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Out of Tucker, Jazz, and Valerie, only Valerie jumped when Danny turned visible again and opened his locker without care. Sam let go of his hand and went to her own, easily entering the combination and swinging the door open. The students and reporters had yet to notice that Danny had evaded them, and were still crowded around the front door poised to take a picture.

"So, Danny, do I get any explanations?" Valerie asked, not even saying hello as she crossed her arms angrily.

His eyes darted from the crowd to the ghost hunter, and he smiled, "Later, okay. How about you all come to my house after school, so we can have a big explanation fest?"

"Oh! They need to meet-" Jazz started to say, but cut herself off as she caught her brother glaring at her with fierce green eyes. "Fine, you can tell them on your own. I'll be going to class now before the reporters mob me." She walked away, and the three turned to Danny.

"Explain," Sam said, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes at her boyfriend. "You don't have Wulf at your house, do you? Didn't I say that next time I'll hide the inter-dimensional fugitive?"

"Don't worry, I don't have a dangerous ghost staying at my house," Danny said calmly. "And despite what Jazz thinks, you three already know who she almost mentioned."

Sam and Tucker groaned. "But we've met pretty much every ghost in the Ghost Zone already!" Tucker exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air in frustration. "That doesn't help."

Danny just grinned. "We should probably follow Jazz's example and get to class before I get mobbed. Coming?" He started walking to Lancer's room, arms locked with Sam. Valerie and Tucker exchanged glances and followed the couple.

"Can we at least get a hint?" Sam begged, her eyes sparkling mischievously as she gazed into her boyfriend's face.

"She hates Vlad as much as we do," he said after a moment, but then smiled. "Actually, it might be a bit more."

"Newsflash, most ghosts in the Ghost Zone hate Vlad now," Tucker pointed out. "That doesn't count as a clue."

"Sorry, but I think it'd be more fun for all of us if I kept who she is a surprise," Danny said. The three frowned, clearly unhappy at the thought of waiting until the end of the school day to discover Danny's mysterious visitor. Danny, unconcerned with his friends' impatience, focused on his own turmoil: his first day back at school after saving the world. He knew everyone's reactions to him would be vastly different now that they knew he was a superhero, and he wasn't looking forward to all of the attention he was bound to be receiving, especially from the A-list. He did not want to have to deal with Paulina's anticipated proposals….

Strengthening his resolve, Danny squeezed Sam's hand before walking through the door to his first class, eyes quickly assessing all possible exits as well as noting the occupants of the room. Lucky for him, Lancer himself seemed to be the only person there early, so Danny didn't have to worry about a room full of people mobbing him. Danny silently sat in his usual seat, his friends surrounding him as they normally did, before they all looked at the teacher, who seemed to be distracted and hadn't noticed them yet.

Mr. Lancer suddenly looked up, eyes widening as he spotted the group of teens. "Moby Dick! Welcome back, Mr. Fenton!" he said cheerfully.

Danny grinned at the teacher. "Thanks Mr. Lancer. It's been getting boring at home."

Tucker laughed, "That, and Jazz has been getting frustrated trying to catch you up to everyone else."

The overweight teacher nodded, "Ms. Fenton has been a great help, though sometimes her methods are not quite as effective as a classroom setting can be, especially considering she is your sister."

Danny reddened, rubbing the back of his neck, as he thought back to Jazz's tutoring attempts during his brief hiatus from school. Needless to say, he hadn't learned much, and Jazz had spent more time psychoanalyzing him rather than teaching him anything. "Heh heh, right," he said, clearing his throat. "Speaking about my grades, is there anything I can do to bring them up? Ghosts have been a huge distraction and I've been falling a lot behind."

Lancer nodded, looking through some papers on his desk. "I think we could work something out, considering the reason behind your missing assignments. How does an after-school session every day, barring ghost attacks, in which we would cover missed work sound? And, of course, more leniencies concerning deadlines for assignments."

The half-ghost teen grinned. "That'd be great, Mr. Lancer. Can we start tomorrow?"

"That would work well," Mr. Lancer said. He looked toward the other three. "This goes for the three of you as well, considering the amount of time you spend fighting ghosts."

Valerie frowned, and said, "What do you mean?"

"I'm not as stupid as all my students seem to think. Once Danny's reason for missing so much class was revealed, you didn't think I'd realize yours?" Lancer said, raising an eyebrow. Valerie blushed. "I have seen the Red Huntress a number of times, you know."

"Thank you so much, Mr. Lancer," Sam said, before anyone else could question the teacher. "I think we could all use the extra time."

Suddenly, a shriek resounded from the hallway and, eyes wide, the group turned to face the doorway, which quickly filled up with squealing fan girls (as well as a few fan boys), all wearing Danny's trademark symbol and pointing at him. Danny groaned and allowed his head to fall on his desk.

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