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I was walking to class as usual with Edward holding my hand as usual. Usually just this closeness was all I needed to feel especially happy and calm, usually… But today, I was feeling especially ancy. Edward of course, being the caring and angelic man he is, looked down in my eyes, with nothing but concern filling them.

"I'm fine," I tried to assure him. I'm sure he could see through me though. I never have been a very good liar.

"Bella," Edward started but I cut him off with a quick kiss and we took our seats in first period English. A class we shared with Alice, Lauren, Mike, and Jessica.

I sat down in the back with Edward and Alice. Lauren and Jessica looked back at me with a completely menacing look in their eyes. I, being sexually frustrated after having an overly stimulating without any sort of release night with Edward, was in no mood for their self riteous bull shit. I looked in their eyes and shot them the finger.

Edward and Alice looked shocked but seemed approving. Lauren and Jessica stared at me, appalled and had that wait-till-your-boyfriend's-not-around look in their eyes. But of course that's ok, because after the night I've had I'm looking forward to a way to get rid of all this pent up frustration.

Flash Back:

After taking a shower earlier that evening, I wasn't expecting Edward to come over for another hour. So instead of bringing my clothes with me into the bathroom as I normally would have done, I decided to leave them in my room and change there.

When I entered my room I went in my closet to find my P.Js. That was when I felt the breeze come in from my window.

"Bella…" Edward stopped in his tracks before he could finish what he could say. You see, I whirled around after feeling the draft my window. Unfortunately I wrhirled too fast therfore dropping my towel, leaving me wet, blushing, and naked in front of my unbelievably gorgeous boyfriend.

Before I could speak, Edward pounced. Kissing me with all of the passion that I've felt for him since I spoke the words, 'I love you.' He picked me up and layed me on the bed.

Edward was massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples. My moans were coming out very loud seeing how neglected I had been left for so long. He shed his shirt and lowered his head and began licking, kissing, and nibbling on my right breast and massaging my left one.

Edward's cold masculine fingers were pumping in and out of me. My breaths were coming as loud pants and moans. I couldn't have been more relieved that Charlie had to take an over nighter at the police station. I was just glad Edward was finally going to give me what I wanted. I was already wet with the sheer anticipation of what I just knew was to come. Just when I was about to reach my climax, Edward pulled his fingers out of me whispering how sorry he was but this just couldn't happen now. It just wasn't the right time.

End flashback:

I began digging my nails in my skin at the very memory of last night. I was so frustrated I wanted to scream but I would wait for Jessica and Lauren and take it out on them.

Class went by faster than usual, not that I was complaining. We were going over Wuthering Heights in English class, a book that I've read many times before. The only thing that made me dread the ending of this class was that in my next class wasn't with Edward, and I had to be there with Jessica and Lauren. Just thinking about triggered my gag reflex, leaving an acerbic taste in my mouth. Maybe I'll spit and maybe it'll 'accidentally' land on Lauren, but I decided to be a lady and swallow it back.

I chuckled to myself at the thought. Edward looked at me with a perplexed. I waved him off. I didn't want him to know about my vile thoughts about Lauren.

"You know how much I hate that. Why won't you let me know what you were thinking about?" Edward asked as he walked me to my next class.

"Because you might be a little put off at the especially bitter thought I was having towards Lauren," I chuckled at my choice of words. Bitter, acerbic, I was on a roll.

Edward looked at me, a bit perturbed but the warning bell rang so I gave him a quick kiss good bye and headed into my class, where Lauren and Jessica were waiting for me by my desk. The teacher seemed to be running late to class and I could tell that this was not going to be a pleasant talk between friends.

"Well, what can I do for you?" I asked as friendly as I possibly could dispite that disgusting taste of bile coming back into my mouth. Again I swallowed it back.

"As friends, Bella, I would like to ask you to do something for me. A friend." Jessica said.

"Yes, do this for your friend," Lauren said.

"Ok, let's cut the crap and get down to what you two really want." I said. I was tired of this small talk.

"Fine, stay away from Edward. I want him and you don't deserve him." Lauren spat at me.

"Ha, and you deserve him more than I do. Like hell I'll stay away from my boyfriend who loves me and there is absolutely nothing you two can do about it." I said still calm but fuming.

"Bella we can do this very nicely or we can do this the hard way," Jessica said.

I snorted "I think I'll take my chances with the hard way," I couldn't help but wonder what on Earth they possibly think they could do to me, after all I'd been through? My life has been threatened on three seperate occasions, twice by deranged vampires and once by the moste powerful coven in the world. I still have on of those deranged vamps on my tail.

"Fine, as you wish," Lauren said and then added very loudly, "So you must be banging Edward pretty good for him to go out with some as disgusting as you," Just as she said the words the class fell silent.

"I'm still a virgin Lauren. I'm not so pathetic as to have to suck a guy's dick to get a guy to be with me. How many boyfriend's have you attempted to get anyway Lauren? I'm sure that gives you a pretty impressive number as to how many guys you've fucked."

All over the class you could hear the ohhs and the oh lauren burn.

"If you haven't slept with Edward Cullen left it's probably because he's the one rejecting you. He wouldn't have to be so repressed with me. I could give him what he wants." Jessica said.

"Really, I have some pretty reliable sources that say you're actually really bad in bed, even though apparantly you've had loads of practice," I spat and then I felt a slap from Lauren's hand. Finally, now I can hit something.

"You bitch," I said before punching Lauren square in her jaw. She looked back at me, her lip busted. She jumped on me and we stumbled out of the class room outside. Everyone followed us out and people started cheering and chanting "Fight, fight, fight,"

Lauren was on top of me at first scratching and slapping me. Eventually I rolled her over so that Lauren was pinned to the ground and I was getting some pretty good punches in when I felt two strong cold arms pick me up. Edward was restraining me. Just as Lauren was starting to come for me, the teacher came restraining her. Too bad he was like twenty minutes late.

"Edward, I don't know what it is that she's doing for you that is so great but I promise I can do it better," Lauren said, trying to sound sexy even though her talking was slightly muddled since her lip and cheek was swollen from all the punches I was throwing. I started thrashing against Edward hoping to get in just one more swing. That taste was coming back in my mouth so I decided that instead of swallowing it I'd dispel of it for good. I spit it out and it landed right on Lauren's exposed cleavage.

"Bitch," Lauren said looking disgusted.

"Sorry, I'm just not as good at swallowing as you are," I spat and I could here the chorus of 'burned' and 'owned' start up again. Lauren started to thrash against Mr. Varner, our late teacher, and finally got out of his hold. Edward was restraining my arms not my legs so before Lauren could get to me, I kicked her right in her face. Her nose, bleeding profusely.

"Oops. Sorry I think your nose might be broken." I said. Though not really sorry at all. Edward, Alice, and I got out of the bloody enviornment as fast as 'humanly' possible and sped off in Edward's volvo.

"ALICE WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!" Edward yelled. His voice resonating through out the car.

"Because I saw that Bella could take care of herself and it was about time that Lauren got her ass beat. Besides I could feel the tension coming off of Bella this morning. She needed some way to get rid of it," Alice said.

"So I imagine that the school called Charlie by now and I really don't feel like enduring his wrath right now. Can we please just go to your place?" I asked feeling a little more like myself.

"Sure. I'm proud of you Bella. You handled yourself quite well back there. I'm… pleasantly surprised." Edward said his eyes boring into mine. I tried to stay mad at him after what happened last night but I couldn't. So I decided to at least feign irritation on something that he knew I would be irritated about.

"Eyes on the road." I said pointing out the windshield.