Kim Possible, Shego, Wade, Ron, Yori, and other characters from Kim Possible are property of Disney. Some characters are original. Kim Possible: Altered Destines is series of stories based off the events of Old Family Ties and New Beginnings, PRISM Predicament, and Awakenings.

Kim Possible: Altered Destinies

Old Friends

Chapter 3

As the cloud of dust began to settle, the massive beast was now in clear sight of the two heroes. "Ho... lee... night," breathed Phantom. The scariest thing about the beast wasn't that it towered over them, standing near twelve feet tall, but what it was. The creature was a horrible amalgam of animals. The body seemed to be that of a bear's, the head of a puma, the puffball ears of a poodle, one foreleg resembled a rhinoceros' leg, the other a gorilla, the hind legs of both a kangaroo and a toad, a scorpion's tail, and the wings of both a hawk and a bat. Truly, this was the freakiest thing either of them has ever seen, real life, movie, or any other medium. "Kim... I know we doers of daring dos don't usually do this... but I think it's time to bring in the military."

Kim gazed upon the composite creature, first in terror but slowly with suspicion. Her eyes fixed on something swinging by it's neck and a gasp past through her lips as she came to a realization. "It's DNAmy!"

Phantom shoot his glance quickly over to Kim. "Who?!" he asked. Before she could answer, Kim tackled her cloaked cohort to the ground, just as the stinger of the tail crashed into the ground he once occupied. "Kim, what is that thing!?"

Kim helped him up and they quickly began running for cover. "Amy Hall, mad scientist, brilliant geneticist. She went missing after an intruder broke into her house and mutilated her. That thing has an Otterfly dangling around it's neck, it's DNAmy's most prized Cuddle Buddy!"

Phantom opened his mouth to continue the conversation but they both dived in different directions as the monstrosity tried to stampede across them. "Alright, so how does that little piece of knowledge help us now?"

Kim reached into her pocket and pulled out a tube of hair gel. "We're taking her in alive so we can cure her," she declared, shooting out the content of the tube as the beast lunged itself at her.

Phantom watched as the pink goo solidified into a cube in front of the bounding behemoth and watched as it sank inside, struggled to break free. "You're kidding, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not."

Phantom sneered and pulled out what looked like an overdeveloped hair dryer from his hip as the creature began to force itself to freedom. "I'm sorry Kim, but I can't risk that thing running amok in Nearburg."

Kim flipped nimbly toward Phantom, blocking his clear shot to the mutated Dr. Hall. "Do it and I'll expose your secret identity!"

"Oh please Kim, I know you're smart but there's no way-"

"Armand Santos."

Phantom stood there for a moment and then he began kicking the trash on the ground and cursing wildly. "UNBELIEVABLE! HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?!"

Kim turned around as she heard Amy roar out. Pulling out her lipstick, she tried to slow the chimera by bounding it in the constricting elastic dispensed from the cosmetic contraption. "Long story short, I placed a bug on you when your back was turned after our first meeting. Wade tracked you to your dorm and matched the name. I also know you don't make all your gizmos yourself, you get help from Professor Luminous, that's why you're his only graduate student."

Despite the danger, Santos could do nothing but sulk. "I feel so violated... but... why?"

"Did I do it? Well, I knew you were a good guy but I was curious."

He huffed. "You knew I was on your side but you did it because you were curious. Well Kim, at least this shows how much of a woman you really are..."

The comment made Kim forget what she was doing and turned to him with an offended glare. "And what is that supposed to mean!?"

A quick look of dread washed over Phantom and he aimed his device. "Kim, duck!" He fired a beam of white light at the advancing beast, causing it to stagger, whimpering in discomfort. "Gee-whiz Kim, how about keeping you're eye on the prize?"

Kim stormed up to Phantom bearing her teeth with a cold, angry look. "What did I just say about not killing her?! What is it with you?!"

Phantom held the gun up and pointed quickly at several knobs. "Kim, this thing is fairly new to me but I know how it works. The Photonic Amplifier Pistol is completely customizable about the density, temperature, and wavelength of the light I shoot out of it."

Kim calmed down but scratched her head. "I haven't picked a major yet but it's not going to be light science, Santos."

"In layman's terms, I can shoot lasers that can be deadly hot or, my personal preference, dense enough to feel like a hard punch. All I gave your precious 'ChimerAmy' was a flick to the nose and a blinding flash but it won't stop her for too long."

With that burden off her conscious, she turned back around toward the beast as it began to recover. "Alright, keep it on that setting then. I just wish Shego was here."

As ChimerAmy let out a roar that sounded like the cry of every animal it was composed of, a thick blur of green plasma streaked across the night sky and crashed into the monster's right side, causing it to stumble over. At the attack's origin, Shego took a breath as her extended hands began to cool off, the smoke raising from them quickly thinning into the sky. "Hey, when did the traveling zoo get here?" she asked with a sly, smug smirk.

Kim turned to Shego in disbelief. "Shego! What happened, your communicator was offline!"

Shego trotted over to Kim, keeping an eye on the injured beast. "No time for small talk Kimmie, what are we facing here?"


Shego shot Kim a questioning look. "You serious?"

"I read the police report a dozen times, there were several empty vials of genetic samples near a giant blood stain in her home and that thing has her prized Otterfly on it's neck. I think she tried to save herself somehow and wound up turning into that thing."

Shego suddenly cracked a wide grin. "Oh, too perfect. All I have to do is take down the big oaf and-"

Kim pulled back Shego by her arm. "What is with you Shego? I just told you that thing is Dr. Hall! First you go missing and now you want to kill DNAmy? Seriously, I thought you were trying to be good?"

Shego whipped Kim's hand away and grabbed her by the shoulders. "Wake up, princess! DNAmy is not here. She's lost control of herself and now she's nothing more than a hungry, angry monster! We can't fight it with kid gloves!"

Kim pushed Shego off but stopped when she felt a gloved hand touch her arm. "She's right Kim. I know you want to do this the nice way... but we can't afford to be nice."

Kim looked back at Phantom and then at Shego. After a pause, her head sulked down to her chest. "No... there has to... there has to be another way... a better way."

Kim's head was lifted upwards again by the gentle guidance of Shego's hand. "Kim... do you trust me?"

Kim wasn't sure what Shego meant and expressed her confusion. "What?"

"Do you trust me? Do you trust that, right now, I'll make the right choice, the choice that'll solve every problem here, even if some of it goes against your ethics?"

The way she phrased it made the question hit Kim like a kick to the stomach. It made her uneasy but she nodded. "Of course Shego. I trust you."

Shego smiled briefly and turned her attention to the Silver Phantom. "Yo, bed sheet! That pop gun got a higher setting to it?"

Phantom huffed. "You know, between the two of you, I'm really getting tired of these little pet names!"

Shego glared at him and set her hand on fire, holding it up. "Cry later, answer now!"

He tensed. "Y.. Yeah, I can set it-"

"Well then crank it to the max!"

"What?! Shego, you don't know-"

Shego fired a blast by Phantom's feet, making him jump back. "I'm in charge now and I'm telling you to crank-it-to-the-max!"

Phantom quickly fiddled with the various knobs and dials until the machine began to whir audibly in his hand. "The energy cells in this thing are still experimental, I'll only have one shot!"

"One shot is all you need!" As the two turned toward DNAmy, they noticed that not only has she recovered from Shego's sneak attack but has squatted down to the ground. Before Phantom could take aim, the colossal chimera leapt into the air, flapping it's non-matching wings, easily clearing fifty feet and came hurdling down toward them. "Don't move, aim up, and shoot only when I say so!" Shego barked. Armand started to shake but he realized he was more afraid of Shego than the giant freak show falling from the sky. Shego pulled back her arms and charged her hands as intensely as she could tolerate. "Now!"

With that command, a bright flash of white and green lit the empty streets as both Shego and Silver Phantom unloaded all they had, literally, into the belly of the beast. At first, it seemed that the combined attack was slowing it's decent and then it stopped it completely, actually holding it in place in mid-air. Shego anchored herself to the ground as firmly as she could, the heat of her own attack made it feel like she was soaking in a sauna fully dressed. Phantom could feel his weapon trembling wildly in his hand, the force of Shego's constant ray and the hard light emanating from his pistol made the cape and hood of his cloak whip around like it was caught in a hurricane. Soon it the combined attack was powerful enough to throw ChimerAmy onto it's back, a smoking wound and a pain filled whimper now came from it's fallen body. Shego dropped her hands and Phantom finally relented on the trigger, steam and smoke seeping out of all of it's crevices. "Alright, she's down. Just like I promised Kimmie."

Kim felt a weight fall into the pit of her stomach. "Shego... oh god... you... you..."

Shego shook her hands clean of the excess heat and smoldering plasma and dragged him to the fallen monster. Kim tried to resist but Shego continued to guide her and forced Kim's hand on the burnt patch of fur. "Heal her."

Kim looked up at Shego, unsure what she meant, until it dawned on her. "Wait... your plan... this whole time was for me to try my new power on her after you blasted her?"

Shego nodded. "Hey, this mission is my first so I figured it's time for your first as well," Shego said. As Kim's hands emitted an orange glow and soothed ChimerAmy's burns and injury with a healing warmth, Shego pulled out a hypodermic injector filled with a clear liquid. "Didn't think I'd find a use for this so soon."

Kim looked up and saw Shego place the foreign device against the puma neck of DNAmy. "Shego, what is that, where did you get it?" she asked, her hands still doing their magic.

Shego injected the liquid before answering Kim. "Remember the part where I said 'goes against your ethics'? My communicator was off because I took out the batteries. I didn't trust Chordate so I snuck into her house from an entrance in the sewers. Kim, she's a fish freak and I mean full on fish. She's changed herself into some kind of walking predator fish and those piranha you were willing to kill yourself to save are just a test run of her plan to poison the city's water supply and turn this whole town into bottom feeders. This mutagenic antigen is something I found in her private lab, along with a laptop with all her notes."

Kim slowly pulled her hands away from the injured area as the burnt surfaces now seemed merely singed. "Shego... you broke into her house? On what, a hunch?"

Shego tossed the injector over her shoulder as DNAmy slowly began to regress. "Kim, we all knew Chordate was hiding something. Calling on Kim Possible to do your dirty work isn't really a new thing you know, even Drakken and I made a fool out of you by having you steal that telephone teleporter thing from Dementor. Face it Kim, you give people too much credit but I guess that's why this is going to work."

"Why what is going to work?"

Shego smiled warmly and walked over to Kim, putting her hand on her head. "You and me, kiddo. You're my conscious and I'm your dose of reality. Figure someday, we'll find that common ground soon enough, huh?" she asked with a light chuckle.

The moment was quickly ruined when Phantom let out a hoarse cough to catch the attention of the two. "Well, this is all well and good ladies, but I can't really just go to the chief of police and raid Chordate's lab just on your word," he said with a jaded tone.

Shego rolled her eyes and tossed him a golden colored jewel case. "There," she said slightly annoyed. "I made a copy of her notes just for the local boys in blue but if you're so eager to play errand boy, be my guest."

The case jumped from one hand to another about half a dozen times before Phantom was finally able to clap them together, trapping the thin container in his grasp. "Well ladies, I hate to leave you with such a mess but... I really should get out of sight," he said with a playful grin. A quick touch to the clasp on his cloak and the Phantom vanished from sight as quickly as he first appeared.

Shego shook her head. "What a weenie."

From the vacant streets, a reply cried out. "I heard that!"

On Kirkpatrick's plane, under the cover of a blanket, DNAmy finally regressed back to her human state but not to the body Shego and Kim remembered her having. It seemed the entire ordeal has liberated Dr. Hall of a few extra pounds, roughly two hundred by the look of it. Amy squinted as the two heroines stood over her, unable to make them out without her glasses. "Where am I... what's going on?" she asked.

Kim smiled and handed Amy her Otterfly. "Relax Dr. Hall, it's just some old friends giving you a lift home," she said with a warm smile.

Amy clutched Otterfly to her heart and slowly hung it back around her neck, her body still weak from the transformation. "Oh goodness! Kim Possible, I'm so glad to see you! I've had the strangest dream... I was a very ugly Cuddle Buddy and I was swimming around a toilet..."

Shego suppressed a chuckle but Kim was more sensitive to the doctor's plight. "Amy... what happened... when that evil Shego attacked you... what happened to you?"

Amy's cheery expression quickly soured to one of sorrow. "Oh... she was so horrible... laughing at me... hurting me... she was so evil. I thought I was going to die but I didn't give up. I remembered I kept spare samples everywhere in my house... I thought if I made myself part bear, I could just hibernate and live on my fat until all my injuries healed or until someone found me and got me to a hospital... then... I blacked out."

Kim smiled. "Well, it worked... in a way. You're all better and now you can go home and finally rest."

Amy smiled back. "Oh... thank you Kim... I always could count on the kindness of fellow cuddlers..." was her last words before passing out.

Kim stood up, glad that things could end so nicely for DNAmy after she's gone through so much. Shego, on the other hand, found a crude way of ruining the moment. "Well, if nothing else, she finally got herself a body to show off. Maybe that'll keep her from splicing pets together."

Kim groaned and shook her head. "Shego..."

"Oh come on Kim, I'm just teasing. We saved the day, Chordate is being exposed for the genetic freak show and psycho criminal that she really is, and we saw what we can really do when we work together. This is what I call a major win," Shego declared before kicking back in her seat.

Kim reached down and forced Shego's chair back into it's upright position. "You cut off communication, you broke into someone's home on a hunch, you stole personal property, and you used your power recklessly. A dose of reality I can take, bending my strict moral code when the situation calls for it is forgivable, but there's some ground rules I'm going to establish right here and now. ONE, you do not break off from the team at any point for any reason. You want radio silence, you tell us ahead of time."

"Kimmie-" was all Shego could say in protest before being cut off.

"TWO, you're not a crook anymore and you're not a cowgirl either. You don't go busting every door you like and stealing things just on a hunch or because it's the easy way to get things done. You pull another stunt like that again, you're grounded from missions for a month! And THREE... I'm glad you came on this mission... and I'm sorry about earlier with the laundry."

Shego had been somewhat shocked by Kim's sudden use of a stern, disciplinary voice but slowly smiled when she heard her tone go back to it's usual softness. "All in the past princess, all in the past."

The next day Kim made her way up the stairs after her final class of the day. She'd just turned in two essays, one emailed to her English Lit course in Oxford, and the only thing she was dreading now was the laundry that's been waiting for her since yesterday. She made the final steps to the door of her dorm, she took a breath and opened it to find a pleasant surprise. Shego, her sleeves rolled up, was standing over the kitchen sink, scrubbing clean the delicates carefully and slowly, always referring to a sheet of paper she had printed out for instructions. Kim couldn't help but giggle childishly and Shego threw her head back as she heard. "Don't start princess, don't you start," she threatening half-heartily.

Kim smirked innocently and tossed her bag on the couch. "I didn't say anything. Oh, hey, I got a copy of the Nearburg Gazette. Looks like our favorite shy guy was able to use that disc you gave him after all."

"Well duh, if he's so gung-ho about protecting that dump, the least he could do was take my advice and do some preemptive work."

Kim pulled the paper out of her bag and began reading the article. "'Local Genius Exposed! Chordate the Human Fish!: Last night, police and swat teams raided the home of Eugenia Chordate, respected expert of ichthyology, on evidence that she has been conducting illegal genetic experiments and plotted to pollute the city water supply. The evidence had come to light by local vigilante, the Silver Phantom, who claims to have single handedly-.'" Kim's expression twisted into one of sour surprise. "Single handedly?! That rat fink took all the credit!"

Shego just laughed as she scrubbed off the last stain on one of Kim's unmentionables. "Relax cupcake, let the baby have his rattle. You save the world on a weekly basis and he has to round up pickpockets and costume freaks in a single city, he's probably just jealous you get more spot light then him in his own town."

Kim shrugged and tossed the paper into the trash. "I guess you're right, I just don't like dishonesty, especially from someone I consider a friend."

"You're talking to the wrong girl for that. Hey, what happened with Ron? He blew us off yesterday."

"Oh, that? Ron went with Yori's ninja team and busted up some local gang in New York City. No big, but I think he blew us off just so we can get over our little fight and work together though Wade is still keeping his mouth shut about that."

With the final piece of delicate clothing finally washed clean, Shego began hanging a line in front of the window. "Well as long as he actually did something. So what do you want to do while these dry in the sun?"

Kim kicked her feet up on the couch and grabbed the remote. "After last night? Relax." She turned on the T.V. and flipped around the channels. Shego clipped the last piece article onto the clothesline when she heard the remote drop to the ground. She turned to Kim and tried to see what was happening. "Shego... on the news..."

Shego looked at the television but only saw a blonde in a red jumpsuit waving to a crowd with a text graphic reading "America's Newest Hero" just under her. Shego just shrugged. "What, an old friend of your's?"

"Yes... it's Tara!"