Kirei Blossom: If our beloved NT were a movie… - Okay, to make this trailer work, you really have to stretch your imagination a bit, trying to hear the voices while the scenes play out, and trying to see the whole thing as though you're really watching a video. Initially, I only wanted to make the trailer for Arc 1, but that didn't make any sense, so I extended to Arc 2. However, I snuck in a few Arc 3 scenes as well. A little guide:

The centered bold text are words-to-read that flash up on the screen in front of a black background.. you know, like in a real trailer.

---Text within dashes implies a scene---

Speech is in quotations. 'Voiceover' means that you're not seeing the actual person talking, but looking at a different scene while hearing their voices.

Well, here you go:

New Trials Movie Trailer

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Two Years After Sakura's Victory Over Eriol

---Beneath the darkened night sky, at King Penguin Park, a Spirit with two long knives held in an attacking position slashes mercilessly at a teenage girl with long hair who jumps back, dodging skillfully. Lightning flashes across the sky and rumbles of thunder are heard. The screen goes black---

A New Power Has Awoken

Sakura (voiceover): "Spirit of the Dark Forces. I, Sakura, command you. Return to a new shape under contract! Sakura Card!"

---Shift to scene with Sakura lying on her bed, with Kero-chan hovering near her head---

Kero-chan: "You made a new card? And the Li kid's back again?"

---Sakura fingers the bandage on her hand---

Sakura: "Uh huh. There's a new source of power."

An Enmity Spanning Generations

---A boy and a girl stand on a high cliff, laughing cruelly. Their faces dark under the full moon, except for their flickering golden eyes---

(Voiceover): "We'll get you Little Wolf and Cherry Blossom. No one will be able to defeat us, no one. We are the strongest. We have origins deeper than you understand, too smart ones. We will win."

---Scene shifts to Sakura's classroom, where a girl and boy stand in front of the room. Their eyes were hazel with golden hues in them---

Teacher: "Everyone, there are new students in our seventh grade class. Greet Eron and Erika Chang, who are twins."

Menacing Forces Threatening to Kill

---Sakura and Eron walk through a dense, mountainous forest. The rocky ground begins to move, and Sakura screams as, together with the loose stones, she falls down the steep side of the slope, skidding faster and faster---

---In the classroom, Sakura plays a melodious tune on the violin with the rest of the class. Something like a rope snakes around her neck, choking her. Her violin falls to the floor with a clatter---

---Trapped beneath an icy barrier under a frozen lake, Sakura struggles to get out. Outside, Syaoran pounds on the ice---

Syaoran: "Damn it, this ice doesn't break!"

Tomoyo: "She'll drown!"

---Fighting unsuccessfully against an immense twister heading her way, Sakura uses her Staff to try and block huge pieces of ice, snow, metal and stone pelting towards her. The strong gust blows her into the air. Screen goes black.---

Sakura (voiceover): "I don't understand why this is happening."

A Past Waiting to be Uncovered

---Sitting on the floor of a bedroom, Sakura and Syaoran finger through a pile of old, dusty books---

Syaoran: "…my father's diary."

---Camera zooms to a book with burnt, soggy pages; the letters hard to decipher under the blackened soot. The words "Nadeshiko… Never told her… I loved her" barely visible---

---Camera switches to Sakura's horrorstruck face---

Syaoran (voiceover): "My father and your mother… why, why is it turning out so complicated?"

---An elderly man stands in a beautiful room, covered with paintings---

Shing: "So the fates didn't allow it after all. Don't try to find out the past. You would wish you hadn't."

---In an old, darkened mansion, sparkling sapphire eyes glare hatefully at emerald ones. Raising his hand, the person swings down his palm, slapping her face, hard---

But Her Worst Nightmare Has Only Just Begun

---Syaoran's living room, where he's sitting with Meirin and Tomoyo---

Tomoyo: "You'll hurt her terribly."

Syaoran: "What are you talking about?"

---A brilliantly white winter evening, with all the trees frosted with ice. Sakura and Syaoran stand back to back in the snow---

Syaoran: "You know that I don't have special feelings about you anymore, right? All those things that happened back in those days before I left to Hong Kong is past."

---Snow drifts from the sky onto Sakura's long eyelashes, her eyes blank and expressionless---

Syaoran (voiceover): "They're just silly childhood memories."

An Epic of New Adventures

---Scene in an airport. Several policemen chase two people wearing sunglasses, their long coats trailing behind them.---

Meirin (voiceover): "I really can't believe we're leaving for New York! Think of all the shopping!"

---A hooded skull-like figure holding a hangman's noose glides silently over a deserted street---

Syaoran to Meirin: "Excited? Don't you know that on every trip some sort of trouble occurs?"

---At nighttime, in front of various tents, several students sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows---

---Junior High students practice acrobats on the balancebeam. One student loses balance and falls, screaming---

---Many students walk down the hallways, holding scripts and looking excited---

Teacher (voiceover): "Welcome to the auditions of our major school production, Star-Crossed!"

---On stage in an auditorium, with the whole school watching, Syaoran bolts up into the air and turns several somersaults with perfect ease---

---Inside a stable, a young woman grabs Sakura and Syaoran's hand---

Arima: "Can you two enter the Best Couple Contest together?"

Sakura: "But we're not a couple!"

Tomoyo: "You can pretend to be one."

New Allies

---Beside the ocean, a girl with chin-length auburn hair framing her pretty heart-shaped face looks Sakura straight in the eye---

Miho: "I'm here to search for my brother."

---A little girl screams down an empty road---

"Onii-chaaan! Come back!"

---View of the Tokyo Skyline at night. The camera zooms in toward the tallest building where silhouetted in front of the full moon, a lean young man stands proudly, dressed completely in black, his cloak billowing majestically behind him. Behind him, rose petals blow on the wind. As the camera nears his face, the young man's lips curl in a taunting smile. The screen goes black---

A Heartwrenching Tale of Pain, Love and Suffering

---In the classroom---

Syaoran: "What's so special about you anyway? You're clumsy, a late sleeper, and scared of everything!"

Sakura: "I don't need you telling that to my face; I hate you Li Syaoran."

---Eron offers a white rose to Sakura---

Eron: "I want you to smile for me, just for me. You're too beautiful to hurt."

---A deserted New York street. Sakura runs full out away from Syaoran, her emerald eyes clouded with fear---

Tomoyo (voiceover): "Your actions and words are completely different."

---In the school infirmary, Syaoran uses his power to heal a bruise near Sakura's eye.---

---Switch to scene where Sakura is about to fall off a cliff. Syaoran grabs her hand at the last moment, holding her full weight up while rocks pound at his back---

Tomoyo (voiceover): "You save her and protect her…. You get hysterical when you are about to lose her…"

---Syaoran smashes through a glass window of a house. He rushes towards an unconcious Sakura lying at the foot of the stairs. As a figure with a tri-color, three pointed jester's hat appears, Syaoran spins around and blasts raw power at it enough to burn a hole in the wall behind---

Tomoyo (voiceover): "You hold her in your arms… You look at her with gentle eyes."

---As the timer on a bomb hits zero, Syaoran throws himself and Sakura to the floor, shielding her---

---White wings emerge from Syaoran's back as together with Sakura he falls off a hundred-storey building. Sweeping underneath her, he quickly catches her in his arms---

Syaoran (voiceover): "You're wrong. I'm over with such childhood silliness."

---Erika walks up to Syaoran and boldly wraps her arms around his neck---

Erika: "Won't you date me, Syaoran-kun?"

---Wrapping his arms around Erika also, Syaoran whispers in her ear---

Syaoran: "It would be an honor."

---Tomoyo's room---

Meirin: "Syaoran has a split personality. That must be it."

Kero-chan: "I always knew the brat was a psycho."

---Eriol tries to explain something to a sleepy Syaoran---

---Sakura dances with Eron at a formal black tie occasion---

Eriol (voiceover): "She trusts everyone else around her more than she trusts in you. You'll lose her this way."

---In the park, as a loud cracking sound is heard, Sakura touches her cheek with her fingers, then looks down at her hand. Its covered in blood---

Sakura (voiceover): "I was so confused! I wanted you to explain to me why you fought by my side and acted so kind at times…"

---A long leather whip slashes down on Sakura's arm, tearing her blouse, leaving a long gash. She winces as new cuts form from the repeated lashes ---

Sakura (voiceover): "…yet always turned that cold face on me. How can I trust you when you make my heart hurt so much? "

---Desperately, Sakura crouches on the ground, calling out the "Shield." Immediately, the whips break through. With her arms over her head, she clenches her eyes, prepared for the biting pain. A crack is heard but the pain never comes. She opens her eyes---

Sakura: "Syaoran!!"

---Completely enveloped by his strong arms, head buried in his chest, tears flow from Sakura's eyes as the whip lashes down on Syaoran, his entire back slashed and bloodied---

Syaoran: "I won't… let that Force… draw blood from you or… hurt you in any way."

Sakura: "Don't do this…"

---The screen dims---

A Longing Wish To Reach The Rainbow's End

---Tomoyo clasps Sakura's hands---

"What?! You're staying with Syaoran-kun?"

---A gently sloping hill under a starlit night. Sakura gazes up through a telescope, Syaoran by her side ---

Sakura (voiceover): "What did you wish for?"

---In Central Park, Syaoran and Sakura have a furious snowball fight, their clothes and laughing faces wet and sopping---

Syaoran (voiceover): "Go home and look in the mirror."

---Little Erika lies on a hospital bed and Eron kneels by her bedside, holding her hand---

"I solemnly promise my twin that we'll always be together through whatever hardships we go through."

---Nadeshiko playfully pokes Ryuuren in the chest, a miniature Chirstmas tree standing on the table behind them---

Sakura (voiceover): "Hoe? I don't get it. Syaoran wanted a mirror? Why would anyone want a mirror?

Tomoyo: "Oh ho ho ho.. Sakura-chan is so cute when she's flustered!"

---A ghostly pale man holds up a guttering candle to his face---

Sakura: "So if she can't elope, she turns into a melon? Hoeee.."

---A dimly lit room. Slamming his hand on the wall, Kai refuses to let Meilin move away---

Kai: "Lesson Number One: Don't meddle with my life."

---Screen dims again---

And a Desperate Struggle For Survival

Shing (voiceover): "May the fates be merciful this time."

---Images flash by in quick succession. A young girl laughs hysterically as in front of her eyes, her beautiful Victorian-style House burns down to the ground, crumbling into ashes. His face contorted with pain, Eron flings a wine-glass on the opposite wall, smashing it to bits. Erika grips Sakura by her hair near her scalp, and shoves her face into the muddy ground. A gunshot rents the silent air as a cloaked figure leaps away across the rooftops. A beaten-looking Sakura throws her Cards and Key into the flowing river below. People gaze at a giant painting on the wall, of a young man pointing his glittering sword at a girl's neck, tears streaming from both their eyes and the world crumbling behind them. Syaoran's expression hardens as on the phone, he listens to someone on the other end. Erika crumples to the ground, unexpected tears flooding her eyes. With his bare hand, Syaoran grasps the blade of a sword to stop an attack, while crimson blood drips from his hand onto the ground. Tomoyo digs her fingernails into Sakura's soft palm and smiles cruelly. ---

---Along the horizon, the golden edge of the sun rises above the mountains---

---A train rushes through a glorious grassy plain, the sparkling ocean visible in the far-off distance. Brilliant amber eyes meet emerald ones with a new clearness and sincerity. Holding Sakura tightly with his hand, Syaoran bends over to kiss Sakura.---

Syaoran (voiceover): "You are my sunrise, the hope in each day."

---Screen blacks out and words flash on the screen---

Wish-Chan's Cardcaptor Sakura: New Trials.

Sakura (voiceover): "I'll wait for the sunrise."

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