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Chapter4: Rise of the Everchosen.

The boat trip back was less eventful than the previous one. Seeing as everyone mostly was happy about what they had managed to grab there were no fights, and therefore no need to execute anyone to make examples, and it was barely a week later that they were once again back at Istind, where a huge party was thrown to celebrate the success of the raid.

And as Harry was sitting beside Leif, listening with amusement as Leif embellished Harry's part in the battle like a professional story teller he had to admit that the battle had gone well. Of the roughly hundred men that had sat out only seven had died with a few serious wounds caused to some of Varduk's bodyguards as well. Apparently they had taken over fifty slaves, and they had enough food and drink to last for weeks.

"C'mon Arkhan, why don't ye tell us yer tale abou' that large snake ye faced again", Leif yelled as he slapped a large hand at Harry's shoulder. Smiling with amusement at how much these people reminded him of Vikings Harry drained his goblet of mead before once again launching into a (heavily) embellished tale of how he slew a sixty foot basilisk.

It was many hours later that found Harry and Leif in Leif's house. "Alrigh' I promised ye that I would give ye a secret, a secret that was told tae me by me father actually", he told Harry drunkenly as he poured both of them some more mead.

"Bout' a six days ride north from 'ere' yeh should find a cave, don't worry it should'nae be too difficult to find considering that the cave entrance is in a large rock standing for itself in a large flat area. In tis cave I've heard there be 'n ancient suit of Chaos Armour that would be heavily enchanted, and only a person like yerself would be able to enter the cave, seeing as one would have tae carry the mark of one of the Gods tae enter it", he took a great sip as he looked closely on Harry.

"I dinnae what be guarding the cave, but I can tell ye that it will difficult to get the armour, but it should be worth it all things considered".

Pondering a bit for himself Harry conceded that it did sound like it was worth it, and even though he was still not too proficient with magic without his wand there were few things that could survive a killing curse, and he had the magical energy to send of a few of them before he would start to feel the strain. "I thank you Leif, this sound to be truly a venture worthy my person", Harry said with a grin as he swallowed some more mead.

With a little help from Leif Harry took his part of the things Leif had managed to plunder from the Bretonnian village they had sacked over this his house before biding him goodbye. With a last sigh he stepped into his own house, only to be engulfed in a tight hug from Serena.

"Thank the Gods", she mumbled. "I did not know if you survived as you did not return after the feast". Harry simply patted her back gently as she dried her tears. "It would take more than a few upstart peasants to kill me Serina", he said with a laugh.

Stepping back she looked him over with a critical eye. "Follow me", she said as she dragged him into the bathroom which had a large wooden pit in the middle of the floor that was filled with warm water.

"You are dirty", she said simply at Harry's confused look, and before he could say more she had started to remove his armour.

:Lemon Warning:

The first to go was the fur cape he was wearing, quickly followed by the leather cuirass he was wearing, and Harry watched with concern that the unbreakable charm had already starting to wear off with the hits it had taken. Next came the shoulder guards and bracers, before she went to her knees to remove his boots and greaves, before she stood up again.

Slowly almost sensually she started to button up his shirt one button by the other, taking what appeared to be great pleasure in stroking her hands over his muscular chest. Harry on the other hand was blushing slightly, though it was difficult to see with the amount of caked blood and gore that had splattered across his face.

After his shirt came off Serina took up a wet piece of cloth that she used to clean his face with, before she kissed him. It was incredible. Soft and intense at the same time, and she allowed her tongue to lightly caress his lips before she pulled back, as she gave him a slightly insecure smile.

Growling with lust Harry pushed her back as he locked lips with her again. Where the last kiss had been a sensual insecure one, this was filled with passion lust and desire, and he could hear her moan with desire as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. One of her legs draped around his waist and her hands had either fisted itself in his hair or was raking over his chest.

With a growl of lust Harry bushed into a wall as his hands roamed through her hair and over her dark dress. Breaking the kiss Serina started to lightly hiss his face and neck and Harry went weak in he legs a moment as she gently sucked on a sensual point at the side of his throat. His left that had been brushing over her belly gently slipped beneath her skirt and went up to caress the side of her breasts, and he smiled smugly as she moaned with desire.

Stopping his ministrations for a slight moment Harry slipped her shirt over her head before claiming her lips with his again, and he moaned softly into her mouth when her hand slipped into his pants where she started to stroke his hard manhood slowly.

He rubbed her left nipple with his right hand as his left clenched her firm derrière. Quickly they both divested themselves of their remaining clothes, and stumbled into the warm water. They had barely gotten into the water before they were locked in another heated kiss, and Harry couldn't believe that anything could be so good.

He was proven wrong when Serina guided his throbbing manhood towards her aching femininity and impaled herself at him. Harry thought he'd died and gone to heaven at the feeling of her warm incredibly tight vagina squeezing his hard manhood like it was a lifeline, while Serina bit down on Harry's neck hard in both pain from her hymen breaking and pleasure at being filled up.

Both of them moaned in pleasure as they stared to move against each other, and Harry could already feel that his release was not far away with the way she kept impaling herself at his manhood.

Sure enough barely a few minutes later Harry cried out in pleasure as he shot his seed deep into her waiting womb and sent her into her own blissful climax. Breathing heavily Harry looked into her glazed beautiful blue eyes. "That was… that was great", he panted as he kissed her softly, inwardly cheering when she brought her arms up to encircle his neck. "yes it was", she said as she broke the kiss. "But we should probably get cleaned up before we continue", she said with a smirk.

Grinning at he his once again hardened piece of man flesh out from her, giving her a heated kiss as well before he reached for the soap.

:End Lemon:

After they had both washed up and retreated to Harry's bedroom the started on what was to become the best night in Harry's life to that point, and Harry praised the Gods on more than one point that teenagers were so full of sexual stamina, and both of them fell asleep from exhaustion with smiles on their faces.

It was only after he woke up the next day that Harry remembered what he was planning on setting out on, and he was lost in his own thoughts as he slowly stroked Serina's dark hair. "What is it", she said suddenly as she turned to face him, her blue eyes staring at him, apparently she had been more awake than he thought.

"I must leave again", he said sadly as he allowed his hand to caress her naked thighs in slow circles. "There is a cave up north with an ancient artefact that I must hunt down, why I do not know, but I have a feeling that I shall need it".

Serina sighed, as she closed her eyes, willing herself not to cry. "When must you leave?" she whispered from where her face was buried in Harry's chest. Harry kissed the top of her head as he held her closer. "I must leave today, since winter will be coming soon, I will need at least twelve day's of travel and I do not know how long a time I will spend in the caves, though if I am lucky I will be able to return before the storms set in".

Instead of speaking Serina simply accepted that the man she had come to love had to leave her again, it was something that all women had to endure here in the north and so she would have to as well. "Come back to me", was all she said, before she straddled his waist and started to kiss him.

Three hours later saw Harry sitting on the black warhorse he had acquired dressed up in his armour and his thick fur coat slung about his shoulders. Varduk had seemingly cared less about Harry going out on his venture, simply ordering him to come back alive, and many people from the village had gathered to see his him off to his travel.

"May the Gods bless your journey Arkhan", he could hear Leif shout across the others who stood around him. With a nod at the people around him and a gentle smile at a tear streaked Serina he pushed his heels into the flanks of his new horse and shot out of the gates in a fast gallop.

Both him and his horse had apparently come to an understanding. Harry knew his horse was a mighty and proud steed, worthy of kings, and the horse knew Harry to be a warrior worthy enough to ride him as well as take care of him, and this understanding was what would lead to a great companionship between the two of them.

The first two days had been uneventful in every way of the word, not a single animal or worse was seen as they raced over the rocky roads leading north. At the third day they endured a chilling rainstorm, that promised the arrival of the winter soon, and even with magic Harry had barely been able to come up with a fire that was good enough to keep them slightly warm.

The fifth day continued with heavy wind, but no rain fortunately, and it was here, at where the road forked, one way leading to the east, one to the west, one to the north east and one to the north that proved to be Harry's first problem. As instructed Harry took the road that went due north, however he had barely gotten ten yards on the way before it was blocked by a large Chaos Warrior further up ahead, at least he believed it to be a Chaos Warrior

"Who dares to enter the domain of the Swords of Chaos?" came the deep hate filled voice of the warrior in front of him. "It is I Arkhan the Bringer of Change, Champion of Tzeentch, I seek the artefact that is resting in your domain", Harry answered back with as steady a voice as he could.

He had revealed his intentions of retrieving the artefact that they were guarding no matter what, and that he would challenge them if he had to. "Then we will fight", stated the other warrior as he drew his sword out of his scabbard and hefted his large shield, before walking slowly towards Harry.

Harry on the other hand was cursing in his own mind. Of all the things to guard whatever was here it had to be the Swords of Chaos, the old warband of Archaon the previous Everchosen of Chaos, and possibly the most dangerous bad guy on the planet, at least whatever he ahd arrived for was sure to be worth it, now he only had to fight the best warriors that the followers of Chaos could throw at him, it was a knight against the boy with a stick case scenario, and suddenly Harry grinned.

While Harry was certainly the boy with a stick, his stick had the potential of causing damage… lethal damage, so with a flick of his wrist he had his wand in hand and before you could say quidditch he had fired a killing curse towards the Chaos Warrior who took it in the stride.

Harry's smug grin promptly disappeared when the warrior was blasted to the ground only to stand up again. "Did you not know young Champion, the armour of the Gods give us sufficient protection against spells?" the warrior mocked.

"Well fuck", Harry grumbled as he dismounted and drew his sword. The Chaos warrior swung his sword with incredible swiftness and Harry was forced to jump backwards from a strike that would probably had broken his ribs. Barely given time to breathe his opponent started to swing again, forcing Harry on the defensive straight away. For almost ten minutes his enemy had forced him to dodge, jump, block or redirect the strikes that was unleashed upon him, and he was getting tired, so tired that he made a mistake and watched as his sword went flying away, the following strike to his sternum sent him to the ground, where he tried to regain his breath.

His enemy believed Harry to be dead, after all no one could receive such a blow and survive, other than his Lord Archaon perhaps, but then again Archaon was the Everchosen not some foolish young Champion intent on bringing himself some glory. With a snorth of displeasure at the young fool who could not even fight he went to retrieve the boy's sword, it was fairly unique and would do well in his collection however just before he was about to pick it up a cold voice from behind him made him stand still, 'we're not finished', the young fool whom he believed he had just killed stated, and Grimnar gulped slightly when he saw the infernal no doubt magical whip in the hand of the young boy.

Quenching his fear he leapt towards the boy intent on removing the young upstarts head from his shoulders as quickly as possible, that however proved to be slightly difficult when the boy started to swing the whip around in some strange pattern, before giving it a final snap towards the sky, and Grimnar dropped his sword out of pure shock when he saw what had happened.

The whip which had been ablaze with strange flames, went strangely normal when the boy had snapped it in the air. While out from the tip of it, the flames twisted and formed into a creature of horror. The brightly burning magical flames took the shape of a massive two headed Chaos Dragon, each head snapping and blowing small bursts of fire, while small flames littered it's already burning body, with an unnatural shriek that chilled him to his very bones the dragon flew to him and engulfed him with deadly flames, Grimnar barely managed to give a single sound of pain before his body was reduced to ash, leaving nothing but an empty suit of white hot Chaos Armour behind, with a nod of satisfaction Harry snapped the whip at the dragon forcing the deadly flames to once again sink into his whip dancing over it now and then while giving a slight shimmer of enchantment.

Grinning smugly Harry mounted his horse again. While the previous enchantments had been good and all that Harry had managed (with some heavy advice from his unholy Patron) to imbue it with the deadly powers of Fiendfyre. Normally the incredibly potent, incredibly dangerous and incredibly dark spell was simply inside his whip, he could summon it forth and blast it out from his whip to set it loos on his enemies, and he did not need to fear loss of control either as a simple snap of his whip against it would once again force it inside, the only sad thing was that his poor sword had not survived the onslaught of magical superfire, and had been reduced to a gleaming pool of molten metal.

Giving the still gleaming piece of white hot Chaos Armour a last glance he rode forth towards where he knew the cave should be. At the end of the sixth day Harry had reached the entrance to the cave, and just like Leif said it was at a large rock surrounded by a large circle of open land, not a common place in the mountainous lands or Norsca. Leaping down from the saddle Harry inspected the large door that was the entrance to the cave.

The door itself was nothing special, just a piece of smooth polished stone, but when he neared it the eight pointed star of Chaos emerged from the middle of it in blood red colours, knowing that he carried the mark of his God Harry simply walked on, and went straight through the door as though it was not there at all, ' that would be handy to have'.

The inside of the cave was just as unimpressive as the outside was. A simple corridor sneaking downwards with torches lining the rocky walls, but Harry knew that appearances could be deceiving so he walked on carefully, his whip already in his hand, ready to be used in a moments notice. But the cave was empty, and he walked for what felt like hours downwards, until he came to a great circular room with an alter at the top of a raised dais.

Completely forgetting his earlier concentration and readiness Harry almost ran up to the altar that held the armour he was looking for, and when he reached it he almost fainted. He was currently standing less than three feet away from the Armour of Morkar, the first ever suit of Chaos Armour, granted to the first Everchosen of Chaos, and had been used by every subsequent Everchosen since that, and from what Harry knew it should be in the hands of Archaon the current Everchosen who was forced to flee from Middenheim after failing to bring about the end of the world by the Storm of Chaos, "how?" he whispered to himself.

"Lord Archaon was punished by the Gods for his failure", spoke a Chaos Warrior who had stepped out from one of the hidden doors in the room, slightly to Harry's left. "They cursed him by removing his immortality from aging", came the voice of another, this time from the right. He was cursed by a foul Vampire, whom made him age quickly, we killed the Vampire but it was already too late, Lord Acrhaon was dying from his now very old age, his last commands was to place the remaining five artefacts of Chaos around the world and guard them with our lives, that was twenty years ago, and so here we stand, there has been some time since we were last challenged, but if can defeat three of our champions then you shall don the armour and we shall follow you", said a new one who had appeared in front of Harry.

Harry looked around the room, twenty knights stood there, all of them former members of the Swords of Chaos, and mighty champions in their own rights, most likely all of them had once been Kings or Chieftains of their tribe or tribes.

One of them stood forward, drawing up a very large two handed double-bladed axe, "I shall have the first fight", he said as he stepped towards Harry. Harry quickly uncoiled his whip, and snapped it towards his challenger, who leaped nimbly out of the way with a grace that should be impossible for one wearing such a large bulky armour. Undeterred Harry continued to swing and snap his whip around, dodging the dangerous strikes from his opponent, however as luck would have it his opponent was simply to skilled, and he managed to deliver a devastating blow towards his midriff that threw him back several feet.

With a snarl of pain and annoyance Harry swiped the whip along the ground, and watched with glee as it coiled around the left knee of his opponent. With a cry of frustration Harry ripped the whip towards him as hard as he could, and watched in satisfaction as the leg of his enemy was torn off slightly above the knee, causing him to fall to the ground in pain.

Swiftly bringing the whip over to him, Harry managed to remove the leg from the many barbed spikes that had buried themselves in it, and to his immense relief his enemy had yet to stand up fully, though he was trying. Quickly and remorselessly Harry snapped his whip at his enemy revelling in the screams that tore out from his mouth as his back was flayed with magical energies and short spikes. Again and again Harry allowed the whip to be snaps down on his opponent, until a particularly nasty strike removed the head from it's torso.

"I will have him now", said another one as he stepped out fearlessly, holding a large sharp sword in each hand. Reverting to his earlier tactic Harry set about swinging and snapping his whip, trying to get in a blow at his enemy, only to watch in fascination and horror as his enemy coiled his whip around his own sword, and started to drag Harry over to him. Harry cursed as he was dragged forwards, not strong enough to stop him, and he knew when he reached his enemy it would be over. As he was dragged forwards Harry saw the upper half of the battle axe his former enemy had used, and with some effort he managed to get a grip of it and hide it behind him.

Steeling himself Harry knew that he would only get one chance with this, he gripped the axe harder. With a nice roll he barely missed the oncoming sword. Quick as lightning Harry jumped up and slammed the great axe upwards, straight between the legs of his opponent whom immediately collapsed to the floor, howling in pain over his now ruined… 'equipment'. Harry smirked as everybody in the room tried to hide their slight wince at their comrade's plight. Hefting the big axe in both hands, Harry lobbed his enemy over onto his bag, and placed his right leg on his chest, ignoring the pained gasps coming from his downed enemy Harry raised the axe over his head and slammed it downwards, cleaving his enemy's head and helmet, instantly killing him, "next", said Harry as he stepped away from the now cooling body.

Somewhere to his right another one stepped forward, carrying a large black shield with the Chaos star on it, and in his right he held a big hammer, well big to be held in one hand anyway. Seizing the initiative Harry ran towards his enemy, before he swung the axe in a deadly arc, smashing it downwards at a left angle, intent on eviscerating his enemy, sadly his enemy seemed to have predicted this move some time ago as he swung forwards with his hammer. The hammer met the axe with tremendous strength, and the axe shattered into several pieces, leaving Harry standing there with a short wooden handle.

The following strike from the hammer flung him backwards, and Harry could already feel his armour begin to crumble, along with the charms he had placed on it. 'the damn hammer must be made by Dwarves with runes of destruction and annulling, fuck this is not good', Harry thought furiously as he avoided another strike that would have reduced his head to red goo.

Rolling backwards, he ignored the incredible pains his body was feeling and drew his wand. Even though the Chaos Armour could stand up against a shitload of magic, he was quite sure that it would not stand up against an overpowered killing curse. So he gathered all of his desire to kill, his will to survive, and his hope of winning, along with as much magic he could and forced it into his wand. 'AVADA KEDAVRA', he yelled, as he forced whatever magic he had left.

The green beam of death exploded from his wand, and rushed towards his victim with the speed of an express train. With a terrible bang it collided with his enemy's armour and tore straight through whatever magical resistance it had, and engulfed him, before slamming him away several feet, just like Voldemort had done against Cedric.

Harry almost fell to the ground as the magical exhaustion hit him, and he looked with slight awe at his wand, which had channelled so much power into one spell, only to be slightly dismayed when he looked at it. His once immaculate Holly wand, was singed and cracked at the front, and it gave out a few pathetic puffs and coughs of pink smoke, before it simply died out with a sound one would expect from am muggle computer or something similar, apparently the power of the spell had been too much and he had burned out the core, leaving the wand as nothing other than a hollow piece of wood, shrugging he put it back into his belt, before looking at the other warriors in the room whom had gone deathly silent.

"Mylord", said one of them as he fell to his knees with his head bowed. "We have sent for your Herald, he shall dress you in your new armour my Lord, we are yours to command", and as one all of the warriors fell to their knees before removing their helmets and bowing their heads. But before Harry could speak a figure could be seen walking down the corridor from where he had come from, and Harry only managed to restrain his gasp when the figure stepped out into the light of the torches around the room.

Standing at an impressive 7.5 which was tall for even a Chaos Warrior stood a person that was part of many a legend these days. Clad in an old suit of black and copper Chaos Armour. A great spike stood out from each of the kneepads, and he wore a necklace filled with fangs from a mighty Chaos Dragon he had slain. His helmet was adorned with two horns with metal tips. In his left hand he held a long simple broadsword, while his right was grasping a slightly rust stained single headed axe, along with a great shield, which was once again adorned with a copper Chaos star and had a central spike in the middle, with a chain holding three skulls draped around the top of it.

"I am Vardek Crom the Conqueror, your personal Herald my Lord, what is thy wish?", he stated with a dark booming voice. Remembering his protocols Harry squared his shoulders as he looked at Crom. "Armour me my Herald", he said. Crom immediately bowed his head before sheathing his weapons. Slowly he removed each and every piece of Harry's old armour, before he grasped the ancient suit of Chaos Armour that was lying on the altar.

First on was the greaves, followed by the boots, then came the cuirass itself, before the shoulder guards and gauntlets came. The entire armour was a shiny glossy black, smooth as water, and it's many raised and decorated sharp edges, were red as blood. After the armour that had been too big first shrunk itself to fit Harry's smaller structure, Crom fastened a deep lilac cloak with a thick brown fur at the top around his shoulders with a silver chain, before he went down on a bended knee with his head bowed he raised his two hands that held his helmet. The helmet made of a shining dark gold with two big horns sticking out and then bending up from each side of it. Almost reverently Harry took the helmet before placing it on his head, almost instantaneously the one dark eyeholes as well as the small opening at the bottom where his mouth was lit up with an eerie red light.

"The Everchosen is dead all hail the Everchosen", yelled Crom, and his words was repeated from the seventeen other warriors in the room. "You are the new Everchosen now my Lord, I am sure of it", said Crom. "What is thy command?"

"Rise my brothers", said Harry as he looked on his new servants. "I am at the moment not yet ready to take up on the mantle as Everchosen. I have business at a small village not too far from here, and there is much to be done before we can let the world feel our fury once more, I am almost positive that the sword is in the general vicinity, but the other artefacts are spread around the world, we must retrieve them before we can unleash the Storm of Chaos again, Crom, I bid thee to come with me on my travels. The rest of you my faithful brothers must scatter, find out the location of the other four artefacts, and gather my army, tell those who live at the Wastes that a new Everchosen has arisen and to prepare for war", Harry did not know exactly why he said this, but he knew that the words came to him from Tzeentch, so it was apparently his master's will for this to happen.

One by one his followers left until only Crom was left. "My Lord, though your duels were no doubt impressive, we need to train you more in the arts of combat, Archaon was the only person to ever have bested me in combat, and we will not leave nor stop your training before you can best me", he said.

And so began Harry's training. Crom was ruthless, his different fighting styles were effective no matter what, either he attacked with his sword and axe, unleashing a whirlwind of blows upon Harry, that would have shredded him to ribbons if they were using real weapons. And whenever Harry managed to go on the offensive he simply switched to using his word and shield, with an expertise, blocking or redirecting every blow only to retaliate with lightning quick strikes that would have killed Harry several times over were he a normal man.

So now almost a year later Harry stood outside with Crom, his mighty shield decorated with a twisted Chaos star in gold with a central spike was strapped on his left hand, and he was just about to draw his sword when Crom attacked him.

At first the Harry gave ground before the former tribal king of the Kul tribes, beating aside the ferocious attacks with his shield, seemingly unable to draw his own weapon in the face of such skill and ferocity. Crom pressed on, believing that he had Harry measured again, but as Harry reached the door to the cave, he gave ground no further and with a single sweep of his shield swept the blade from Crom's hand. Without pause, Crom flung himself weaponless at his foe but as fast as he was, Harry was faster, his right hand closing in a vice-like grip about Crom's throat. As he lifted the struggling Kul high off the ground, Archaon abandoned his shield and drew his sword, the blade easing from the scabbard, and he threw Crom to the ground before pointing the blade at Crom's throat.

Crom was stupefied as he remembered with a feeling of melancholy at how similar this duel was to the one he had with Archaon several decades ago. The only difference was that there was no ring of knights surrounding them, nor did Harry draw the Slayer of Kings, which had made Crom surrender immediately.

Sheathing his sword Harry helped Crom up from the ground, seemingly without effort, "so did I pass your test my friend?" he asked and Crom could even hear the smirk that was probably stretching across his liege's face.

"You my Lord are as worthy a warrior as Archaon himself was, there is nothing else I can teach you, so I suggest you head back home my Lord, meanwhile I wish to return to the steppes of Kul, where I will once again unite the tribes into an army worthy of fighting for you", he said.

"As you wish my friend, raise me an army worthy of fighting in my name, but stay in the north until you hear from me, you will probably know", Harry said as he grasped Crom's shoulder and shook it in a brotherly gesture., before retreating towards his horse. Crom meanwhile appraised his Lord and former student, incredibly proud of himself. Where Arkhan had once been just 6' tall, he now stood a great 7,2, and while not as tall as Crom, he was definitely broader around the shoulders, and if he was to take a guess, much stronger as well, and he could only hope that he did not fail as Archaon had done, with a last glance at his friend, Lord and former student, Crom picked up his sword before marching towards his old homeland.

Harry meanwhile was riding as fast as his trusted horse, whom he had named Braccus, towards his home. He could not wait to see Serina again, but a great shadow rested on his mind, and he had a feeling that if he did not hurry something terrible would happen. And on his sixth day of travel he could finally see the village of Istind on the steppes a little way below him, and it was surrounded by an army of knights and men-at-arms, Brettonnians who had come for vengeance for the raid they had done over a year ago.

From his elevated position Harry could see that his allies were surrounded, a small island of Chaos Warriors, including Leif whom it appeared had received an elevation to their ranks, all around them were both Knights and men-at-arms, while further back their archers were pouring volleys of flaming arrows into the city.

Harry simply grinned at this, spurring Braccus into a gallop he flew towards the Brettonni battle line. Before too long he was in range and he sent forth two great fireballs that slammed into the archers, the great red fire tearing at their very souls, before it died out. Not even giving them time to properly notice them he drew his sword and rode into them. His sword swung and stabbed, splashing his armour with blood and gore, and Braccus appeared to take great pleasure in riding over the peasants before trampling on them or kicking those who came to close. Three brave peasants gathered up in front of him with their swords held in shaking hands, and so Harry stopped his wild charge, gazing down into their terrified faces from atop his mighty black horse. Extending his sword so that it pointed towards one of them Harry spoke, his voice dark and filled with promise of pain and death. "You, you shall live if only to tell your people to never enter the lands of the north again, because if they do so, we shall slay them all", the peasant whimpered before he turned tail and ran towards where their ships lay anchored.

The others however threw themselves at Harry. Harry simply grinned underneath his helmet as he allowed his dark voice to laugh sinisterly at their pitiful attempts to kill him. One peasant was killed when Harry kicked him in the face, tearing his head straight off, another one got his ribs and sternum smashed as Harry slammed his shield into his torso, and a mighty sweep of his sword removed the heads of three others, the effortless killing he presented broke what little nerve the archers had left and they turned tail and ran, but Harry chased them down, one by one he killed the remaining twelve, before returning to where the Chaos Warriors were making their resistance.

Standing alone at the hill, with the gored bodies of several archers around him Harry made Braccus rise up on his hind legs. Raising his sword above his head he yelled out for all to hear. "I ARKHAN BRINGER OF CHANGE IS HERE, ALL PRAISE THE GODS OF CHAOS", then spurred Braccus into a gallop once more, riding quickly towards the Brettonnian knights and men-at-arms.

With a terrifying roar he smashed into the knights, killing as he went, and his actions and bravery sent the other Chaos Warriors into a frenzy. Shouting praises to Chaos and Arkhan they pushed forward, dragging the knights from their saddles, or smashing the weak peasantry apart, until not a living Brettonni was left alive.

"Arkhan, you are alive then?" said Varduk as he approached him. "Indeed I am Varduk, I have spent many a day searching for this armour, and training my skills, but now as I found it and felt ready I returned to my home".

"Excellent Arkhan, tomorrow you shall duel Rahkart here, do this and I shall make you my champion", he said. Harry simply nodded, both at Varduk and Rahkart, before he returned to his home, where Serina would be waiting for him.


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