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The blood soaked quickly into the beige carpet under Katherine. Beth could not stop staring at Katherine who was unconscious and bleeding as if someone had brutally slaughtered her.

"Give me blood! Give me blood!! She needs to feed!" Josef shouted to the vampires entering the room. They had heard the commotion and came to defend their leader. Mick was on his knees with Josef trying to help put pressure on the wound.

"I think you have done enough here friend." Josef said lowly to his friend. Beth stood over the scene and watched as Mick quickly lifted himself and left the room. When the other vampires saw that he was leaving Josef looked to them as if he could read their minds. "Let him go. It was an accident." The vampires looked at Mick and then back to Josef deciding to follow his order. Beth would have followed Mick, but she couldn't. She was transfixed by Katherine's current state. It was as if she was being pinned down by some invisible force. She had only known this woman for a matter of hours and yet…there was something very strong that drew Beth to her. Katherine looked so weak and tiny lying on the floor, her blood pooling around her.

"Why is it so bad?" Beth asked kneeling in Mick's place. She had been afraid at one point about what this vampire on the floor would have done to her, and now she feared for the vampire's life.

"Mick's the Protector, the only one that can bring her any real harm. When she punched him she must have nicked one of his fangs." Josef said quickly to Beth."It doesn't have to be anything fatal or even intentional apparently." The other vampires finally brought a box filled with bags of blood. Beth could see the words "O Positive" displayed on it. They gave Josef a syringe with a giant needle filled with blood already. She watched as he injected her again and again with blood.

"Why so much?" Beth asked as she watched the twentieth bag being emptied. Josef looked up to her as if he had forgotten her there.

"She only feeds two or three times a year, but if she gets injured like this…well she has to feed until she regains strength. " Josef said with an effort to calm himself.

"But if Mick is the Protector, how would you know when she was injured to do this?" Beth asked allowing the journalist in her free reign. She regretted the last question almost the moment it left her lips. Josef stiffened and became agitated.

"Beth, I really don't have time to play twenty questions with your right now!" He exclaimed exasperated by the situation. He then looked down to Katherine's closed eyes again. Beth bit her lip and wished that she knew all these questions that seemed to constantly fill her head whenever she was around Mick and his friends. She hated not understanding this world. She hated wanting to be a part of this world because of her own obvious and overwhelming weakness. She looked down at her and realized that Katherine had thought of her as strong. But was she saying that to get her to do something or was it legitimate? Was Beth as strong as Katherine was touting her to be?

"I'm sorry." Josef whispered interrupting her thoughts. She wondered suddenly how many times he had said that as sincerely as he just did. "When they got her last time…they threatened to cut her head from her body which is the only way they can kill her. That is what the scar is on her neck. She can heal, but the scars never go away." Beth looked to the grisly disfigurement of skin across her neck. She remembered what Katherine had said about it Josef's in living room:

She traced the scar on the left side of her neck with her finger. "They didn't want to kill me, but they kept this wound open for one week."

She could only imagine the emotional and mental scars that Katherine carried with her physical ones.

"They would cut her and let her bleed, and then they would make her feed. It went on like that for weeks. This all that I know what to do, and I really don't even know if it will work for her right now." Josef finished. She could sense the worry in his voice and felt sorry for him. She could tell that he felt very strongly for Katherine although she was not willing to admit anything like love, at least not with Josef…not yet.

Meanwhile, Mick was left to simmer on the couch in the hallway. He felt the eyes of every vampire in the office staring at him in mute hatred. He felt sorry that Katherine was hurt although he could not completely understand why. This whole Protector thing was getting more complicated by the minute, and he thought his life was already complicated as it was. He dug his heels into the ground and wished that he had not gotten so upset. He only wanted to protect the ones important around him and this woman, this vampire was making it impossible. He knew Beth had strength, but surely not for this world. Not this strange dark world that he unwillingly drifted in.

He began to idly wonder what his life would be if he had not become a vampire. What would it have been like if he had not met Coraline at all? He probably would have married some nice and pretty girl and had a couple kids. He would have watched them grow and worry about money and keeping his marriage together, a normal life. But then what did he really remember of that anyway? He really had no idea what his life would have been, but at the moment he might have picked the mysterious other choice than the life he was enduring now.

"But then you would have never met her?" A voice stopped his inner struggle and he looked up. An older woman stood there who looked to be in her late fifties. She smelled like a vampire, but looked like a grandmother.

"I'm sorry, what?" He asked cautiously. She smiled and sat next to him.

"You must be the Protector then." She smiled as if she had told him she had baked some cookies. He felt very odd with this vampire. She looked like she was the sweetest thing he had ever seen, but then again she was a vampire. Sweetness can only be in limited supply by a creature that has fangs.

"Uh…Yeah, I guess." He finally said looking away from her. Perhaps if he remained aloof she would leave him alone.

"Fat chance of that." She suddenly said answering him as she joined him on the sofa. Mick looked to her in shock.

"Oh. Mind reader, dear." She replied simply and patted his arm. "Yes, not much hidden between us now." Mick now fully understood the creep factor he had felt when she first sat down.

"Okay." He said more uneasy about the situation he was in now than the one in the office at the moment.

"Katherine is quite the complicated one. I mean really her whole story, her prophecy, really her whole life. Truly that cliché a mystery wrapped in enigma." Mick looked over to the woman smiling at him. She patted his arm again as if comforting him. "You could not have known you could inflict such harm on her." Mick furrowed in brow in confusion.

"What do you mean?" He said.

"You can't shed blood between each other. Well, dear, you could kill her." She said crossing her arms. "But then again this is really her fault. Three centuries of life and she still cannot contain her temper. Well then…she really has a reason more than the rest of us to hold on to anger and resentment."

"Yeah, I know." Mick said quietly thinking about the information Beth had passed to him about Katherine's past. Not only had she had to deal with her guilt over having to drink the blood of human being half of one, but somehow managed to carry a child full term only to lose her in a few hours. How many injustices did this woman face every day? How many in her past? And how many in her future? He did feel incredible sympathy towards her, but then she irritated the holy crap out of him.

"Yes, she has had many misfortunes, and had made many mistakes. And she even annoys me from time to time." The older vampire shook her head in as if looking over every memory she had of Katherine.

"How long have you known her?" Mick asked.

"Oh, goodness! I was the one that delivered her." She gave a soft chuckle. "The most beautiful baby I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. You see before, when I was human, I was a midwife. I was newly turned when she was born, but I was already an old woman." She said holding her wrinkled hands up. She would forever be the age she was turned, just as Mick would forever be thirty years old. He was forever stuck in middle age and she forever in old age. "Despite it all, she has always been my favorite."

"Is she going to be okay?" Mick asked as he watched another box of blood go in to the office. The lady smiled up at him.

"Oh yes. She will be fine. Just a bit of a scare, and she will be as right as rain." Mick tried to feel the comfort this woman so badly wanted to give, but he could not find himself able to calm down enough to. "Yeah, you are very tense, son." She said, reading his thoughts once more. He was growing very impatient and annoyed with the constant intrusion.

"Well, it is not very pleasant for me either. It is not like I can help it. Haven't since I was a little girl. Oh by the way my name is Myrtle. "She held her hand to shake.

"Hello Myrtle." He said slowly shaking her hand. "Look Myrtle, is there any way you can maybe like stop listening to my thoughts for a little bit. Kind of…um…" He stumbled to find a polite way to deflect her invasion.

"Kind of freaking you out, Mick?" She said amused. "Oh I understand. I get that a lot." She motioned him to come closer. "To be real honest with you, Mickey…I can call you Mickey right?" She looked at him for a moment and took his shock of their encounter as permission. "Well Mickey, it freaks me out too. It is not like I enjoy going over every sexual experience you have ever had by merely looking into your eyes, but that is really not something I can control. I have just learned to be real patient and understanding about the whole thing." She placed her hand once more on his forearm. Mick suddenly felt himself regain the memory of nauseous as a human just by her touch and recent confession of intimate knowledge.

"I'll tell you what, I will try to not remember every little detail about you, and you can try and pretend that I don't see all that stuff. With a little teamwork who knows what might happen." She lifted herself up from the bench. "Now you better go back in there because she going to want to apologize to you when she wakes up in a few minutes. Now remember Mickey, don't leave her alone too long with them. They will tear her up from the inside out. "Mick looked at her strangely and glanced towards the office. Did she mean every one that was with her now? He went to question her when she suddenly turned away.

"Nice talking to you, Mickey." She called over her shoulder and quickly moved to the other end of the corridor and out of site.