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An SGA Xmas

It was Sam's first Christmas away from Earth; she'd spent her last one with her father before he'd passed away, and the time before that with her brother. The job of keeping Atlantis from falling apart - and out of Replicator and Wraith hands - was a tough one.

It had been a long week, between the capturing of Doctor Rodney McKay and his sister, to the reappearance of Doctor Elizabeth Weir, only to find out she was made by the Replicators.

It was 11.59 and she had - just that minute - managed to crawl into bed; tired, sad and wanting nothing more than to get under her sheets and forget the universe existed for one night.

Sadly, the universe didn't like being forgotten.

"Colonel Carter!"

If it was the Wraith, she was going to personally hurt them. Reaching over as it crackled again, Sam pulled the small mic to her ear.

"Colonel Carter, please come in!"

Sam sighed, counted to five and slapped it. "Go ahead."

"Ma'am, sorry to bother you at such a later hour, but we have something of a rather unique problem." Sam was sitting up in about five seconds flat. Most of the time, 'unique' meant some big and nasty thing trying to kill them.

"I'm on my way." She crawled out of bed, pulled on her clothes and didn't even bother to tie her long blonde hair back. She ran out the door and made it to the Control Room, where an equally tired, and pissed off, Rodney was, rubbing his eyes and grumbling heavily.

"Colonel," Sam said as John, Teyla - who was now starting to show signs of her pregnancy - and Ronan - who looked as he always did: ready for a fight – gun pulled out and armed to kill.

The technician looked worried, but Sam didn't blame him; the last thing the night team wanted to do was wake sleeping dragons.

"What is it, Rob?"

"Ma'am," the man fumbled a salute. "We don't know how it happened. My back was turned for a split second."

"Let me guess, making coffee?"

Rob didn't answer the scowling Canadian scientist. "Col, it's better if you see it for yourself; I don't think anyone would believe me."

They walked up to the control computers, where some obviously-worried staff were sitting and watching their command staff nervously. When Sam looked out to the Stargate, she stopped and blinked in surprise. This had not been what she had been expecting.

"Holy crap…"

Sam agreed with Rodney, as he, too, stared open-jawed. "Okay, first off: no chimney; and secondly: how the hell did he get to a different galaxy?"

Sam smirked at Rodney as he stared down at the huge - yes huge - Christmas tree that filled the left corner of the gateroom.

"Who is he?" Teyla asked, more out of annoyance than curiosity.

"Oh right, sorry Teyla," Rodney mumbled. "I was referring to Santa Claus."

"Good point, Rodney," John said as he stared at the tree like a kid.

"Santa Claus?"

"Do I need to shoot him?" Ronan asked as he pulled out his gun and armed it. Sam sighed, placed a gentle hand on his arm and shook her head. He looked mildly disappointed and holstered it.

"Rodney!" Rodney twitched and hit his microphone as he spoke into it.


It was Radek on the other end.

"Radek you there?"

The Czech scientist was silent on the other end. "Rodney someone's solved the base code."

Rodney blinked in surprise, "Come again?"

"Said the actress to the bishop."

Rodney snorted at Sheppard's humour.

"There's a note Rodney." Rodney stood up. "It says: 'Merry Christmas, Rodney.'"

"No," Rodney said quietly. "Who's it signed by?"

"S Claus," Radek said in a whisper.

Sam really, really, didn't know how she was going to explain this one to the President of the United States of America. Disclosure Sam decided, if it ever happened was going to be interesting.