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A feeling of pride, absolute pride, washed through me as the midwife came rushing through the door.

"It is a healthy baby girl. Congratulations." She smiled slightly and motioned me to walk through the door. "In your room, sir."

I ran to… no, ran is an understatement. I forced myself to go the fastest I could to see my dear wife and new baby.

Renée was stretched upon the bed, a small bundle in her arms. "Charles," she murmured weakly as I kneeled on the ground beside her. "Isabella." She smiled and glanced at the child warmly. "I was hoping it would be a girl."

"I am so glad it was." I kissed her forehead, then my daughters. "Isabella," I whispered. It was the sweetest word I had ever heard. "May I hold her, darling?" She was so adorable, so beautiful. Her eyes a vibrant deep-ocean blue, the tuff of hair upon her head a soft curling brown.

"You have no need to ask." Renée breathed, handing my daughter to me delicately and then closing her eyes to sleep. She must have been exhausted.

Isabella was so fragile in my arms. Her cries silenced as I sat in the wooden rocking chair and started moving back and forth.


"Sweet baby." I cooed leaning down to kiss the top of her head. "Such a darling little girl. You'll have such a nice husband. I'll assure it. My friend has a son, sweet, and he promised he shall be yours." My dear friend Edward Masen had an excellent son. Only but two now, but promising. Edward junior was to be my son in law.

The little angel gurgled and cried. A plead to be fed. Now I shall have to wake Mrs. Swan. And she has had such a hard day so far…

"Sweet?" I said gently probing my wife's shoulder. "Time to wake." She was still so weak… it pained me to see her this way. And it had been three months.

"What may it be, Charles?" She rubbed her eyes and they blinked up at me. Then out the window. "Isn't it a bit late for waking? 'Tis nearly noon already!"

"The Masens have come to see Isabella. They brought the little one with them."

"Oh fine. Help me get up." So my wife got presentable as I carried the white bundle out to meet her betrothed for the first time.


"Get the boy ready, Mary. He is to meet his wife-to-be in a mere hour and thirty." Elizabeth ordered Edward's maid, she sounded strict but she was grinning from ear to ear. Mary ran off to the nursery.

"Two and a half years and ready to be a bridegroom. I did not think this was such a wonderful idea at first… But the boy is meant to run a home." I sighed at Gertrude's comment.

"How do you know?" Asked my wife the cook. "You rarely ever see the child. And how do you find that character in such a young boy? Has he been bartering off his blocks again? I told him not to… That they were of the finest wood and well painted but did he listen to me!"

"My dear Elizabeth. No need to worry so. The servants know not to pay heed to the boy." I assured her, coming around the back of her chair to pat her shoulder.

"Here he is, sir. In his best Sunday clothes." And Mary lead my son into the room.

"Excellent. You are dismissed. Send for Henry." Henry was the coachman. He had always been an uncle to young Edward.

"Were we going to go daddy?" Eddie wrapped his arms around me legs and stared up at me. In an impossibly cute way I must add. "Today no church day. We went yesterday."

"Yes, Eddie." I said as I ruffled his smooth bronze hair. "Today is not a church day." I picked him up and stared into his eyes, which were full of confusion. "Today you shall meet your bride."

"Bride is for grown-ups. Eddie is to young for a woman." He crossed his arms over his chest, still very confused.

His mother chuckled. "Yes." Elizabeth said taking him from my arms and setting him on the ground still holding his hand. "But Edward, sweetie, listen to me. She is not your wife yet. Isabella will be. See when two sets of parents are good friends and both have enough money as for their children to not be in need they often engage their children in a process called betrothal. Which means once you are both of age you shall marry."

"Why you choose who I marry? Henry said he… he chose wife. He said I got no choice. That I will never find a girl I like 'cause I am stuck with one."

"Henry is wrong Eddie, you will find a girl you like. I am certain you will love her, sweetie. Her mother is a friend of mine and is very handsome and the man is too. So Isabella is sure to be lovely." She was quite ready to end this argument and be on her way. She was probably very eager to see Renée again.

"Only the best for you, my boy." I said while willing him to the door with a hand on his small little shoulders.


"Welcome back Edward! Hello Mrs. Masen. How is the boy?" My old friend greeted me at the door to their house. In his arms lay a small bundle.

"Well as ever, and your wife? How is she?" He had said in the letter that Renée was not doing very well. Apparently still in bed.

"Fine, thank you." She emerged looking quite pallid. "Let me hold her." She reached out towards my friend and he quickly handed her the baby.

"Here she is Edward." Renée said handing me her child after she had kissed it. "She really took a toll on me. Kicking up a storm in there. She is a strong little thing."

"That is one thing to be thankful for. How about you sit down. You seem unwell."

As she took a seat next to Charles she motioned for us to sit down. I did so silently starring at the little baby. She was a little over a fourth of a year, fragile but strong. Her cheeks had a flush to them, and her eyes a murky hazel edging on brown.

"I thought you said her eyes were blue Charles. These look brown." I said a little disappointed.

"They were blue when first born. We believe they are on their way to a deeper brown." I guess that makes sense.

"Oh she is gorgeous Renée!" My wife said leaning over my shoulder. "I really can not see how any baby could be cuter. She is a beautiful little angel." She looked over her shoulder and then called to our son, "Oh Eddie! Come look at the baby. Is she not the most…"

Edward came storming toward me from were he had been, near the fire. "Let me see, daddy. I want to see baby too!" And he came to stand behind my shoulder.

"Can I hold her?" His piercing green eyes pleaded me. I looked over to Charles then back to my son.

"I do not think that is the best idea… But maybe if you sat on the couch and held her… Maybe that would be all right?"

"Oh yes! Let the boy bond with her." Charles came over and showed Edward how to hold the child properly. "Now do not drop, Isabella."

Edward held her so gently and just stared at her. She stared back at him and wrapped her hand around his pinkie finger. Then he brought her closer to his face remembering what Charles had told him of keeping her head up and traced his hand with hers in it along the side of her face. She blew a bubble of saliva. My son did not seem to mind in the least though. He giggled and popped it with his nose.

Then I could have sworn I heard my son whisper into her ear, "My pretty baby bride."

A/N: Ah… how cute. Remember Edward is two and a half. So by Edward Masen, I mean Edward Masen senior. And as for her eyes practically all babies are born with blue eyes. They'll turn brown.

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