I know you're going to bitch at me before we even start,

But I have to take your temperature and listen to your heart.

I have to draw some blood from you, so kindly turn around.

Take off your shoes and hang your clothes 'til you're measured, weighed and gowned.

Don't pin me with that baleful glare, or make some snide remark.

If you don't cooperate with me, we'll be here 'til after dark.

I know that you are hurting, and it's like a sad refrain.

I know how you despise that limp, and walking with the cane.

I wish I had the power to give back all you've lost.

I'd take us back a year or so, and never count the cost.

The price I'd pay for your good health would drain the life from me,

For she'd be here and I'd be gone … and I'd have to set you free.

But this is now and here we are … there's nothing to explain.

Your life's become a soap opera and a constant fight with pain.

I have to keep your health in check, adjust your medication.

It falls to me to see that you accept your situation.

My friend, you rip my heart out just by being who you are,

With every strained expression and every battle scar.

So give me leeway if you can … let your angry soul arise

Like a bubble through the water, till your fiery spirit flies.

I'll be here anytime you need me: in the background when you don't.

I'll supply the beer and pizza and you'll accept it … or you won't.

Right now, lie down and close your mouth. I won't "soothe your fevered brow."

It's time to bite the bullet, House … 'cause all we have is now!

This rotten luck that stole your life and made you a damaged man

Was not a blow from a vengeful God, nor a scheme from the master plan.

It gave us both a chance to grow and find a different path,

To straighten life's curves with friendship … and figure out the math!

Someday you might decide that I'm

Your freedom … not your tether.

We'll calm the seas and tame the winds …

And run the bulls


Sure, Wilson … when pigs fly!