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Sam looked at Jason and smiled, he knew that voice and that was the one thing that could hang onto because it looked like the hunter in front of him wasn't going to let him go that easily.

"NO! I don't have my answers yet, and you will tell me Johnny, I'll march you into hell if I have to but I will have my answers!" Jason yelled louder as he heard the sounds of pounding footsteps running up the stairwell, up the five flights of stairs as the sounds echoed through the long abandoned building. "WHAT DOES THE DEMON HAVE PLANNED?"

Looking at the crazed man in front of him, Sam had no idea what to say. He didn't know anything about the demon that so many people had kept telling him was responsible for what had happened the night he was taken from his family. If people would have actually stopped for a minute then they would have realized that he didn't fit any pattern, there was no fire in his nursery the night of his six month birthday, and his mother was alive and waiting for him to come home. Sure he had weird dreams and things had a way of flying around if he got too upset, but that didn't mean he was something evil, or demon bound did it? Everything that he had witnessed when he was with Cade's father showed that it was a choice, not a certainty, and there was no way he would chose something like that – none!

A flash of a knife glinted a moment before arcing towards him before Sam saw a blur fly from the doorway and tackle Jason onto the floor, the knife clattering away towards the wall. Relief made him feel weak, but then he understood that maybe it wasn't relief but trauma; either way, he was happy to see his brother.

Dean had heard the absurdity spewing from Jason's mouth toward Sammy and it made him angry to hear first hand what someone thought of his little brother, but to see a knife heading towards the same person sent him over the edge making him lunge towards the threat to his family. As he wrestled with the other man, he kept an ear out for any sounds of distress from his brother; hearing none he chanced a glance to see Sammy still alive and breathing. Being caught off guard, he was thrown backwards knocking over a small table that held tools of different types, and he didn't even want to think about what some of those were used for.

"You won't stop me from sending this abomination back to hell!" Jason ranted, preparing to lunge again.

Looking at the other man, Dean knew that he was staring straight into insanity and he didn't feel comfortable with that at all. "Look pal, I'll just take him off your hands and you can go off and…"

Jason laughed as if Dean had told the funniest joke he'd ever heard. Shaking his head, he pulled a gun out of his waistband and pointed it at Dean. "No, you don't understand. No one understands evil until they're staring at it straight on, seen what it can do. Don't mistake him for your brother, he's not human! He's an evil that needs to be purified, and you aren't going to stop me!"

Dean knew that he didn't have anywhere to go, and looking at Sam he saw that his little brother was barely holding on as it was. Before he had a chance to say anything though, the sound of a gun being cocked was heard over Jason's hysterical laughter making the hairs on Dean's neck stand at attention.

"NO!" Sam shouted as he heard the gun discharge. The only thing he could think of was his brother was going to die and he couldn't allow that to happen. The sound of things crashing against the walls was heard as the force expelled from Sam moved the bullet away from Dean, and caused Jason to be thrown against the back wall while other objects continued to thrash around until the energy dissipated, leaving Sam exhausted within the confines of his bonds.

Seeing the devastation, Dean knew that now was the perfect time to get his little brother out of dodge. Making his way across the debris ridden floor, he finally made it to Sam where he started working on getting him loose from the chair and looking at the wounds that he's sustained throughout the night. "Damn Sammy, I'm thinking it's another trip to the hospital for you." He said quietly, trying hard not to alarm his little brother, but some of the injuries looked like they were already starting to fester.

"You're not leaving." Jason growled as he held out a small black box. "I always knew I'd die in God's service." He said as he pushed the single button, then smiled again as the sounds of tiny explosions sounded throughout the building followed by the tremors that shook the structure causing plaster and beams to crash down around them. "I told you that he was evil and needed to be sent to hell!"

Groaning, Dean really had to wonder about crazy people insisting they were doing God's work by killing other people. Letting his head drop only for a moment, he knew that he was his little brother's only hope; the kid was exhausted and hurting, there was no way he'd fail Sammy. Reaching down he grabbed a large piece of wood that had fallen and threw it at Jason, knocking the young man off guard enough to pull Sammy upright and out the door.

"Come on Sammy, I heard the fire engine pull up outside." He told his semi conscious brother as he dragged him along all the while aware that they were running out of time, the fire had spread too fast for them to get out by the stairs. The sounds of the flames eating at anything and everything in its path brought back memories of fighting the warehouse fire that they had been ill equipped to deal with at first. Sensing the reason, he cursed louder at the thought that he'd been outsmarted by an insane lunatic.

"Don't worry Dean; he fooled a lot of people." Sam said tiredly, trying hard to stay upright. He was tired, his head hurt and for some reason he felt as if he'd lost some blood, but he couldn't remember why that was. If he was honest with himself, he felt exactly like he had after he lost control in his old nursery when everything flew around. "Ah jeez, I did it again didn't I?" he asked, hoping that it was just a severe hangover that he would wake up from later.

Chuckling, Dean could almost see the wheels turning in Sammy's head. "Sorry little brother, but yeah… although I really should be thanking you for that, if you hadn't don't your little Carrie impression I'd be cold on the ground by now."

Sam's only response to that was a simple "Huh!" before he looked around a little more aware this time and knew one simple truth, "We're so screwed!"

"Not yet Sammy, hold on ok?" Dean asked as he pulled out his phone and placed a call. "Captain, yeah we're inside… no, it's either the same or more potent… no, the fifth… WHAT?...ok…no I don't like it… yeah, ok, we'll be ready." As he cut the call and put his phone back in his pocket he looked at Sammy and cringed. "Uh, we might have a bit of a problem."


It hadn't taken the news crews of Lawrence, Ks. long to get wind of the drama that was unfolding at an abandoned apartment building a short ways from the center of town. As the information they received started out sparse, they were more than willing to fill it in with live footage and speculative guesses as to the origin of the blaze and what was being done to ensure the safety of the neighboring areas with more affluent homes.

It wasn't until someone mentioned that not only was there people inside, but one of them was firefighter who was rescuing his brother after being kidnapped the day before, that got anchor personnel in a frenzy to see who would break the real story wide open. With camera's sending their live feeds to the news stations, everyone in town couldn't help but watch with annoyed fascination as the breaking story showed a fire so intense that the firemen weren't allowed in, and the people inside couldn't get out; leaving the one question on everyone's mind… how were they going to survive?

Captain Smythe couldn't stand reporters just for this very reason; they had a tendency to make matters worse. Now as he looked up towards the fifth floor he could only hope that he hadn't just sent one of his men and his brother to their death. As it was though, the blaze was eating through the inner walls faster than they could apply the solution to the outer edges to get closer to the building, much less inside. Days like this made him really start to think about retiring. It wasn't until he heard someone yelling next to him that he was pulled out of his musings and saw that everything was in place. Now all that had to do was trust that Dean could get over his fear of heights long enough to get himself and his little brother to safety.


Dean hated heights, mainly airplanes, but any actual height will do. So what the Captain wanted him to do was beyond anything that he could have jumped for joy about. In fact he remembered the last time he'd done it; he'd screamed the whole damn time and got ribbed for it for weeks afterwards. Yeah, not exactly manly being reminded that it was amazing how a grown man could sound so much like a little girl. Sighing, he shook his head and guided his brother towards the side of the building that the Captain had so generously decided upon and took a deep breath.

"Sammy, I need you to listen, ok?" he asked, watching carefully for any signs that his brother wasn't truly there with him. "Sammy, I need your help."

Sam looked at his brother and understood that something big was about to happen, and he had no idea how he was going to be of any assistance, but he'd do what he could. Nodding his head, he let Dean know that he was listening.

"Alright, we need to open this window. Can you help me by standing right there and not move?" Dean knew it was a lot to ask at the moment, but he didn't have much of a choice; he had to get the damn window open. After trying several times, he gave up trying to raise the window up and instead broke the glass before looking out and down to make sure everything was ready. Seeing that things were in place, Dean took his jacket off and laid it on the remaining glass fragments. "Sammy, I'm going to help you to the window and I need you to follow me out, alright?" he asked, praying that this worked, because they were only going to get one shot at this. Seeing Sammy's nod, he smiled at the worn out expression on his little brother's face and swore that once they got home, he'd make sure the kid slept a week.

Seeing Dean climb out the window, Sam didn't think things would be that difficult, but he wasn't prepared for the hesitation his limbs seemed to have in following his brain's orders. He knew a lot of that had to do with the smoke he and Dean had been inhaling, especially the last few minutes since they both seemed to be coughing every other breath, but he was sure he should have at least been able to follow his brother out a stupid window. With Dean's help he managed to straighten himself up on the narrow ledge outside the building and he suddenly became more aware of what was going on.

"Damn Dean it's cold." Sam coughed out while Dean did his best to keep them both steady. Finally he looked over and saw his big brother look like he was going to be ill and wondered about it. "Uh, Dean… what's the plan?" he asked then wished he could take it back as he followed his brother's gaze down to an object that looked like one of those inflatable toys used at kid's parties or fairs.

For several minutes the only sounds that could be heard was the roaring of the fire behind and below them, the chatter down below as people rushed back and forth, and the coughing of the two brothers as they pulled the situation into focus. Finally, Dean put his hand on his little brother's shoulder and looked him square in the eyes.

"Sammy, do you trust me?" he asked, all the while praying he wouldn't fail.

Sam looked at Dean, grabbed his shoulder and with firm determination and said, "With my life."

Not hesitating any longer, Dean tightened his grip on his brother and together they jumped off the ledge, never taking their eyes off each other, never breaking contact even when they landed onto the giant air bag; they did it together.


John and Mary could hardly contain their concern when the news started showing the fire and announcing that a firefighter and his brother were inside. Confident that their boys would get out safely, they were content to watch the TV and attempt to keep Ellie calm. When they saw Dean break the window, they both were sure that there was some sort of mistake; there were no fire escapes, and they were too high up to jump to safety from the window, right? Finally they saw their eldest son guide his younger brother outside and the shock of seeing their injured boy in only his boxers on that Thanksgiving Day was enough to keep both of them speechless even as Ellie kept repeating "JohnnyJohnnyJohnny" while trying to show her bear her Johnny. If either one of them had any doubts about what was about to happen, they were quickly dispelled as they watched both their boys grab each other's shoulders and jump off the ledge as if they had no doubt in the world that they would be alright. It was in that moment that all of those watching in Lawrence, Ks. saw a bond between two brother's, one that would never be broken; not in life, not in death – they were always a part of the other, always and forever.

The evening news would later air the sensational leap of faith of two brothers from a burning building. The morning papers would tell the story of how a long lost brother was saved by his hero big brother while the town watched. Neighbors would talk across the fences about how they always knew those Winchester's were fine people and how they had always believed that the boy had been taken instead of the theory of foul play on Mary's part. The phones of both Winchester's households would continuously ring to no avail as they decided to take a mini vacation after Sam coerced his release from the hospital, it was time for the family to get some much deserved peace and quiet; it had been way too long, and they still hadn't seen the Grand Canyon.