Kim Possible, Shego, Wade, Ron, Yori, and other characters from Kim Possible are property of Disney. Some characters are original. Kim Possible: Altered Destines is series of stories based off the events of Old Family Ties and New Beginnings, PRISM Predicament, and Awakenings.

Deep underground, in a location known only by select few in the world, a set of metal doors slid open as a heavily armored guard placed his hand on the scanner. "They are ready for-" was all he could say before he was shoved aside.

"Yes, yes, out of my way, I'm in a hurry," Betty scoffed, walking down the corridor with an inpatient sneer. She knew meetings with the Heads of State only occurred three times a year but she was able to convince them to hold an emergency meeting to vote on her change of policy. It wasn't long until she stood in the center of a circular room. Looking up, she could see the semi-circle of seats and podiums that consisted of the nine Heads of State, a council of representatives of the entire world who decide what Global Justice can and can not do.

The room was dark, a dramatic effect Dr. Director no longer found amusing after the third time she had to meet with the council. Normally a light would shine on each of the nine heads but only one light turned on, only one of the heads was revealed; the North American. Drabbed in a black cloak and distinguished with a red balaclava with a white star on the center of the face, the North American represented the interests of the United States and Canada. The lack of the other eight worried Betty. "What's going on, I called for an emergency meeting- an official emergency meeting!" she shouted.

The North American raised it's hand. "Only I am here," the scrambled voice spoke. Secrecy and discretion was valued above all else to the heads. "Rest assured, though, we have all cast our vote on your change of policy."

Dr. Director tried to remain calm. "Yes sir, and the result?"

The North American slowly gazed up to the light that shone above. "It's dead even, four are for you and four are against."

"But the council consists of nine, there should... ah... you are the tie breaking vote."

The scrambled voice chuckled softly. "Sharp Director, very sharp. Yes, I told the others to stay and I would come alone to cast the only remaining vote. I hope you understand."

She nodded. "Yes, I understand. Now, your vote, North America head?"

There was an odd, eerie silence then, as if the entire world had stopped at just that moment. The North American head slowly lifts it's hand from it's side and slowly grabbed the top of the balaclava. "My vote, I'll tell you... face to face."

The balaclava was slowly being pulled up and Betty stood there stunned, speechless. She couldn't fathom why one of the heads would reveal themselves. But when the balaclava came off completely, Betty could feel her heart skip a beat, she had to brace herself on the podium in the center of the room to keep from falling over. "N...No... impossible! You can't be the North American head!"

Without the mask, the North American head exposed who she really was; Susan Allens. Betty knew her extremely well, Susan was the former head of Global Justice, back when it was the Allies' United Network of Tactics, Intelligence, and Espionage before the fall of the Soviet Union. Susan B. Allens, the Girl from A.U.N.T.I.E., the deadliest woman alive with a combat knife. In the world of espionage, Susan's exploits had become legendary, stories spies tell other spies to prepare for the worst possible situation. Just looking at the scars Susan had on her face, it be easy to assume those stories to be true. But despite all that, to Betty Director, Susan Allens was really two things to her; her mentor and her dearest friend. "After I gave Global Justice to you, the powers to be felt I was too valuable to simply retire. I guess giving forty years of your life to your country only gets you a bureaucratic position."

"So... every time I came before this council... you were always the one in front of me?"

Susan nodded. "Yes, but enough small talk. I came to tell you that I'm stopping your policy against vigilantes. My vote is nay, motion denied."

Betty clenched her fists at her sides and started to grind her teeth. "You... you are betraying me?! You're the one who said they were a nuisance!"

Allen's tone was firm and with authority. "Nuisance. A necessary evil. Which means we don't out right declare war on them, we step back and simply make sure they don't go rouge."

"That isn't good enough anymore! They must be held accountable to the law!"

"We are the law. You know state statues and constitutional amendments don't apply to what we do, that's nothing more than pointless politicking and favoritism."

Director glared at the woman who, up until this point, had been like a mother to her for so many years. "You can't honestly sit up there and tell me this council is immune to politicking and favoritism. Every meeting, there's bickering and arguments about which part of the world should have so much surveillance. On what should be considered adequate enough of an offence for Global Justice to intervene. This council is just as bad as anything out there... and you're the worst."

Susan beared her teeth with a growl. "Don't push me, Betty. I'm doing this for your own good. My vote isn't based on personal bias."

"And Kim Possible called me a hypocrite. Not based on personal bias? You're mask is off!"

"Betty, grow up, damn it! The council has cast it's vote and now you're going to have to live with it's decision, like a good soldier. If you remember anything I taught you, remember that we're still a military organization. So just say 'sir, yes sir,' do what your told, and hope to god you die painlessly." With that, Susan turned off the light illuminating her podium and walked off into the darkness. All Director could do was stare at the after image burning into her retinas until it slowly faded away.

"Sir... no sir."

Kim Possible: Altered Destinies

Old Friends

Chapter 1

Kim was going through the laundry bin, separating clothes before using the dorm's washing machine when she was suddenly hit by a rank odor. She knew what it was, it wasn't the first time she had suffered it's wrath but she thought she wouldn't come across it again. Shego, for whatever hygienical reason, stains her clothes every time she works out at the campus gym with the strongest smelling sweat stains Kim has ever smelled. This was quite the accomplishment considering Kim spent half her time in high school in the school gym and sporting events. Kim had confronted Shego about this problem before, asking her to put her clothes in a separate bag so the smell wouldn't stick to the other clothes. Obviously, that request wasn't fulfilled. She threw the foul rags to the ground and whipped out her cellphone, hitting Shego's number on speed dial. "Shego, we need to talk!"

Shego recoiled from her phone for a moment before responding. "Kimmie, volume," she said, hoping to stop Kim's shrill onslaught.

"Shego, what did we talk about earlier about your gym clothes after worked out in them?"

"I don't know, put them in the dirty clothes hamper?"

"No Shego."

"Well that's pretty disgusting, princess. Why would I want to wear clothes I've sweated in again before cleaning them?"

"I'm talking about putting them in a separate bag."

"Oh, that? They're all going into the washing machine anyway, just hold your nose and dump 'em in."

Kim pulled the phone away so she could let out a frustrated groan. "Because, Shego, your sweat stank needs extra strong detergent and now that it's spread to the other clothes, now they need it too."

"So just super clean them, I'll reimburse you for the Clorox."

"You don't get it, do you Shego? Some of these clothes can't be cleaned like that, I'm going to have to hand wash them just to keep from ruining them. Do you have any idea how much time that takes?"

"Look, princess, this is really riveting and all, but I'm a little busy."

"With what?"

"Class stuff... hmm... would you say I'm more an autumn or a winter?"

"Are you doing one of those magazine tests?" Shego hung up right after Kim's question but not before she let out an audible chuckle. Kim could have screamed right then and there; Shego might have given up crime and villainy, but she still knew how to get under Kim's skin. Kim slammed her cell down on the washing machine only to pick it back up when she heard beeping. "WHAT?!" she roared into it. After realizing the only sound her phone was giving her was the dial tone, she took a deep breath and pulled out her Kimmunicator. "Sorry bout the delay Wade, what's the sitch?"

Wade nodded and looked over the request on his monitor. "Hit on the site, Kim. A Dr. Eugenia Chordate, renowned ichthyologist and gene therapist "

The last part caught her attention. "Gene therapist? Kind of like DNAmy?"

"Funny you mentioned that Kim. I did a quick background search on Dr. Chordate and it seems she was actually once DNAmy's roommate in college. Don't worry though, for the most part Dr. Chordate isn't going around splicing animals against their will. Her specialty is behavioral gene therapy in fish, she changes specific qualities by rearranging the genetic structure."

"Okay, so it's the DNAmy of the sea. So what does she need me for?"

"She says that someone or something is disrupting her latest experiment, she was pretty vague on details. The only thing she made clear was that she needed you to help her."

Kim shrugged. "Why me?"

"Again, pretty vague on the details."

Kim clasped her hand over her chin and pondered about the request. "Sounds fishy, in more ways than one. Where do I meet her?"

"Oh, you'll like this. Her lab is in Nearburg City."

Kim looked down at the handheld screen. "You have got to be kidding me?"

Wade shook his head with an amused smile. "Nope, I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. So, should call Ron and Shego and tell them to get ready?"

Kim's expression soured. "Ron yes, Shego can sit this one out."

"Something wrong?"

"Just call Ron."

"Alright, alright, I'll tell you where you can meet your ride when I get it set up."

"Please and thank you."

Ron was waiting alone in an ascending elevator when his watch began to beep. Rolling up his sleeve, he opened the line. "I'm here Wade," he said as Wade's face popped up on the watch's.

"Ron, mission time. I need you to-"

Ron shook his head and interrupted Wade's impending situation breakdown. "No can do, Already doing a mission with Dream Team 11."

Wade pulled his head back slightly and shot Ron a confused look. "Dream Team 11? Don't you mean team eleven, Yori's ninja squad?"

"Well I figured I'd spice things up if I'm going to roll with them, you know how it is."

"Ron, you're part of Team Possible, remember?"

"Yeah, and I'm also getting trained by these guys, not to mention getting free food and a pretty spankin' place to kick my feet up. I owe them, besides, Sensei thinks the best training I can get is hands on stuff. So, sorry, looks like it's just Kim and Shego."

"Kim's benching Shego on this one."

"What, already? But this would be her first mission."

"Kim looks like she was pretty ticked off at Shego for some reason, she wouldn't say why though."

The predicament made Ron think for a moment and slowly, a playful smirk stretched across his lips as he came up with an idea. "You know what, Kim's just going to have to deal with it."

"Ron, what are you talking about?"

"Kim was so sure Shego could turn good, I think it's time she put her money where her mouth is. Kim's just going to have to find a way to make it work."

"Ron, you can't be serious."

"Call Shego, give her every piece of information you were going to give to me but don't tell Kim she's coming. It's about time to see how well those two work together."


Ron looked up from the watch as the doors opened, the helicopter was on the pad waiting for him and so was Yori. "Sorry Wade, got to go."

Ron hung up without another word and Wade could only let out a heavy sigh. "Kim is not going to like this... not one bit."

Shego was lounging under a tree by the quad, reading a magazine she found abandoned on one of the benches in the halls, when the watch Kim gave her started to ring out that familiar beep. Shego, still not sure how it worked, looked at the face of the watch and cautiously tried pressing the buttons on it. "Umm... hello, smart guy?" she asked.

Wade crackled into view, slightly annoyed. "Ah... it's Wade... Wade Load."

Shego slowly picked herself up, craddling the watch carefully, not sure how to keep it transmitting. "Oh, right, well, what is Wade... over?"

Wade was speechless for a moment but recovered from Shego's last message. "You... don't have to do that. Look, we got a mission, head over to these coordinates and a ride will take you to Nearburg City."

Shego nodded. "Alright, sure, I got my jumpsuit in my bag, I'll change on the way."

"Good, shooting the location now.'

"Uhh... wait, which button is to print?"

Wade covered his microphone to let out a frustrated groan. "No... Shego, just look at the watch if you need to see the directions again. It doesn't print."

"Alright, alright, geez. I'll be there as soon as I can."

Wade uploaded the directions and switched off communications. "Kim is really... really not going to like this.."

A privately owned propeller plane hummed across the sky with only two passengers, two quiet, surly passengers. Kim and Shego sat on either side of the aisle, looking straight ahead, not speaking a word to each other since Kim saw Shego and stormed onto the plane in a huff. Kim finally unholstered her Kimmunicator and got Wade on the line. Seeing Kim's face, Wade shrank in his seat and nervously waved to her. "Oh... hey Kim. How's the flight?"

Kim's glare cut through Wade, even through a monitor screen but she didn't blow her top and remained stayed professional. "Anything new on the Dr. Chordate sitch?"

Wade try to keep himself composed. "She's home but she's not answering any of my calls. It's really weird."

"In that case, I might need some back up."

Shego looked over at Kim. "What's wrong with me?"

Kim just outstretched her hand toward Shego. "I am not talking to you."

Shego rolled her eyes. "Oh, whatever."

Wade sighed but he already had prepared Kim with some additional help since it was Nearburg they were heading off to. "Don't worry Kim, I already made contact with our 'local connection'. I'm sure he'll be happy to help."

"Glad to hear it Wade, I'll stay on my toes around Chordate, just to be safe." Kim switched off the Kimmunicator and leaned her head toward the aisle. "Thank's again for the ride, Mr. Kirkpatrick!"

The mustachioed pilot looked back and shot a smile. "Least I could do, ever since you saved my tour group when one of my engines died out."

"No big, you'd be amazed what you can patch up with a rubber band and a scrunchie."

Kirkpatrick then turned his attention to Shego. "Say, aren't you Shego."

Shego didn't answer at first but finally indulged the pilot's question. "Yeah, I'm Shego."

"I thought so, you were in the news some time ago. You helped beat back those alien invaders, right?"

Shego faked a pair of wide eyes and a tone of insincere excitement. "Why, yes, I did. Wow, no one ever tells me about that!"


Shego's expression quickly changed to an unamused scowl. "No, I'm being sarcastic."

After they landed and walked for almost an hour in uncomfortable silence, they both made it to the address where the request originated; Dr. Chordate's private lab at the edge of the city. Dusk was beginning to set over Nearburg and the image of the city's skyscrapers reflecting the twilight caught Shego's eye momentarily, it was quite a haunting sight for her. She had spent so much time either in secret lairs or vacation resorts that she hasn't actually taken the time to appreciate moments like these. In some small way, it reminded her of simpler times in Go City, before the super powers, before the bickering between her mother and herself. It was strange that something so simple would make Shego reminisce so unexpectantly but life always did have a way of playing tricks on her. "So... Kim," she said, finally breaking the silence in hopes that a light conversation would wrestle away whatever hold the scenery had on her. "When am I going to meet this local connection of yours?"

Kim slowly took a breath, doing her best to remind herself that she had to depend on Shego for this mission and it was best to play it professionally. "I only met him once but I have a feeling he's already here, waiting for us," she answered.

The response sounded cryptic to Shego, especially since no one was around. "What are you talking about? The only thing I see is you, me, and the pavement." As Shego waited for an reply, she heard, only faintly, the sound of something scrapping the ground by the trash cans. It was most defiantly shoes scratching against the gritty ground, Shego spent enough time sneaking around and listening for passing guards to learn how to identify sounds like those.

She fired a small warning blast toward that direction, hoping to scare whoever it was hiding there, if indeed there was someone hiding. Her jaw went slack when one of the trash can lids flew off it's can and deflected her shot. "Hey, hey! Cease fire already!" cried out a voice behind the lid.

Shego just stood there, dumbfounded but Kim smirked and stepped toward the possessed waste receptacle. "Very funny, come on out Casper."

Shego looked at Kim then back at the floating lid. "Who's Casper?"

As if answering her question in Kim's place, a quick distortion of the air preluded the appearance of a man, currently holding a trash can lid, with a dark goatee, a black visor over his eyes and a bright gray cloak and hood covering the rest of his body. He replaced the lid back to it's proper place and took a bow, holding his cloak out like a cape. "Welcome to Nearburg. You are in the presence of it's humblest protectorate-"

Kim rolled her eyes. "Knock off the theatrics, it's really annoying. Shego, this is someone I worked with the last time I was in Nearburg. Shego, meet the Silver Phantom."

Shego looked over the local hero and arched his eyebrow. "You have got to be kidding me."