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Care of Magical Creatures

"Blaise! Blaise Zabini! Wait a minute, I want to talk to you!"

Blaise frowned and paused on his way to the court yard for his break between classes. He looked back down the corridor and noticed a girl with long, fiery, red hair hurrying towards him. "Well, Miss Weasley, and what can I do for you on this fine afternoon?" He drawled dryly.

"If you start making jokes now I'll Bat Bogey you." Ginny warned pushing her mad tangle of hair from her face. "Do you know what today is?"

Blaise raised an eyebrow at her, "Wednesday?" He asked uncertainly.

"No, well yes, but that's not what I mean." Ginny explained glancing round the corridor at the curious students who were watching a Gryiffindor and Slytherin talking rather insulting each other. "Do you know exactly what today is?"

"No." He admitted. "Is this going to take long, Weasley? I do have other things to do besides listening to you speaking in riddles."

"Today is one month exactly since Luna and Malfoy had their little bust up." Before he could even open his mouth Ginny continued. "Don't even try to tell me that you don't know what I'm talking about. You were there when it happened."

"I know what your talking about, but how do you know about it?" Blaise wondered.

Ginny rolled her shoulders. "Luna tells me anything if I nag her enough, besides, she was upset and as a friend I wanted to know why. I thought people were teasing her more than usual or something and I was getting ready to go hexing some Ravenclaws when she broke down and told me everything."

Blaise nodded. "Well, thanks for the heads up Weasley. Now I can come up with a sarcastic answer in advance when Draco asks me if I know what today is."

"So, he misses her then? Still?" Ginny prompted.

He snorted, "Yes. He won't actually admit that out loud, but telling me how many weeks its been since he last spoke to her says it all really doesn't it?"

Ginny sighed, "Luna could probably tell me how many minutes its been."

Blaise responded instantly, "Draco could tell me how many seconds its been."

"It's not a contest." Ginny snapped rolling her eyes. "And frankly I'm sick of it. It's gone on long enough and we need to do something about it."

"Are we talking about Draco and Luna now? Or the huge crush you have on me?" He asked cocking an eyebrow at her.

Ginny scowled. "Take your head from out of your ass for five minutes Zabini. I do not have a crush on you huge or otherwise, and I'm talking about Draco and Luna, our friends. It's our duty to help out."

He sighed heavily, "Why do I have the feeling telling you to bugger off and not interfere isn't going to work?"

"Because your clearly not as stupid as you look." Ginny informed him primly. "Now, you might already be aware, but I doubt it, that Luna and I, and a few other's in our year are being moved up in Care of Magical Creatures, we'll be joining your class after break, that's where we make our move."

"In front of everyone? I'm not sure that I'm into exhibitionism, Weasley."

Ginny stamped her foot with annoyance. "Get your mind out of the gutter, Zabini. Concentrate will you? Not everything has to do with you!"

Blaise laughed easily, "I never knew you were so easy to wind up, Weasley. Please continue with your lengthy and well thought out plan."

Deciding to ignore his sarcasm Ginny continued, "Usually in that class we all work in pairs, I'll need you to partner Malfoy. I'll partner Luna of course, and once everyone else is paired off, we'll switch."

He raised an eyebrow at the look of triumph on her face. "Why will we switch?"


"Not so well thought out after then, Wealsey."

"Ha! I know," Ginny hopped on the spot and stabbed her finger at him. "Because we'll have a fight and challenge each other into switching partners. Naturally neither one of us will want to back down so we'll switch."

"Uh-huh," Blaise sighed heavily again and nodded. "Fine. If your finished can I go take a piss before class? Or I won't be there in time to partner anyone."

"Of course." Ginny stepped back hugging her books tight to her chest. "You won't forget will you, Zabini? You'll go along with me won't you?"

Taking in her anxious face Blaise figured that Ginny Weasley and her meddling was exactly what he had been looking for. If he had to put up with Draco moping around much longer Blaise feared he might commit a murder. "I will play the part to perfection." He promised.

Ginny rolled her eyes at his lazy drawl and turned to leave. "See you in class, partner."

Ginny stood with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna and Neville around Hagrids hut practically hopping with excitement. She'd spoken to Hagrid who had confirmed that partners would be needed and would remain set for most of the term as they were going to be doing a long term study. He was however going to allow the class to chose their own partners and Ginny was all set and raring to go with her plan.

She listened to Hagrid explain the set structure of the lessons from here on in, they were to work in pairs and pick a creature to study and create a portfolio on that creature showing observations, drawings and information. "Pair off then." He finished happily.

Ginny spun round to Luna and grabbed her arm before Neville had a chance to open his mouth. "You'll be my partner, Luna." She said stroking her friends arm. "You might need me for support today, being in class with him and everything." She whispered.

Luna nodded and bit her lip, her eyes travelling over Ginny's shoulder to Draco who was stood so near to them she could smell his aftershave on the light summer breeze. She ached inside being this close to him and knowing it was as close as they would be, that she would not be seeing him in a few hours to kiss him and touch him and have him hold her close whispering promises in her ear.

Draco deliberately kept his back to Luna. He knew she was there, he could feel her, but he couldn't look at her, it hurt too much to do that. To know he couldn't reach out and touch her, to know he wouldn't feel her pressed close to him, and feel the silky smoothness of her skin against his own.

She still didn't speak to him and it hurt him all the more knowing she was still hurting and it was all his fault. He still liked to blame Blaise for his position, but he knew Blaise had done everything he could think of to try to explain to Luna, but she hadn't wanted to hear it.

"What creature do you want to study?" Draco asked, twitching about on the spot, the sooner Blaise decided the sooner they could move and he could be out of Luna's vicinity.

"I'm not sure," Blaise responded pretending to nose through the text book he was holding. "Did you ever think to see the day a Weasley had enough brains to be moved up a class?"

Draco snorted, "Stands to reason at least one of them had to have a brain cell that functioned, and it couldn't possibly be Weaslby could it? He's so slow he's practically stopped."

Ginny glared over her shoulder, "Shut your mouth, Malfoy."

"Now, now children. Let's play nice." Blaise drawled strolling closer to Ginny. "You know, Draco, perhaps we could study Weasley over here,"

"Yeah, see how the other half live."

"We will be studying Moon Terrapins, Blaise." Luna spoke softly, her large eyes fixed directly on Blaise's face to avoid having to look at Draco.

"Perhaps it wasn't clear to you loony, you need to study a creature that actually exists." Blaise sneered at her.

"Leave it!"

Harry stared open-mouthed at Draco's harsh command. "Um, yeah, that's what I was going to say."

Ginny's nostrils flared angrily, "I'm warning you, Zabini. Don't you dare make fun of my friend!"

"What you going to do Weasley? Bat Bogey me?" He waved his hands in mock fright. "Oh no!"

"I can do worse than that." She threatened.

"Yeah, like work with me on this project. Merlin, having to stick you that long would be like a sentence in Azkaban." Blaise replied scowling.

She laughed, "Don't think your man enough to handle me, Zabini?"

Blaise's eyes narrowed. "I'm more than capable of handling you, Weasley."

"Yeah right." Ginny scoffed.

"Alright, fine." Blaise snapped his book shut with irritation. "We'll switch partners, how about that?" He challenged.

"That is fine by me, Zabini. You'll be running crying from the class before I will." Ginny replied tossing her head. "Luna, your with, Ferret Boy. Come on, Zabini, don't dawdle." With that she stalked off across the grass leaving the others staring after her and Blasie muttering angrily under his breath stomped after her.

"Oh dear." Hermione muttered looking from Luna's bowed head to Draco's incredulous face. "This hasn't worked out very well."

Neville who was paired with Hermione offered to switch.

"Are you a complete oaf, Longbottom? I'm not working with a mud-blood!" Draco snapped. "And I'm not working with you either, you'd probably loose all our work, or the creature… or yourself." He added as an after thought.

Harry sighed, "I'll work with him, Luna, you can work with Ron."

"That's not a good idea, Harry. I honestly don't think that you and Malfoy can be trusted to work together for any length of time." Hermione said quickly.

"It would be a bit of a disaster." Ron replied.

"Disaster? It would be a bloody calamity." Draco responded with feeling. "And I've met chunks of cheese with more intelligence that you, Weasley so you can forget leeching onto my brains."

Luna sighed softly, "It's alright, really. I'll work with Draco." There really wasn't anything else to do about it, she was well and truly stuck. How could Ginny do this to her!?

"Fine." Draco did his best to hide his glee and complete shock that she had agreed to work with him. "Let's go find your turtle things."

"Terrapins." Luna corrected moving off towards the forest.

Falling into step beside her Draco took this opportunity to look at her. He took in everything about her, drinking her in as though he would never see her again. Her face was flushed a light pink and she kept her eyes firmly fixed ahead of her, her lips were pressed into a thin line and he knew she was struggling with her own feelings or perhaps something she wanted to say to him.

They entered the forest and the dimness hit them both immediately. Luna paused looking apprehensively down the small dirt path they were not to wander from. The trees were dense, the large bushes and fallen branches a tangled mess, there was no telling what could be hidden amongst the undergrowth. A part of her preferred to face the unknown than Draco Malfoy right now.

"Are you alright?" Draco peered down at her strained face.

"Fine." She forced the word out through grit teeth. "Do you know where there's a pond or lake, or some sort of water?"

"No. Why?"

"Because that's were the Terrapins live, in water." She almost snapped at him believing the answer to be obvious, and having him so close to her was playing havoc with her senses.

Draco sighed quietly, "I'm sure there's one around here somewhere." He moved off down the path wishing there was some way to break the horrendous tension that was pulsing between them.

Luna followed him with her usual meandering steps. Pain stabbed at her heart as her mind unwillingly travelled back to other times, to happier times when she and Draco had walked together over the grounds of Hogwarts. Not the forest, never there, something could have happened. But now she felt a strange feeling of unease, not of the dark depths of the trees and unknown creatures living in the forest, but from Draco Malfoy. Luna was under no illusions about him and she feared his smooth, drawling voice more than anything; he could say something to sway her, to pull her back in and that was not an option she should take.


Luna shrieked and jumped, clutching her books tightly at his sudden yelling. "What did you do that for? You scared me to death!"

Draco grinned, "Sorry, but I found a pond thing," He gestured into the bushes and he had to hide his laughter when she glared irritably at him and stomped into the undergrowth.

Luna settled herself on the bank, laying out her books and quills in a neat line before leaning back on her hands and examining the water.

"What do these things look like anyway?" Draco wondered, hiding his smirk as she stiffed considerably when he sat close beside her.

She didn't reply but handed him her open text book so that he could see for himself. "It says these things usually only come out at night. How is that going to help? We'll have to come back tonight if we want to see any." The prospect of wandering around the Forbidden Forest at night was not a pleasant one to Draco, but spending a few hours under the stars with her as they had previously done was a very pleasing thought.

"There's no need for that." She replied quickly. "We can change to some other water creature that comes out during the day, there's plenty of them to choose from."

Tilting his head Draco observed her in silence for a few minutes. She looked distinctly nervous and uneasy. Her eyes skittered around too much and her muscles were all tense. He knew that she would have had to come into the forest with Ginny Weasley at night to find the terrapins, so it was not that prospect that was making her twitchy. Therefore he figured the only other option was him. Being around him was causing the jumpy nature not usually associated with Luna Lovegood and hope sprung new and glorious in his chest.

"That's alright," he dismissed her suggestion easily. "I don't mind. You must want to see these things badly or you wouldn't have chosen them in the first place."

Deciding arguing with him would be waste of time and energy Luna shifted from her position to hunt around the edge of the water to see if she could find any trace of the Terrapins. Besides, if she wasn't right next to him, if she wasn't looking at him perhaps he would be easier to deal with. Maybe her skin wouldn't hum and prickle with desire, maybe her blood would stop rushing in her veins and her senses would gain some semblance of normality.

Scowling at her lack of cooperation in forming any kind of conversation Draco tried to reason with himself. She was obviously still mad at him, she was clearly trying to keep him at arms length, but she couldn't continue like this, she was going to be around him, she was going to have to look at him and talk to him. Only a matter of time and surely he could break past the walls she had erected around herself.

Although the forest was cool, shaded from the glare of the sun by the high tree tops, the pond area was hot and Draco shifted uncomfortably. Un-knotting his tie and rolling his sleeves up he groaned with annoyance. This was going to be dreadful, tucked away amongst all these trees with the humidity like this. "So hot." He commented.

Luna ran a hand over her forehead. She was hot as well, hot and bothered and completely unable to ignore Draco Malfoy. She was just totally aware of him, of his presence, of his scent, of his voice. Her hands itched to run through his hair, to touch his flesh, to hold his hand and know he was there, really there like she had once believed he was.

Draco glared angrily at her back. "What? Your not going to talk to me at all?" He stood up and stalked over to where she was stood making a big pretence of looking in the water. "Talk to me! Look at me dam it!"

She cried out in surprise when he grabbed her arm and yanked her round to face him. She stumbled over a rock and fell into his chest, stiffening immediately at the sudden feel of his body against hers and she bit her lip, willing her tears to stay back when memories flooded her mind. "Leave me alone."

"Look at me, Luna." Draco demanded, his hand took her chin, forcing her head back to look at him.

"No." She stammered unconvincingly.

"Talk to me. Yell at me, hit me. Do something." He practically begged. "I can't stand you ignoring me any more."

"Let me be." She whispered, trying to pull herself free of his vice-like grip.

"Alright." He hissed, his patience snapping. "You won't react to words? I'll give you something to react to."

Before Luna had time to do anything, even register his words, Draco's head bent over her, his mouth hitting hers hard, driving her soft lips apart hungrily, his tongue plundering her mouth with such over familiarity that Luna's head reeled.

His hard masculine frame pressed against her, forcing her body to mould to his own as it had once done so willingly. His arms around her felt like bands of steel, his one hand entangled in her hair and his tongue invasive, masterful sending deliciously sensual feelings rushing through her. Against her lower stomach Luna could feel the hard, intimate proof of his arousal and she shivered involuntarily.

Draco could barely breathe, his mind had emptied and all he could do was feel. His senses were heightened, the fresh scent of her hair, the faint whiff of her perfume, the underlying smell of apples that scented her body wash. He was aware of her body, that her muscles had turned to liquid, there was no tension in her now, although she was wiggling slightly in his arms he didn't release her. There was a raging fire of desire in his blood that was all too familiar to him, something he had thought he had lost forever when Luna had walked away from him. But now it was back, she was back and she was like a drug to him, Luna Lovegood was addictive and he wanted more of her, all of her.

Reaction was piling onto reaction too fast for Luna to bare. Her head was swimming, she couldn't catch her breath and for all the money in the world she couldn't stop her mouth responding to him. She couldn't stop her skin burning for him as her body thrummed wildly at being so close to him. Still she attempted to free herself, to try to find a balance and stop the craziness long enough for her to grab hold of a sensible thought.

The next thing she knew she was moving backwards and her back hit the thick trunk of the tree behind her, the bark rough on her skin through the cotton of her school shirt. She jerked at the sudden contact and for a very brief instant her red, swollen lips detached from Draco's mouth. Luna caught a glimpse of his eyes, dark grey, swirling hot flashes of quicksilver and a tremor of frantic desire pulsed through her. "No…don't…." She managed to croak out before his mouth crushed to hers again.

His long fingers meshed in amongst the vibrant fall of her hair as he kissed her again, devouring her mouth with a ravishing needed he couldn't feed with her lips alone. His hands dropped to her shoulders, fingers skimming over her breasts and for the first time ever Draco Malfoy had fumbling hands as he tried to undo the buttons on her shirt.

Impatience pounded through him, what did it matter anyway? It wasn't as if he couldn't fix the dam thing later was it? Gripping handfuls of the cotton Draco yanked the shirt apart.

The cotton tearing sounded loud in the still clearing and Luna gasped into his mouth with surprise, she'd never known Draco to be anything other than precise, to only have smooth, fluid movements. His hands were on her bare midriff, her skin was sizzling, she was burning inside and out, sheer need coursed through her and suddenly he wasn't there any more.

Luna blinked in shock, her eyes flew open and she stared stupidly at him. He had taken a step back from her and was now running a trembling hand through his hair.

Draco stared back at her, she hadn't moved, she still leant back on the tree trunk, her lips swollen, her hair a riotous mess and her shirt ripped open exposing her pale blue bra to him, the dusky pink of her nipples peeking through the lace, taunting him, reminding him of what he'd had and what he had lost.

"I'm sorry." He managed to force the simple sentence through his tight throat.

"I know." She replied quietly. "You've apologised over and over, Draco."

"I mean about now," his hand pressed to his mouth as his eyes closed for a brief moment. "Y…You said no. I didn't stop. I'm sorry."

"No I didn't."

Draco frowned, now that he really looked at her she didn't look in the least bit mad or upset over his recent actions. "Yes you did. You said "no, don't" but I didn't let you finish the sentence."

Luna's forehead creased slightly in thought. "Oh. No. " She shook her head, "You broke away from me and I thought you were going to start talking, I was going to tell you not to talk."

Total surprise made Draco's eyebrows quirk. "You were? You weren't asking me to stop? To leave you alone?"

She sighed, "No. I was trying to prevent you doing what your doing now."

Relief washed through him and he kneaded his temple with the heel of his hand. "So, if I was to pick up where I left off….?"

"It would be helpful." Luna admitted, carefully un-knotting her tie fearing she might choke to death if he started up again and she had constrictive things around her throat.

His warm hands framed her face and she glanced up at him. "Tell me you forgive me." He pleaded.

Luna smiled easily, "I can't be mad at you and be around you at the same time, Draco. It just doesn't work."

Draco smirked, "I'm aware I'm hard to resist."

She rolled her eyes, "Uh-huh."

Lowering his head he kissed her softly, "Don't walk away from me again, Luna." He spoke softly against her lips, the tip of his nose pressed to hers.

"Don't be a prat again." She murmured back.

"I won't." He promised, his arms sliding round her waist, up her back to hold her close to his chest, his lips in her hair. "I missed you, Luna."

Gripping the back of his shirt Luna hugged him tightly. "I missed you too. Don't leave me, Draco, I couldn't stand it."

"Never." Dipping his head he kissed her again, slowly, passionately, the heat between them simmering just beneath the surface.

Luna shivered when his thumb traced the outline of her bra, pushing the lace cup out of his way to catch a pouting nipple between his thumb and forefinger, rubbing the delicate bud until a response was wrenched from her and she whimpered into his mouth at the restarting of his sensual torment to her body.

When she had unbuttoned his shirt Draco wasn't sure, but he was aware of her nails raking over his chest, down his quivering stomach for her to unzip his trousers. He sighed, kissing her throat when her hands smoothed over him, stroking his skin, biting into the soft flesh when his mouth captured her erratically beating pulse.

Her hips shifted with increasing frequency as his mouth moved lower, capturing her breast in his mouth, his fingers and lips toying with each sensitised nub until they were stiff and taut and wildly responsive to his every caress and she whimpered with longing.

His mouth found hers again and she responded to his kiss with ardent passion, the flame of desire flickering hot in her lower abdomen, her fingers sliding into his hair pressing his lips harder to hers, a smothered moan escaping her when she felt his hand on her inner thigh.

At the same instance his erection ground against the softness of her stomach his fingers discovered the swollen heart of her. Pushing the lace barrier away impatiently Draco groaned at the feel of what was hot, wet and familiar, shivering at her response to him . Exquisite sensation engulfed Luna in her mindless pleasure and she writhed and whimpered when he sank his fingers inside her.

"Draco…." she breathed, her hands sliding over his body, her fingers fluttering over his nipples, his twitching muscles causing him to hiss in response.

Luna's passionate responses to him always managed to explode his customary cool and icy demeanour like dynamite. Once his powerful sensuality was unleashed Draco was all decisive action. His hands caressed her outer thighs, cupping her leg above her knee and lifted it to his waist her hands moved up to hold his shoulders, her eyes raising to meet his.

She trembled and her breath caught in her throat as she stared up at him, her large eyes bright with lust, with love for him, silently pleading to be with him.

Shifting his trousers over his hips Draco smoothed her cheek with his free hand. "Positive?" He had to be sure that she still wanted him the way he wanted her. He needed her to say it.

"Yes. Please, now, Draco." Her voice was raw with longing when she replied and Draco swallowed down the lump in his throat.

Lifting her other leg to enable her to settle on his hips Draco pressed a soft kiss to her lips. She gasped at the feel of the hot, probing intrusion as he entered her with an earthy groan of satisfaction. He sank his hands below her hips to ease his passage with a slow, sexual skill that was breathtakingly erotic and caused her to tighten her grip on him.

Luna's heart hammered in her chest as he reminded her of his masculine rhythm with a possessiveness that delighted her senses.

Ripples of pleasure began to build gripping Draco, tighter and tighter in a torment of hungry need he couldn't stand. He reached for the ultimate.

"Come with me." He breathed into her ear, his hot breath making her skin dance.

Her fingers tangled up in the glossy waves of his hair Luna pulled his head back so she could look into his eyes. Hot and glistening like melted silver she was taken by surprise at the purity of the way he looked at her. "I love you." She whispered as she shattered in a climax that consumed her in a tornado of emotions.

Draco was free falling, revelling in the sense of a physical connection that was seductively familiar as her soft voice echoed in his head. Sagging against her, holding her close, he breathed deeply. "My Luna, I love you." He murmured raggedly.

Her lips curled into a little smile at his words, really she already knew that, but it meant more to hear him, Draco Malfoy say those words to her. Untangling her hands from his hair her arms dropped to his neck, stroking the ends of his hair, brushing her lips over his ear.

A feeling of disappointment flashed through her and a small annoyed sound in the back of her throat mirrored the feeling when she felt him slide out of her. That was the part she hated, when they were back to being two separate people instead of fused together as one. One body, one rhythm, one breath, one heart beat.

Draco chuckled into her neck. "Give me time to recover, Luna. You know I can never get enough of you." Raising his head he made to sweep her hair from her face but froze half way through the action when he spotted the glittering tear on her cheek. "Luna? Did I hurt you?" He asked worriedly.

"No." She whispered, "I'm being silly."

Stroking her leg softly still holding her to him, loath to replace her feet on the ground and admit their reunion was over, he spoke in a gentle voice, "Tell me."

"It's just that I've missed you so much, and I'm afraid you'll leave." Luna admitted.

"Leave?" Draco shook his head slowly. "No way. I already told you that. I'm here to stay. I couldn't stand being away from you again."

She smiled then, cupping his face and kissing him softly. "Oh!" She exclaimed suddenly. "Put me down, Draco. Quick."

He blinked, "What? What's wrong?"

"We're… we…Merlin the whole class is out in the forest." She stammered as he lowered her to the ground. "Suppose….suppose someone heard…. Merlin, or saw us?"

Draco snorted as he did up his trousers. "Weasley and Potter would probably be taking detailed notes for when it finally happens for them."

Her face flushed, and her hand fluttered to her throat in distress. "What would people think? They'd say I was…."

Draco took her hand cutting her off before she could finish her sentence. "They'd say you were Draco Malfoy's girl and they'd know better than to say anything else."

Her eyes shone as she gazed up at him. "Are we going to tell people? About us I mean?"

"Yes. I've got you back and I want everyone to know about it." Draco informed her decisively. "Um, do you want me to fix your shirt?"

Luna laughed, "Yes please. I can't very well go walking around with it half hanging off me can I?"

"No." He moved into her body, cuddling her close to his chest. "No-one but me will see any part of you under your robes."

Hugging him tightly she stood back to allow him to cast the spell to repair her clothes. "Won't Ginny be pleased." Luna said happily. "She knows all about it, she caught me at a weak moment and nagged me into submission. Sometimes she can be almost as bad as Hermione."

Draco's jaw popped open into a perfect O.

"What's the matter?"

"Blaise knows about us obviously, and your telling me that Ginny Weasley knows as well? Does she know what today is?" He asked her, eyes narrowing as his mind began to spin.

Luna nodded, "A month since we last spoke. I told her this morning. Why?"

He folded his arms and cocked an eyebrow. "Would your best friend really and truly leave you with me today of all days? Was the challenge to work with Blaise more important?"

"I…." Luna began but trailed off, her forehead creasing in thought.

"No, she bloody well wouldn't." Draco snapped. "They planned it! I bet you they did!"

Her mouth twitched in a smile. "We do have wonderful friends don't we, Draco?"

He laughed, gathering their things together. "Yeah, I guess they'll do."

Pushing her hair out of her face and retrieving her wand from the ground, placing it back in its usual place behind her ear she took Draco's offered hand and hugged his arm tightly. "Do you think they'll be alright working together? Perhaps we should offer to swap back now that everything's worked out?"

"Huh! Not a chance. If Blaise wants to mess around in my life he has to take the consequences, in this case, Ginny Weasley." He grinned down at her. "Might be quite interesting to see who cracks first."

"Blaise." Luna replied promptly. "Ginny can handle him."

"You have a lot of faith in her, you don't know Blaise the way I do." Draco warned.

She tilted her head to the side, her eyes twinkling up at him. "But I know Slytherin's, and despite what people say they aren't all that bad. They're like little fluffy kitty cats really."

Throwing his head back Draco laughed loudly. "I have a reputation to protect. Don't you ever repeat that to anyone!"

"Then you'd better make sure your nice to me at all times." Luna responded grinning impishly at him.

Draco grinned back at her knowing that would be an easy promise to keep, he wasn't going to do anything that would cause him to suffer again as he had been doing the last month. He planned on making sure everything stayed exactly as it was between them now that Luna had come back.