I have no idea how long this went on. I don't know if I thrashed, or if I screamed. I was completely absent from my body. I felt unaware of everything around me. The only thing I knew was pain.


"Why isn't she screaming?" Emmett asked, just as worried as I was about Bella and her condition. Those two really had become insanely close, and Emmett couldn't stand the thought of anything happening to his little sister.

"She always had been one to endure in silence," I replied


Dying fucking hurts. I knew that was what was happening to me. I could feel my body going cold and it was getting harder to breath. Beyond the pain of fire burning off my bare flesh, it also felt as if an anvil was pressing against my chest.


"Jasper, how's Bella doing?" Alice asked. I would've asked myself, but I couldn't bring myself to do anything but watch Bella. This wasn't the way that she was supposed to change. I must admit, though, the idea of my cum changing her was slightly satisfying. Jasper didn't go all the way into Bella's pain but enough to know that she was in a great deal of it. She really was changing. It wasn't some kind of flux, I changed my fiancé with my venomy sperm. It was kind of cool in a fucked up kind of way.

"That's the burn of changing. It's real guys," Jasper said, sitting next to me on the floor. I looked over at Emmett who was an absolute wreck, pulling at his hair. He wasn't sure if he wanted to punch me for changing her the way I did, or if he wanted to congratulate me for it.

"Em, I didn't know that it was going to change her," I said, answering his unasked and implied thought question. He scowled at me and resumed his worrying.

5 hours later

We were sitting around Bella waiting for her to make some sort of movement. If her heart weren't beating as fast as it was, I'd swear she was dead.

Bella groaned.

My head snapped up to look at her face. Everyone became more aware, anticipating her return to us. She groaned again and her body started to twitch. She groaned louder, her back arched, and she let out an ear piercing scream. I could see her eyes moving behind her lids, as if she were seeing or searching for something. Her fist clenched and she started hitting the ground as she continued to scream. I picked her up and sat so that she was between my legs laying on me. I wrapped my arms around her and trapped her arms so that she wouldn't hurt herself. Emmett grabbed her legs so that she would stop flailing them.

Jasper attempted to calm her, but she was finally letting go of all the pain and there was nothing he could do to qualm it.

Her thrashing and screaming became more intense, but then it abruptly stopped. Her face was unsettlingly calm and her heart stopped. I feared that she wasn't vampire dead, but really and truly dead. Before I could begin to truly freak out, Bella twitched. I let go of her and shifted so that she was laying on the couch and I could stand up and really watch her.

Her body twitched again before her eyes, her still brown eyes, opened and looked at me. Jasper pulled at my arm, trying to pull me away from Bella. She was a newborn and had newborn strength. She could hurt me now, and Jasper wanted to protect me. I couldn't be moved. Bella's eyes were still brown. Her eyes were still locked on mine. She smiled, sat up in a fluid motion, and walked towards me. Once she was close enough, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed my chest.

She looked up at me and I couldn't help but be astonished by the brown color of her eyes.

"Is is right to assume that you like what I did with them?" I heard Bella say, though I didn't see her mouth move. I must have done an awful job hiding the perplexed look on my face.

"It's called telepathy genius," Bella said and tapped on my head, " I would think that it worked both ways so, don't actually say anything out loud if you're gonna say anything at all."

"Can you hear me?" I asked with my thoughts. A huge smile spread across my love's lips and I assumed that it was a yes, "Does it work with anyone else's thoughts. Are you telepathic with anyone else?" I asked.

"No I'm not," She said out loud, and then backed away from me, "So, while I was in my little painful black out, I discovered my power. I can copy yours," She said and pointed at every one of us.

"That doesn't explain why your eyes are brown," I said.

"My eyes are only brown to you hun," Bella said, patted me on the shoulder and flopped back down on the couch. I looked at her with confusion blatant in my eyes and so did the rest of the family. Bella looked at all of us with a smirk on her face.

"The mind is a powerful thing people, I just have better access to mine and now Edward's. Since I have direct access to Edward's brain, I can alter the way he looks at me. Creepy huh? I can't do it with all of you, I think. Well maybe I can, but I don't feel like trying right now." Bella said. She was so casual about all of this. She hasn't freaked out yet. She hasn't even asked for blood.

"And that, dearest, may be because I have had about a week to prepare myself. I had all of the pains, and I was gradually put into this world. I wasn't just thrown into it cold like the rest of you. As for why I haven't asked for blood, I just haven't had the chance too. I'm actually really really thirsty."

"I'm not sure about all of this," Jasper said, "Bella seems too adjusted for a new born. I think that someone should go out and hunt for her so that the rest of us can keep an eye on her."

"Aww man, noooo!" Bella whined as the rest of us agreed with Jasper.

"Bella we understand the need to stretch out and get reacquainted with your surroundings but you are a strange new born and we can't just let you out there until we know exactly what is going on with you," Carlisle said.

"But I already told you what was up with me," Bella whined some more.

"Why don't we just take her outside? She doesn't have to hunt just yet, but she still needs to get acquainted with her new senses outside the barrier that is our house," Emmett suggested.

"I agree with Emmett," I said. I didn't want to hinder Bella's processes or get in the way of her learning the new life she's now in, but Jasper was right. Bella is too adjusted, too calm, and I wasn't sure if I should totally trust that. Bella stood pouting with her arms folded across her chest. Her lips still looked luscious, even more so now that she was a vampire…

Oh. My. Jesus

Bella's a vampire. I can do whatever I wanted to her. I could fuck her how I wanted to fuck her. Be as rough as I wanted with her. I didn't have to be careful anymore. A wicked smile crossed my face as I thought about this. All the things we could do together. I could feel my pants growing tight, as I thought of all the things I was going to do to her. These thoughts were completely inappropriate of course, taking into account all of the things that Bella has gone through recently, but I couldn't help it. I was a hard, horny, mess and the only thing that could make it better was being nestled between Bella's sweet thighs.

What the fuck?? Where did that come from? When did I become so filthy minded?

"A newfound lack of inhibitions and a healthy sexual appetite will make the perfect perv," I heard Bella say in my mind.

"Did you hear all of that?" I asked her, getting more and more turned on as I thought about Bella veering in into my dirty thoughts. I couldn't bring myself to be embarrassed. I was glad that Bella knew exactly what all of this was doing to me.

"I did and I'm glad I did. Don't worry Edward, we'll have our time. Just try to keep your cock in your pants. I want to be the one to let it loose," Bella thought with a devious smirk on her face. I'm sure my smirk matched hers and I was sure that her thoughts matched mine. I could feel all of my inhibitions melting away, especially as I took in her new look.

Bella's cleavage, though beautiful before, seemed much more defined. Her small B's had become large B's, her waist was tinier, and her hips were a bit wider. Her full lips were poutier with a more delicate curve and accentuated Cupid's bow. Her skin went from porcelain to alabaster and her tight little ass was rounder. She was perfect, gorgeous, and only I could have her.

I wasn't paying attention to anybody else's thoughts as my own flew through my head. Ideas of what I was going to do to Bella when she was once again in arm's reach tortured me, making my erection painful and impossible to ignore.

"Ahem… So who's ready to hunt?" I heard Alice say. I grunted a yes and followed the family outside. I trailed Bella at a safe distance, a distance where I can watch her without being too tempted to touch her. As soon as I had thought that, Bella's hips started to sway a little more as she walked. Then, with a flip of her hair, the little minx looked back at me, winked, and kept on walking. Once Bella was outside, everything bombarded her at once.

The scents. The sights. The way everything felt different. Her senses were heightened and I could tell she was enjoying it. She held on to the wooden stair rail, trying desperately not to crush it in her hands, as she took everything in. Her eyes were wild and I knew she was ready to hunt. She could smell the deer that was miles away just like we could. The only difference was that her thirst was burning her throat like raw fire. The rest of us had already fed.

"Are you still happy with your decision?" I heard Rosalie sneer. I was so wrapped up in my own arousal that I didn't hear the resentful and jealous thoughts that were running through Rose's mind. She was resentful for the obvious reasons, and jealous because Bella was so unbelievable gorgeous. Bella's looks could rival Rose's now and that was very unsettling to Rose.

"Not right now Rosalie," Bella said as she was trying to get a handle on her emotions. She was handling the wooden rail in a much less delicate fashion.

"Rose, Bella is right. Bella's emotions are high and unstable at the moment. Picking a fight won't do anyone any good." Jasper said, trying to calm Rosalie. But she was beyond his subtle attempts at trying to resolve the problem, and he didn't want to risk really using his power for fear that it might backfire and piss Bella off. Without Jasper's power, there was no stopping Rose. She was resentful and jealous, a dangerous combination when it comes to someone as vain as Rosalie.

"No, I want to know. Was giving up everything worth the burning thirst you're feeling now? Even if you couldn't physically have children, you could've adopted. I bet you think you're life will be just perfect from now on. Well I have you know Isabella Swan, you are nothing to me or anyone else in this family. Edward left you once, and as soon as the sex goes bad he'll leave you again," Rose growled. Everyone was shocked at her hurtful words. Even Emmett was dumbfounded, and he'd been at the worst end of her wrath for over half a century now. Bella was trying to walk away from the situation and was half way to wear the woods started when she stopped and turned to look at Rose.

The old Bella would have cried. The Bella before all of the drama would have taken everything Rose just said to heart and maybe would've broken up with me on the spot. The old Bella's self esteem would have been crushed. Her sense of self worth would have been diminished to almost nothing, but no. Not this Bella. This Bella just looked pissed off, and it was unbearable sexy.

I could see Bella trying to get a handle on her emotions, to not totally flip out. Her eyes were dangerous, but other than that she looked as if she were somewhat composed. Well, she did until her right hand spontaneously combusted.

"You bitch," Bella started.

"Uh, Bella?" Alice started.

"How dare you say some fucking shit like that to me? I should rip your fucking head off," Bella began screaming, and the fire slowly crawled up her arm the more worked up she got. The fire should be burning her, causing her unbearable pain, but instead it looked like she nurtured it. As if it fed off of her growing anger.

"Bella you're on fire!" Emmett screamed, as if he had just noticed. Which knowing Emmett, he probably had. When Emmett screamed out, Bella looked at her burning arm and started screaming.

"Stop, drop, and roll Bells!" Emmett yelled out. Bella continued to scream and literally stopped, dropped, and started rolling on the ground. The fire didn't extinguish, nor did it go anywhere. It just stayed on her arm.

Once we all realized that the fire wasn't hurting her, we couldn't help but start laughing. Bella was screaming about how she was going to die, and rolling around on the ground like a maniac. I started to wonder if maybe it was just an allusion, but I quickly got rid of that thought. If it was just an allusion then I would be the only one who saw it. Bella's anger actually manifested into fire. It was fascinating.

Soon Bella realized that the fire wasn't hurting her and stopped rolling. She stood back up, her hair was a mess and there were twigs and grass all over her, and stared at the fire on her arm.

"Why the fuck isn't it going away!" Bella said, still freaked about the fire, but less scared by it. Everyone was scared to go near her. Bella may be immune to the detrimental effects of fire, but the rest of us surely weren't. But Bella was my fiancé and I knew she wouldn't let the fire hurt me. I walked over towards her and she looked up at me. She smiled slightly and then looked back at the fire that engulfed her arm. Soon I was followed by Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle. Alice and Esme stayed back to try and calm down Rosalie. I, personally, didn't give a shit what they said or did to her. I was pissed off that she was aim so low and bring up such an awful time for both Bella and me. As of right now, Rosalie was nothing more than my brother's wife. She was no longer my sister.

"Seeing as I'm quite sure that it was anger that started the fire in the first place, maybe you need to release the anger in order to be rid of the fire," Carlisle suggested.

"Release it where Carlisle? Perhaps RELAEASE THE FIRE onto that fucking CUNT I have to call a sister?" Bella yelled the sentence out. I'm guessing in order to scare Rosalie into thinking that she was going to burn her. It worked, but only slightly. Rosalie was already beginning to feel bad about what she said. I still couldn't bring myself to care. What Rosalie had said hurt me deeper than she could ever know, and it would take a long time for me to forgive her.

"Bells, I know that Rosalie said a horrible thing, but could you please refrain from burning and killing her. She may be awful at times but she's still my wife," Emmett said, his eyes and thoughts pleading with Bella to somehow find it in her heart to forgive Rosalie. He wouldn't able to take his little sister and his wife fighting.

"Don't worry Em, I won't actually kill her. I'll just torch that pretty face of hers," Bella said with a smile. Emmett pouted and gave Bella puppy dog eyes to which Bella folded and said she'd stop making threats towards his wife. Though she thought to me the final 'For now' to which I snickered, and Bella had to try and hide a smile.

"Ok, so Bella's seemed to cheer up. Why hasn't the fire gone out?" Emmett asked.

"No. Bella's still angry. Not nearly as angry as she was, but there's still some of that left over frustration," Jasper commented.

"Maybe she should physically release it? Bella why don't you try directing your anger at something and throwing the fire to it," I suggested. Bella got a wicked smile on her face and I knew she was thinking of Rosalie. I put my hands on Bella's cheeks and told her to direct her thoughts elsewhere. She sighed and turned around, staring hard at a tree. Bella lifted her arm and the fire flew from her arm to the tree with pounding force. Bella actually had to put in effort to remain standing as the fire pulsed from her to the tree. The heat of it was so intense, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, and I had to take a few steps back to insure our safety.

Once the fire had stopped flowing from her arm, and the tree was fully incinerated, everyone, including Bella, took a moment to admire her handiwork.

"That's what I call a power," I heard Emmett whisper. There were a few more moments of silence before Jasper spoke out.

"Does anyone else notice that Bella still smells like a human?"

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