Come Back

Draco stared into the dimness of his dormitory, he couldn't sleep, he hadn't been able to sleep properly for weeks, he always woke and kept tossing and turning dreaming and thinking about her. It was impossible for him not to think about her, she was etched into his memory, every little thing about her, from the softness of her hair, the clear blue of her eyes, her velvety lips and silky skin.

He couldn't forget her voice, dreamy most of the time but able to turn low and delirious when she was with him, when she made small satisfied moans, when she whimpered against him and unable to contain her cries of pleasure any longer she forgot everything and just let herself go.

Draco turned and glared over at the bed that was occupied by a sleeping Blaise Zabini. It was all his fault, he ultimately started it in an attempt to get him back for accidentally landing him in detention.

He hadn't meant to get Blaise detention, it was true he had started the jinxes on Longbottom in the corridor but he hadn't asked Blasie to join in and get caught had he?

But of course Blaise hadn't looked at it that way, he was a bit peeved that it had been him and not Draco who had ended up with detention. Draco figured that he hadn't made it any better by laughing hysterically at his friends plight, but that was the sort of person he was.

It had been two days later, when he had forgotten all about the incident that Blaise had executed his revenge. They had been with Crabbe and Goyle as usual making fun of Potter and insulting Granger when Ginny Weasley had turned up with Professor Filtwick looking for Luna Lovegood, who by coincidence had happened to be with Potter at the time.

As it turned out, Filtwick was organising a concert and Ginny Weasly had nominated Luna to play the piano. Draco smiled easily into the darkness as he recalled Luna's horrified face when she blurted out that she couldn't play any sort of instrument at all.

Filtwick had looked disappointed and Ginny had looked confused, swearing that she had been sure Luna had told her she could play the piano. Once Filtwick had resigned himself to getting someone else to play Blaise had stepped in to save the day.

"Professor, Draco can play the piano." He had said smugly, "But he doesn't like to play in front of people, maybe he could teach Luna to play something?"

He had been against it from the start and had been busily plotting his revenge against Blaise, but he had been left with no option when Luna had submitted to being taught and Filtwick had thought it a marvellous idea.

Every night for over a month he had gone to the music room with Luna, taking out all his anger and frustration on her whenever she pressed the wrong note. He had yelled at her, called her stupid and demanded that she concentrate or it would look bad for him.

He had disliked her then and hated Blaise with a passion.

Luna had never argued back with him, she had always fixed him with her large blue eyes and listened intently to his instructions. She had remained maddeningly calm at each of his outbursts until he no longer bothered to shout at her because he got no reaction whatsoever.

It had taken him a while to realise that Luna became very nervous whenever he was close to her. When he leant over her to re-position her fingers on the keys or demonstrate to her how she should play something she would visibly tremble at his close proximity.

Being the sort of person he was Draco would take full advantage of his new discovery whenever he found himself becoming bored during their lessons, which was quite often. He hadn't ever though of taking things further with Loony Lovegood however, not even the though of kissing her had entered his head until yet again, Blaise had stepped in.

"So how's is going Draco?" He had asked one afternoon in the Slytherin common room, "Mixing business with pleasure with Loony?"

"Don't be an idiot Blaise." He had snapped back wrinkling his nose to show his distaste.

"Bet you wouldn't be able to get her anyway." His friend had retorted.

That night in bed a plan had started to form in his mind. He was a teenage boy, and he was rather desperate to try his hand at sex. Pansy Parkinson had hinted on more than on occasion that she would be a happy participant if he waned her but Draco did not want Pansy. He didn't find her attractive in the least and the idea of even kissing her repulsed him beyond belief.

But Loony was different, she wasn't ugly, she was just odd. She had a nice figure beneath her school robes and he had the feeling she could be dominated and persuaded into anything under the right circumstances.

Plus she was nearly always alone, no friends to speak of, no-one to talk to about him. And even if she did venture to mention he had made a move towards her no-one would believe her.

Not that Draco thought she would reject him, she wasn't that loony was she?

The next day morning over breakfast he had grinned at Blaise, "Your on."

He had kept his cool for a few more days, keeping as close to her as he could during their lessons and watching her reactions, he had come to the conclusion that she was definitely attracted to him.

His move towards her had actually been an accident, he hadn't planned on doing it that night at all, but it had happened anyway.

"Your doing it wrong Luna." Draco said softly, he leant over her and played the piece himself allowing his arms to brush against hers as his fingers skipped over the ivory keys. "You see the difference?"

"Yes, I see." She had agreed twisting round to look up at him just as he removed his hands from the keyboard.

Unintentionally his hand brushed against her breast as she turned. Draco watched as her face flushed pink and she quickly turned her back to him and raised shaking hands to the keyboard.

Draco stood quietly behind her as she haltingly began to play, hesitantly Draco reached out and trailed his finger along the nape of her neck that was exposed due to the fact she wore her hair up in a bun that day.

Her fingers stumbled over the keys when he sat himself behind her on the stool allowing his breath to tickle her neck as he watched the nervous expression on her face with narrowed calculating eyes.

"Again," He whispered into her ear once she had finished playing.

Obediently Luna had began again her forehead creasing in a frown as she concentrated and tried to ignore his fingers that were gently stroking the bare skin of her upper arms.

Her fingers slammed onto the keys in surprise when he pressed his lips into her neck. The sound echoed dully around the large room and seemed to bounce of the walls.

Smirking inwardly Draco raised his head with questioning eyes to look at her. "Something wrong?"

"No." Luna hissed out swallowing nervously.

"Good." He replied curling his hand around the back of her neck and guiding her towards him.

He kissed her, pressing his lips lightly to hers. Without hesitation Luna pressed back slipping her arms around his neck.

"Open for me." He instructed after a few minutes. Even with his voice low, it was impossible for him to rid himself of the authority in his voice that he now reserved exclusively for her when he wanted her to do something.

Luna parted her lips immediately sinking against his chest and moaning softly as his tongue slid over hers to claim possession of her mouth.

He held her close, acutely aware of her breasts pressed into his chest and her fingers sliding into his hair to wrap themselves through his platinum locks as he deepened his kiss.

Draco knew what he wanted, he knew he wanted to touch her, to see her, to know what her body looked like and how she would feel in his hands. He wanted to know what he needed to do to make her cry out his name with no thought of anything other than him. He wanted to know how to reduce her to a quivering mess and make sure he would live on in her memory.

If he handled this situation correctly, if he made sure he didn't try to push her for too much too soon Draco had the feeling he might be able to make good use of Luna Lovegood, he might be able to use her as practice, to make sure he knew exactly what he was doing with a girls body. It could be all about trial and error with Luna, she would have no comparison whereas other girls might, and he wanted to be able to brag he was the best at sex.

With Luna's mind totally on his mouth Draco release his hold on her neck and dropped his hand to cover her breast. She stiffened in his arms but she didn't move away from him and Draco took this as encouragement, gently running his thumb over the top of her breast applying more pressure as he went along.

He felt more than heard her sigh of contentment. Breaking away from her he whispered against her lips, "Let me touch you."

Luna didn't reply but kissed him again, harder than before, her signal that she was happy to agree to his request.

Draco didn't waste anymore time and slipped his hand beneath her top to the warm skin of her stomach. Slowly he climbed up her stomach towards her breast as she squirmed against him at the slow pace he had adopted.

Reaching her bra Draco's nimble fingers pushed the lace cup out of his way to finally curl his hand around her breast. Luna gasped into his mouth and deepened her kiss making him groan softly.

Her breast was larger than he had thought it would be, hidden every day beneath her school robes. The skin silky and delicate and she shivered when his thumb rubbed over her nipple causing it to harden beneath his palm.

Draco explored both breasts thoroughly, enjoying the round, smooth, firm feeling they had in his hands. He massaged each one in turn, giving both his ultimate attention and feeling satisfied with the low moans of encouragement that came from Luna as he applied more pressure squeezing the firm skin and tracing the hardened nipples with the tips of his finger.

He wanted more from her, but was careful not to try to push for more tonight. Everything could blow up in his face if he tried to do that, and he needed Luna.

Replacing her bra in it's proper place he broke the kiss. "I'd better get you back to the common room, it's getting late."

"Now?" She questioned disappointment heavy in her tone.

"Hum, I'll see you tomorrow night won't I?"

"Yes," Luna replied her tone brightening at the prospect.

The corridors were dark, and everyone was tucked up in their respective common rooms so Draco didn't worry about holding her hand as he walked her back to the Ravenclaw tower.

"Night Draco." She whispered once they reached the entrance to the common room.

"Night Luna." He bent over her, scooping her into his arms for another kiss, enjoying the feeling of her tongue rubbing against his, encouraging him to enter her mouth. Absently he raised his hand to squeeze her breast.

Automatically her body arched into him and he squeezed harder feeling himself react to her obvious enjoyment of his hands on her body.

"Draco," She whispered against his lips, "Touch me again."

He hesitated only for a second at the thought that someone might come, but it was dark in the corridor and the place was deserted. Quickly he backed her against the wall lifting her top away from her body for his hands to take possession of her again.

Somehow he was more confident this time, his touch firmer, his hands more controlled and he found he could enjoy it much more.

Luna broke away from his mouth to gasp softly and arch her chest towards him a bit more. Her eyes were closed and her face slightly flushed as she gasped quietly over the ministrations of his hands, her hands still tangled in his hair from his kiss.

Her expression was one of total enjoyment and Draco was rather pleased with himself, but he was determined not to stop with anything until he had her moaning and screaming out his name with total abandon.

Twisting on to his side in bed Draco sighed heavily, his body was reacting to his memories already, he refused to touch himself in anyway, he thought it was for weak pathetic fools who couldn't get a girl. He could get a girl, but it wasn't the one he wanted.

Closing his eyes tightly Draco allowed his mind to wander back over his memories.

The next night Luna arrived a little late for their lessons. She hurried into the room apologising that McGonagall had stopped her to ask how everything was going. Sitting herself on the stool as she usually did she smiled shyly at him before beginning to play.

Draco leant against the piano nodding his head in time to the music and silently counting out the notes as she played. She was getting better, much better than what she had been and he was pleased with himself considering he had thought at first it would be impossible to teach the girl anything.

Once he had deemed to himself that she had practiced enough he settled himself behind her again on the stool. Luna shivered at his hands curled around her arms but she continued with her practice.

"Good." He told her nodding his approval. "Carry on."

Luna continued to play, although Draco could see from his position that she wasn't watching the keys but his hands that had now moved beneath her arms to slowly undo the buttons of the pale pink shirt she wore.

Carefully he eased the material over her shoulders and down her arms. "Arms." He commanded, and she stopped her playing to allow him to remove the shirt from her body. "Continue."

Nodding Luna continued gasping suddenly as his lips pressed to her neck. She moaned when his mouth captured her rapidly beating pulse and lightly began to suck.

Gently Draco trailed his fingers up her back inching towards the clasp of her bra, he wanted to not only touch, but watch her body tonight.

Unhooking her bra made her gasp again, already he could tell the difference, this was a nervous utterance and he didn't like the sound of it. Curling his fingers over the straps he moved them over her shoulders, "Let me see you." He murmured into her ear.

Luna didn't hesitate, she removed her hands from the piano to enable him to free her arms from her bra. She didn't want the lovely tingling sensations Draco produced under her skin to stop, all she wanted was for him to touch her again and keep touching her.

Once his hands were free Draco immediately cupped her breasts and began his gentle massage again. Resting his chin on her shoulder he quietly studied the top half of her body, the way goosebumps popped out over her skin when he touched her, the way her nipples hardened when he rubbed his thumb over them, he felt himself begin to react to her body.

Carefully he eased her back so she was lying into his shoulder and he lowered his head. His lips brushed against the nipple of her right breast, his lips parted and took possession of her nipple grazing his teeth over the rock hard skin, Luna moaned her hand coming up to entangle in his hair, pressing him closer to her.

Draco took his time with his new exploration, revelling in the taste of her skin, the feel of her breast in his mouth and how responsive she was to him. His tongue traced the outline of her breast leaving a hot wet trail over to the other breast where he began to lick slowly over the darkened nipple.

Luna moaned faintly her body pressing closer to him, "Draco," She whispered her fingers digging lightly into his scalp. "Oh, " She moaned with pleasure when she felt his tongue begin to prod at her nipple before his mouth completely covered her breast sucking firmly as he moved over her.

Kissing the swelling of her breast lightly Draco sat back to watch her body shiver under his gaze, her breasts quivered slightly with her heavy breathing and the residue of his mouth glistened against her smooth skin in the candle light from the room.

Suddenly her eyes opened and she twisted in his hold to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. The harder she kissed him the more Draco felt himself stir as her breasts pressed against him, her nipples still hard, straining against the material of his t-shirt.

"Up." Luna said, suddenly breaking from him and wiggling his t-shirt up his body.

Draco was more than happy to comply and raised his arms . Resting his hands on her bare back he smiled when Luna's lips pressed to his neck. Her tongue set out to explore the taste of his skin and her teeth nibbled at his collar bone causing him to tilt his head to the side silently asking for more.

Her body felt so good pressed against his chest, he hadn't thought how that would feel at this stage of his plan but he was enjoying it. Her mouth was hot as she travelled down his chest and he groaned when her tongue flicked over his nipple, his fingers tightening their hold on her waist.

As Luna continued to kiss, nibble, and suck his chest and neck Draco momentarily forgot his plan and everything else in favour of the wonderful sensations her lips had evoked in him.

Groaning with frustration Draco flipped over onto his back and glared heatedly at the ceiling. Thoughts of Luna were driving him mad, he could barely concentrate these days and it wasn't just that he was frustrated, it was that he was frustrated for her. No other girl would do for him, he only wanted Luna, but he couldn't have her.

Draco couldn't help but smirk to himself, there had been a time when he had taken her, and he had waited until he knew the time was right to ask her for it. But before his ultimate release had come other things, things that had given him as much pleasure as her, and had reverted in the first time for his own pleasure.

It had been over a week since Draco and Luna had began their new explorations and Draco was now slightly frustrated. He wanted more, he'd had enough of just her breasts and he wanted to experiment with something new.

As his luck would have it, tonight Luna arrived wearing a shirt and skirt. She usually wore jeans to practice and he had been trying to come up with a way of getting her to switch to a skirt without worrying her over his intentions.

He couldn't help the smirk that crossed his lips, for once in his life everything was going smoothly.

"Hello." She smiled warmly at him as she crossed the room to the piano. "Good day?"

"Yeah, it was alright, pissed Potter off." He told her grinning wickedly.

Luna laughed, "Trust you." Settling herself down on the stool she automatically began to practice, glancing up at him every now and again for approval.

Absently Draco tapped his fingers on the top of the piano following the notes and the tempo of the music. "Good, your getting much better." He had hardly ever complimented or given any sort of encouragement before the night he had kissed her, but he figured it would put him in good stead if he did it now.

Luna smiled easily up at him, "You're a good teacher." She was much more confident in her ability now, before she would never have thought to begin to play without his instructions, but now she let herself get immersed in the music and she loved to play the piano.

"Play the bit in the middle, the bit you still get stuck on." He instructed moving to sit behind her, his eyes narrowing as he watched her fingers.

Draco sighed heavily after a while, she was still stumbling over a few notes in the middle, but there was plenty of time for her to learn those, and he was bored, he wanted to get on to the good part of the evening. "Enough?" He questioned knowing what her answer would be.

"Yes." she replied instantly, smiling when his hands came straight up to unbutton her shirt and remove her bra, happily Luna responded with the removal of his top, her eyes drinking in the hardened muscles of his chest and the smooth, flawless body that he possessed.

Luna shivered as the cool air of the room hit her skin and her body shivered a little more when his lips connected with her neck and his hand, as usual curled over her breast.

Draco's hand trailed down her stomach, over her covered hips to her thighs, slowly he allowed his hand to creep beneath her skirt and draw leisurely circles on her skin with his fingertips.

Luna gasped and jerked suddenly when she became aware of where his hand had disappeared to, but his other hand, still massaging her breast, and his lips against her neck were all to wonderful to worry about anything else.

"Open for me." He instructed quietly when his hand had gone as far up her leg as possible and had now reached resistance. Vaguely he remembered giving her the exact same instruction weeks ago when he had kissed her.

As before Luna obeyed him, but rather slowly, hesitantly, her legs began to part slightly.

Gripping her leg beneath her knee Draco hoisted her leg over his own and was pleased to see that she mimicked the movement with her other leg. He shivered at the image, Luna leaning against his shoulder as she always did, her breasts on display as always, and her legs spread open for him.

He knew what he would love to do right at this moment, but he also knew the time wasn't right. Draco couldn't run the risk of upsetting her and having her put a stop to their little extra lessons.

He felt her lips against his neck, her teeth grazing the skin gently and Draco took this as a sign to move onwards and upwards.

The tips of his fingers brushed against the cotton of her underwear and he felt her shudder in his arms. Lazily he traced the line around her leg enjoying the squirming she was now a party to. He bit his lip, he hated to admit it to himself, but he was nervous, he wasn't sure exactly what he was supposed to do. Irritated with himself Draco reminded himself that was the entire purpose of Luna, she was here with him for this reason, so he could try out and perfect his technique.

Shoving all other doubts from him he pushed aside her underwear and allowed his fingers to gently touch and explore. Encouraged by her soft sighs, and the warmth coming from her, Draco give in to temptation and inserted his middle finger inside her.

Luna cried out in surprise, her eyes flying open. She hadn't expect that from him, and she had been so wrapped up in the tingles running through her body that he had taken her completely off guard.

Panicking slightly that she might make him stop, Draco kept his voice calm as he squeezed her breast, his fingers lazily pinching her nipple, and pulled her back into his shoulder. "Relax Luna." He whispered into her ear, "Just relax." He made no movement except for the gentle massage of her breast until he was sure she had settled down.

He couldn't believe how it felt for him as he began to move his finger in a slow rhythm. Not something he had experienced before he was rather taken with the feel of her, the way he seemed to fit neatly inside of her and the low moans of pleasure his actions generated from Luna.

Feeling more confident now that Luna seemed to be happy, Draco removed his finger from her completely. He smirked at the disappointed noise that came from her, Luna moaned loudly when he re-entered her with his index finger in tow and continued his slow gentle rhythm.

Having never experienced these kind of feelings before, pleasure mingled with a little pain, Luna just closed her eyes and allowed the feelings to swamp her. She had been extremely disappointed when she thought he had stopped, only to moan with pure delight when he had added a finger and kept going.

But he was going so slow! It was torture for her, she wanted more, she needed more. Without really realising she had spoken Luna made her first demand of Draco Malfoy, "More,"

Draco blinked, "What?" Had he really heard that quiet demand coming from her?

"More." Luna repeated drowsily.

"What sort of more?" He wondered, his voice low and vibrating against her ear.

"Faster Draco. Please." She whispered , whimpering with pleasure when he complied.

Luna's moans and gasps increased, became louder as her hips moved towards him begging for more. She startled him when she cried out un-expectantly and her hips bucked against him. He felt her tighten around him and felt the warmth of her orgasm seep over him. Slowing his pace he moved in and out of her a little longer to help her ride out the orgasm she was currently experiencing.

Gasping for breath she sank against his shoulder, her face flushed and her chest heaving. "Oh," She whispered.

"Good?" He questioned lazily.

"Yes." She replied shakily. "Very good. I want to do something for you." She told him quietly, her eyes not rising to his face.

Draco considered for a few seconds, "What sort of a something?"

"What would you like?" Draco was her first kiss, her first everything, Luna had no previous experience with boys and was unable to hazard a guess as to what would give Draco the same sort of feelings.

Somehow he found it impossible to keep his real thoughts from his lips, "You,"

"Me?" Luna looked slightly confused until realisation dawned and she looked extremely nervous. "Oh, I don't know Draco."

"Why not? That was nothing," He told her dismissing her orgasm, "It could be so much better." He kissed her softly, "You did ask what I wanted."

Better? Could he make her feel better? The idea was pure delight, her desire for more out weighed her fright and she kissed him back, a deep lingering kiss that told him she had agreed to his request.

Draco was determined not to allow her the opportunity of changing her mind and quickly retracted his fingers from inside of her where they had remained in case he needed to give her a reminder of what she would be giving up. Shifting off the bench he pulled her with him to the floor sniggering when she gasped in shock at the feel of the cold wood against her back.

Leaning over her Draco reclaimed her mouth as his hands fumbled with the catch on her skirt, he was worrying she would change her mind and push him away. This was something he wanted, something he needed, he needed to be with Luna.

He shuddered a little when he felt Luna's hands unbuttoning his trousers and wiggling them over his hips. He sighed inwardly when he realised he had to move away from her to rid himself of them completely.

Luna's eyes widened when her eyes raked over his body, "Oh," She muttered eyeing him warily.

Draco just grinned hooking his fingers over the top of her underwear and dragging them down her legs. He sat and stared at her for a few minutes, taking in every inch of her body, committing her to memory and smiling softly. He had imagined Luna naked for a while, but she was better than his fantasies, completely in proportion all over.

Her muscles were all tense he could see that for himself, he would have to relax her before he could take what he wanted. Propping himself on his elbow beside her he began to kiss her again as he reverted back to his usual routine concerning her breasts when they sat on the piano stool.

He jumped in surprise when he felt Luna's fingers curling around him and gently begin to stroke the smooth, tender flesh. He gasped against her mouth enjoying the feelings her fingers were creating and he squeezed her breast firmly to show his appreciation.

He felt himself hardening, but he knew it would be a while yet, he still had plenty of time to take Luna.

Slowly his hand slid down her body back between her legs, this time she opened up for him readily her hips moving towards him with greedy anticipation. Her moans matched his as he matched the rhythm she had set up against him.

Soon Draco felt that he couldn't stand it any more, he needed Luna desperately now. Removing his hand and sliding it beneath her to support her hips, he smirked and gave his usual husky command, "Open for me."

Luna smiled easily, spreading her legs and wrapping them around his waist she waited as he settled himself comfortably on top of her. Biting her lip nervously she gave him a small nod.

Draco pushed forward towards her, groaning madly he paused as he entered her and felt resistance. Luna's eyes were closed and she was still biting on her lower lip, she gave no sign that she wanted him to stop and Draco had no intention of allowing her to do so. With one hard, swift motion he surged inside her making a loud gasp escape her lips as a hot pain enveloped her.

"D..Draco." She stuttered uncertainly, but he cut her off with a deep kiss as he pulled himself almost out of her before sinking himself back in.

It was so much more than he had imagined, Luna was so much more, it felt right being inside her, as if he should always be there. He loved the feeling of her hands digging into his shoulders, he loved the feeling of her body beneath his, of her legs curled around his waist and especially the feeling of being totally engulfed by her.

Picking up his pace Draco had to remind himself not to go too mad, not to hurt her or she wouldn't want him again, and he needed to come back to her, he needed to be with her. Her back arched off the floor and he supported her with his hands as he balanced over her on his elbows and he sank deeper inside her, as deep as he could possibly go, but it still wasn't close enough, he wanted to be closer to her.

The gasps that came from her now were different, slow delighted gasps to mingle with her moans and his own groan's of pleasure.

"Draco," she moaned, "Oh, Merlin! Draco, don't stop."

He had no intention of stopping and pressed a hard kiss to her mouth to let her know this valuable piece of information.

Draco changed his pace to give her short, sharp thrusts that made her quiver and squirm beneath him. The same feeling as before suddenly wrapped around him, he felt her body change, heard the change to her voice as she cried out with pleasure and felt her muscles spasm around him.

"Luna!" He exclaimed, unable to contain his voice at how amazing it felt to have her climax around him.

Carefully he resumed his movements, starting off slow and building himself up again, this time however he was pretty sure it would be the end for him, she just seemed to turn him on too much.

He knew it was coming, and very soon, the pressure inside him threatening to explode at any moment, and Luna looked to be the same. Her face was glowing rosily and her chest heaved with her deep breathing. His breath was coming out in short, excited puffs and he knew it was now.

Suddenly grabbing her hands from his shoulders he raised them above her head causing Luna's eyes to pop open with curiosity and clash with his.

Her blue eyes meshed with his grey eyes as they both rode the wave and crashed to together, eyes still locked. She cried out at the same time he did, both lost in their own explosion, both shaking with the intensity of the situation.

Draco felt weak tears line the corners of his eyes, that was where it had all gone wrong, if he hadn't have looked into her eyes at that exact moment, if they hadn't have connected the way they had he would never have realised that his plan had backfired totally and left him feeling these warm, genuine feelings towards the girl who had lay panting beneath him, her skin slick with the heat of their passion.

Their meetings had continued, growing more adventurous and more passionate as the weeks wore on, it came to the stage where Draco needed to see her, touch her and kiss her at least once during the day even if he didn't get to be with her.

Slowly he began to get to know Loony Lovegood, and he liked her, although he already knew he liked her, had a lot of feelings towards her he never admitted it to himself. He was still Draco Malfoy and she was still nothing more to him than a way to make sure he had regular sex.

That was what he told himself every time he was with her, somehow he never really believed it.

Another person who didn't believe it was Blaise. He had been winding him up in the music room while he waited for Luna, and Draco had lost his temper, yelling at his friend that Luna was "Nothing more than a fuck."

He was sure his heart had stopped dead in his chest when he had noticed her standing in the door way silent tears running down her face. But there had been nothing he could do in front of Blaise.

Afterwards he had gone to find her, tried to apologise and explain to her, desperately wanting her to forgive him and understand that he was an idiot.

Luna however, had no intention of forgiving him, she had accused him of using her, of lying to her, of being the lowest of the low with no heart and no feelings. She had slapped him hard across the face and refused to listen to his "pathetic excuses" to try to get back into her knickers.

That had been over two weeks ago, the last time he had seen her alone. She no longer asked him to accompany her when she practiced for the concert, and he knew she didn't need to practice any more because she knew the piece perfectly already, it had just been an excuse for them to get together.

She had performed well in the concert and his heart had ached watching her, knowing she was playing what he would always think of her their song, while underneath she was hurting and hating him. After the concert he had attempted to speak to her but she had blanked him and told him through gritted teeth to leave her alone.

Naturally he still saw her around school, she was usually with Potter and it hurt him to see her. He missed her, and he still needed her. He was mad with himself for not realising what he had when he had it, for being a total fool and ruining everything.

"Come back," he whispered into the silent night, wishing his plea could reach her ears, reach her heart and make her forgive him. But he knew that wouldn't happen, he had lost her through his own doing and Luna wasn't going to come back.