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The sequel to Eien no Kessoku is officially up. It's title is Eien no Kessoku: Gouka (Eternal Bonds: The Results of Karma). It is a direct continuation where a week or so has passed. It took months of planning and such, but I finally have it on its feet! What a relief. You think I was a fanatic in EnoK? Wait until you read Gouka... It's sad really.


Eien No Kessoku: Gouka

Rating: M. Once again there will be violence and disturbing imagery. Foul language is a possibility. Shmut (lemon/lime) probably not, but I'm all for fluff! Terror, gore, sailor tongue, Yeah… whatnot.

I don't really have pairings since this isn't a super romantic piece, but in Gouka, you'll be seeing more in depth things. Concepts and ideas that lead to character development and the development of relationships. Some of the things I put these guys through.... I'm pure evil.

Out of the estimated 18 chapters, 11 have Sasuke and Sakura in them. 8 have Naruto. 14 out of 18 have fight scenes and 10 (probably more) will have fluff. Sasuke and Sakura are still the main focus, even though there are many levels and conflicts to cover. Even if SasuSaku isn't in the chapter, they are all very important and I spent a lot of time writing them. Characters and their relationships are often paralleled to SasuSaku later in the story so pay attention!

This is a little preview. It portrays the mood of the fic… I promise there is comedy. It's just more fun to scare you.


Gaara stood back, his gourd of sand was tied to his back by a black cloth and dark paint was splattered over the subtly signs that once covered it. At closer inspection, one would recognize it as something more sinister, but no one dared to. Everyone was a killer. The Kazekage was no different.


Naruto's eyes opened and the world blinded him. Every sense was tingling with awareness and a thrill ran through him. Finally he had escaped that numbed stupor. Out of the excitement birthed from such a small fact, he turned his blue orbs on the light again, hoping that it wouldn't reject him this time.

He stared into the light brown wood of an antique ceiling. With his first deep inhale he tasted the musty, cluttered room, and the perfume of ointments. The dusted air stirred and his clear eyes watched the particles summersault in the sun beams shining from an unknown source. The warmth that it created on his face and torso was intoxicatingly soothing. What a glorious state it was, being awake.

His mind was blurry. What had happened to him?

The man could see those red clouds. The last thing his memory had registered. The Akatsuki. The organization that wanted him dead. The organization that needed his accursed demon. Fear of the unknown was spinning like a top in his head. Did the Akatsuki have him? He reached for his stomach. His hand twitched as it moved. The sleeping paralysis hadn't yet lifted, but he made it. He felt the seal. Where was the demon's energy? Had it been taken yet? Had he miraculously lived? Or were they healing him so he would live long enough for the extraction? Where was that voice and face? Where were those dead eyes of a killer?

Where was Itachi.

"Are you awake."


Pain watched another fall further into betrayal, into heresy. They vanished into the shadows of the buildings. A feeling rose in Pain's throat. It was the feeling a God received when hope in his creations faded. It was the hate and rage that could destroy worlds. And he would. He would destroy worlds. He would destroy every path that greed and retribution had put them on. He would destroy it before those traitors could be satisfied, so they would feel the crippling defeat that they deserved. They could share his pain.


Chouji quickly embraced her as well, big and tight. He couldn't say any more. The next words they uttered would break her.

They both took steps back to see if she would move. She didn't. She stared at the ground, lost in though.

Shikamaru exhaled and breathed. "Please be safe." The two turned. "Bye, Ino."

She stood numbly as they became only dots in her peripheral. Other's came to her side, giving her directions to the med tent. She took steps, but she couldn't feel impact with the ground. All she could register was the feeling of their arms around her as they abandoned her. The sound of Tsunade's voice as her idol pushed her away. Sakura's letter as her best friend fled from her.

There was one strong memory. The last sight of one man. The last touch: cold hand, toneless voice, furrowed brow, pale skin, bitter eyes, and tight lips. The last moment when he broke her heart. When Sai broke her heart.

Turned away from. Abandoned, pushed, and broken. Her team, her idol, her friend, and him.

They all fell from her fingers once again and glinted light, burning her eyes with tears, and shattered like glass at her feet.


It spread through her like wild fire. She couldn't breathe. There wasn't enough oxygen in the air. She gasped and gasped, but there wasn't any to be found. She clawed at her throat. The pain in her stomach and shoulder were nothing compared to the shrieking she longed to release.

There was no air.

Her chest swelled and throbbed, but nothing came in. She couldn't hear the wheezing or the gurgling she was making. She was only conscious of the fact that there was nothing in her lungs.


Her wild eyes sought him out. She found her way to her knees and tore at his legs.


An idea hit him and he reached down to her.

"I told you…"


"…I couldn't help you." His hand rested on her head as it jerked back and forth with the movements of her clenched diaphragm.

"HELP ME!!!"

His fingers slowly slid into her hair and knotted themselves there. Tight.

He slung her to the side into the trunk of a tree. What air she had gathered was thrust out in a huff.

"Should I just kill you?"

Her body sank to the ground. His fingers felt blood. Maybe he had pulled too hard.

"YES!!! PLEA—"

He swung her again and she slid over the medical tools he had laid out. He dragged her over them and they shredded her.

He let go with her half in the air and she shot away from him. When she stopped, her form slacked. Her hands were wrapped around her stomach, punching the muscle with a weak fist. She was trying to force in breath.

He smiled. And watched.

EnoK: Gouka is now up! I'm sorry if you've waited a while. Things are really heating up. The problems in EnoK are so small in light of the devistation awaiting you in Gouka! Enjoy, I will look forward to your support in the future.