Title:A gleam in my eye
Rating: R
Part: 6/6
Spoiler:BtVS Season 4
Summary:Buffy realizes that she's in love with a certain redhead. But how will this one react to her revelation?
Main Characters/Pairing: Willow/Buffy, Xander, Giles, Anya
Disclaimer:I do not own these characters, they belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy.
Note:I wrote this when I was 17…and 'terribly innocent' ;) Had it on my computer ever since and only my beta recently convinced me to publish it. So…what's to say…it's not my best work ever and nowadays I can't even tell you what made me write Buffy/Willow in the first place…but, oh, well, here it is
Warning: Contains mild sexual activities. If you're too young for that, move it along ;)
Feedback:Still very appreciated


"So, what do you have in mind?" Buffy asked Willow, as they were walking hand in hand.

"Well, I thought we were going to a quiet place, get undressed and make each other very, very happy. But I have no idea, where to find a quiet place. I mean, the dorm is not really … the right place."

"May I recommend my bedroom?" Buffy offered.

"But what about your mum?" Willow asked.

"Mom's in L.A. doing some work for the gallery, art collecting or something. She shouldn't be back until a few days."

"Sounds tempting. All right, I'm in." Willow was elated. She threw her arms around Buffy's neck and kissed her lightly. At least it was intended to be a light kiss. But considering how worked up they already were, they simply couldn't keep their emotions low.

It was definitely time to get to the Summers Residence.


They arrived at 1630 Revello Drive about twenty minutes later, enough time to get very, very horny and wet in the right places.

With two rapid twists of the key, Buffy opened the front door, immediately yelling "Mom!" just to make sure her mother was indeed out of the house.

When she heard no reply she dragged Willow through the doorframe into the house, closed the door and immediately pushed Willow against it, nibbling on her lips, wanting to access the sweet witch's mouth again.

Willow welcomed her willingly, as her hands started roaming up and down the slayer's back.

Buffy nestled her left hand in Willow's red curls, while the other embraced the redheads waist, wanting more connection to her beloved. She pushed her leg between Willow's, forcing the witch to gasp in excitement.

"Oh God, Buffy," Willow breathed in her mouth. She removed her mouth from the slayer's and started to nibble on her ear.

"Oooh, slayer like," Buffy grinned. She looked Willow in the eyes and asked in a husky low voice, "So, where do you wanna go?" she kissed Willow's forehead, "My room?" she kissed her left eyelid, "Mum's room?" she kissed her right eyelid, "Kitchen?" she kissed the top of her nose, "Living room?" she kissed the left of Willow's mouth, "Dining room?" she kissed the right of Willow's mouth, "Just name it," she kissed Willow directly on the mouth.

The redhead groaned at Buffy's caressing movement as well as at the leg moving between her own.

"Anywhere. But we should move fast. I'm hardly able to stand up any longer." Willow breathed.

"No worries. I can carry you easily." Buffy replied, picked Willow up the floor and slung the redhead's legs around her hips.

Willow felt totally comfortable and snuggled closer on Buffy, while the petite, but remarkably strong, blonde woman, carried her towards the kitchen.

"What do we want in here?" Willow asked her darling curiously, wondering what the slayer had in mind. Sex on the kitchen counter, maybe?

"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. Just would you hold on tighter to me? I don't want you to slip."

Willow gratefully did what she was asked.

Buffy removed one hand from Willow's legs and opened the fridge, in which she found a canister of whipped cream and placed it in Willow's lap, to have her hand free again.

The redhead shivered lightly at this sensation.

Buffy closed the fridge and moved to one cupboard next to the window, and removed a small box of chocolate chips from it. "Okay, let's head upstairs," Buffy whispered in Willow's ear, as she walked out the kitchen towards the stairs.

"It's cold..." The feeling of the canister against her crotch made Will not really comfortable. But she just complained half-heartedly, much too aroused by Buffy's right hand, resting on her right butt-cheek.

"Don't worry. I'll get you warmed up soon enough." Buffy promised, as she kissed Willow briefly.


Finally Buffy reached her room, entered with Willow in her arms and placed the redhead carefully on her bed.

"Hey, baby. You okay?" Buffy asked as she saw the dazed look.

"Oh, yeah, but we'd better get started, before the whipped cream gets all melty on us." Willow looked down on her lap, where the canister still rested. Buffy took the canister and put it on the bedside table, right next to the box of chocolate chips.

"What do you think of a little game?" The Slayer asked huskily, as she traced Willow's thigh with her index finger.

"Oooh, I like games," Willow replied curiously, as she couldn't wait for the blonde girl to proceed.

Buffy reached over to her bedside table and opened the drawer. Willow arched an eyebrow; you hear lots of rumors about what some people have in there… But she shrugged, when Buffy only brought forth a small box. "Open it," She motioned for the taller woman to take a peek.

Willow opened it and found two dice in it, which clearly weren't meant to play Parcheesi. "Oh, love dice. I always wanted to try some of those."

"So did I," Buffy answered her, tickling Willow's tummy lightly. "So, who wants to start?"

"Slayers first," Willow replied.

"All right, then. If you say so," Buffy took the two small cuboids out of the box, placed it on the ground, and sat cross-legged in front of Willow, who was comfortably leaning against her cupboard. She threw the dice and as they landed on the blanket of her bed, they said: ´Touch´ & ´Lips´.

"Oh, well. Let's start slow then," Buffy said as she leaned in on Willow, who leaned in a little as well, and soon they brushed their lips together in one soft, but slightly passionate kiss.

After what seemed like hours of snogging, they parted and Willow took the dice in her hand. She threw a ´kiss´& ´neck´. "Oh, well. Look at that," Willow said, lunging at the slayers neck, giving it a smooth and tender kiss.

Buffy was next and threw ´suck´ & ´ears´. So Buffy sucked and nibbled on first the left and then the right of Willow's earlobes, hearing a low moan in reply.

When Buffy had finished sucking and nibbling, it was again Willow's turn to throw the dice, that soon blinked at her saying ´suck´ & ´nipples´. Willow looked in Buffy's eyes, asking for permission to take a step forward. Buffy reassured her with a quick nod and a smile. "Then I guess, I might have to undress you." Willow started, her eyes beaming at the thought of her beloved lying half naked in front of her.

"Guess so." Buffy replied.

Willow reached for Buffy's blue sweater and slowly zipped the fly down, revealing a white tank top underneath. Erect nipples were to be seen under the white cotton. Willow gripped the rim of the top, slowly pushing it upwards. Well-tanned, flawless skin was revealed. The redhead tickled Buffy's navel with the tip of her right finger. The slayer shuddered, as the electricity flooded from Willow's finger through her body.

A few seconds later Willow pulled the tank top up and over Buffy's head and now the bra-less Slayer sat in front of her, and blushed slightly as the witch's lusty eyes roamed over her naked form.

Willow smiled at the sight. She motioned for Buffy to lie down on her back. "Close your eyes," she took the canister of with cream, shook it shortly and sprayed one dab on Buffy's left nipple, one on her right and a heart in the valley between the slayer's breasts.

The redheaded witch leaned down and slowly licked the space between Buffy's breasts clean, producing goose bumps on the blonde's skin. Then she moved over to her left nipple, took it in her mouth and started sucking on it.

The slayer moaned in anticipation, as she got a hold of the redhead's thigh, which in the meantime had made its way between her own.

The redhead pressed her leg harder against the slayer's centre as she moved her mouth over to Buffy's right breast. She nibbled and suckled until even the last part of crème was gone.

And then, abruptly, just when Buffy had gotten all comfortable and was simply enjoying Willow's ministrations, the redhead sat up and took the dice in her hands again.

"Hey, Buff, your turn," she grinned at the slayer whose eyes were closed.

The blonde opened them reluctantly, but when the saw the naughty grin on the redhead's lips leaned up to kiss her again. Passionately and deep.

She flipped them over, pinning Willow to her bed and straddling her hips. Taking the canister into the hands, she grinned, "Screw the dice. I know what I want to nibble now.

And with that, she pushed Willow's shirt up a good deal to expose the freckled and well-built tummy. She drew a huge smiley on it, before taking the chocolate chips and giving eyes and nose some more pep.

Satisfied with her masterpiece, which also the redhead that was craning her neck could finally make out, she lunged down to fill her suddenly very hungry tummy.