Human Holidays

by Lumendea

Chapter One: Present

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Every was still in the TARDIS as the Doctor found himself wandering towards the room he shared with Rose from the library. Even the lights were turned down low, but there was a sense of something in the air as the TARDIS hummed softly. The Doctor blinked in surprise as he entered his bedroom and found his fiancée lounging on the bed with a small photo album open in front of her.

Rose didn't look up at him, her eyes were distant and sad as she studied the album. Holding back a sigh, the Doctor slipped up next to the bed to look over her shoulder. He was not surprised to see a picture of her, Jackie and Mickey alongside a few photographs of her and her family in the alternate universe. Leaning in a bit closer, the Doctor realized that they were Christmas photos and smiled when Rose turned the page to one of him and her right after he had regenerated into his current body.

"You're missing them," he observed softly so he didn't startle her as he reached out and stroked her wavy hair. It was growing long again and he liked the way it tangled around his fingers. "I'm sorry Rose."

Rose closed the album and sat up to look at him. She gave him a small forced smile, which only made his frown deepen. Shrugging weakly, Rose brushed a strand of hair out of her face.

"I knew that I'd miss them Doctor," she whispered. "I still count days you know; try to keep track of the Earth calendar," Rose informed him with a chuckle. "Guess I like to know how old I am and stuff. It would be Christmas now."

The Doctor nodded with a soft smile on his face as he held out a hand and said, "Christmas it is then."

Rose tilted her head and gave him a long look. She couldn't quite read his expression and a prickle of suspicious was tickling the back of her mind wondering just what he had in mind. He just gave her his usual wide grin, which only made her smile. Nodding, she took his hand and let him pull her up off the bed. Smiling now, Rose kissed the Doctor's cheek.

"Do I need to change?" she asked with a smile.

Taking her hand, the Doctor squeezed it tightly and led her toward the control room answering her with, "Not for this." He said nothing else as he took over the TARDIS controls and smirked.

The smirk drew Rose's attention back to him from the column and she asked, "What is it"

"Just you humans and your holidays," he laughed as he shook his head, "You love to measure time and love any reason to celebrate."

Rose crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow, "That's not what Christmas is about."

Shaking his head, the Doctor shrugged and counted, "According to you it is to celebrate a religious event that was put into place by the church to overshadow another traditional holiday," he looked up at her, "We could go see the 'real event' if you like."

"No," Rose said firmly cutting him off with a look, "I'm not going to argue this topic with you," she paused and smiled, "I've never really been religious Doctor, you know that, but to me

Christmas is a reminder to be kind and cherish the ones you love. One day a year that reminds us of what matters."

"I don't need a special day to remind me of that," the Doctor told her gently, looking at her with soft brown eyes.

Rose blushed a little, but was unable to hold back her grin. The Doctor held back all the witty little remarks he was tempted to make. If the future mother of his children wanted a human holiday once a linear earth year for her, then he would give it to her. He grinned as the TARDIS stopped and he held out his hand for hers. The grin widened as Rose took his hand and he pulled her out of the TARDIS.

Blinking, Rose looked around with a muffled gasp. It was early evening and they had landed near her old school, one she hadn't seen in years and one she was sure should have been in

worse condition. Looking over at the Doctor, she frowned in confusion but let him pull her forward into the school. Finally, Rose looked away from the Doctor to look around the halls.

Adults and children were moving through the hallways toward the school's stage. Pulling her along, the Doctor took her to a pair of seats in the back row and sat down with a smug


Rose was still very confused as she looked around the room, until her eyes fell on Jackie Tyler sitting in the third row. Gasping, Rose covered her mouth with a hand and let the Doctor

hold on tight to the other.

"You're nine years old and about to sing carols," he informed her in a soft voice. "Your mother called in several favors to be here that night." Kissing her cheek softly, the Doctor gave her a moment before whispering, "I can't let you talk to her Rose, but I can let you remember how much she loved you. How much she does love you."

She leaned against him as the lights dimmed and the children came out onto the stage. Rose's eyes darted between her small self in the angel costume and her mother, who was glowing with love and pride.

"Promise me that we'll see them when we can cross the void. I want to spend Christmas with my entire family."

Nodding, the Doctor put an arm around her as they listened to the off key singing and the proud whispers of the parents. Rose was obviously the best, but he knew that he might be a bit bias.

"I promise Rose. When you want Christmas, you can have it."

She turned her head to look at him and resting her head on his shoulder she asked, "Even if it is a silly human holiday?"

"Yeah, but then the kids are going to be half human," he pointed out with a suffering sigh. "I guess I should accept that certain cultural aspects will be taught to them."

"I'm glad you realize that." Rose said with a chuckle before settling against his shoulder to watch the show and her applauding mother.

"Happy Christmas, Rose," he whispered with a smile, kissing her forehead. "I love you."

"Happy Christmas, Doctor," Rose answered, squeezing his hand tightly. "I love you too."