Human Holidays

by Lumendea

Chapter Three: Future's Future

Disclaimer: I still don't own Doctor Who.


There was a heavy blanket of white untouched snow over the surface of Earth with no one in sight. It was tranquil and silent with only a few little twitters of a distant bird to disrupt the scene. A few nearby trees were slumping under the weight, but the country side was at peace. A moment later, a loud whirling noise filled the air and a tall police public call box appeared as a vivid spot of blue amongst the white snow. The whirl of wind that had come with the strange box quieted and the world still again, but only a moment before the strange sound echoed across the snowy plain once more. A roman column appeared to the right of the police call box before shimmering for a moment leaving a large snow-covered tree in its place. The noise echoed in the landscape again as a large smooth green pyramid materialized before it too turned into a snow-covered tree.

Then a tall brown haired man with bright blue eyes stepped out from behind the first tree, pulling on a leather bomber coat. His eyes landed on the police public call box before turning to look at the tree he had stepped out of. He shook his head and looked over at the other tree as a younger man with dark blond hair and brown eyes stepped out. They grinned at each other before moving toward each other, leaving footprints in the snow to quickly embrace.

"How are you Jamescartyerlev?" The brown haired man questioned as he pulled out of the embrace to study the other. "Looks like your TARDIS is doing alright."

"The chamaeleon circuit is working if that's what you mean Alexandershanete," he answered with a laugh. James glanced at the Doctor's TARDIS and shook his head fondly. "I'm fine. I dropped off the kids traveling with me before coming."

Alex grinned and teased, "Ah not ready to have them meet Dad and Mum?"

James raised an eyebrow and looked over at his brother's TARDIS and pointed out, "I don't see any of your companions here."

"Actually I'm not traveling with anyone right now," Alex explained with a shrug. "Might stick around Earth for a bit after we celebrate."

They stopped talking as another TARDIS materialized a few meters away in the form of a harp before it turned into a tree too.

"There is going to be a forest here soon," James observed, "Once everyone is here that is."

"Yeah, we have too many siblings," James agreed with a nod.

James shrugged and looked over at the new TARDIS. A woman in a tweed coat with a long scarf stepped out. Her brown hair was up in a high ponytail and her blue eyes quickly landed on her brothers. Grinning, she moved through the snow toward them.

"Hello James, Hi Alex," she greeted happily, hugging Alex first. "You know twins should really see each other more often than this,"

"Okay Abigailexiratha, I'll meet you at the Russian Revolution of 1916 once Mum decides that this year's Christmas is over."

The doors of the blue public police box opened and the Doctor leaned out. He grinned as he took in the sight of his children. They couldn't help but return the infectious affectionate smile.

"Come on in then, the others will be here soon enough," he called to them, gesturing them all inside his own TARDIS.

The Doctor stood to the side to let his three eldest enter, hugging them all tightly one at a time. Glancing at the three large trees, he grinned and added, "Looks like your TARDIS are all working."

"Mine's fine Daddy," Abby replied with a nod before she looked around the control room. "This hasn't changed much."

"No reason to change it," the Doctor answered with a shrug.

The Doctor leaned against the controls and smiled, the light showing the few grey strands in his hair. His children didn't comment on those, but headed deeper into the TARDIS to see their mother, Rose Tyler. The soft hum of the original TARDIS surrounded them, welcoming them all back to their first home. Abby ran a hand over the coral like wall in greeting as she led the way to the kitchen.

Rose laughed as her son Alex scooped her up in a hug and off her feet. A moment later, he handed her to James with a deep laugh. She couldn't help but smile at her sons. Abby grinned and slipped by into the kitchen to see what see could do to help. With the whole family coming, things would be crazy. Their family had been celebrating their mother favorite human holiday for nearly one hundred years now and it got crazier and weirder every year. Glancing over her shoulder, she noted that her brothers had let their mother down and moved in for her own welcome.

Sighing happily, Rose hugged her eldest daughter with a smile until a timer went off. Dashing back to the stove, she shouted back to her children, "Why don't you go help your father set up the tree. We can decorate it while dinner finishes"

"What are we having tonight?" Another female voice questioned from the doorway.

They glanced over to see a shorter woman with shoulder length brown hair and large brown eyes. She hugged her mother and siblings quickly before moving toward the stove. Diana grinned at her mother as she made a reach for one of the pots.

"Don't you dare Diana," Rose cautioned quickly through her smile. "You and your oral fixation." She sighed and shook her head, "You are just like your father."

Diana raised her eyebrows and huffed, "No I'm not," she paused and glanced at the three oldest, "They are the most like Dad."

"So we didn't settle down and have kids at the age of 92," Abby replied with an eye roll. "I'm not having kids until I'm at least 500, if then."

"Speaking of which," Rose cut in suddenly with a beaming smile, "Where are my little darlings?"

"Mathelow is with Dad in the control room, hopefully Natalievazon and Kyleticarvin are still with them."

Shaking her head, Rose smiled and looked at all of them, "Okay Diana and James, you find my grandchildren. I don't want them getting lost in the TARDIS. Alex and Abby please go and get the tree ready to decorate."

Nodding, her children vanished and Rose smiled. Her eyes moved over the fridge where she had hung up various pictures of her family with magnets in human fashion. There were photos of the twins as infants, several of her and the Doctor, most of them were pictures of all five of her children: Alex, Abby, James, Sam and Diana. Her current favorite was of Diana's two half Tervictic children with their father Mathelow. They both had Tervictic platinum blond hair and violet eyes, but thankfully they both had Time Lord senses and could bond with a TARDIS.

Another knock on the doorframe made her look up. Her husband was leaning against the frame with a nervous smile.

"What is it?" Rose asked with a sigh, bracing herself for the worst.

"Happy Christmas Rose," he told her softly.

She smiled and stepped up to him, giving him a quick kiss before saying, "Happy Christmas Doctor, now what is it?"

"Well . . . you remember our first Christmas together- no wait scratch that, our first Christmas was 1869, okay second Christmas together."

"Hard to forget," Rose said, taking his hand, "So what does that have to do with anything?"

The Doctor paused and glanced into the next room down the hall where his children and grandchildren were decorating the tree. He grimanced slightly and watched them for a moment.

"Well apparently Samatmaha ran into some trouble at the Battle of the Little Bighorn," he explained carefully, "He's regenerated."

Rose took a shaky breath and let it out slowly. It wasn't every day that a mother was informed that her son had estenially died, but she recovered quickly.

"Well he's alright then?"

"Yeah he's in the console room," the Doctor told her before pouting. "He's ginger Rose, ginger."

"I'm sure your day will come," Rose offered him with a warm smile. "Well I've been warned, go get him. I suppose that's just Christmas with our family."

The Doctor grinned and nodded, calling back as he left the kitchen, "And it is just marvelous."