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Lesse, we stopped at Emily planning something. And everyone in Hogwarts except her shivered in fear.

The next morning, the people of Hogwarts knew that today would be the worst day they had ever experienced. But, the Slytherin's seemed to have a greater feeling of foreboding.

Up in Gryffindor tower, Hermionie looked around to find the evil genius whom everyone thinks is the devil, before going down to the common room, where she saw Allen, Harry and Ron, once again, no Emily.

"Hey, have you seen Emily?" Allen, Harry and Ron shook their heads.

"Have you seen Lavi?" asked Allen.

"Did you see Fred and George anywhere? They owe me twenty Sickles." said Ron looking quite annoyed.

"No, but if they're all gone then there must be something going down today. You all heard Emily. She's going to kill Malfoy!" Hermione said.

"She's got a point... that girl woke up half of the dorm screaming something about Killing Malfoy... and then there was something about a tomato.." said Harry going through the memory to be sure.

"That's impossible 'Mione."Ron said. Hermione and Harry weren't reassured. With that, the four kids went down to the Great Hall, feeling that something will go wrong today.

They were right, there was no sight of anyone in the Slytherin Quidditch team... or Emily, Lavi, Fred and George.

All throughout school, not one of those Slytherins were spotted.

"I bet those stupid snakes are practicing for the big game today." said Ron, being the Quidditch fanatic.

"Ronald, they could be sick." Hermionie admonished.

"Yeah right. How can 7 Slytherins get sick on the same day as the last Quidditch game, which is Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, and those 7 Slytherins are on the bloody team?" Ron yelled.

Those two continued like this until it was time for the Quidditch game. Harry and Allen decided to leave the old married couple to their bickering and went to go look for their other friends.


While the four fifth-years were arguing, Emily was planning. She woke up at 5 am, and snuck into the seventh year boy's room. She did it once and she can do it again. she levitated the three pranksters, and then she used Loki and transported all of them to the Room of Requirement.

Then, she had the room conjure her a big fire hose. She sprayed all three boys awake.

"Hey! What was that for?" George cried.

"And where the hell are we?" George asked.

"HELP! I'M DROWNING!!" screamed Lavi, Emily continued to spray the hose at Lavi, WHY? cause she was bored.

After calming the three red heads, Emily explained her plan. The redheads were staring at her in awe, and spoke as one person as they said, "You. Are. A. GENIUS!"

And so, the four hellions split up. Fred and George researched spells in the LIBRARY!, Lavi charmed the floor of a random room to have a false bottom, and Emily ran to the targe-I mean, Slytherins, who were walking to the Great Hall... ooh look the Slytherin broom closet! Emily went inside and snagged the brooms while jinxing them. Once that was done she saw the Slytherin's along with Malfoy walking towards the locker rooms.

"Hey Malfoy and you other idiots!" screamed Emily, the Slytherin looked up to see a hyperactive blond wearing a talking hat that was asleep. "I'm gonna wreck your brooms if you don't catch me!" She hollered in a mocking way, Emily started running to the room Lavi was in. Needless to say, the Slytherin's followed her in hot pursuit. When all the Slytherins ran in the false bottom caved in, Levi and Emily waved at them who were on the safe zone as the team fell into a cage, unconscious.

Emily closed the cage, and waited for Fred and George to come with the spells she wanted.

Finally, the twins came in and told Lavi and Emily the spells. Once a spell was performed by George, the Slytherin's brooms were thinking they were flamingos. (GREEN flamingos) Lavi transfigured the Quidditch robes into frilly red and gold dresses, and Emily put makeup on the victims.

"I FEEL LIKE A MAKE UP ARTIST!" said Emily in a dreamy like way. Lavi looked at the face of what used to be the guys of the Slytherin team and almost died at the sight.

"Wow... Emi-chan... they look like clowns." said Lavi trying to suppress his laughter. Emily looked at him questionably.

"But I always do this make over on others." said Emily. Lavi sweat dropped... that was something surprising to hear (Emily - just so you know I do know how to put make up on, my mom works for fashion.).

George in the end put a charm on the Slytherins to make them think that nothing was wrong with their clothes.

Game time!

This was the final game: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. And everyone was betting on who would win.

Finally, the Slytherins came out. Three-fourths of the entire stadium roared with laughter. Snape's mouth was on the floor and Professor Umbridge spoke the words on all the staff's minds, "Oh. My. God." Dumbledore was clapping approvingly, he knew of Emily's plan and all. He just loved that little evil genius.

The game was horrible. To all the spectators, the Slytherins were acting like flamingos once they got on their brooms. It was shocking and hilarious. Finally, Harry caught the Snitch, making the final score: Gryffindor-1,530; Slytherin-0. Emily being an idiot poked the Bludger alot, the Bludger got angry and thought Malfoy was the culprit. The bludger then chased Malfoy out of the stadium leaving Emily confused... she went over to the golden snitch and began to pet it (Emily - yes my precious).

Snape was furious. He blamed the Weasley twins, that red headed new student, and the new girl who made him cry, and so, he used 'Snorus' and yelled, "Emily, Mr. Lavi and Misters Fred and George Weasley, you have detention with me!" Emily grinned like an idiot, Lavi smiled weakly, and the twins high-fived each other. (Emily made another new record in Detention time)

After detention, which was horrible (Cleaning Mrs Norris' cat box and catering to Snape's every whim for an hour), the four troublemakers went to bed, but not without planning something spectacular for tomorrow.

The next day

Today, everyone felt like the apocalypse was near. WHY? EMILY. WAS. SMILING.




Once in the great Hall, everyone saw Emily, Lavi, Fred and George fly into the room shouting, "SNAPE WAS ON A RAINBOW!!" and threw confetti everywhere.

Lavi and Emily used new spells they learned and blew up everything in sight. Tables, chairs, Umbridge, you name it, they blew it up.

Then, they took Umbridge, gave her a wedgie, and charmed her so much, that Umbridge was twitching, horribly. The crowd cheered

Meanwhile, Fred and George casted a charm to make all the owls think Slytherin table was their coop, and millions of owls (including the white wonder!) came flying in and pooping on the table and its confused occupants. (Malfoy!)

Emily, for the grand finale, turned Umbridge into a permanent toad, which amused the Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws to no end. She then flew out the window... by breaking it, but not before yelling for everyone to go to the Quidditch pitch.

Once everyone was outside, she set of a giant fireworks display, which was everlasting, and spell-proof. It read 'EMILY WAS HERE AND CREATED LIVING HELL FOR ALL SLYTHERINS (INCLUDING MALFOY)!!'

She then flew all the way back to California, before going back to NYC.


"I'M BACK!!" Emily yelled. V-chan was shocked, Emily looked as though she just celebrated Halloween in July, broom, hat, robe and all. V-chan smiled and then hit her on the head.


"OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" screamed Emily TToTT


The insane friends were at it again.

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