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Summary: This story starts at the fight during the graveyard in Harry's fourth year, and will be massively AU even after Harry returns back to his own time.

Champion of a Dark God.

"We can linger but only for a few moments" his father said. "When you break the connection you must get to the portkey, don't look back, just go to the portkey" his mother continued. With a nod Harry turned toward Cedric, I'll take your body with me", Cedric smiled sadly at Harry and thanked him."Go NOW, BREAK THE CONNECTION" , his father yelled, but Harry couldn't't, instead he pushed on, forcing all of Tom Marvolo Riddle's also known as Lord Voldemort's victims out of his wand. Faster and faster Voldemort's wand was forced o spew out every piece of magic it had been used for, until it stopped.

For a split second everything was silent, before a cataclysmic bang went out, and slammed the surrounding Death Eaters away as though they were rag dolls in a hurricane.

After they had recovered from the shock they were treated by the sight of Lord Voldemort lying face down in a scorched circle and the body of Harry Potter was nowhere to be found.

Harry Potter happened to be somewhere else. He was lying on his back in a cold snowing rocky area called Norsca, not so far from the village of Istind, belonging to the Marauding tribes of a people generally know as Chaos by the other inhabitants of the Old World. So with a great sigh Harry Potter woke up again, only to be violently reminded of his less than ideal state.

'Why do these things always happen to me'? was his first question after realizing that A: there were no Death Eaters around and B: there was no dark Lord hell bent on torturing him before giving him a painful death, and C: when the hell was there any snow or mountains for that part on a June day in England? The answer was obvious, 'figures that something would happen and transport me through time and space with my luck' Harry thought grumpily.

Looking down on his leg Harry winced, 'sprained ankle by the looks of it', remembering the spell Professor Lupin had used on Ron in his third year Harry shakily pointed his wand at his ankle "Ferula", 'damn that hurts'. Now that his leg was at least usable, Harry rose and started walking toward the village he could see further ahead.

As he came closer he could familiarize himself a bit with the architecture. It looked decisively Viking like. Big houses made from timber logs, with thatched roofs and a hole on the middle to let the smoke out. A large palisade wall was encircling the city, and Harry could vaguely see the outlines of harsh pointed runes decorating the gilded wine like carvings on the doors and walls.

At the center of the village on top of a hill stood a grand hall with large stony steps leading up to it, was a great hall, looking even more magnificent than the rest of the village. Shields and heavy swords and axes adorned the wall outside, and at the top of the staircase leading up to it, Harry could see two deep blue banners with a picture laid out in gold.

It was a golden circle, with a small spike formed like a shark tooth bending upward sticking out from the left, and a flame curving upward before bending in toward the circle again from the left, and it was beautiful to Harry. "You think so"? whispered a voice in what seemed to be his head.

Harry abruptly turned around, his wand out in a flash. "Who's there"? he called out. "Show yourself", but nothing happened, nothing except a strange melodic laugh ringing through his head. "Do not worry young lad, I will not harm you, nay quite the opposite. You are powerful young one, more powerful than any I have seen in ages and trust me that is quite the long time."The voice was clearly in his mind, Harry was absolutely sure on that now. It was so strange, like several different pitched voices talking at the same time, beguiling and terrifying at the same time. 'WHO ARE YOU'? Harry thought more forcefully this time.

"I am the changer of ways lad, the one who knows all, the great manipulator of destiny. You had a destiny, you were the one to destroy that filth Tom Riddle, yet your meddling Headmaster planned to sacrifice you like a martyr 'for the greater good' of course, then he would rally the wizarding world and destroy Riddle while he was still weak, and as such receive another of his beloved Order of Merlin", the voice spat out vehemently. Harry did not want to believe that Dumbledore would do that to him, yet as if by some unknown force, all the bad things that had happened to him through life came back to him, and about all of them lead back to Dumbledore one way or the other. "Ah so you see, that is good. So I decided that I should help you my lad, I do not like Dumbledore, and so I decided to stick a giant sword in his wheel so to speak. I shall grant you my mark, this village is to be your home, and with my support you shall unite the tribes under you. You shall be my greatest champion, Your name is no longer Harry Potter, from now you shall be known as Arkhan The Bringer of Change, do the tasks and trials I put before you, and you shall be taken back to your own time with the skills and power to destroy Riddle and mess Dumbledore over for good. I do not demand your soul, only your allegiance lad, it is a fair trade after all, it is you or the world right now, and if you want to survive what do you choose"?

The voice seemed particularly pleased with itself. Harry cursed inwardly, at one point he was bubbling with hate and feelings of betrayal against Voldemort and Dumbledore respectively, yet on the other hand, he knew that pledging allegiance to this 'Power' would likely mean killing others, yet now small pieces of information poured into his mind, details on how just about any race and nation in this world, wanted to kill others, for not sharing their faith, or being different, particularly the so called 'Empire' seemed very much like a mixture of the fanatical Soviet Union and the old zealous times where the church was so powerful in the medieval times, hell they even had their own inquisition to root out 'followers of the Dark Gods', and Harry realized with a twist of irony, that was not good or evil a point of view really. 'After all apparently I have a world to save back where I come from, and the only way to save it is by serving a Dark God, would I not be evil by choosing to sacrifice an entire world just so that I can save a few hundred here'? Harry thought.

Finally he came to a decision. 'I'll serve you so that I can go back and finish of that monster and save my friends and family, even if I'll be damned here for doing so, I will', Harry thought.

"Good, I Tzeentch the Changer of ways grant you my mark, along with the beginning of your training. The knowledge shall come to you over time. Your first task will be to enter the city, where you shall join into the chieftain's warband, once you have gained enough skill you shall challenge his lowest champion for his title, getting you that much closer to the time you shall wrest the chieftainship from him…go Arkhan, bring forth the change that is demanded by The Changer of Ways".

After the abrupt stop of the conversation an excruciating pain raked Harry's chest and head, as the mark of Tzeentch was tattooed over his chest, and information about everything he needed to know about this world was flowing into his brain. Knowledge about the different Lore's of Magic, including the special magic reserved for the followers of Tzeentch only. Every bit of knowledge about the various races, geographical knowledge of the old world, various languages and customs that were used in different nations, all in all knowledge about everything, but the flow of knowledge was so great the he blacked out again.

Malek Darkblood and his three unfortunate comrades in arms swore colourfully when they noticed a bright light and a scream of pain a little to the left. "Helvette, and just now that we were finished with patrol", his comrade Nargeir said.

Malek looked at him, before turning back towards where the light and scream came from. "Let's check it out, after all one can not be too careful around here", he said. As one the four men tightened their grip on their large axes and shields before walking steadily towards the place where Harry was lying on the ground.

"Khorne's teeth", Nargeir swore. " 'Es only a lad and already he carries the mark of the Gods, we must take he back to Varduk at once", he said quickly. And with that, the four Marauders picked Harry up, before moving at a steady pace towards Istind, where he could be brought before their Chieftain Varduk, a mighty Exalted Champion, bearing terrifying Chaos Armour and the Mark of Chaos Undivided, he would definitely be pleased to have someone with the mark of one of the Gods serve under him, after all if one wanted to become the Everchosen of Chaos he would need one from each God serve under him, yes Varduk would definitely be pleased with Malek and his men when they returned.

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