Kirei Blossom: This idea has been in my head for many many years now – but I always thought these screenplays were kind of silly, which is the reason I never went through with this. However, Arc 4 feels left out because it doesn't have its own trailer. So just for the sake that NT is nearing completion and all backlogged projects deserve to see the light of day, I present to you the screenplay of the teaser trailer of the Fourth Arc of New Trials.

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New Trials - Arc IV Movie Teaser Trailer

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-In the backyard of the Kinomoto residence, Sakura positions herself on a chair and Yukito wraps a large towel around her shoulders. Using a spray bottle, he sprays water onto her long hair and combs it down to her back. Holding up scissors, he begins snipping her hair off from the right side, cutting off layer and layer. Long locks of golden hair fall to the ground. Sakura glances at her face in the mirror held up by Yukito-san, at her now short hair, very reminiscent of her hairstyle from elementary school days-

-In her new Seijou High school uniform, Sakura walks by herself around the school, gazing at the gardens lined with trees in full blossom, perfuming the warm air with a floral scent. Silently, she stares around the empty courtyard, lost in thought-

Syaoran (voiceover): "Hey, Sakura, can you hear me?"

-Sakura goes through her day at school busy with classes and helping out various clubs every free minute she has – track team, acting club, gymnastics club, journalism club-

Syaoran (voiceover): "Sakura, when you wake up, I might not quite be the same anymore."

-Sakura mops the bathroom as punishment from one of the teachers. An upperclassman kicks over the bucket of water, and another one stamps her foot on the mop. Sakura keeps her head lowered-

Syaoran (voiceover): "I'm not going to have any powers. So, I might not be able to protect you."

-At nighttime, Sakura thrashes around in bed due to a nightmare. She bolts up from her bed, breathing heavily and drenched in cold sweat-

Syaoran (voiceover): "But, I'll still fight till the end, okay? No matter what happens, no matter what befalls us, I'll always be on your side."

-In Hong Kong, Syaoran faces a long line of Inner Council members in the Great Hall of the Li Clan Main House. Two guards come and grip Syaoran by each arm, dragging him down on his knees. Another large man raises a wooden club and smacks Syaoran on the back, stunning him into awareness-

Syaoran (voiceover): "Even if I don't have powers, even if I'm not the Chosen One…"

-Surrounded by a line of trees with bare branches, Sakura stares at a tall boy with dark brown hair dressed in Chinese robes of green, his eyes glowing like burnt out ember in the dark. Syaoran slips the Sakura Card book out of her pocket. After a brief struggle, he leaps back and runs off into the night-

Syaoran (voiceover): "…even if I can't always be gentle and kind to you…"

-Nighttime, on a mountainous cliff-side, heavy rain pelts down. Sakura's feet slip straight off the end of a ledge. As she almost falls down to the thunderous roar of the rapids below her, a firm grip clasps her right hand, holding her up. Thunder rumbles in the mountains and lightning flashes. The rock ledge underneath Syaoran starts to crumble away whilst he struggles to pull her up. Sakura looks up at him with glassy emerald eyes void of sight-

Syaoran (voiceover): "…even if you can't always see me with your eyes…"

-Syaoran heaves her up on the cliff beside him. Tears streaming down her face, Sakura tenderly strokes his cheek with her hand to feel his facial structure, begging him to say something to her-

Syaoran (voiceover): "…I'm still here by your side."

-In a brilliant fantasyland, in a clearing in front of a temple, a single rider approaches on a black stallion. The great stallion neighs, standing on its back legs before coming to a halt. The rider's navy blue cloak fans out behind him and his brown hair catches the orange golden rays of the afternoon sun-

Syaoran (voiceover): "I'm sorry I can't be your prince coming to save the day, for I'll be powerless from now on…"

-A blizzard swirls around and in the basement of a broken-down deserted old mansion, Sakura and Syaoran sit shivering back to back sharing the same blanket, waiting for the storm to blow over. A heavy down jacket settles over her shoulders-

Syaoran (voiceover): "…but if you turn around and watch your shadow, you'll find me waiting and guarding your back."

-Medieval-looking knights in black armour chase Sakura down an abandoned alley, attacking her with various weapons. She slips on the thin sheet of snow on the ground, her breath coming out in puffs as the knights surround her from all directions. In the snowy twilight, a black silhouette flies out from the sky and a long gleaming blade with a red tassel swirls around like a trail of ice and fire, toppling five of the knights over with a clang. Breathing hard, Sakura stares up at the figure standing atop a pile of abandoned boxes, his jacket unzipped and chestnut brown hair dishelmed, blowing in the wind. His eye, the color of the setting sun, meets hers-

Syaoran (voiceover): "Just let me be your black knight, forever, if I can do nothing more for you."

-Backstage at the fashion show, Sakura presses her back wearily against the closed door. Outside, Syaoran's fists curl into a ball, his head leaned against the door, only a thin plank of wood between them-

Syaoran (voiceover): "So no matter what…"

-In a grand ballroom on Halloween night, Sakura waltzes with a mysterious stranger dressed as Kaitou Magician with a black mask. The light from the hanging crystal chandeliers is brilliant and the ballroom swirls round and round her, white feathers scattering around her from her dress. His hand tenderly caresses her cheek and as the lights turn on, he leans forward and kisses her on her forehead-

Syaoran (voiceover): "…I want you to know that…"

- At King Penguin Park. Sakura and Syaoran sit side by side on the wooden bench, gazing up at the snowflakes drift down from the sky and piling at their feet-

Syaoran (voiceover): "…I'm so glad that…"

-The brilliant sun rays light up Sakura's bedroom. Syaoran sits up in bed, recovering from a flu, shrouded in a soft cocoon of pink sheets and blanket. He blinks at Sakura dressed in a rose-print pinafore, her eyes a vibrant green as she passes him a blue mug of warm honey milk-

Syaoran (voiceover): "…I fell in love with you."

-Releasing her shuddering sobs, Sakura collapses onto her knees in front of the swing set. She falls forward, burying her head into Syaoran's shoulder, crying her heart out into his chest-

Syaoran (voiceover): "Sakura, I love you…"

-Coming down from the stairs in her home, Sakura confronts Syaoran, her face expressionless. Syaoran quickly walks upstairs to his room, packs his belongings and hands her back the spare house key. The front door swings open and closes again as he leaves-

Syaoran (voiceover): "…I love you."

-Screen blacks out and words flash on the screen-

Wish-Chan's Cardcaptor Sakura: New Trials – Arc IV

-Sakura desperately runs down the streets of Tomoeda, a steady rainfall drenching her clothes and hair. Standing on one end of the park bridge running over the creek, Sakura looks over to the opposite side at Syaoran, his face shielded by a green umbrella. For a while, they face each other, not moving-

Sakura: "Syaoran! Wait Syaoran!"

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