Growing up with the Cullens

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A forest near Phoenix, a five-year-old girl, her mother and her mother's current boyfriend were setting up tents for they…obviously camping.

Young Bella's mom is oblivious to the fact that there are dangers in the forest they are unaware of. Bella incredibly bored just watching her mother Renee and boyfriend, Phil. Walked away to explore the forest for a while.

No one noticed she was even gone. Bella got a bit curious when she was just near a tree and found a lion running. Incredibly unafraid of the animal, she followed, not as fact but she did run. But all she could see was the movement of the lion. She enjoyed following it even though tripping a lot, she followed until she had lost the trace to even go back to the camping place. The lion stopped eventually and she stopped with it hidden on a huge tree her eyes locked onto the lion.

Bella didn't know where it suddenly came from. A figure launched itself at the lion so quickly that it just took Bella to blink and the man figure was there. Its mouth onto the lions where a wound was, all she could see was the head the bronze colored hair. The man or whatever he was stopped, his nostrils flaring.

The sight of him was breathtaking. How could anyone be so beautiful? He looked seventeen or eighteen. His eyes were golden, wonderful and bright, his eyelashes long which made his eyes second times as breathtaking, his bronze hair was untidy probably from the wind, his skin was very pale and he was quite muscular as you can see from his half buttoned long sleeved shirt, His golden eyes turning onyx.

His onyx eyes landed on the tree, Bella was hiding in. He snarled.

Bella decided to show herself. Her legs shaking form what could make this god-like creature furious like that?

The sight of the child made it harder for him. He couldn't help himself. Right now, he was a vampire and nothing more, a hunter trying to launch himself to his prey, her blood singing to him nonstop, her blood stronger than anything he had ever smelled.

Bella screamed but even she knew it was useless, she was lost, such a smart but silly child she is.

Bella was pushed into the hard ground. The man still snarling showing his sparkling sharp teeth, almost an inch to her neck, and with her heart beating faster than ever it didn't help, it made him want to drink it more.

Two pale and big hands pulled him away from Bella. Holding him, still snarling trying to get to the girl. Tears running into Bella's face.

The man who stopped him was also pale, had bright golden eyes, he was very muscular and big. With a curly brown hair and deep dimples and of course, he looked beautiful and god-like.

"Edward, What were you thinking!" he roared at the man he was holding named Edward. "Why did you do that? You idiot!"

The guy named Edward stopped looking at the girl with regret and embarrassment. "I…didn't…. her blood smelled incredibly delicious. I just couldn't help myself," he mumbled, his voice velvet and smooth.

"Oh, yeah? Than you could have just freakin run away, then!" the big man yelled. "Look at her! She's freaked!"

"I'm not," Bella said quietly within hiccups. "Please I just want my mommy, I wanna go back to mommy!"

"Do you know where you're mommy is?" the big man asked politely trying to calm her down a bit.

Bella shook her head, "I got lost,"

The big man and Edward groaned, "Maybe we can just find the scent of her mother and we might bring her back," the big man suggested.

"We cant, she seen so much. I exposed us. We have to take her back to the house." Edward replied trying to hold himself, his pale long hands crunched together.

The man nodded, "Nice going, Edward." Glaring at Edward.

They didn't notice that while they were talking, Bella fainted. "Oh, look at the child! She fainted. We better take her to Carlisle."

"I know, Emmett."

Emmett took Bella and held her closely to him while they ran fast before anyone sees them.

They finally arrived in a huge white house. Edward opened the front door letting Emmett pass with Bella putting her softly down the couch. A woman with caramel colored hair, heart shape face, with the same gold eyes and pale skin entered the living room and gasped as she saw the little girl sleeping on the couch with a few small scratches all over her. "Oh, dear. What happened?"

Emmett pointed at Edward. "Eddy here decided to attack her,"

The woman glared at her son, Edward. She turned her attention to Bella, whose they did not yet know. She sat down next to her stroking her shiny mahogany hair. And without notice, Bella wrapped her arms around the woman's knees, mumbling something in her sweet. The woman smiled the girl was just so cute.

Esme POV:

I stroked the little girls hair while her head was down on my legs sleeping softly. I smiled, I always dreamed on being a mother to a little girl and I hope I got my wish. No, Esme, she does not belong to you. Her parents are probably looking for her now. Why did Edward do this? I know my son he must have a reason to.

Everyone was here in seconds. Alice, Jasper, Rose and Carlisle. My husband was first to bent down and checked on the girl with worried eyes. "What happened?" he asked in a whisper.

Emmett liked telling stories, he explained, "Okay, first. Edward and I went hunting, duh, and I spotted a bear and Edward spotted a lion and we went to our separate ways. When I was finish with the bear, I followed Edward's scent and a humans scent too. I smelled trouble before I could take a look at the scene. Edward was on top of her" pointing at the girl. "His mouth inches near her skin. I had to stop him but he was so eager to get to her. I never in the world have seen Ed like that. So, the girl saw the fact that Edward almost took a snap out of her and that she was freaked."

"It wasn't my fault! Her blood! It just smelled so… mouthwatering! I couldn't help it!" Edward yelled. I gave him a warning look, worried he might have woken the little girl up but she didn't. I signed in relief.

"What are we going to do with her?" Rosalie asked. She sat next to me, looking lovingly at the girl, she smiled, and she looked up to me with pleading eyes, "Oh Esme, lets keep her!"

"What?" Edward and Jasper said quietly too, good, "A human? We cant do that! It is going to be hard for Jasper and me!"

Alice glared at both of them and then smiled, "Don't worry guys, you'll get over the scent soon. Edward for two months and Jasper a month, you'll be fine. Anyway, Bella will be a huge part of the family. We'll regret it if we don't keep her. Trust me, I know."

Rosalie squeaked, I had never seen her like this. "I've always wanted to have a daughter! Oh!"

I smiled happily too, "Bella, will have two mothers and a sister."

"Yay! Lets go shop for Bella!" Alice and Rosalie both said.

I laugh, "She will be waking up soon. I better go cook her something. Alice, Rosalie please stop by the grocery will you?"

They nodded and swiftly left the room to go shopping.

Carlisle was silent and then he finally spoke up, "We will have to move. We will have to tell her who we are and what happened." We all nodded.

Carlisle eyes lightened up, "Welcome to the family, Bella." He whispered.