An intellectual is someone who has found something more interesting than sex

Edgar Wallace

(from Roses of Sharon)



She held up one single, long fingered hand. "Wait." Her gaze never strayed from the thick, impossibly complicated symbols she read at a pace that was actually somewhat alarming.

With a growl that would have been considered playful had he been anyone else, Sasuke crawled closer to where she sat, propped on pillows, in their bed. As he leaned over to place his mouth to her neck, her splayed fingers pressed against his chest. "Sasuke. Wait."

She still hadn't looked up from her reading.

For a second, Sasuke felt an almost uncontrollable urge to pout. Then he remembered who he was, and returned to trying to kiss his wife – pointedly ignoring the hand pushing him back. A foot came in contact with his chest, replacing said hand and holding him away.

Sakura – finally – looked up, a scowl on her face.

"Sasuke. I said not now. I'm reading. Just…. Just not tonight. Ok?"

He glared at her through coal eyes obscured by ebony locks, trying his very, very hardest to make his eyes – as she said – 'smolder.' She smiled and pushed his bangs from his face, ruffling his hair in the most undignified sort of way. It occurred to him that the time had come for full on sulking, and he considered simply collapsing on top of her. But then it occurred to him that her foot – still pressed to his chest – could easily send him flying into the opposite wall and that Sakura – sweet and kind as she may be – would not refrain from doing so.

"You said," he reminded her, narrowing his eyes. "You said last night – even though you promised the night before that, and –"

Sakura was looking at him as though he was telling her that puppies and butterflies had gone extinct. A voice in the back of his mind hissed, What, I am that bad? But the larger, dominant, thought was one of reluctant pity and complete resignation. Really, it was just too hard to resist those sparkling eyes and pouting lips – even if those same lips wouldn't so much as kiss him.


He pulled back, away from her foot. This time, she followed him, setting her book down and wrapping her arms around his neck. "Thanks, Sasuke-kun."

Hungrily, he kissed her back. His arms found her waste and he tried – in desperate, jerky motions – to drag her onto him. But then, suddenly, she was pulling back, unwinding his arms from around her, reaching for the book once more, and Sasuke just wanted her to come back, to him, so he said, "Please?"

His voice came out like a beg for life.

She sat back against her pillows and settled into read and smiled. "This is a really amazing book. Even if it is impossibly long…"

He slumped down into the sheets, turning his back to her. Behind him, Sakura said – in a mockingly cheery voice – "Goodnight. I love you."

Even worse was his spineless reply:

"I love you too."

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