Chapter One

I woke up when I heard a crash down stairs. It was still dark outside. I tried to listen the best I could, but the voices that came from down stairs were a soft murmur. After a minute of silence, all hell broke loose. I heard my father yelling, and throwing things. Just then my mother busted trough the door.

"Hide in your closet Bella and be very quiet."

Her voice was trembling, but I knew not to ask what was going on. I quickly got up and went to my closet, shutting the door behind me. I heard my door bust open. I peered through the cracks on my closet. My mother was on the ground, and two people; one male, one female; were standing over her. The male picked her up by her shoulders and pinned her to the wall. He whispered very faintly in her ear.

"It's our time now." Then bit down her neck. My mother screamed out in pain. After a minute he stepped back and let my mothers body fall to the ground. The two people exchanged glances then turned and left. I quickly got out my closet and ran to my mothers now unmoving body.

"MAMA!" I yelled shaking her, but got no response. Her body was cold and her eyes were white. She was dead, but how?? How did they kill her. I felt a pain where my heart was. The tears were streaming down my eyes. I saw a locket that my daddy and I got my mother for Christmas. I took it off and put it on me, as something to remember my mother by. I walked down stairs, tears still coming out my eyes. When I got down there I saw my dad in the corner.

"DADDY!!!" I yelled as I ran towards him. "Daddy please wake up. PLEASE!!" I yelled, but I knew he wouldn't. He was in the same state as my mother.

Just then the wind blew. I quickly turned to see the man and the woman standing in the door way. They were both gorgeous. Both very pail and both had red eyes. The male had black hair, and the female had dishwater blonde hair, just past her shoulder. The smile at me wickedly, before starting to walk towards me. I stood up and backed to the wall. The male quickly picked me up and pinned me against the wall like he did with my mother. He looked at me, smiled, and then turned towards the woman.

"What do you think?" He asked.

She smiled. "She's perfect, I always wanted a daughter…."