A/N: This prologue is from Squall's perspective…it will switch later in the story chapters

Chicken or the Egg


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Most people do not give this more than a fleeting moments thought as they know there is no clear-cut answer and one conclusion obviously contradicts itself. Without the egg, there is no chicken. Without the chicken, there is no egg.

Squall had continually tried to shake odd feelings of déjà vu from his mind. Of course there were things about this sorceress before him that seemed…familiar. Regardless, there he was with his gunblade to his side, ready, as Ultimecia put her finishing touches on her speech.

Okay I got it…you want to kill us…we want to kill you…can you just shut the hell up?

Moments later, Squall's hopes were answered, as they engaged in combat with the evil sorceress. It was easy, too easy; no…all their training had just been paying off. From the moment each of them had stepped their foot into garden one of their main priorities was training to kill the sorceress. To defend every innocent of the world against the evil sorceress threat, even his sorceress…Rinoa…who stood no more that a few feet away since they arrived in time compression.

However, he couldn't help but to notice it seemed as she was fighting internally as well as externally, that she was holding back her true power. A strong evidence of this was the tear he noticed streaming down her rough face that he managed to pick out even during heated battle. Sure they were all exchanging blows but he knew her adrenaline was pumping way too much to cry over a flesh wound. One benefit of his quiet nature and overactive brain was he overanalyzed often. Usually this trait was bad but occasionally he would observe things that went unnoticed by others.

What the fuck? …! Why are you holding back?

Everyone, including Squall himself, noticed Squall slipping off into his own little world. They all found it hard to believe that he would do something the like now. Never before had he lost focus…at least not in battle.

"Squall…" Rinoa managed to squeak out, staring with questioning eyes as Zell dodged a Firaga hurled at high speed in his direction.

Come on…focus

Squall merely nodded in Rinoa's direction, assuring her everything was okay as he did his best impersonation of Barry Bonds, smashing the majority of a Blizzaga spell with his gunblade back in Ultimecia's direction.

Griever gave them a much more difficult time. Of course he would, Squall thought to himself, he was the strongest GF in the history of the world that Squall had imagined during his younger teen years at garden, the lonely ones. Once again, Squall had to fight his urges to over think everything and maintain his focus on the fight.

Why does she have him? …How the fuck does she have him? Something is wrong…something is really wrong!

"Squall! Focus! Ahh…" Irvine snapped Squall back to awareness as he used his rifle as a shield against Griever's claws.

"I…I'm sorry…let's just finish this guys," Squall hesitantly stated to the group, meeting eyes with Rinoa. They all nodded in agreement, only Rinoa facing him as the rest were engaged in battle.

Ahhh hyne I'm tired…this is fucking ridiculous. Exchanging blows with what I thought was my friend…and people wander why I never fucking open up. Squall managed to smirk at his attempt at humor even if to himself as he raised himself off the ground from one knee.

"Time to finish this bitch off Squall" Zell yelled from the opposite end of the rock they were now…floating on. Immediately, the true form of the sorceress within Ultimecia replied to this hurtful comment by landing a blow underneath Zell's sternum nearly knocking him off the rock.

"I couldn't agree more…I got this stupid bitch" Squall mustered through clenched teeth as he charged her glowing with a slightly golden aura.

This ends now Ultimecia…you will not hurt the people I care for or the women I love…not again.

Squall sent the true form of the sorceress into an act of implosion after landing his Limit Break of Lion Heart, as he landed back on the rock with his friends. The next few moments were a blur, as the trembling in his body matched that of the world around him. As Squall stood over the lifeless body of Ultimecia, that the true form of the sorceress had rid itself of only moments before he couldn't believe what he saw as he faded away from the others into time compression.


Hyne, no! …How? …what happened to you Rin…what happened to your knight…to me?

Many thoughts plagued Squall Lionheart's mind as he collapsed to the barren ground below him. Especially the visions that plagued his mind of what he saw hours before.

That was my ring…that was griever…

He remembered as he fought the feelings of tiredness fight against him, the information he had received on Ultimecia from Laguna. There wasn't much actually but there was a hypothesis on why she turned and let the evil inside of her take over…why she had fallen. Probably about 10 facts, 90 fiction, Squall thought to himself. However, he refused to deny it anymore as he realized the truth. Someway or another, Ultimecia's knight had betrayed her or failed her (which is the same as betraying her he thought to himself) letting her fall to the dark powers within. He had failed her, he had failed Rinoa…and on that fateful day in the past…or future…Rinoa died in a sense and Ultimecia was born.

That was griever Rinoa…that was you too, huh? O hyne no this is all wrong!

He knew from the classes on sorceresses he had taken in Garden about the extreme importance of a knight. They always loved one another, as they were the two most important people in each other lives. Sometimes there was romance, sometimes they were in love, sometimes they loved one another but were merely close friends. Regardless, the constant was the undeniable bond they shared that left they physically, emotionally, and mentally dependant on one another. The sorceress always was more dependent on the knight, as he was the only thing keeping her from giving into her dark powers. When and if a sorceress fail, it was almost mostly because of her knight failing or betraying her. Sometimes it would be willingly as the knight no longer wished to wish his life for her, or found someone else that he loved. Sometimes it would be unwillingly, such as dying protecting her in battle. Basically, if the sorceress lost her knight she lost her love and would usually lose her will to live and to fight off the evil within her.

I failed you Rin…I'm so sorry. What did I do…die in battle for you or did I cheat on you …did I give up on you? No! Squall reprimanded himself for that statement. I would never do that… I would never hurt you…I would give my life for you…ya I must have died in battle for you…but how…

He couldn't stop the tears, as he had held them back for years and they refused to yield to him any longer, not that he any longer cared.

Will I ever get to see your beautiful face again Rin? Will I ever get to hear your beautiful voice again? Will I ever get tell you how I feel?

Squall's thoughts were momentarily interrupted by the waves of overwhelming tiredness running through his weakened form of a body. He knew that he was probably going to die in this place. He knew he probably was never going to see her again…as he slowly let the tiredness take over his body.

Rin…I promise…I won't fail you again. No matter what I won't fail you. I won't let you fail…again I promise. I…love…you Rinoa…I love you

Then he heard her voice.