. Annoying snoring filled the whole plane. 'Damn, are some of these people loud,' I thought. I looked past the girl's head and out the window, it was just black outside. I looked down on my watch. "Hn, midnight," I whispered aloud. The girl stirred and flipped over, facing me.

She was pretty all right, I had to admit, but I could sense that she had a hot temper. After all, she was blonde. She also had a curious aura about her.

Her breathing was low and content, no snoring whatsoever. At least it was quieter than when I was sitting right next Naruto. Him snoring was like a bullhorn. Luckily, he was in a different cabin. Boy, do I feel sorry for the person sitting next to him.

'Just one more hour,' I sighed and lay back on my seat.

And finally, the light from Sai's seat turned off.


Ino POV.

"Wake up," someone shook me on the shoulder. "Wake up, we're here."

"Huh?" I muttered, rubbing my eyes, "Just five more minutes." I heard the person sigh. "Unless you want to fly back to New York, you better wake up," my mother said. Mom shook me again.

"I'm up! I'm up!" I yelled, "Jeez Mom-!" I froze. It wasn't mom who had tried to wake me up. It was the Uchiha boy, not Mom. He was staring at me like I was crazy or something. Everyone was looking at me, too. "Yeah, Uchiha's your mama," one guy wearing a cat hood laughed at me. Everyone started to laugh. "Hn, whatever," Uchiha took his bags and filed out with the rest of them.

I sulked back into my seat. I don't even know these people and I had just embarrassed myself right in front of them. I rubbed my temples as I waited for the last people to get out. I didn't want to face them again, let alone make a fool out of myself.

"Yamanaka-san!" I heard Lee call for me. I stood up and took my bags with me. Lee was at the exit, waving to me. "Hurry, before we miss the shuttle!" And he hurried on, with me right behind him.

"What happened back there?" Lee asked me. "Yeah, calling Uchiha Sasuke your mom," someone said behind me. "Ah!" I jumped. "Kiba! Jeesh, you didn't have to pop up like that," Lee scolded. It was the guy Lee was sitting next to on the plane.

"Well, sorry," Kiba said, chuckling. "So anyways, I'm Inuzuka Kiba, nice to meet you- uhm…" he held out his hand. "Yamanaka Ino," I said, shaking his hand. A dog barked somewhere. "What was that?" I asked. "Akamaru!" Kiba took his bag and unzipped it.

A cute dog popped out and jumped on me. I shrieked. "Down, Boy!" Lee said, grabbing him. All around us, other Avalon students were staring at us while walking to the airport entrance to the shuttle pick-up. "What is up with you guys?" a high pitched voice said to us.

I turned to see a pink haired girl strolling to us, carrying a purse. "You guys are such dorks; carrying mutts around the place," she said. She looked at me and smiled. "Oh, you must be that new girl I heard about. The one who beat up two students and a teacher with a hockey stick." She sneered, "Hm, guess they don't train dogs well."

I stared at her and suddenly go angry. At her and whoever spread my story. "Don't call me a dog," I said angrily. She giggled, "Oh, what are you going to do about it?" I only glared at her. "Are you going to smack me with a hockey stick too?" The pink haired girl smirked.

I saw Sasuke walking past us, carrying his bags. Our eyes met, just for a second before, "Ohhh! Sasuke! Let me walk with you!" The pink girl said in her little sweet-ass voice. Sasuke groaned and walked faster, almost jogging. "Sasuke! Wait for me, please??"

The slut strutted away, swinging those hips so exaggeratingly it looked like they would pop out of place at any moment. Lee and Kiba laughed. "Dude, I don't get how she can walk like that," Kiba wiped his teary eyes from laughing too hard.

"Who was that?" I asked Lee, who was still holding Akamaru. "That was Haruno Sakura. She used to be one of us, until she hung out with these two other girls. All three of them are known as 'The Plastics'."

"With those hips? Psh, more like she got plastic surgery," I said. They burst out laughing.


After the half an hour shuttle ride, we were finally at the academy. 'Finally!' I sighed in my mind as I rubbed my temples. The place was amazing.

The building was tall and wide and it didn't look like a military academy at all. More like a military base. The windows were huge, bullet-proof glass slabs that were held together by strong, thick steel poles. The campus was surrounded by tall brick walls made of linder and front gates that looked like they couldn't be knocked down by a tank.At the front, a heavy looking metallic sign stood. In golden letters, it said 'Avalon Military Academy.' I stared in awe, I mean...it was engraved in gold.

The front courtyard was grassy and wide, separating the building from the parking lot. No one was outside, but vehicles of any type were parked out in the lot, only leaving some few open spaces. The train of shuttle aligned behind one another along side the drop-off.

"Okay, you lil' army goers," the driver with a Tennessee accent said. He turned around to face his young passengers, "Good luck this semester and don't go on and get yer lil' selves into trouble, now." He looked at Kiba at the last sentence.

"Aye aye Cap'n," Kiba said, smiling and rolling his eyes. The driver turned to Ino as one-by-one the passengers filed out to gather their things from the back, "Lil' Lady, watch out for them Chess, ya got tha'?" He nodded at me solemnly. I looked at him, trying not to look disturbed. Finally, I nodded and got out after Lee. "See ya's later army goers!" And with that, he sped off with the other shuttles.

I looked at Lee, "Lee? What was he talking about when he said 'Watch out for the Chess'?" Lee looked hesitant as he exchanged glances with Kiba.

"Bah, they're just gender-confused assholes who think they rule the school," Kiba said, shaking his head as they made their way to the building.

I replied, "Oh, okay. Is that pink haired girl one of them?" Lee shook his head, "No, she's more of a wannabe." Kiba laughed, "Yeah! She follows them around the whole time, spit hanging over her mouth." we all laughed.

"12:24 pm," I thought, "Saturday, January 2, 2008. This is gonna be an interesting year."


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